330cc Silicone (Smooth Round Moderate Profile) 5'4" and 125 pounds, 34 A wanting 34 C

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Yay for my first consultation!!! So I'll start...

Yay for my first consultation!!!

So I'll start off with my stats because this is the first thing I look for on other women's reviews:
I am 5'4" and 126 pounds
I am currently a 32/34 A but want to be about a 34 C

I finally went to my first breast augmentation consultation. I brought my fiancee with me for support. The Doctor was running a little late (we waited 40 minutes to see him) but he was very friendly and apologized for our wait. He sat down with us to discuss the look I was interested in. I let him know that I am a profession in my work and did not want anything too large and "fake" looking. I stressed that I only wanted to balance out my naturally bottom-heavy figure (I have a bit of a booty!).
The doctor used the Vectra 3D imaging program to simulate some possible options/sizes for me. This machine is amazing! It take 3 simultaneous photos of your chest from different angels and generates a 3D image of your chest. The program the doctor used with the machine allows you too adjust your natural image to the size of breasts you want. You can literally see what your breasts will look like with 270cc, 300cc, 350cc, etc. I stood topless in front of the machine as it took a quick picture of me (3 photos from different angles at once) and within seconds an image of my chest appeared on his computer screen. He changed a few settings in the program and suddenly my chest appeared larger. It was such a cool experience. Given my height/weight and my desired look, he added 300cc to my image. I was shocked! It is the strangest feeling to see your chest suddenly have larger breasts. I left the appointment with the decision to make: 270cc or 300cc.
I phoned a couple days later to put down a 15% deposit to hold my surgery date. I am currently scheduled for February 16th, 2015. I am soon excited! I decided to go with the 300cc because I always read about women wishing they had gone bigger (and there is really not much of a different between 270 and 300cc) I have about 2.5 weeks until my surgery date. The anticipation is killing me. I can't wait for my new additions!!

Some photos

Here are some photos from my 1st consultation using Vectra 3D imaging.

2 weeks away!!

I am getting so so so nervous and excited!

I ALREADY have a bit of booby greed (and I haven't even had them done yet!) So, I called my PS office to ask if it was too late to change me implant size from 300cc to maybe 320cc. I was told that the next size up in the particular implant style that I am getting is 365cc...BUT a new size (320cc!) should be coming out and they would be receiving more information (exact measurements and date of availability) this Tuesday. What great timing for me! I really hope that the new 320cc's are available for me in time! If I went with the 365cc then I would not be able to do a peri-areolar incision and that the PS would have to do an Inframammary incision instead because of the larger size. If the new 320cc size is not in yet, I will likely stick with the 300cc's because the incision location is important to me.

1 Week Pre-Op: My final choice of implant size before surgery

So I have been emailing back and forth over the past week with my surgeon's office about going up in size. I just really don't want to regret not going larger. So so so many people on here have suggested that I go a bit bigger and I think they're right!

My PS told that they got some new sizes (310cc and 330cc) in the implant style he suggested for me (Natrelle Inspira Stlye 10). I had been leaning towards getting 320cc's in this style but I guess there are no longer available? My PS told me that there is very little difference in size and measurement between the original 320 and the new 330....so I decided to go with the 330cc (vs. 310).

They sent me a new set of photos (using Vectra 3D) that show what I would look like with 330cc and I LOVE the look! I'm only 1 WEEK away from surgery!!! I can't think about ANYTHING else but my boobies! I feel like a pervy 13 year-old boy with this boob obsession. All I do is look up photos of different sized implants and read people's reviews on here. This last week feels like it's going to drag on. Come oooon Feb. 16th!


I just thought I would post a quick update. I am less than 12 hours away from surgery and Im feeling beyond nervous and can't sleep! I think I'm most nervous about the recovery process and not so much about the actual surgery. Im scheduled to check-in at the clinic tomorrow at 11:45 am. I'll post another update after surgery as soon as I'm feeling up to it.
Also, I don't know if anyone else has ever had feelings of regret right before surgery but I'm occasionally second guessing myself. I'm sure this is probably just due to my crazy nerves because I haven't have ANY ill feelings about my decision to get a BA until now. I keep thinking "Am I crazy for going through with this!?" I just feel sick to my stomach. Hopefully I will get some rest tonight and feel better in the morning.

Day 1 Post Op: New Additions

Hey everyone!! Yay my surgery is over. So this is how my day went today:

I got to the clinic at 11:45. I brought my mom with me for support. We were greeted by the receptionists with big smiles. They were so friendly and told me that feeling nervous was totally normal. They asked me to sit in the waiting room until the nurse was all ready for me.

5 minutes later a nurse came in and brought my mom and I into our own private room where she had me slip into a surgery gown, bathrobe, and slippers (it felt like a spa!) the nurse gave me a couple pills (an anti-inflamitory and another pill to lower my blood pressure and relax me). She let us know that the doctors were having a quick lunch and would be in within the hour.

One hour later the anestesiologist came in to introduce himself, tell me about what he would be doing to me during the surgery, and have me sign a consent form. Shortly after, my plastic surgeon came in to draw some lines on my chest. He verified my size and incision place (330cc via peri-areolar) He went over what I should expect during and post surgery. He left and the anestesiologist entered again and led me to the Operating room.

In the OR, the anestesiologist layed me down and distracted me while he inserted the IV (I was really nervous for that part) I fell asleep within seconds and woke up an hour later. It felt like I was only asleep for a minute but when I woke up I was already in the recovery room.

A couple nurses checked up on me. They gave me some water for my dry throat and called my mom into the room. They helped me into a wheel chair and wheeled me out to our car. They used a very private and discrete exit to leave the building so no one saw me leave the clinic.

When I got home, my mom set me up in bed and gave me some more water. I fell asleep for about an hour and a half. When I woke up I felt super lightheaded so I ate some soup and yogurt. I had some more pain killers after I ate.

So far I am doing very well. I am actually shocked with how easy it has been. Aside from a little pain on the sides of my boobs and tightness on my chest, Im feeling really good.

Thanks for everyone's support on here. You all really helped me mentally prepare for this procedure! I'll keep you guys posted and upload some photos later tonight.

Day 2 Post Op: Tight chest

Hey everyone!

So I'm day 2 post op. I'm feeling pretty good and managed to sleep through the night (except when my alarm woke me up to take more pain killers). I just thought I would post a couple of photos. Their waaaay smaller than I was expecting but I went as big as I could go with a peri-areolar incision. It's quite a natural look but I think I could have gone a bit bigger. Oh well... I still love them!

Day 4 Post Op: The Big Reveal

Hey everyone,

Today was a big day for me. It's been over 72 hours since I had my surgery so I was finally able to shower. Yay!!! I was really nervous about taking off my support bra and bandages (I get really light-headed when it comes to blood and cuts) I showered with the bra off but the bandages still. When I was finished, I carefully pealed back the bandages and cleaned the incisions. I used a spray-on hydrogen peroxide and dabbed some polysporin ointment on the incisions and put new gauze bandages back on. I honestly almost fainted when I saw a bit of blood on the incision sites! I had to sit on the floor so I didn't actually fall down. I'm soooo happy that the cleaning part is over for today.... although I guess I better get used to it if I want my incisions to stay free of infection.

I'm pretty happy with the size so far but the shape is a little wonky. I know after a few weeks/months the shape with look less "deformed" and more round. I only noticed the weird squished shape when I look at it from a side/profile view. They look perfectly normal looking at them straight on.

As for pain, I actually forgot to take my meds for 12 hours today!!!! I can't believe I forgot. I was in very little pain but by the end of the day I was feeling pretty sore in my left boob.... This is when I remembered that I needed to take my painkillers! Overall, today was a pretty good day.

2 Weeks Post Op: Healing Nicely

Just a quick update. I'm officially two weeks post op. My boobs are looking better and better each day.

I occasionally have brief bouts of pain in my boobs. It usually feels quite intense in one boob for a couple seconds and then the pain goes away. I was told this is perfectly normal with recovery... Something to do with the nerves firing. I have been keeping up with my massages but whenever I move my right boob it makes sort of a "sqishy" noise. It's loud enough for the person sitting next to me to hear it but I'm told this is also perfectly normal. My nipples are pretty sensitive but my incisions seem to be healing well. I think that my scars (in a few months) will be hardly noticeable.... This makes me happy because I really didn't want the appearance of scars, hence going with the peri-areolar incision.

Oh... I almost forgot to mention, I went to Victoria's Secret and got sized!! I know it's really early to do this but I just couldn't wait. They sized me at a 32D. Now, I know my
boobs are still going to change but I think this is a pretty close measurement to what I can expect as an end result. I think Victoria Secret bras fit small so I'm probably a C/D cup in other brands.

At this point, I have ZERO regrets about getting a BA and I am 100% happy with the size I chose. I still can't believe my eyes when I see myself in the mirror. I am so impressed with my Plastic Surgeon's work! I am one happy girl :)

Before and After

Here are just a couple before and after photos of me wearing a padded sports bra and of course I only owned padded bras... Would have been nice to do a few photos without padding
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