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I had a major septorhinoplasty done 5 years ago to...

I had a major septorhinoplasty done 5 years ago to repair blunt force trauma sustained as a child. It was affecting my breathing and sinuses so much that insurance completely covered the procedure. When the cast came off I was so thrilled with the results! My nose was perfect... Until I bumped it 2 weeks later. I now have a bump on the left side of my bridge. I am now beginning a journey to fix that bump and possibly have a little tip work done. My tip is slightly bulbous and slightly boxy. I wouldn't even be considering having another procedure of it weren't for that bump. However, since I'm getting the bump fixed, I might as well have the whole shebang!
I have a consultation scheduled for June 1st with Dr. Anand D. Patel in Brookfield, Wisconsin. I found him on this site and have so far liked everything I've learned about him in research. He has a lot of experience with rhinoplasty and is double board certified. I've not read one bad review about him. Not to mention there is not one before and after on his website that I did not like.
I have a couple big financial things coming up between now and next summer including a wedding and buying a house so when I have the procedure done will depend 100% on what price he quotes me at.
My fiancee is okay with me looking into the procedure but my parents aren't very understanding. My father would rather me spend the money on "a new baby". I don't plan to have kids for a long time so I shot that idea down immediately!
I want anyone reading this and considering the surgery to know my reasons for wanting it. I look at my face in the mirror, in pictures, in my reflection on car window etc. every single day. The only thing I see when I look at myself is the prominence and assymetry of my nose. I otherwise quite like my face and my body. I am Italian, and I'd never tell me father this, but I wish I didn't look SO much like him. I think a strong nose looks good on men and even some women if it is symmetrical and jives with their face. Mine however, does not do much for my other features and to me, it casts a shadow over my other, more delicate features.
I feel kind of selfish for wanting to do this for myself because there are other things I could put the money towards. However, I'm just about to finish my bachelor's degree, just got a promotion and am debt free with a decent savings built up. I feel like working full time, earning my degree and kicking ass in life these past few years has earned me a little reward.
When and if I have this surgery with depend 1. On how my fiancee feels about it and 2. On price. I'll have a lot more to update you guys on once I have the consultation.

Consultation Postponed

The surgeon's office called me this morning to reschedule my appointment from June 1st to June 8th. Apparently Dr. Patel has been called out of town. Dangiiiit!
It's not a big deal. In the scheme of everything, what's one extra week? I'm just so excited that an extra 7 days feels like forever to wait!

Surgery Booked!

I just got home from my consultation. Dr. Patel and his staff were very sweet and welcoming. Dr. Patel and I took photos, discussed my nose goals, then went over some photos he had altered to preview what my nose could realistically look like. He showed me options of what I could change in order to achieve a couple different looks which I liked. He will be lowering my profile to attain a more feminine look- sloping hopefully but not too severe of a slope. My nose tip is projected upwards and my nostrils are quite narrow and vertical so by projecting my tip downward, my nostrils will look better as well as help me breath more efficiently. He's also going to narrow the tip very slightly. He's going to have to break the bones of my bridge in order to narrow my nose. I figured this would be the case. However, I feel like I am in very capable hands!

By narrowing my bridge, there is a possibility he may need to use rib cartilage to make sure my nose doesn't indent too much where the bridge and the tip meet. If he decides during the procedure not to use these grafts, I'll be reimbursed for them. The cost of the rhinoplasty itself it about $4,300. With the surgery center and anesthesia my cost comes to about $6,700. I'm pretty satisfied with the cost because revision rhinoplasty tends to be more expensive but this is not a bad price at all.
My surgery date is 11/3 of this year. I am so excited! I will put in my PTO for work today as well as start arranging who will be chauffeuring me the day of surgery and the next day for my post-op appointment. I also have to break the news to my fiance and parents. I think the sooner I tell them I booked the surgery, the better. This will give them more time to get used to the idea and mentally prepare. My dad thinks it's unnecessary and a waste of money but I don't expect him to understand. My fiance is more concerned about the financial aspect of it, but I think he'll be supportive.

2 months before surgery and I need advice!

When I had my consultation in June I told my doctor what I wanted (in order of most importance to least) regarding my nose: symmetry, decrease in size, and femininity. He agreed that I have asymmetry due to my original trauma. He said he could bring my bridge down and further add symmetry by straightening and making some changes to my collumella and tip cartilage. He also gave me the option of deprojection and rotation of my tip. This is the part that made me think! He said if I bring my bridge down, my tip will appear more projected due to the contrast. I was born with a slightly "piggy" nose, but it wasn't a priority for me in regards to the rhinoplasty until he mentioned it. He said deprojection would help decrease nostril show from the front as well. The morph he made to demonstrate this to me looked fine from the front, but from the side it made my nose look less feminine and almost smushed down. Isn't a slightly projected and upwardly rotated tip associated with femininity? I am afraid that deprojection of the tip will not only make me look less feminine, but also make me look a lot less like me. However, I don't want to be too conservative and regret not going all out since this will be my last rhinoplasty.

Finally pictures

Okay guys! My surgery is next Thursday. I am an extremely private person so putting these on here is scary to me. I don't even have a Facebook that's how private I am!

So you can see from the pictures my nose is upturned. This how I was born, not from previous surgery. My baby pictures prove it lol. You can also see my nose is crooked to one side still. Ideally, my profile will be lower and slightly sloped after my surgery. I'd also love a more refined tip and less of an upturned tip.

Okay so, I know these pictures stink but maybe I'll get brave enough to put some better ones of my whole face! I know you guys are supportive, I just have to get used to putting pictures of myself on the internet lol.


Getting braver. I thought I should include a picture with more of my face so you can see the difference as I'm healing. I'm really nervous someone I know will see me on here and judge idk why.

So these kind of show the assymetry and the prominence of my 3/4 and profile.

So nervous to put pictures up


Pre Op today!

Hello friends, I had my pre op today! I feel relaxed and reassured after talking with Dr. Patel. Just an FYI for those who plan to have surgery with him, the balance has to be paid in full on or before the day of the pre op appointment.

So we went over the plan again to bring my bridge down, rotate my tip down to bring it closer to my face, and to make my nose overall more symmetrical. He's got a great way of explaining things and how he plans to achieve our goals. I had to sign some waivers saying I accept liability if something bad happens to me (or if I were pregnant without knowing and the fetus was harmed during the surgery). I plan to take a pregnancy test the night before to be extra sure!!! We also went over risks of surgery and anesthesia in general and rhinoplasty specifically.

We talked about post op care but he also gave me a lot of reading material so I feel well informed. I asked about exercise, and he said no exercise for at least a whole month. He said since I am a revision, I can double all my swelling and healing time because I'm just having overall, a more invasive rhinoplasty. I'm okay with this. I plan to take it way easy through the winter. I'll have to eat light so I don't put on weight! He said by summer I should be able to continue with my strenuous workouts.

He gave me a list of medications with directions. There are quite a few! Antibiotics, oral and topical will need to be started the day before surgery. He is also prescribing a sleep medication to help me sleep the first few nights. He said since I will likely be uncomfortable, the sleeping meds will help me sleep. If you don't sleep, you don't heal. He is also prescribing me Tylenol with codeine in it. He referred to this as Tylenol 3 or T3. I purchased Arnica tablets which I started taking today. He said they work for some people and don't work for others. He recommends them but he said it was totally my choice to take them or not. I was ahead of him already though because I had already bought them based on other peoples' on real self's experience. I also bought topical Arnica for the bruising after.

Other supplies I purchased were Vaseline lip balm because I'll be breathing out of my mouth so much I figured my lips would be really dry. I also bought a freezable face mask for icing my nose, eyes and cheeks. I plan to wear a pair of pajamas that button up my front and nothing underneath because a bra will be a lot to fuss with after surgery. My mom is going with me to surgery next week. Thank goodness because my sweet husband had to leave the room during the pre op when Dr. Patel started discussing the nitty gritty details. I don't think he'd do to well helping me after especially if there were any complications or I bled on him or something. He'd probably pass out lol. I love him <3

So, overall I am so excited! I don't even feel nervous any more. I probably will the morning of surgery but I'm more excited than anything.

Forgot to mention cartilage grafts

I forgot to mention that Dr. Patel plans to use irradiated, donor rib cartilage to lengthen the tip of my nose. He also asked if, in the case that he needed to use my ear cartilage, if he could. I said yes and signed a waiver giving my permission to use cartilage from my ear if he has to.

He also told me I could have internal splints for up to two weeks but he'll decide the day of surgery if he'll be putting them in or not. I will also have packing which he will remove at my post op the day after surgery.

My external splint (cast) will come off one week from surgery.

Post op day 5

I had my surgery on Thursday and I should have updated sooner because now I feel I have too much to write.

The surgery went well. However, they did say my heart beat went funny when they gave me anaesthesia and they watched it for a bit but it went back to normal.

I woke up fine without nausea, just a lot of grogginess. I began to bruise and still immediately so when I woke up I had an ice pack on already and I continued to ice until the end of day 3/ beginning of day four.

My eyes and forehead were extremely swollen the first two days. One of them was almost swollen shut the morning after surgery. This was so scary! The swelling caused a lot of headaches and general discomfort.

By day three, all of the fluid in my eyes seemed to sink down to my cheeks. So although my eyes are still bruised, they were not half a swollen by day three. My cheeks looked and still kind of look pudgy but they're getting better every day. I did notice in the first 3 days that my front teeth hurt and were kind of sensitive.

My incisions are fine. I've been doing saline spray a few times a day in the nostrils followed by antibiotic ointment as instructed by my doctor. The tip of my nose is numb which is normal. However, it did not feel numb when I bumped it in my sleep last night, yikes.

The tip of my nose barely looks different except slightly pointier or refined from the bottom view and my nostrils have been widened and shortened slightly. He brought my tip closer to my face so my doctor did say this would happen. I love it so far because the changes to my tip are subtle and still look like my nose, but less piggy and definitely closer to my face which means it'll probably overall look smaller.

I get my cast off and stitches out tomorrow. I'm nervous for the stitches coming out but excited to see my nose. I've had 3 dreams in the last 2 nights that my cast comes off and it looks different every time lol.

2 week update


I'm two weeks post op today. My swelling has gone way down since cast removal thank God. When I initially had the cast taken off i looked like an alien or an avatar lol. I was so stressed the first couple days because it was so hard to see past the swelling.

I'm liking my nose more every day. The right side of my tip is more swollen which the doctor noticed right away. The bridge looks really good. It's much straighter and much lower. He lengthened my nose with the cartilage and I'm loving that I have less nostril show from every angle.

I have a post op again next Tuesday and he said he may put a steroid shot in the tip depending on how I look next week when I see him.

Overall, I'm happy. I'm much more symmetrical then I was and my nose isn't as upturned as it was. As swelling has gone down in the bridge I can tell there just the slightest bump (if you can even call it that) where my old bump was. Between that and my tip being a little asymmetrically swollen, those are the only things about it that aren't perfect.

However, I know I'm still swollen and I am letting time do it's thing. Even if it stayed exactly as swollen as it is right now, I still think it is vastly improved compared to what it was. I'm trying so hard not to focus on the assymetry because it's so slight that only I'd notice.

I have still been sleeping in the recliner, much to my husband's dislike lol. He's leaving to hunt this weekend so I think when he comes back I'll go back to sleeping in the bed with him. He's not a thrasher so it should be fine haha.

Overall I'm happy with my experience and result. I think some people at work have noticed but no one has said anything which is good with me.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving so I can feel confident with my new and improved nosey!

A little over a month post op

Hello! I'm a little over a month post op and overall I'm feeling fine. My nose no longer feels like a heavy object sitting on my face lol. I've regained most of the feeling back in my tip too.

I do my compression exercises every morning and night and sometimes in between. I stopped doing them for about a week and did seem more swollen so I do them religiously now.

The overall swelling is much better and the overall appearance of my nose is improved, especially the profile. However, the right side of my tip is more swollen and it looks asymmetrical. I'm hoping and praying this goes away since the whole point of this procedure was to gain better symmetry. It's not extremely noticeable by other people I'm sure, but I notice it.

Overall I'd say it was worth it. I'm praying the assymetry resolves as I continue to heal though.

To be honest, I was really hoping this procedure would vastly improve my self esteem since I was so self conscious of my nose before. However, I did not quite get the self esteem boost I'd hoped for. I'm not sure what it is :/


I originally had posted a few close ups of my nose and I'm a panick took them down. I'm very private. However, I've decided to post a couple close ups again. Being brave so I can share my experience with you guys.

More pictures

The swelling on my right side

When I went to my 3 wk post op my doctor didn't want to use any steroids yet to reduce that swelling on my right side. He said we will re assess at my 2 month post op in January.

Overall I'm very happy with my results. My bridge is much lower from the side profile and more symmetrical. However, if that bump on the cartilage above me right nostril doesn't go away I don't know what I'll do ????

I'm hoping it's just swelling and not a permanent deformity.

Right side swelling

I'm starting to think the swelling on my right side is actually scar tissue formation. It's kind of hard. I'm starting to feel kind of depressed about it. This is my final rhinoplasty and now I'm just as assymetrical as I was before.

My next post op isn't until January 24. I'm going to call the office to see if I can get in any sooner and I'm praying he'll give me a steroid injection or something.

Right side still swollen

Post op went well

My post op went well. My doctor thinks my supratip assymetry is swelling. As I suspected, he did not want to use any steroids to reduce swelling. He doesn't think I'm abnormally swollen considering I'm only 2 months post op. I have another post op in April (5 month mark). He said he'd consider a shot then if it hasn't improved, but he's sure it will. Every day is different. Some days it's more puffy than others, some days it's harder to the touch than others.

3 month pics

Swelling still fluctuates, but happy so far

Hey guys!
My swelling still fluctuates daily. I feel the most swollen when I first wake up, if I've been exercising, drinking alcohol and/or eating a big salty meal. I've been continuing with the compressions Dr. Patel has taught me to do. Today is "good" swelling day- so I'm swollen, just not as swollen as I could be. I'm being as patient as possible and I'm hoping to continue to see progress. I know I'm only 3 months PO but it seems like it's been forever since the surgery!

Overall, I think my nose is much improved from what it was. I have always struggled to accept my little (and big) imperfections. I can name a thousand things about myself I wish I could change. However, I'm trying to just get over them and look at the big picture. I fell much more confident in my nose now, and I think I'll like and love it more and more as the swelling continues to decrease.

Let me know what you think!

5 months post op

Hello everyone!
A lot is still changing with my nose on a day to day basis in terms of symmetry and swelling. However, I can scrunch my nose again without it feeling super stiff. The tip is still hard but it's becoming softer every week. Overall I'm still happy but I'm waiting to see if swelling will continue to go down, especially on my right side.

Finally a Kenalog Injection!

I had my 5 month post op and De. Patel gave me a tony dose of diluted kenalog in the tip of my nose! He suggested it, and I said yes please! It hardly hurt at all. The needle must have been TINY!

He said he wants to see me in a month or two because he might decide to give more steroid injections. He said this is a slow acting steroid so he'd rather be conservative and do a little at a time.

I'm happy with this and I'm excited to see if the kenalog helps over the next few weeks. I'll be seeing him again on May 23.
Brookfield Facial Plastic Surgeon

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