36 Years Old, 2 C-sections, Much Needed Tummy Tuck! - Brookfield, WI

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After meeting with a few doctors, I've decided to...

After meeting with a few doctors, I've decided to have a TT done with Dr. Bonness. After many years of being unhappy with my body, and my youngest being 14, it's time to do something for me!
My surgery date is only 32 days away, I'm excited, kind of afraid, and hopeful for amazing results!!
So far, Dr. Bonness seems great. I've met with a few doctors, she seemed the most interested in my well being, by going through the risk factors of additional procedures verses, just allowing me to schedule without being completely informed. I think I made a good decision in choosing a surgeon, and feel 100% comfortable with her.
Pictures are horrific... ???? Didn't realize how bad I looked until I seen it as a photo!!!

36 Years Old, Desperate Need of a Tummy Tuck!!!!

I met Woth a few doctors. All said I was a great candidate for tummy tuck. Dr. Bonness seemed to be the most logical, and immediately I felt as though I trusted her. My pre-op appointment went great. Surgery was 5/18. So two days later, I'm in pain. It's been a little difficult to sleep and get comfortable. But, the pain is bearable, I'm okay, I'm up and walking. Went onto my laptop for a few minutes to attempt to check on my work.... Yea, no! I do not advise that especially since I am not used to painkillers. ???? Thus far, I am happy. My appointment is next week to hopefully remove drains, at that time, I will hopefully see some results!!!! :)


Things are feeling a bit better. A little easier to get around. Still very swollen!

Not as expected....

Things have been pretty easy, pain, getting around, etc. But, drains are not out, at my first appointment, as anticipated. Guess, I'm doing too much, too quickly and need to get some R&R.
I have spent the day, doing not much of anything, and I do notice a difference so far in drainage. Hopefully Friday!!! I was able to shower today, that's a plus! However, my swelling seems to be pretty bad right now.... :(

Drain removal.... Hopefully!

Well, hopefully my drains will be removed tomorrow. I have been taking it easy, doing absolutely nothing. The soreness is still there, but not terrible. The drains seem pretty high still, and I'm not sure why. ???? Well, we shall see tomorrow!

Drain removal... I hope!

Well today I'm scheduled to finally have my drains removed!!!!! 16 days...
I'm still somewhat sore, mostly around the drain access... The tummy tuck area itself seems pretty well. Hopefully the doctor will remove the tape today as well, so I'm able to better see what is going on around my incision. Very excited!

Drains gone! ????

Drains were removed. A normal shower was amazing!!!!! I am not liking my new undergarment. I do not think its tight enough.... I have an appointment Wednesday to begin scar treatment, and have tape removed, so think I'll discuss purchasing something that may support me a little better!

24 days post op... ????

I feel great. The incision site goes t hurt, I'm not sore anywhere but, I keep turning into a blowfish!!!! ???????? I've been in twice to be drained by the doctor since drain removal. They're removing quite a bit of fluid. I don't think im doing too much, the new binder seems to be much tighter, so I'm not exactly sure why this is happening. It's terrible... One day I look and feel amazing, the next I'm crazy bloated with fluid and can barely fit clothes. Hoping this stops very soon, and I'm able to move onto healing and enjoying a flatter tummy...

5 weeks...

I'm feeling okay.
Almost everything g I eat or drink causes me to bloat, I'm keeping binder on and it helps but not 100%!
I've been drained manually four times now.... Hoping no more.
When the swelling and bloating is down, it's amazing when it isn't it's terrifying. :(
Anyway so far very happy just hope the remainder of this healing thing hurries up!!!!

7 weeks post op...

Last few days have been okay. Swelling is going down, fluids seem to be absorbing better, I do feel some aches and at times a little itchy by the incision site. Hopefully means it's healing.... :)
The belly button does not seem to be changing very well.... Guess that's a question I'll have to ask at next weeks appointment...
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So far, amazing!!

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