37 Years Old, 3 Kids, in Need of Tummy Tuck! - Brookfield, WI

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After much research and debate, I have decided to...

After much research and debate, I have decided to get a tummy tuck with liposuction. I'm excited and nervous and a bunch of different emotions all rolled up in one. A little about me : I'm married, 3 kids, work 2 jobs, and I have always been on the heavier side. In the past few years I have lost approximately 60lbs and have kept it off. As a result of my pregnancies and fluctuating weight, I have a very loose, jiggly belly. I have decided to have a tummy tuck and liposuction of my "back fat" right under my bra area. Right now I'm 5'4" and weigh 191lbs. I have very realistic expectations for this surgery, as my goal is not to wear a bikini or anything, I simply want to be able to wear a pair of pants without them always rolling down between my two stomachs as I like to call it. At this point, I just want to feel and look better in my clothes. I am scheduled for surgery May 6th, so the countdown has begun! I have to say, reading everybody's posts on this site has been a tremendous help in this process, so Thank You!

Two more days to go!

Two more days and I'll be on the flat side!! I'm super excited and a little nervous....I thought I'd be freaking out more by now, but I'm not. I'm sure it's coming. I'm posting my before pics....I can't wait to post the after ones!

I Made It!!

Had surgery today, I'm spending the night at the hospital and so happy that I am.....this pain pump drug thing is a lifesaver! I'll post more tomorrow when I'm not so tired and can actually see straight :)

Updated post op pic

So not the best, but I snapped a quick pic when I took my binder off to readjust. Sorry you have to see the drain tubes :( I'll post more pics tomorrow.

Super swollen and sore

So today I'm super swollen and my incision area is sore. Normal??? I had to cough a few times and that scared the crap out of me, but it's also sore where my drain tubes come out. It's actually very annoying. What does everyone else wear with these things in???

Two more pics

Had hubby take 2 quick pics as I was adjusting CG. Still feel super swollen, numb, and I have diarrhea now :(

First shower!!!!

So Tuesday I had my first post op and everything went well. Doctor said everything looks good, drains need to stay in for another week :( and I can finally shower. Yay!!! So today I took my first real shower. It felt so amazing!! I swear I was in there an hour! Swelling is still terrible, but I have to keep reminding myself that it's normal. I'm going stir crazy in the house all day, so naturally I've been having a pity party off and on all day....I'm not used to being home and doing nothing. I really just need to relax and enjoy this time off. I'll post some pics tomorrow if I can take a nice one :)

Not liking this!

So I called the PS this morning because my drains were killing me. Very irritated, swollen, a little red...the nurse told me to wash the area, put some antibiotic ointment on and cut a gauze pad to cover and cushion the area around it. That seems to be helping!

But I'm so unhappy with my results thus far. I'm really trying to remind myself that I'm still swollen, etc., but I don't know. I can grab a big handful of fat on each side and when I sit down I have the big jelly roll. I took some pics and I'll post them along with this. I really believe in the power if positive thinking, but I'm having a very difficult time. Anybody else experience this? I'm not liking this! I feel like I wasted a crap load of money that I could've spent on something else.

Updated pics

These go along with my review I just posted. I wasn't able to upload them for some reason.

Drains are out!!!

Had a follow up appointment yesterday and the dreaded drains were finally taken out!! I feel 100x better already! I'm still wearing my CG to try to keep the swelling down, but my only big complaint is the itching. Does anyone else have that problem? I'm itchy all around my TT scar but also right under it in my pubic area. Not sure if it's just from the hair growing back after they shaved it for surgery or what, but it's driving me crazy! Hope all my fellow RS ladies are doing well. Sorry I haven't checked in with you all in a few days!

Updated pics - 16 days post op

Today is 16 days post op and I feel pretty good - besides the fact that I just started my period :( Otherwise, swelling doesn't seem as bad, I'm moving around better and my drains came out the other day. I still have some itchiness at night, but benadryl helps and tomorrow is my first day back at work. Hope all of my RS ladies are doing well!

Not much change, but still happy :)

Hi all :)

Haven't been on here much lately but have been thinking of all of you and hoping everyone is doing great. I'm feeling pretty good, feeling so happy that I did this! I still have swelling which is normal and I've had a couple of stiches that have poked through and I had to pull them out. Scar is a little sensitive right in front, but otherwise healing well. Can't wait until all this swelling is gone!

2 months post op

Hey all! I'm almost 2 months post op - not 100% happy with results but hoping that will change. I still have some chub on my sides and back even though I had lipo done. I still have quite a bit of swelling so I have to take that into consideration. I've also been working out, mostly cardio and some light weights. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Another pic

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