Long Needed Severe Tuberous Breast Correction with Tissue Expanders, Natrelle Inspira Style SRM 295cc - Bronx, NY

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Hi everyone, I'm currently 23 years old and have...

Hi everyone,

I'm currently 23 years old and have been wanting to have breast surgery for as long as I can remember. I knew early on that something was wrong and after waiting and researching, I realized this wasn’t something that was going to change. I asked my PCP about but said nothing could be done because I was still a minor at the time so ai just researched and waited.

After waiting for so long I have finally decided that now is the time to get it done due to various reasons.

I went to 5 doctors in all. 4 in person and one was a phone consultation for a surgeon a couple hours away. I decided not to go to that one despite his reputation with tuberous breast correction because I'm not comfortable with having to travel so far to see my dr, especially if something were to go wrong.

Another dr wanted to place my implants over the muscle and had no plan to reduce my areola or actually fix the tuberous breast. He felt an over the muscle implant would be enough but I don't feel like that would work for me and from all the research that I have done and the way my breast are I feel like this just wouldn't give me results that I would be happy with.

I went to another doctor who literally spent about 2 minutes in the room with me before running off. Most of the time was spent with an assistant. He literally just walked in, said the sizes I picked would work great ( I was debating between 230cc and 250cc sizers), said he would go under the muscle, reduce the areola, and left. Now while this plan was okay he didn’t even talk about his qualifications (he is a well known surgeon so he may have just assumed his reputation is enough), no talk about risks, recovery, outcome. Ultimately I just didn't feel comfortable and was not going to get surgery from him.

There was the very first consultation that I went to where I did feel very comfortable. The staff was kind, the dr answered all my questions and had a plan that I felt would really fix my breast. My main concern was that I couldn't find anything about him doing breast surgery, let alone tuberous breast, online. It didn't occur to me until afterwards that I should have asked for photos and that they didn't show me any. However because the doctor was very knowledgeable and took his time going over everydetail with me, I did feel comfortable and trusted his judgement.

Ultimately I went to a doctor that I was referred to by my PCP (different from the previous one mentiined). I do know that the surgeons there do amazing work plus there was the possibility that insurance may cover it expecially since they have been this way since I was a child. This doctor did make me feel comfortabke and had a plan to correct my breast so they look normal. The only thing that made me hesitant about her is that she wants to use breast expanders instead of implants. She doesn't think that there is enough room for an implant to be put in without it looking like implants. She said she can try and see if she can fit an implant in the size that I want but that if it doesn't look good she is going to put in the expanders and the implants in after a few months.

I did go with her because insurance did approve it, it is close to home, she has a good reputation, I felt comfortable and trust her judgement, and it is in a hospital that I go to regularly.

I'm really excited to be able to finally fix my tuberous breasts. While I was concerned about having 2 seperate surgeries and having expanders put in rather than implants, I have grown to like the idea since I'm still debating on size. Originally I liked the size of 230cc sizers, so I would probably need 250cc implants however I am leaning towards 250cc sizers so I would need about 270cc implants. Reading reviews and hearing so many people wishing they went bigger makes me wonder if maybe I need to reevaluate and consider a slightly bigger implant.

Some before pics

These are some before pics.
I have been really hesitant to take pics let alone post any but hopefully documenting this journey can help others feel less alone and hopefully I will have great results and ease other peoples anxiousness.

Last night nerves

Tomorrow morning is the day. No more freaky deformed boobies for me!

I am struggling to keep myself grounded. Since I will be getting expanders put in I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the misshapen and hard expanders I will have in for several weeks followed by the high and pointy boobs after the implant until the settle in.

At least I won't have such huge puffy areolas anymore. Hoping everything goes smoothly.

Only instructions are to not eat or drink after midnight and have a button front shirt.

Will try and update tomorrow night after anesthesia wears off.

Posr surgery update

Surgery was this morning and it went great.

Currently at home hoping my butt doesn't get to sore from laying around all day.

I'm sore but that is to be expected. I am surprised that I'm not more swollen. I expected the tissue expanders to ne higher up and shaped funny but they aren’t really that noticible. Just the gauze thats under the surgical bra.

They did have to put drains on me which was unexpected. Will ask about it at my follow up in a few days.

Day 1 after surgery

Not much of an update but the pain seems to be subsiding a bit.

Still trying to keep my butt from being sore.

I haven't taken of the bra or dressings. I'm leaving them in until my post op when I remove the drains.

I did sneak a peak over the top and for the first time in my life I can look down at my chest and not feel like a freak.

I'm so used to seeing a small breast mound and my areola bubbled on top of it. Not anymore. It may not seem like any difference but to me it makes a world of difference.

I took a pic but I'm not sure if others will be able to tell a difference.

3rd day after

Forgot to update yesterday.
There wasn't much going on besides my lower back and butt being really sore. I am getting more movement in my arms and the pain is going away.
Unfortunately I still have the drains. Still too much fluid coming out. Will have to wait till next week.
Besides that everything is healing nicely. Boobies look normal which is a shock. The expanders have a bit of saline in them but not much. Hopefully if next week I get the drains out and I can start fillings the week after.

5 day post

Figured I should give an update.

There's some numbness still underboob but thats normal.

I finally found ways to sleep that lessen the impact on my lower back and butt.

Drains are barely getting any fluid anymore. Can't wait to get them out. Hopefully once they are out I'll be cleared to sleep on my side and feel less restricted in movement.

Still getting used to normal boobs. Theres barely anything in the expanders but they still seem pretty big. It might sound crazy but I'm so accustomed to nothing there, just the mess of what was hanging from my areolas. Makes me wonder how big I should actually go?

Drain, drain, drains away!

Finally got my drains out! I can finally feel okay with leaving my house again which is great because I have a major case of cabin fever and a life to get back to.

I do wish I got the green light to get back to working out, even if it is just light exercise and stretching. But considering its only been a week I'm not surprised. Think I will try to just focus on lower body in the meantime.

Everything seems to be going great. Swelling has gone down. I will start fillings next week. I'm hoping for 100 ccs but considering my boob still have a bit of a new stretch shine they may not want to push it to much.

On a less positive note my now that swelling has gone down I've noticed a bit of a double bubble on the left.

I hope that with the fillings it will smooth out?

For the time being I'm okay with it since it can be corrected if anything during my exchange but it is a bit annoying. Hopefully it doesn't get worst and works itself out.

2 weeks and 1 day. First fill. At 120cc's

Hi all!
So today is 15 days post op. I got my first fill. I had 60cc previously and I got another 60cc put in today which brings me at 120cc.

Some of the bumps and ridges that I felt along the bottom of the expander is less prominent now that I had a filling.

Also the little crease/double bubble seems to be less now that I have had a fill in. I'm hoping I don't need additional work done during the exchange and that a bigger size implant will be enough to smooth it out. I'm hoping for an easy exchange surgery.

The needle for the fill in is intimidating. It's like an overgrown syringe. Thankfully I saw videos on YouTube and knew it would be huge. I just kept hoping it wouldn't break through. It is pretty painless, just got to get pass the needle going in. I only had 60cc put in and it felt like liquid filling out the bottom of the expander. It was pretty much painless and I did feel some tension, pressure but that quickly went away.

As far as physical activity is concerned I can't lift more than 10lbs, which limits a lot of what I can do since most of what I do involves holding my own body weight but I can customize and focus on lower body and core.

My next fill in is next week. I hope to be done in 2-3 weeks with fill in and hopefully have the exchange surgery soon after. Fingers crossed!

180cc, 3 weeks with breast expanders

Hi all!

So I wanted to give an update since I had my second fill.

I've been going through other reviews trying to get a sense of what size I want to go up to. I did end up getting some major boobie greed. I always thought 250cc would be my max but I found myself thinking maybe I should go up more to 275cc or 300cc. This filling has kinda squashed that greed.

I'm at 180cc's now and the cc's seem to be going pretty far on me. Granted I should wait a few days for the saline to settle and to get used to it, but I think my initial instinct of 250cc was right and next week might be my last filling (I'll be at 240cc). Although I keep wondering how another 30cc (275cc in total) would look. I'll see how I'll feel later this week and after my next filling. Any one have any opinions I'll be glad to hear them!

My double bubble on the left is almost gone. I think the next filling will make it gone.

Besides that the shape is amazing. I just love having normal boobs. Not having to worry about if they look normal and just wear a simple bralet with no worries is amazing.

There has been some pain on the sternum and ribs under the boobs, mostly when I get in and out of bed. It doesn't last long but it does get bothersome. I think it's just the expanders digging in and not really much that can be done about it. I did have this uncomfortable feeling kind near my right arm pit, kind where bra bulge tends to be that has been there since surgery, but as soon as I got filled on that side it disappeared.

180cc pictures

Posted before I put up pictures.

Let me know what you think about the size. Would like to get some opinions on how they look.

4 weeks and in love with 240cc

Hi all!

Want to give an update. I have had my third filling and I am currently at 240cc.

I really love how this size looks. I still fit my bralet and clothes but don't feel like I'm flat chested. I have actual boobs and clear to fill them out.

I do have some room to maybe do one more filling (60cc) but I because I love how they look now and am happy with it I don't plan on doing another full filling.

I may do 30cc more because of the crease on my left breast but I'm still thinking about it.

Because these are expanders and they are stiff and project a lot I am concerned that switching for the same size implant will have less of an effect.

Hopefully I will be having the exchange surgery soon. I can't wait to be able to have soft squishy boobs that move!

Just a rant. Feel free to ignore.

I'm hoping putting these thoughts out there will help me calm my nerves and make an actual decision. I apologize for ranting.

I am really happy with the size of my expanders currently and I keep going back and forth about whether or not I should get an extra 30cc fill. I know people say 30cc doesn't make a difference but considering my body, it does feel like it will make a difference.

I'm a bit conflicted and the only thing I know for sure is that if I do the extra 30cc, it will be the last filling.

I am worried that the extra 30cc will make me feel too big and that I won't be able to fit my clothes.

I am also worried that if a don't do the extra 30cc that I will wonder what if, and that the final implant will look and feel smaller, especially because I want silicone. I would be upset if I did all this to end up feeling too small.

I'm not sure which prospect scares me more, being too big or feeling small.

I'm hoping I can go back down if it is too big? I just hope if that's the case I don't have to wait to long for the final surgery.

Than there is the issue of the crease on my left breast. 30cc may be enough to get rid of it completely but it also may be bigger than I'm comfortable with.

Decisions, decisions.

Anyways that's just my rant. I'm gonna go try to clear my head.

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for all the support.

Exchange Surgery! Inspira 295cc

I have seriously been neglecting my post and for that I apologize.

Heres a bit of a review of whats been happening:

After my last filling and deciding that 240cc was the right size for me I had to wait 6 weeks for the exchange. The good thing is that I was able to resume all physical activities afterwards which is part of why I have been MIA.

The wounds were healing nicely during that time. I did have some random short pains from nerves waking up through the weeks (not looking forward to having that happen all over again). Leftie has remained a problem with the crease but my PS assured me that it will get fixed. I don’t know if I always had flex distortion or if it developed from working out to much in a short time (after I got the all clear I may have slightly overdid it and pushed myself reaally hard) but I did start to notice it at about 8 to 9 weeks after surgery (2-3weeks after last filling). It was very small however, it didn’t even look wierd just a slightly different shape from how they normally are. You can’t even tell when I'm wearing a bra which is why I'm not sure if it was aalways there and I just didn’t notice or if it happened after from working out.

I was totally in love with the size and while there were times that I maybe wondered how I would look if I did go bigger, I am so glad I stopped expansions when I did. Everyone just thinks they are the same boobs I always had which is what I wanted. It felt so good to actually wear bras, bralets, and lingerie. I've never been able to feel normal and feel like a woman before and while I knew that before, it didn’t really hit me until I saw myself try on cute/sexy lingerie and realized how much I never felt happy and womanly and confident in my body before.

I am posting some pictures from the week before exchange surgery. I am currently home and I am happy to report that I had no drains put in this time and actually feel so amazing compared to how I felt after the first surgery. My surgeon used Natrelle Inspira SRM 295cc for final results. I'll put another update about this surgery soon. Here are some pics post exchange surgery just because I can't wait to see them. I'll try to add some better pics in the next update as well.

SRM 295cc Naturelle

Here's an update from earlier this week at 5 days post op.
I have been worried about them looking to small but I know they need to settle. I have been watching to make sure the crease that I had on my left breast doesn't get bad. It also feels bumpy under the breast. I felt it with the expanders since they are oddly shaped and have bumps but I was expecting that with the implants they would be smooth. My doctor said they will smooth out and they just need time to settle.
On a side note they have been kinda dry and flaking, especially my nipple, since I had the strips still on I didn't want to put any lotion or oil in case it made the strips come off. After the doctor took the strips off she said I can use any lotions or oils I wanted and that it was normal for the breast to be dry. The main restriction is no heavy lifting until 6 weeks.

6 week update

So I wanted to give an update and post the pics from the 6 week mark.

I am cleared to resume all physical activity and I can wear any kind of bra I want, including underwire, or wear none at all.

They have been slowly getting softer but they are still pretty stiff. It will hopefully continue to soften as time passes.

They have been setteling and look bigger than when I first got them.

Lefty still has a crease on it but it seems like it has gotten better. It could just be me getting used to it, or the scar tissue underneath softening.

Hoping things continue to progress well.

Almost 10 weeks post 295cc SRM

Hi all,
Went bra shopping and thought I'd post how the girls look in bras so far. I'm a 34B and am so happy to be able to actually be able to wear cute bras and not look like a freak.

6 months Post exchange

Hi all,

I just thought that I woulf give an update since I am now at the 6 month mark.
The additions are great. I'm typically a full 34b in most bras, occasionally c if they run small.
I do sometimes think about what if I had went bigger but I would have an obioisly fake look.
I do sometimes get a slightly fake look when my weight is down. I got sick and lost a few pounds and they looked and felt really foreign. But now that I'm getting back to my average weight they look and feel more comfortable and natural.
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