Excess Skin Removal After 130 Lb Weight Loss - British Columbia

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I am 22, 5'5" and currently weigh 164 lbs after...

I am 22, 5'5" and currently weigh 164 lbs after losing 130 lbs (my starting weight was 290+ lbs). My surgery is booked for June 05 2015. It will remove the excess skin apron/pannus that hangs on my stomach. The Medical Services Plan (MSP) is covering this procedure, as it is considered a 'medically necessary' cosmetic surgery.

Tomorrow is the day!

Well it's actually happening. I have to be at the hospital at 9:50 tomorrow. I can't believe we are finally here! Will post photos a few days post-op :)

6 Hours Post-Op

So surgery happened around 12, it went so well! I didn't even realize I'd gone to sleep until I woke up at 2:30PM. I was in my car being driven home by 4:30PM and the time moved so quickly. I hardly felt like I was waiting, unlike my time pre-surgery that just seemed to drag on.

So I feel okay. I have mild pain with sharper pain in the right hip. The surgeon went hip to hip with my scar as she said this would stop 'bunching' there. From the markings, it looked like she took off a lot!

I feel flatter but I can't see anything. The compression garment is huge!

I get extremely exhausted from simple things like using the bathroom or changing. I can't walk standing upright, but she said that's normal. When I over exert myself I get super nauseous, like I'm going to throw up, paired with a high temperature and the feeling of passing out. Some cold towels, laying down, and gingerale have been helpful so far :)

I can't believe it's done! Now just to recover. I have two drainage bags while should be removed in a weekish!

3 Days Post Op

The first night was hell, but I am happy to report that things are better now. I can go to the bathroom by myself, walk around a bit, etc. My strength is lacking and I have to rest a lot but I'm doing really well!

The nurse finally came today and changed some of my bandages. I got a peek at my new belly button hole, but it was hard to make anything of it. Otherwise, laying down I'm all flat. The skin is gone! It's pretty tight right now, probably from some bloating. The scar is huge but I expected that.

It almost looks like my thigh skin lifted a little as well? Nothing drastic, but I can tell that it was tightened into the scar.

I'm pretty pleased with what I can see but it's hard to judge when I can't fully see everything or see it standing up.

I don't feel like I lost a ton of weight from it, I'll have to ask my surgeon how much was removed when I see her next month. Still, I look flat and I feel really good about it all. :)

3 Days Post-Op (pic)

Just a quick picture, but still in my binder. I think it looks pretty great though !

5 Days Post-Op

I am so swollen. It definitely gets worse at night, after having walked around during the day and having eaten. It was very difficult to sleep last night, due to my stomach feeling so tight and stretched, to the point it felt like it was burning. It feels better this morning but still, I can feel how swollen I am, pressing against the binder.

And I can see it. I try not to get discouraged when I look in the mirror, but I look huge! Bigger than I was pre-op. I feel so huge, and it's been a little discouraging. I know that 2-3 months from now I'll be past this and enjoying my new body but right now it just feels discouraging.

Happy thoughts, right? The incision looks good. One drainage tube should be coming out Friday! The other might take a few extra days. I can't shower until the tubes are out but I have enough energy to lean over the tub to wash my hair.

I can do little things, for short periods of time. Getting out of bed or standing up is a lot easier now. But standing or working for more than 10 minutes leaves me super swollen and exhausted. Plus my back aches as I can't work standing fully upright.

I'm getting lots of rest! Time will heal me, I just need patience. :)

Six Days Post Op (Saw my tummy!)

Today I took a look at my new body without the binder. I'm pretty swollen, especially on (my) left side! But I'm really happy with this, being only 6 days post-op. I hope that the swelling comes down on the left side. And the front, but it looks really good :)

Today I noticed my stomach is really hard around my new belly button. That and my appetite has been crazy, I feel like I've been eating the world.

9 Days Post-Op

I am so swollen! It's crazy. I feel much larger than I was pre-op and I'm pretty sure none of my clothes would fit (if I could wear anything other than pjs). My drains are still not out and it doesn't seem like they'll be coming out anytime soon either.

Small amounts of effort exhaust me and leave me swollen and huge. I don't know how I could've gone to work in 10-14 days. I have 4 weeks off but as my job is very physical I might even have to take off more time.

I'm worried about the swelling above the incision and I hope it goes away. It was flat a few days ago and now I have a mound above my incision. :(

One drain removed, one to go.

My first drain was removed today! It didn't hurt, but it certainly felt weird. I could feel the tube moving through my body. It's so relieving to be rid of one now, I can't wait for the other which should be in a couple more days. :)

I'm down to only needing one pain killer at night (around 2-4 am) and otherwise I'm feeling really good. My swelling is coming down a lot. I still can't stand upright properly so any walking puts a lot of pressure on my back. I'm not rushing the healing process though, I want it to take all the time it needs.

17 Days Post-Op

Both drains are now removed, I feel so much more human. I can finally shower!

My skin feels quite weird, it's hard to explain. Some of the nerves are coming back and it causes a weird burning sensation.

I can sleep on my side with a pillow under my legs. I still can't sleep laying flat unfortunately, as it stretches on my incision.

I'm still quite swollen, and hoping for things to come down more. But I'm pretty happy with everything!

23 Days Post-Op

Swelling is coming down! And I'm starting to feel more normal, given the circumstances. I can sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs! Doing everything isn't as hard as it was. My doctor put me off work for an additional two weeks though (due to lifting) so I won't be returning to work until the 6 week mark, July 18th :)

I feel a little deformed but I do think it's swelling and the tissue healing. I'm feeling good! I can't wait to see how thinks look in a few months.

Side View

I saw my surgeon again and got cleared to gradually return to exercise! So far I've done two runs and a few yoga routines. On my runs I can feel a tingling sensation in my scar but it's not a painful or overbearing feeling. Stretching is a little tight but improving every day!
My swelling is coming down and I return to work tomorrow. My surgeon let me switch to a second stage type of binder (basically just regular spanx!) which is so much easier to hide under clothes and makes me feel semi-normal again. I'm feeling more like myself every day!
I'm very happy with my results as I'm finally getting to enjoy this new body. I can lay in bed and feel my flat stomach, without a puddle of skin in the way. I have a lot of work to do on my fitness and my healing ridge swelling will take time but I am definitely grateful that I got the surgery. :)

9 Weeks Post-Op

I'm back in the gym now, gradually returning to lifting. Running is the only activity that seems to leave my incision tingling, walking/hiking is fine. I wear a binder when I work out still but am mostly binder-free the rest of the day.

Swelling has come down a lot. My size 8 pants are loose in the waist! My clothes all fit so much better and I'm so happy with my results. The scar will fade, and I won't be carrying around excess skin on my tummy anymore.

4 months post-op

Not much to say about this update. October 5th will mark 4 months post-op. I still get bloated around the incision when I work a lot, but mostly I am feeling back to normal. There is still desensitivity around my stomach area, but feeling is coming back.

6 months post-op

So things are starting to feel normal again. I still have a lack of feeling on my stomach skin but otherwise everything is good! Working out, living my life. The scar is healing really well and it seems most swelling is gone. The photo here is a comparison from this time last year, at the same weight, with my excess skin.

15 months post-op

Here are some more recent photos. The scar is healing well, bloat has gone away. I still lack sensitivity around my navel but otherwise things are all back to normal.
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