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Hello Real Self ladies! I have been stalking the...

Hello Real Self ladies! I have been stalking the hell out of this site for 2 years. I am a 19 year old college student. My profile is, 5'4", 175lbs. I am enrolled in a gym and I would like to get down to 125 to 130 lbs before I decide to get the BBL. I am from the NYC area and initially had a consultation with Dr. Matthew Schulman in June. I heard he is very good at giving results and quoted me 12,000 dollars for lipo to the bra rolls, inner thighs, and stomach. Before I even had a consultation with Dr. S, I was interested in Dr. Andrew Jimmerson in Atlanta, GA; but he does not give any consultations until the year 2014 :( He is also very expensive so I heard and when I spoke to one of the ladies over the phone she quoted me like 10,300 dollars. I follow him on Instagram and I love the booties he gives. I also am interested in Dra Duran but I am a little sideways about going to DR for my surgery. I dont know, I feel like I am going to catch some infection. I love Durans work, I even have her on instagram as well. I am not looking for a donkey booty but something that goes well with my body and has a nice projection. I have over 100 pictures saved on my computer and phone for what kind of butt I want. I mostly want a nice figure and a up-side down heart shaded booty. I am not sure about Dra Yily. I was looking to get this procedure done the minute the school year ends which is like in May. So somewhere in May so I can be mostly healed before school starts up in August. The reason I want this BBL is because I want to wear clothes and feel and look great in them. This is for me. Plus I just want a new beginning. I want to go to school in a different state next year so I feel a new me, a new body, and a new school will do me some good. If I got with Dra Duran I would be interested in getting a Breast Lift without implants as well. I really want this surgery, I have close to 6,000 saved up for it. Its no where near the amount Dr. S and Dr. J quoted me for but I think it can get me somewhere with Duran. What do you guys think? Do you girls think I should stick with Dr. J or Dr.S? or is Dra Duran just as good? Please help!

*Update* 9/12/13 // Some More Information & A Thanks!

Hello all! Thank you for all those who decided to follow me on my journey and left comments on my page. I love the "family-feeling" you get while being on here. I need all the help I can get from women who already had the surgery or are looking into it. As for going to the Dominican Republic, from reading the comments, I guess it will not be such a bad idea. I am hoping my Mom will come with my to DR (most likely she would lol) which will eliminate the language barrier. My mom speaks Spanish fluently, so she can translate to me and vice versa. I sent a message to Dra. Yily because I found her email on her site. I have not found an email for Dra Duran as of yet. Does anybody have it? If you do can you leave it in the comment box below please. Dra Yily has not responded back to me as of yet. I sent it (i believe) about a week ago, and I sent the entire message in Spanish (thanks to google translator). I love love love the hour glass shape that Dra Duran gives. Like I said before, I do not want such a huge huge booty but something that goes will with my figure. Also, I have another question to all you BBL veterans, what happens to your belly button after Lipo? I really do not want my belly button to stretch out because I have a belly button ring and I do not want it to look hideous. Is there anyway I can help keep its roundness or is it just something I have to deal with? Thanks again for all the help ladies. Wish Pics and My Pics are coming soon!

Questions to remember:
1. What is Dra. Duran's email address (I do not want to call because I do not speak spanish)

2. How do I keep my belly button from stretching after Liposuction?

{Continuation of Update} Wish Pics

Here are some of the booties I want.

Extra Update (LOL) 9/12/13

Hey, Ok this is my last update of the night. I just got an email from Dra. Yily De Los Santos. She asked me a series of questions and for pictures so she can give me an amount of how much the surgery will cost. I am not to fond of Dra. Yily's work; if there are any ladies who have had a BBL and or Breast Lift with Dra Yily please link me your blog page so I can read your story. I think I have my heart set on Dra. Duran. I dont know :( I think its because I have her instagram and have fell in love. I really want this procedure! I believe I am sold on Dra. Duran. I hope I can get a hold of her email soon!

Some more Wish Pics From My iPhone

Hey ladies here are some more pictures. I am suppose to be taking naked pictures for Dra. Yily but I believe I want to be a Duran doll. I will be sending an email to Dra. Duran today. Does anybody have Yily's Instagram? If you do, can you put it in the comment box below. I hope everyone is having a fantastic morning so far :) here are some more wish pictures. #boobies&booty

9/13/2013 // Dra. Yily De Los Santos

Hey all! So I just checked my email and received another email from Dra. Yily De Los Santos. She responded fast, but I do think it was someone else and not her because the email was written in English. In the last email I sent her, I answered the questions and sent her a picture of me in a sports bra and some gym shorts. I sent this message to her around 9pm EST last night. Surprisingly she sent me a response at 10pm last night. I was soo happy, because it was soo fast. Now to the good stuff. She quoted me $3,250.00 for liposuction to the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks, and waist. I most likely do not wish to have liposuction on my armpits lol but mostly the stomach, thighs, back, and waist. This is not bad! In the email, she also stated that getting multiple procedures at once is more cost effective than getting procedures done apart. I believe I want to get a Breast Lift with her as well but I am nervous lol. My breast are my everything! For those who have gotten a Breast Lift without implants before, do you lose feeling in your nipple area? I just want to lift it up. I do not have any kids yet and I do not plan to have any until later on in life because I am only 19 Lmbo! If they sag again I will get a touch up if need be. But I want to enjoy my body while I am young and single and free! I will contact her and Dra. Duran later on today when I get back home. Hopefully, I will get some money back from Financial Aid and it will help pay for my surgery. Even though I have close to 6,000 saved up, I still want to have some money left saved up! Oh and also, the things that are included in the cost is the fajate (compression garment), Pre-op blood work, EKG test, Anesthesiologist fee, Clinic and Surgery Fee's, and $250 Med Insurance fee for the first 30 days after surgery. She also said to plan to stay in DR for at least 15 days so she can make sure that everything is good to go before you go back to the USA. I most likely would want to get the Massages which is $31 a session. How many massages did you BBL veterans get after the surgery? Did any of you purchase another body garment for $140? Thanks for any answers/advice given!

Questions to remember:
1. Do you lose feeling in your nipple area when you get a Breast Lift with NO implants?

2. How is the scarring like after a Breast Lift with NO implants?

3. How is the scarring like after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

3. How many massages do you suggest I get after a BBL?

4. Should I purchase an additional Fajate (Compression Garment) even though I get one that is included in the total cost?

5. How do you still keep your belly button round after Liposuction to the abdomen?

Thanks y'all! I will be back later! Hope everyone has a fun, safe, and blessed day!

Update 9/13/2013 Dra. Augustine Halario Duran

Just got an email response from Dra. Duran. Surprisingly!! I sent her an email this afternoon and she responded within the same day. Her message is a bit unclear though. She said, "Thanks for contacting me, when I can be answering your mail." I do not get the last part. I am just going to respond to her telling her that I would like a quote and for some pictures. If anybody received a message like this before, how did you respond to it? That is pretty much all that happened today. I am going to respond to Dra. Duran later tonight.


Hey ladies sorry I have been MIA. It's been a lot going on with me but I am back. I am still interested in the BBL and BL with Dra Duran. I recently got my nipples pierced so I am excited to get this BL. I am still trying to contact Dra Duran and Dra Yily but to no avail I am still waiting lol. I hope you guys are having a fantastic Saturday, I will update soon enough again.

Update 11/2/2013

Hey ladies I am sorry I have been MIA. I have been going back and forth with myself about this surgery. One minute I feel that I just need to work out and do squats and the next minute I want the surgery. I really want this operation but I believe the only thing that is preventing me from putting in 1000% is just how long its going to take me to heal, possible scarring, and maybe not getting the results I want. I have been stalking Dra. Duran's Instagram and she seems like she knows what shes doing. I really want this guys! I plan on going late June early July but I feel sort of discouraged because she wont respond to my emails and I am not fluent in spanish to call the office in DR and speak with her. Also, I had my annual physical and my physician told me that I have low Iron (making me mildly anemic) and Vitamin D Levels. I do not know how long it will take for me to get my levels back up. Have any of you ladies had this problem before? How did you solve it? I really want to feel sexayyy, not sexy, sexayyy when I put on my bikini or when I go out with my friends. I deserve it LOL! I guess I will continue to message her and pray that she will respond one day lol. I'll update you all again soon! Stay blessed!

Update 11/7/2013

Hey guys, I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday. I found something troubling this morning and i wanted to share it with you all. What I found is not discrediting any Doctor and I do not mean to ruin any reputations, but I do want to share it with y'all to get some feedback. Ok, here is what I read. A BBL sister (who had her operation with Dr. J) wrote an update on it so I want to share. I forgot the users name but this is basically what it is about. So basically, she found that a lot of Dra. Duran's patients has had complications. She knows that with all surgeries come complications but since I guess she was looking into Dra. Duran she saw a lot of patients that had complications. Basically, she learned from another user who was a patient of Dra. Duran, that she could not move her right foot. This was due to Dra. Duran touching an important nerve in the buttocks that is connected to the spine or whatever. When you inject stuff whether it be fat or silicon can cause this problem especially if you do not do it with care. I dont want this to change my mind about Dra. Duran but it just bring me back to the beginning where I did not want to go to DR for this procedure. I really do not want to spend 10,500 to 12,000 bucks on this procedure when I can easily get it for less than 5,000 over in DR. I do not want to sacrifice my health or put a money amount on it. I dont know guys, I really do not want to pay that amount because its never promised that the fat will stay intact anyways. Plus i love the waist that Dra. Duran gives. I dont know. Can I get some help from any patients of Dra. Duran or Dra. Yily please.


Thinking about Dra. Baez

Hey guys! So this Duran stuff is troubling me. I love her because of the waist she gives but I am very skeptical on that whole spine thing. I have read a little bit of reviews on Baez and basically from all of her reviews she's very knowledgeable on the procedures she does and she is also very caring. From what I read she does not do a lot of surgeries in the day (like Yily and Duran) and she only she puts your health first before anything. I need a doctor who is going to take her time with me. Especially if I am putting my life in her hands. I am going to contact Baez and see what her prices are looking like. I will let y'all know once I get one. Also, are there any Baez patients out there? Tell me how your procedure went and how your experience was. Oh and I have more wish pics of course ;) talk to y'all soon!!

Update 11/10/2013

Hey guys, I just emailed Dra. Baez asking her for a quote. I think I am going to email Dr. Salama from Miami as well. I just want to see how his prices are looking. But I think going to DR is more up my ally.

Also, for those who are wondering what happened to Dra. Duran's Instagram her new instagram is DRHILARIODURAN and NOT DRAHILARIODURAN.

That is all for now, I hope everyone has a blessed night!

Thinking back on Dr. J && more wish pics :)

Hey good morning y'all! I am here just sitting down thinking about surgeons and going through other peoples reviews. I am thinking about Dr. J again, the reason why I am thinking about him is because another user spoke about financing and how they will pay half as long as you do not declare bankruptcy. I am not sure if that's how it all works in a nutshell but I hope that's how it goes. I am going to be going to class in a little bit so I will be contacting their office and see what kind of answers I can get. The first time I called them they quoted me 10500 u believe so let's see what they quote me this time. Well that's all for now, I have some new wish pics.

Got an email back from Salama && Dra. Baez

Hey Guys! I got an email back from Dr. Salama's secretary Nancy (I am not sure if she is a secretary or not :x) But she sent me an email regarding the price for the BBL and what it includes. He quoted me 8,999 dollars (YIKES! But not as bad) and whats included in the price is the surgical fees, anesthesia fees, facility fees, 2 custom compression garments, and 2 post-operative massages (I plan to do more massages back in NYC). Also for the 8,999, you get liposuction in the abdomen, flanks, and upper & lower back; each additional area is 500 dollars. Nancy also told me that she wants me to send pictures of myself, and I did a few minutes ago. Ive seen his work and I love the booty and hour glass figure that he gives. I mostly want an hour glass figure with a nice (NOT OUTRAGEOUS) projection; just a cute semi- fat booty. Oh && Nancy said they require a 10% NON- REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your surgery spot.

As for Dra. Baez, she reached out to me like a week after I sent her an email (NOT bad) she basically thanked me for reaching out to her and wanted pictures. She did not give me a quote as of yet so I am going to send her pictures tonight so I can get a quote.

I am still looking to get my BBL in late june early july. I really want this done. I am going to start getting my Iron and Vitamin D supplements now so I can get my levels up by the summer time.

That is all for now guys, talk to you later!

Just got an email from Dra. Baez

Just got an email back from her that is much longer than the first. She basically quoted me 2700 bucks. She put 27,000 but I think she may have meant 2,700. Everything is included except for the fajate and the lymphatic drain massages. She does not require a deposit, but if you want to send one you can. She is the cheapest I found so far. Still keeping my options open though. I plan on really prepping for this procedure at the beginning of the New Year. I want to lose like 10 to 20 pounds so I can get great results. She only performs one surgery everyday and will be taking summertime patients at the start of 2014. I like her, she seems to really care about your health more so than giving you your desired body. We will see though! Oh and I have more wish pics!

Dr. Salama looked at my photos!

Hey gals ! Nancy got back to me saying that Salama reviewed my photos and he said that I am a great candidate. I like the booties and hour glass figure that he gives. I am still trying to pick a great surgeon and would like to schedule my date in January for late June or early July.

Just emailed Sarah from Dr. J Curves Office

Hey y'all I just emailed Sarah from Dr. J's office asking her about setting up a consultation with him. I already have one, but I would like to push the date up because I really do want this procedure for summer 2014. I am going to email back Nancy from Dr. Salama's office and ask her how financing for the surgery works. That is all for now. Tootles!!

I want to go with Dra. Augustine Hilario Duran!!

Hey guys! I know its been a minute but I was stalking this page without writing on my profile (LOL) So I have been doing some more research and I found out a lot of things. I am willing to share my findings and my next steps and what I choose to do next! So as most of you know, I had a little scare like a month ago about going to DR for this procedure. My fears are still there a little bit, but I overcame a majority of it due to my constant researching. So therefore lets get back to what I have to tell yall :D Alright.. so as I was scrolling I found this review of a woman who went to Dr. Salama for this procedure (BBL) Everyone knows that Salama gives these big donkadonk booties lol but this particular story made my eyes open. So he performed the surgery and when she got out she had BURNS on her ABDOMEN and i am not even talking little minor burns.. NOOOOO.. these were huge severe burns that caused her to go a burn specialist and get skin grafting smh. So with all of this, this lady opened my eyes to the words "Medical Malpractice Insurance." A majority of doctors in Florida including Salama are not insured and that means that if something goes wrong during your operation they cannot compensate you at all with money or free revisions. That scared that crap out of me because if something goes wrong I need my doctor to fix it ASAP.

But anywhooooooo.. that was just my findings. It startled me a little bit and it taught me that even US doctors can make mistakes. I love love love love love love love Dra. Durans work but there is only one problem! SHE NEVER RESPONDS TO MY EMAILS!!! I wrote the email in spanish too and she still has yet to respond! One review that I read told me about this lady who can get you quotes and set up surgery dates with doctors who are hard to reach. She charges 150 bucks for her services. Her name is Jazmine Navarro from Bella Vita. If Dra. Duran does not respond to me by 2 weeks I am going to go through her. Ummm... what else... oh yeah... a friend of my mom went to DR to get the Brazilian Butt Lift. She did not go as big as I would like for my butt to be but it looks good for her body type. She said that whenever I am ready she is there and is willing to help me go through the process and what not. Thankful for her!! But I am deff going to go for Summer 2014. Its set, I told my mom now I am just going to send emails like craycray to see if I can get in touch with Dra. Duran. I also sent an email to Dr. Manuel Diaz and he quoted me 3800 USD for the procedure. I would love to get a Breast Lift with NO IMPLANTS from him and his butt lifts look nice. I am going to do a little more research on him. I read one review on him and I liked what I saw. But we will see. That is all for now! :D TTYL!

Contemplating Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman

Hey Ladies! Ok so I just contacted Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman because I read JennBerryJuice's review and I like how he did her Breast Lift without implants. I like his breast work moreso than Yily and Durans because in Jenn's words they give you "Rocket Cone Shaped Boobs" lmaooo which is true. I do not like their breast work but I love Dr. Diaz's. I sent his handsome behind an email lol and I am waiting for him to get back. He quoted me 3000 dollars like I stated previously. So yeah, thats it for now.

Updates, Updates, and More Updates!

Hello My RS Sisters! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Since I was not here to say any of it. My holidays were eventful and filled with happiness. Aren't yall excited for 2014 though??!! I mean this is suppose to be our year, the year we take back our lives and do the things we want to do without listening to anyones opinions or view points! This year is going to be a wonderful year ladies, I can smell it lol. Anyways, this year is suppose to be the year I get my Brazilian Butt Lift. Mind y'all, I have been researching this procedure (without letting anyone know) since I was a junior in High School... in 2013 I finally decided to make moves. In 2013 I started emailing doctors and getting quotes and also finally telling my mom about what I want. She likes the idea but doesnt want me to have a big butt. I dont want a big butt either but I want a butt that still turns heads lol. I work in retail, so whenever a big booty woman comes into the store all the men forget about something called "behavior" and drool over her curves. Some of them look natural while some look like they have silicon in their ass but hayyyyy lol ANYWAYS!!! Sorry I went off on a tangent. I cannot wait to get this over with. As I stated in my previous update review, my mothers friend recently went to DR to get a Brazilian Butt Lift. She looks beautiful. She did not go as big as I want to go but it still looks good on her. I mean she went from flatty patty to a nice cuff back there in a matter of a few weeks lol. She said she is going to give me the name of her doctor so I am patiently waiting on that :-) But anywho, she said whenever I am ready to let her know and she will accompany me along with my mother to get my procedure done :) Im excited that I have this support. But anyways, I pretty much have my heart set on Dr. Manuel Diaz for my Brazilian Butt Lift. I think I am just going to go along with just my BBL and not my Breast Lift. I looked in the mirror and was like my breast are not saggy like grandma titties. I mean of course they are not going to be all the way up and perky because I am toting around a 36D lol these thangs are heavy! But also, I have nipple rings and if by any chance my nipples become lopsided I will have to take my rings out and get them repierced.... I DONT THINK SO! Ill just leave the gals alone until maybe after I have children when I am really going to need it lol. The summer is 6 months away and I am excited. I just enrolled in Zumba classes so I plan on shedding some weight. I carry my weight pretty well but I would like to get down to 150 pounds just so i can have better results. Plus Dr. Diaz told me that he thinks I should loose 20lbs in order to get the results I want (I sent him nude pictures of myself and some Wish Pictures). I love him honestly, he answers all my questions! He is not as famous on here as Dra. Duran and Dra. Yily but he is accessible and thats what really counts. I need a doctor who is able to respond back to me and Dra. Duran cannot do that. I sent her a message asking for a quote and she still has not responded back to me. So i am done done done with that lol. Once I get the name of my mothers friends doctor, I will post about it on here. Until then ladies, stay warm and blessed. Love yall!

Guess Who Is Back! Updates!

Hey Yall!! I know I have been pretty much back and forth with this surgery. One minute I want it, the next I dont. I had some setbacks with my finances but now its all about building up the mula so I can get this procedure. I am still confident with Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman... and I am also going to email Dr. Baez again. But I think I am more leaning towards Dr. Diaz just because I like his breast work and I do just want a lift without augmentation. I am still hoping I can get a date in July of this year with him. I am going to email him today and ask if he has available dates. I want my stomach, bra roll, and inner thighs lipo...

Are there any Baez patients out there? if so, did you like her work? Did she listen to your expectations?

Please Read Ladies!!

Hey ladies! Please read this article I found on MadameNoire.com .. It's crucial for those women who are interested in this procedure and looking to choose a doctor. While nobody wants to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on this procedure, please pick a doctor who is certified to do this procedure. Please read the article in it's entirety and afterwords look up Medical Malpractice Insurance... See if your doctor has it.

Emailed Doctor Manuel Diaz Guzman and now I am thinking about Dra. Walkiris Robles... IT NEVER ENDS!!

Good Morning Ladies!! Last night, I emailed Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman so I can get this ball rolling. I am now in the process of trying to get a date. I also wanted to make sure that the price that he quoted me for did not go up. I have a budget on how much I really want to spend on this procedure. Like I stated previously he quoted me 3000 USD for the BBL ONLY and 4500 USD for the BBL and Breast Lift with No Implants. By far, he has the most amazing breast work that I have seen from Dominican doctors. If I do plan on getting a Breast Lift with No Implants, Dr. Diaz Guzman is going to be the one to do it. Since its more economical to get multiple procedures at once, then he is going to have to perform my BBL as well. I am going to ask him if he can make my cup a full D or a full DD with just my fat. I am not sure if fat grafting to the breast is a procedure or not lol but I would prefer it more so than silicon because I do not want any foreign objects inside my body lol. I dont know, I am on the fence with getting a Breast Lift just because I do plan on having children and I do not want them to get ruined. But then again... i can always go back to DR and get a re-up ;) For those who want to know more about Dr. Diaz Guzman, follow him on his Instagram @drmanueldiazg

Now on to other stuff ;) lol

Dra. Walkiris Robles... I do not know much about her but I do follow her on the gram; along with Duran, Cabral, and Diaz Guzman. I like the booties that she gives and I am going to do more research on her today. I am not sure about her breast work, I have not seen any yet. I do plan on emailing her today and sending her my pictures for her to review. If you all are interested in seeing her work, follow her on her instagram @drawalkirisrobles

last but not least...

It feels like the search for doctors never end. You think you like one doctor than you see another doctor and another and another lol.

More Wish Pictures !

Officially going with Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman!!

Morning ladies! So y'all know I have been back and forth with myself about doctors and who can deliver what I want. I believe I am going to go with Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman and thats the final answer lol. I emailed Dra. Baez, buttt I really want my breast done and I dont trust anybody but him to do them.

I dont know!!!!

I see a woman who has a review on Baez and another has a review on Diaz. Its deff between these two doctors. SOMEBODY HELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP LOL

Dra. Baez contacted me back!

Soo I made a lengthy update post... but my internet started acting up and it deleted it :( It was a good update too lol. In a nutshell it was me basically speaking on both doctors (Baez and Diaz). Anywho, so Dra. Baez emailed me back today. In my initial email, I asked her for a quote for a BBL and a BL. I sent her my pre-op pictures and my wish pictures. She also asked me for some background information. After all that stuff, she got back to me with the quote... she is charging me 4300 USD for a BBL and BL. I also asked her if she does fat grafting to the breast... she said no :( I then emailed her back and asked her how much a BBL with no BL would be, she replied back and said 2800 USD. By far she is the cheapest out of all of the doctors that I have contacted. I am still waiting on Dr. Diaz to give me a response... its going on more than a week (i think lol) I really want this procedure done this summer so in the fall I can be miss bangin body lol I think for the Breast Lift i am going to wait just because I do not want scars on my boobs and also I do not want to have to suffer too much. My main concern is my BBL the BL can wait until after i have children lol. I am just going to get some really good bras to lift these girls up. Ill fill yall in when Diaz replies. I am going to see who gives the best package and choose from there. If any of you all are #TeamDiaz patients or #TeamBaez patients please comment. I need all the feedback I can get.

Night guys :)

Down to setting a date!

Hey ladies! So as most of you know, I am interested in Dr. Manuel Diaz Guzman and Dra. Baez. I have recieved a message from both doctors and now its time to make a choice and stick to it. So lets start with Dra. Baez...

She is charging me 2800 USD for the Brazilian Butt Lift Only. She has dates available that I want and requires a 300 USD deposit to lock my spot in. She told me to go to my physician and get a CBC to check my hemo levels to see if I have to raise them. I got the letter ordered and now I have to just pick it up.

Dr. Diaz is charging me 3000 USD for the Brazilian Butt Lift Only and requires a 300 USD deposit as well. He also has dates available for the days I am trying to go. He also wants me to get a CBC to check my levels.


Guess What, Y'all Wont Believe This, Because I Couldnt Believe Myself Either LOL!

So yesterday, *ahem, clicks tongue* I was going back and forth between doctors and looking at the different reviews. I looked at Baez and her butts were nice, but i didnt know if she could go as big as I wanted (which is not big big but I want a decent projection ya know). I then started looking at Diaz-Guzman patients butts and they are really nice... but the problem is, he is not responding to my emails. It took him a good 2 or 3 weeks to respond to my 2nd email. So since I didnt get a response from him, I started thinking back on Dra. Duran. I looked on her IG and her patients give me life hunties. I love the hour glass figure she gives and the projection she gives with the butts. I want it in my life. So I told myself, "Girl, just try forwarding the email you sent her back to her back in 2013." (the one she never replied to) Sooo, thats what I did. Now mind you, the VERY FIRST email I sent her was on *checks my email and rolls my neck* September 13th, 2013....YASSS THATS WHAT I SAID! She never responded to that. Sooo anyways back to the story... like I said I forwarded back to her yesterday (April 26th, 2013) I would say arounddddddd maybe 8 or 9 maybe 10 pm EST. I had some hope but not that much in my heart so I contacted Jazmine and Jazzelyn from BellaVita Consultants. Ohh for those of you who are not familiar with them, they are a Consultant Group in which they help patients (strictly who want Plastic Surgery in the DR) achieve quotes from the different doctors who are hard to get into contact with. They also help you build an affordable package ----- all for a fee of 150 USD. I follow them on the grizam (Instagram) @BELLAVITA_CONSULTANTS their website is www.bellavitaconsultants.com ... CHECK THEM OUT! So anyways, I emailed them and I knew that eventually they were going to respond. But guess what?! DRA DURAN RESPONDS TO MY EMAIL IN APPROX AN HOUR OR SO LATER! YASSSSS! She asked me to send nude pictures of myself and some background information. YALL KNOW I WAS TRIPPING OVER MYSELF TO SEND THAT EMAIL WITHIN THE 10 MINUTES.. I WASNT TAKING NO CHANCES! I sent them, and around I think 5am this morning she responds. By the grace of God, I woke up and responded. I woke up again at 8:40 something and replied to her. She gave me a quote in a matter of a few hours basically. Who would have thought? Lol, honestly this made my day. Now on to what she quoted me...

She is charging me 4000 USD for the BBL Only and if I wanted the BL with the BBL it would go up 1500 USD making my total 5500 USD. I dont think I am going to go with the BL right now, Im not a huge fan of her breast work... but she can work miracles on a booty (HUAHHHHH) . She asked me to lose 18 pounds before surgery to achieve the best results and I plan on doing that ... seriously. She also told me a month before surgery, I should start taking iron supplements. I am going to start a little sooner just because I know my iron is low. I requested a letter from my Doctor to get blood test done at a clinic, I am going to pick it up tomorrow after work. She gave me all that is included with the 4000 USD quote and she gave me the name of a recovery house. She gave me the RC called Armonia Recovery House and the number. I sent Armonia a FB message either a week or 2 weeks ago and I saw that I got a FB message back this morning. Im excited yall. Now that I plan on really doing this, I need to get my passport and my mothers passport in order and I have to lose 18 pounds. If anybody knows a good way to lose weight please let me know.

Recovery House... Real Recovery Armonia

Sooo here is the information the lady sent me via FB about the recovery house. I plan on staying 10 days in DR. My mother is going to be my companion.. she speaks fluent Spanish and that will eliminate the language barrier completely. Plus she is very assertive (you know how Spanish Mommys are) and if im feeling uncomfortable she stands up for me lol I love her. But anyways... I want a single room just for me and her because I want my privacy and do not feel like sharing lol (im selfish) her rates for a single room is 95 USD a night (im assuming) and if you bring a companion it is an additional 50 USD a night (again im assuming lol) So I brought out my handy dandy calculator and did the math. 95 USD + 50 USD = 145 USD a night. 145 USD x 10 days = 1,450 USD for the entire stay. So all together, 4000 USD for SX and 1450 USD for RC Armonia = 5,450 USD all together... this does not include the plane tickets lol. All together I plan on spending 7000 USD or less thats my budget. I am going to shop around for RC's, but I have heard that Armonia is very nice... it got great reviews. Plus my comfort is #1 priority, and I know myself lol. I need my RC to be like a hotel!

If anybody knows of some nice RC's please let me know!


When I say, "I'm assuming" I mean I am not sure if she means "a night" she just said 95 USD... but I can bet money it is a night lol. Sorry for any confusion.

Dr. Diaz Responded Back.. & other stuff

Not really much to add here. But he just responded back to me with a possible surgery date. If I go with him, he is charging me 3000 USD for the BBL Only + the 1450 USD for Real Recovery Armonia = 4450. Not too shabby.

I keep hearing that Dra. Duran is booked until September, I hope that is not true. I am going to have my mother (speaks fluent spanish) call Durans office tomorrow and inquire.

Also, I inquired about a new RC called Daisy's Recovery House. She is going to charge me 1,215 USD for 9 days for me and my mother. She does not charge you the day of your surgery. I have read great reviews on them as well.

Starting my Weight Loss Journey Before My Surgery.

I am trying to lose between 15 and 20 pounds before my SX which will hopefully be either in late June or early or mid July 2014. I want to get the best results, so I will do my part and shed some lbs. After reading reviews, I gathered up some supplements that I am going to be taking. I went on GNC.com and started looking at the different supplements they have. I am going to purchase the GNC Women's Iron Complete -- 60 tablets. In order to get maximum results from my weight loss, and to kick it off as well, I am going to purchase the Laci Le Beau Super Dieters Tea. I will be drinking this tea to help remove all the toxins out my system lol.. lord knows what it looks like in there :x

I also found a Gym, I will be visiting my local Lucille Roberts. I tried Bally's but I rather it just be ALL WOMEN... less distractions LMFAO! They give you a FREE 7-day pass to test it out && Also if you purchase the membership you have up to 2 weeks in order to get a full refund of your money. Sounds good to me... Now that school is almost over and all I am going to be doing is working full time.. I plan on going to the gym atleast 3 to 4 times a week. I also plan on purchasing a One Gallon Water Bottle and just drink it throughout the day. I rarely drink water so One to Two Gallons of water a day is the goal. I also plan on drinking smoothies (which I have been doing just not consistent with it) every morning and eat a light healthy snack every few hours. But I am excited! I really want to lose weight... especially in my face! I want it to be a little slimmer lol. But yeah. If any of you all have tips for me, let me know please!

Emailed Dra. Fatima Almonte && Thinking About A Breast Aug.

I emailed Dra. Fatima Almonte to see if I can get a quote from her. I sent her my pre-op pictures (front, side, and back) and then I sent her some wish pictures. I hope she gets back to me soon. I am thinking about a Breast Aug. I am not too familiar with them. I have one breast (I think it is my right) that is slightly smaller than the other one. I am a 36D and I want to go to a 36DD... not a drastic change. I am not sure if I am going to do it. But I want me breast to both be the same size lol and lifted! But I dont know just a thought.

Dr. Manuel Diaz Responded Back To My Email :-)

Dr. Diaz responded back! I am determined to have this surgery done this summer. I am willing to give up some of my summer to recover, so in the fall I can look like a siren lol all eyes on me! But yes, its going down this summer. Today I am about to go to the post office and get the application to renew my passport. Also today I am going to go by my doctor office (hopefully) to pick up my referral form. Last but not least I am going to go to GNC to pick up my Iron Supplements.. i hope they have them. I went to the rite aid that has a GNC section and they were all sold out :( But yess hunnies, I am getting it all together to make this happen. This is my birthday gift to myself and I deserve it. I am always helping and caring about others, and now this year I am being selfish. I have gone through a whirlwind of change physically and mentally and now the last component of my transformation is to get some ASSets LMAO!
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