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I am 21 years old and I am Dominican. My reason...

I am 21 years old and I am Dominican. My reason for wanting a butt augmentation is because ever since I have memories I always thought for a Hispanic women I had no butt and it is frustrating because i think that breast and butt makes a women beauty. Lately I have become obsessed with how I want to improve my body especially now that I am young I want to show it off. Plus the butt augmentation gives you a value of many option like taking fat from other areas and injecting it in the butt area which flatters me because I want to take the fat around my abdomen area and arms and backs and flanks . There are really many reasons why I went this route but this is the main because I want a butt like JLO AND Kim Kardas. Moreover, I exercise and have lost 22 pounds with the procedure it will accomplish my goal in my opinion.

So, I called Dr.Salama today and was excited to...

So, I called Dr.Salama today and was excited to say I'm ready to do it and get it over with only to hear Nancy tell me Only dates is for Feb 2013. I wanted to cry and honestly I did like a big baby. I really need something for 2012 like july through dec because starting january i start nursing school and i wont have time god knows when I will have time. I am praying for a miracle and someone would say " Hey I will switch with you" this is so depressing and yea depressing. So if anyone wants to switch with me please be my hero. I can stand to know I have to be like this for 2 or 3 more years because i wont have time with school it now or never. :-(

So, okay just when I was sad ladies and couldn't...

So, okay just when I was sad ladies and couldn't get a earlier date to do my body with Dr. Salama, it was like a blessing I found another doctor called Dr. Andrew Jimerson referred by many that done their body with him as Dr. J curves. Now scheduled a consultation with the Doctor August 15, 2012 and I am so excited. I set my mind this is the Dr. I want even if he is pricey I feel I deserve a good doctor and i only have one body so I want to do it right. I decided also to know put fat on my hips too which he does do. I am still doing the gym ad loving the results so when im done with surgery my body is going to look great. I can not wait.

So, I finally made up my mind and I am going with...

So, I finally made up my mind and I am going with Dr. Jimerson, I think he gives good results and knows what a Female wants. I also spoke to another person that did her booty with him and I loved what I heard about him and his team. So, on wednesday I have a consultation with Dr. Jimerson and I am so excited. Straight talk business with this men. I decided to do my hips and chin as well, if I am going to do this I might as well do it right and do everything at once. I can wait to hear what he got to say. My mom and boyfriend support me so that is a good thing for me. Now I have to figure out when I can get it with school and stuff it will be hard but I will get it done next year I refuse to wait longer. I am young and beautiful need to get the body to go with all of that. I just cant wait.!!!

Well it is official, I put my down payment of 500...

Well it is official, I put my down payment of 500 dollars to lock my date with Dr. Jimerson. Shelly is such a sweet heart she really worked with me and explained other things too. My talking to Jimerson made me feel confident about this whole thing and my decision choosing him. He is a down to earth person and knows what he is truly talking about and I love me some confidence, he is really confident in what he does as a surgeon. He told me millions of time he is going to hook a sista up and I believe him because I like the way he hooks his girls up he makes the booty round and perky, which I love. So, I got quoted for 14,800, I am doing my arms, whole abdomen, inner thighs, flanks, lower and upper back, bra roll, grafting my hips and buttocks, I expressed to him how important is to get a very small waist and a huge booty. My surgery date is for June 7, 2013 but I have to be there on June 5 and go June 6 for my pre op. I am truly excited, I have to thank my boyfriend for giving me a nice gift he paid for my down payment and said he is going to take a week off to go with me to do my body. A whole transformation is going to be crazy, I am going to look banging.

Took my measurements myself today. Bust:...

Took my measurements myself today.

Bust: 39in
Waist: 33in
Hips: 40in
Thighs 26 in

I hope I can get my waist to a smaller size, hope mr jimerson can do it.

Well girls so I only have 6 month left to get that...

Well girls so I only have 6 month left to get that banging body that I want I can not wait to show it to all of you. I am excited. To bad it is to far away. Does anyone know what I should start packing up?

So, I am only 3 months away until my surgery now I...

So, I am only 3 months away until my surgery now I see I am getting anxious more as the dates get closer, my only fear is that I hope my lab work comes good because I can not afford to change dates even though D. J switch days for vacation, I was upset of it but its not a big date change instead of the 7 it will be the 11 ladies. I just want to get it over with. Do anyone who have done it suggest what to bring for my surgery, like a list so I can start packing my suitcase?????

I cant wait I am getting closer to my date June...

I cant wait I am getting closer to my date June 11th girls dont forget. I am getting nervous with each day that pass and I am getting closer to it, to finally have change, i love changes. i HAVE GAINED 5 POUNDS WHICH SUCKS LOL!! but I want a huge booty hopefully it can work towards my hips and booty lol. I want to look like a video vix straight up lol so I am doing the following for lipo: arms, chin, upper back, bra roll, lower back, flanks, whole abdominal, inner thigh, yes I am doing it all lol then I am trying to put that fat into my hips and booty. oh yeah! lol right now my waist went from 33in to 34in sad lol and booty and hips went from 40in to 44in. hopefully i can get a 27 or 26 in waist and 50 in azz. Any suggestion to bring on this trip ladies?

So far my list looks like this: 3 maxi dresses 1...

So far my list looks like this:
3 maxi dresses
1 slipper
1 wipe
travel pill container
female urine
cotton rounds for my face
clarins face treatment= i take good care of my face lol
pack of razor
1 toothpaste
1 pk of latex gloves
1 night gown
3 sneakers
2 Long sweat pants/ need two shorts
lots of tee shorts
make me heal healing kit( Vitamins, Arnica, Scar Reduction Cream)

Getting Closer!!!

So, I went yesterday to get my medical clearance and lab work done, I love my doctor she is so cool and nice she got my back she even wanted to get in with Dr. Jimerson. Any how I had gotten lab work and physical done in Feb and it had came very good no problems so she doesn't expect my new labs to come bad. Therefore, until tuesday thats when I get the papers back I am cleared and good to go for my surgery. I am a healthy 23 year old lol whoooooo..... I am so excited for my surgery i can wait to see my results seriously I want to be over and done and looking like a video vix chick.

I knew it

So, like i said ladies got my results yesterday and I am cleared and good to go!!! I am so HAppy ready to see my new transformation. But aNY LADIES KNOW about the lympathic massage in ATL something cheaper then 150????

Finally made it to ATL

So, finally I made it to ATL yesterday and I am very happy with the state love it out here. I am staying at the Hyatt Place, which is literally 3 min from Dr.J office. The hyatt place is very nice i

Sorry about previous post

the hyatt place is very nice and the rooms are so clean and the service and people are so nice and caring i love it. I saw Dr. J today, what a talented men i must say and so down to earth. i am happy I chose him as doctor. I am excited to see my results because Shelly my patient coordinator is banging and he did her a week ago. Everyone at his office is caring and friendly. Tomorrow is my big day. Cant wait to look like a video vix girl.

cant type much...

I came out of the surgery at 9:30am dr.j hooked me up I love him and I am happy I went to him as my doctor. 950ccc each cheeks and 300ccc in hips flat stomach

Extremely happy!!!!!

I am 3 days post op and I am extremely happy. Thank god for the make me heal products the swelling has gone down a lot . Thank god for my loving boyfriend . he has taken care of me to the max. Ladies this surgery is not a joke, advice get a good experience caregiver. My recovery hasn't been so bad. My boyfriend says my booty is huge and my waist is small and my back too. Dr. Jimerson delivered what I wanted.I am happy with this men, he is talented. I havent taken my garment off because we have specific instructions about that. Shelly and the whole staff is nice.I am draining great under 30cc. I got 950 cc in each cheek and 300cc on my hips. Amazing loving my results and as time go by I will love it more he mold the shit out of my booty. ladies when you are deciding to go into this procedure you must be healthy and not be too heavy so you can get the best results meaning there should be a balance. remember he is reshaping you and helping you lose weight so after surgery you must do your part of eating good on a diet no carbs you can and lots of gym. maintaining is important. =) I will be updating here and there. So watch out for my blogging.

I promise to keep people to date...

I was RUSHED to the hospital after being 3 days post op, apparently I was anemic extremely lol i had lost a lot of blood so i need 2 units of blood. the doctors told me that having my period and surgery i lost a lot of blood. dropping my hemoglobin counts. doctor J is really a good doctor he was concern about me through the whole way and worried for my health, the only thing he needs to do is pace himself and not send his patients out so fast, but other than that he is an excellent talent men he does have talent and he is good at what he does. over all i am happy with my body and how he hooked me up, poor thing he said all he was trying to do is hook me up and i believe it my hubby going crazy for my body lol. Anyways stood two days in the hospital, but now I am all better, at first i prayed to god and was mad at myself for my vanity but losing blood can happen in any surgery not only cosmetic. I WILL add some pics as soon as I get a chance in the hotel where I am staying the wifi signal is kinda slow and it never wants to upload my pics. but im a def jcurve mama. postop 5 days and I am feeling great and healing great my drain needs to come out, ladies the makemeheal kit works it healing me lol besides from the meds I got from dr.j. Any questions i am here to answer.

3 day postop

3day postop

loving my results

So yesterday I went to get my lymph massage. I love the place the choice to do it and the person doing it on me very professional and has knowledge on liposuction. I purchased a package so I am good for my massage and recovery. Anyways I love my result stomach is tiny and booty is fat and hips as well. I am happy how I look and will look. I wear my garment everyday and sleep in it, the only time I take it off to breath for an hour is when I get massage or taking a shower. Hubby helps me out still because I am stiff still so I cant twist, bend or turn a lot lol. My butt is starting to soften and shape but still a lot of stiffness. I went to see my family yesterday too and they was amazed with my result amazed dont even describe how they was on my body. They love it, picture dont make my booty justice they was saying omg ur booty huge , I was like really they was like dont u look at urself in the mirror lol I love the attention I am getting from everyone . My waist small and my azzzz is big love it. I cant wait to start waist training and gym. Especially gym I got my gym routine together I am a bad bitch and will continue being bad, dr.j gave me my life back to bringing sexy back now im banging.

more pic 11post op


Its rounding out n fluffing up. I love it.

loving my results pictures dont make it no justice

Pictures dont my results justice.



So Happy Small waist/ Tuesday make 4 weeks

My waist officially went from a 33in to a 28 in cant wait to bring it to a 26 inch if it gets smaller it gets smaller but my expectation are met. I don't take my garment for nothing and I am finally in a medium hoping to get into a small garment. when I hit 6 weeks I a going to corset train. God and Dr. Jimerson gave me another shot at life. I feel good and beautiful and importantly happy. Cant wait so my butt is settle because I need clothes to buy, I have not bought not one cloth to wear. Time and patient will heal me for I could look banging lol more than what I am. Gym here i COME after 6 weeks I miss weight lifting bad.

4weeks my body looking good dr.J did his thing!!


4 weeks

almost 5 weeks

5 weeks post op

So ladies I have been very happy with my results and trying to get back to normal life. That being said I have lost 16 pounds from 191 I am 176 extremely happy trying to get down to 160. My waist is a 28 in trying to get it down to a 26in or 25in. My booty is 46 in/ 116cm but when I finish my squats and butt exercises I am able to go to 118cm. Yes, I finally was able to go to the gym I love it, I am sore because of the gym I go hard because I paid lol. I will never go back to fat and ugly lol I do circuit training/ regular training I do mostly free weight training but as well machine training which takes a lot out of me but i do squats lots with free weights, Butt Blaster, kickback, deadlifts, lying leg curls, pull ups, machine abduction for hips, dumbells chest, shoulders, peck deck, cable rolles standing up and squatting while doing it, and lots of abs workout. This is basically what I have been doing as my work out its intense but I am back on my grind, um I have yet to do leg press, lunges which I am excited to do just waiting for the right moment should i say 6 weeks to do so because I need to sit on my ass but I really dont lol. My end result I want to look like a brazilian girl like Anderssa Sores. who also did her butt through plastic surgery because brazil its not a big deal to say lol and she workouts just as I am doing. Me and her have the same measurements which I am happy they call her watermelon women in brazil. I can not wait to see my end results because I am banging at the moment lol. Loving myself.

forgot to add

Girls the diet is important I eat little to no carbs at all. It works for me not to have carbs in my system.

beach time

8 weeks

2 month

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

His picture of patients sold me on him and his confidence. He has video doing the procedure. Plus, if you can work and someone that has no hope and make them look banging then def a doctor to eye on. Plus he gets backed up by a hospital, which is a plus plus for him.

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