100lb Lost -much Needed Tummy Tuck and Ab Repair - Brookfield, WI

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Lost 100lbs in since July 2014 and was diagnosed...

Lost 100lbs in since July 2014 and was diagnosed with MS 2 yrs ago. Surgery was Friday morning, so I'm day 3 post op- I prepared for the worst but have it really good right now. Not sure if it's normal to feel this good. No pain really- a little burning on the incision if I move wrong or my binder rides up. Just sore - my back sucks - but I've walked around the block today a few different times, been off pain meds since day 2. I was questioning if the ps did my abs as I really haven't had to walk too hunched over. I can pretty much stand straight up once I get up. But my abs are definitely done- awful to cough! Pics to come - haven't seen anything yet. So excited to see !

6days post op and doing/feeling awesome

I had my 1st post op appt today and it went well. I'm still in no pain, and am standing upright and walking around several blocks at a decent pace. They took out 1 drain today and the other one will come out on Tuesday. Binder back on incision and belly button look so great! Best thing I've ever done- can't wait until the swelling goes down and I see the end result.

Before photo

Warning! Fainted taking off CG

Ok- granted I still feel great- I had an ugly scare tonight. I went to take my CG off and put a cami underneath for comfort. I took the garment off and showed my hubby the scar (aside from my post-op appointment today, the CG hasn't been off at all). I stood there and within 2 min I got really hot, faded to black and remember coming and going several times. next thing I remember I was lying on the floor- my hubby said I was out and white for a good minute and he was ready to call 911. I still feel off but better. Apparently, when you take your garment off the 1st time or two, you need to sit and need to do it slowly. When I took it off (after being compressed which keeps my blood pressure up) my blood pressure dropped drastically and down I went. Nobody warned me of that, especially as I was doing so well. I am NOT dehydrated, I drink a a TON of water. Lesson learned- feeling good or not- please slow down, take it easy and be very careful if you take that CG off. Wow! That was very scary!

Darn drains!!

Well 9 days now and still feeling good. Took about a mile walk today and drove for the 1st time since surgery. Back to work tomorrow. I've been sleeping back in my bed for 3 nights now, however, each morning I wake up this darn drain is messed up. The bulb is inflated and nothing sucking. I milked the line and that worked. Tonight, it did is again- this time it appears the drain slid out several inches from my body. Crap. I did the no-no and pushed it in a little and called the PS. Basically it could be a sign that's it's ready to come out (secretly I'm saying thank goodness) but until my appt. on Tuesday, all I can do is clean it, put Neosporin on it and bandage it. Great Fun trying to stick something to skin that now has ointment on it- oh well. I'll just keep telling myself '2 more days ' Here's a few pics- 1 with the scar- since the fainting episode- I haven't taken the binder off again so better pics to come. Swelling not too bad- ok I lied- it's rough by the end of the day- so the pics are while I'm rather swollen. (Sorry for the mess in the background- husbands closet racks broke and his stuff was all over the floor)

Drains out Spanx on

2nd drain was taken out today. Still draining a fair amount but drain kept falling out more and more. Hopefully fluid won't accumulate and need to be taken out with a needle- anybody need have that done before?
I took the binder off and put the spans on- ahhhhh! Feels so much better. Still a fair amount of swelling but 'wow' I can't believe what a difference ! I'm so excited and just have to keep reminding myself to be patient- things will keep getting better and better. It's only been 11 days.
I even tried on my jeans and some clothes that didn't fit in the gut before- they fit!!! Even with the binder on- so once this swelling goes down and I can take all the cd off- they may be too big!!


Today marks the 3 weeks date since TT. Still feeling great. I feel pretty much back to normal except haven't been clear to go back to weights, Zumba etc.. I've lost another 2lb this week, even with the swelling being something awful! I didn't have to have fluid drained, which is good. PS said it looks to be just edema (typically swelling). So now I don't need to go to see him until after the 4th. By the end of the day, the swelling is crazy- so swollen that the skin is pulled tight and hurts. Not complaining- (but just saying it in case somebody has the same too and wonders is it only them.). Otherwise- this has been a great journey thus far!!! Below are 3 week pics- I'll post late day swollen pics later.

4 weeks and holding steady- normalcy returning

Only a small difference in pictures , so I don't have any this week. But, things are returning to normal more and more each day. I'm antsy to workout again. I still have no pain or issues. I do swell a ton- mostly by the end of the night. I started using BioOil this week on my scar and Arnica Gel on my belly to hopefully help swelling. By 3 weeks, I was up to walking 3-5 miles a day. At 4 weeks (which is where I am now), I ran 2 miles and the next day 3 miles. No pain or discomfort, I ran about a 10 1/2 min mile. *Everybody is different and heals differently my body will let me know if I overdo. I do swell a ton by evening but feel great! Still not allowed to do Zumba- no matter how good I feel - but he said running was ok- as long as I'm not sprinting the entire time.
I've also lost 15lb since surgery (1month ago) and dropped 2 pants sizes as well. Not trying to lose weight but I won't complain. This is truly the BEST gift I've ever given myself! This Dr. is incredible! I also found out several friends have used him and love him and love their results just as much!

Updated pic at 5 weeks

Here are 2 pics from tonight.5 weeks

6 weeks - time flies

Hard to believe it's been over 6 weeks already. Changes aren't as dramatic week to week but still getting better every day. Still swelling- not as bad but there are the days....oy. I've started Zumba again- going really well. This week also marks my 1 ye anniversary of this journey- I've lost 115lb and now I've lost the skin/gut from that weight loss! My MS is behaving- no major relapses and I haven't taken and pulls for symptoms all year. Life is great . The pics are July 2014 and today.

7 week pic update

What the heck is with the sudden swelling!! 9 1/2 weeks post-op

Ugh! Things are rolling along- back to working out and working weights and core back in- swelling a little but nothing horrible. Actually down 3 pants sizes since TT. Then the last 2 days (granted, I have some PMS going on- but the last few months haven't been this big of an issue), all of a sudden, I look 5 months preggo- drinking water and eating well but whatever is going down with the PMS and or general swelling, is CRAZY! Anybody else suddenly swell out of nowhere?

week 10 & 11

Well... swelling still going on mostly around lower abdomen- above and below scar. I'm back to full excercise- abs (planks, push ups etc.) Here are some update pics (don't mind that my pants are too big and falling off). Not much by the way of changes- I'm down 6-7lb since my 7weeks update but all looks the same to me. I'll show bare tummy and scars next update. Things are good otherwise. Healing fantastic! Hope everybody is doing well too!

Holy moly- 8months post op already!

Wow! I can't believe it's been 8months and 3 since my last update. Things are fantabulous! I'm done losing weight. I lost 30lbs after surgery and a total of 142. Those extra lbs did not affect my result. The scars has faded a ton and I'm working on toning my muscles and remaining loose skin. I had zero complications and nothing but positive things to say about this whole experience. I don't have a ton a recent photos but here is basically where I am now.

A few more pics

13 Months Since Surgery- LIFE IS GOOD!

Well.... It's been over a year since surgery. I must saw it went by fast and I really didn't have a tough time. Since surgery I have lost almost another 40lb. and am still working on toning muscles and getting those abs to 'poke' out. The scare is barely visible and has pretty much disappeared near the hips. I still have an area of numbness below the belly button, but it doesn't bother me nor is it a big deal. I must say - this really was the best decision I have ever made for myself. It has done a world of great for my confidence and self image. like I said LIFE IS GOOD!!
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