UK 47 Year Old Lady :) Have Band out and Sleeve , now full tummy tuck and b/ uplift done 5 days ago

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Had a band 3 years ago was 19 st went to 12 St but...

Had a band 3 years ago was 19 st went to 12 St but now 13 st , with the band I hate throwing most of the time , can't eat meat it gets stuck , hate that if I'm out need to see where I can throw if needed before I even sit down , fills and defills every time we go on hoilday , so in a week and a half having it out and a sleeve done :) can't wait !!! Got heeps of lower body skin even though I've worked hard at the gym so in 6 months having a lower body lift , with this band food is still needing to b at the forefront of my mind and I don't want it to b anymore !!! Going to Brno though beautiful beings will let u know how it goes :)

Today is Friday go on Monday !!!!!!

Today I'm really worried they have said that I need to have a camera down my throat before the op ( they do it with everyone to make sure everything good ) well I know I can't do that !!!!!!!!! Hope there ready for me to say nope !!! I just can't do that , that's the only thing I'm worried about , I've had to put on 1/12 stone for the op as I was to light , HATE BEING SO FAT !!!!!! 14-3 now , need this to come off really fast , plz god let this work fast for me , yes I'm asking for much but my head is feeling a bit messed up , I feel like I look the same as I did when I was 19 stone , my tummy is gross , I feel gross !!! I want to wake up 11 stone , how mad is that ! I want to feel nice again , back to that laying in one place when I'm in bed with the hubby , feel so ugly :( ooo nooo on. Right rant now !!!! Plz plz let this happen fast , I need to feel nice !!!!!!!!! 4 kids , 1 sec , hysterectomy , years of Hiding behind my fat , 47 years old and I need to feel GOOD ABOUT MYSELF , really worried this op won't for for me and I don't know why !!!!!!!

Flying today !!!!!! Woop woop

Well today's the day , my friend and I r starting the next stage off our life's , bags ready just full of jammys loool and ebooks , feels funny not packing clothes , will get picked up at the Airport and taken straight to the hospital , test start 7-30 tomorrow then OP can't bloody wait ????????

Home :) 6 days post op

Hi , got there mon night did lots of paper work and had bloods , tests started at 5 in the morning chest X-rays , scans of liver, kidney, heart more bloods ecg , saw a psychologist she was great as u all know I was NOT having the camera thing , that goes back to when I was 12 and having my stomach pumped , she told me to live for the now not past which is very true so I went down stairs , did tell the man he had 4 mins only to do what he needed to do , he got it that I wasn't messing around thank god lol and did it !!!! When went to surgery , mine took longer than expected becuse my liver and kidneys had lots of adhesions , I woke with really really bad chest pain , had a drain and Catherta ( spellings pants soz ) my whole body was shaking head to toes , them not being able to speak good English( was in the Czech Republic ) was not good , I did sleep for hours and was really knocked out with pain killers , my chest still really bad though , had another chest X-ray then went on chest meds , I remerbered reading on this site about someone with the same thing and that a nurse had said the gas had got behind her lungs and that they could collapse , I was sure I was heading that way , the nurse on here had said to hold your arms around yourself real tight and cough as much as she could so this is what I done for 2 days and my pain went ! Got to say my tummy pain was not bad , I was lucky not to b very much , I slept a lot but everything I was awake got up and walked , also read that that helped on this site , Thursday had my drain out not bad at all , my doc Jedlicka Vaclav very very good came every day and I felt confident with him ! Could not say the same about most of the nursing staff , on liquids only that's ok not feeling at all hungry , not going to lie 1st few days r hard but doable if u no what I mean , the thing I feel is overwhelming tiredness , will post in a few day (Surgal Clinic )

7 days post

7 days post 12 pound lost ???????? no pain at all no hunger

Day 8

14 pounds gone , must remember to drink more have a sore head and sure that's what it is , tummy still great no pain at all !

16lb slowed down

Bit pissed really had a few days where not lost God knows how hardly taking anything in , mayb not drinking what I should b , really hard when I don't feel hungry or thirsty , from tomorrow going to drink more !!!!

4 week post

19 lb down , finding it hard to remember to eat , before hand would have though amazing but to lose have to eat , had a up and down week really lost 4 pounds but a few days without losing a pound , yes weighing every day and I know that's a head f..k but can't not !!! I think becuse I've had the band before this feels like I've done this all before so just hurry up !!! Got to say everythings been great with the tummy though no side effects at all , which I know I've been very lucky with ! This fat thing really messes with your head I wish people would get it , wearing a size uk 14 , think that's a U.S. 10 but I still feel so fat 12st 12 lb today why can't my head b happy for me ! My tummy makes me feel sick ! I hate it so much , my family say that's amazing and they mean it , but I feel nothing like that plz hurry the next stone so I can think the same !

1 lb this week ????

Really really bloody really Feb up !

12-9 end of week 4 started 14 - 3

Back at the gym today ! Hopefully this will get the pounds moving , still feel worried about upping my intake just incase I put on ! Feel fine , really after the 1st week apart from getting really tired felt good , 1 more stone then I will be really happy ????


Only lost 1 pound in 2 weeks !! Taking in 600 cals a day !!!!!!

On the move again

All good , on the move again now I'm taking in more cals

8 weeks post

Hi all now lost 28lb ,12.3 , had a few weeks where it was really slow , but all good don't even feel like I've had anything done LOVE IT ????

31lb gone now ! 11 weeks post now

All good the 12 stone number is nearly gone the last time I was this weight I was 21 !! Lol sorting out my tummy and boob lifts now , planing for end of June OMG never thought this could ever happen ??????????????????????

Me not looking fat anymore woop woop

TT Nd boob lift on the 22nd 2 WEEKS ????????????

Can't not wait full tummy tuck and uplift with implants just over 2 weeks away , I've waited 3 years to see what under this skin !!!!!!! My grown up body ,

6 days to go woop woop 100 pound gone !

Me and my husband leave for Lithuania Monday have my surgery Tuesday , it's funny I cannot imagine my body without the skin hanging I have no idea what I'm going to look like the skins been there for years my boobs have been hanging for years my daughter is getting married Saturday so I have had no time to think about any of this going to pack today Thursday or I have no time The place I'm going to have been amazing I haven't had to think of anything I get any mail most days to ask me if I'm okay or to tell me the hotels booked , I'm having a full tummy tuck boob lift implants and back Lipo , u no it really is mad I have no idea at all !!! I've looked at lots of pictures but still think that I can't look like that I guess it's good in one way because I have no expectations , in a UK 12 size but still need to where longer tops to hide this tummy how amazing would that be not to have to shop for longer tops not have to hide my body well we wait see , not long now ????????????????

Off tonight ????????????????????

Leaving 4 in the morning see my Doc tomorrow then op tue ????????????????

3 days post ????

Well all I can say is I love it !!!!I love my surgeon even with my tummy just done I love that swelling and I love the fact my boobs are where they are supposed to be lol , really cannot believe all my skin has just gone it was amazing he went really wild on my hips my hanging Mary that's what I call it is hanging no more lol it doesn't look like an old granny's one , he saw the light blue skin on my side at the top of my back and said while I'm there I'll try and sort that out which is he did by putting slightly wider new boobs in ! and a slightly wider cut , The nipples are supposed to sit 21 from your collarbone one of mine was 28 1/2 the other was 29 , he put back my tummy muscles by 8 cm they were 8 cm apart oh my god now I have a wasist , I cannot believe I can see straight from my top half to my bottom half !!! I asked him why he was a cosmetic surgeon he said because I like perfect symmetry and I like seeing my result , my pain is really good I've had a walk out for lunch then back to the hotel and tired and I have a laydown but I cannot believe how great I feel , when I get home I'll put all his details on this site because I think considering what I gave him to work with he was fantastic ????????????????????????

Feel fab 6 weeks post

Wearing a UK size 10 U.S. 4 so lovely buying clothes that fit everywhere ! Still get a little swelling in the afternoons back to my door work , just waiting for this bod to feel truly mine lol


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