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I've been reading your posts and reviews about tt....

I've been reading your posts and reviews about tt. I've been dreaming on getting one. Summer is around the corner and I was expecting to have it done the first week of July (I don't work on July and August). So I went to NYU on January. There they told me a price, and I thought it was ok. But that I'd have to come on May because the dr for summer was another one. Now I call again to make an appointment and they say it would be $10k. That was soooo dissapointing. Aren't teaching hospitals to be affordable?

At this time of the year, I don"t know I I can go to another teaching hospital and still have it done at the beginning of July. 

And here is where I need your help ladies. Any info. will be really appreciated. Please!!!!

I have a new bb. Happy :)

So yeah, after a long wait I finally had my tt on July 1st at Jacobi Medical Center. I'm really grateful to the "May 2013 Tummy tuckers" it was there I got the info. Kisses, girls!!!! Now I'm 20days po, in recovery, still in pain and living swell hell. To stay positive: looking my b4 & after pics. The difference is enormous!!! One thing keeps wandering in my mind: when I woke up from surgery I was in a lot of pain that last the whole day and I still feel it from time to time, is kind of a rhinitis attack, between my ribs. I never heard anybody complaining of this. So I'm not sure if it's normal. In my post op visits, I forgot to ask. Another thing is that I'm still wearing my left drain cause there's still blood coming out and it's very dark. :(! Ladies... When did u stop taking painkillers??? And what has worked better for you to reduce the swelling?

Left drain still on

I know it's for my own good, but it's kind of frustrating. I have to go back to the hospital in two days. What's the point? I don't think two days will make any difference!!!! And now they are charging me thousands for every po visit. They are a teaching hospital for God sake!!!

Something weird

It came out today.


I just bought this flexee by Maidenform. I hope it does a good job. Bought it L because I'm still swollen, besides my weight is 151lb.

Left drain finally out!!!

I went to the dr today. Finally the last drain came out....so liberating!!! I could even walk more straight!!! Also the dr took the tape out and for first time (after one month!!) I could see my scar. Time to start scar treatment!!! :)

6 weeks. No difference

I'm 6 weeks post op now and I don't see any difference on my scar or the swelling. I start wondering if this is my final results! :( I see a baby belly and my sides are bumpy. I don't know if they are ear dog!!!!

8 weeks 4 days

Is this selling or fat? I'm afraid this could be my final results. ;(
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