** All done!!**31 Yr Old, Mother of 2. Active Runner - British Columbia

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Hi Ladies!! First, just want to thank everyone...

Hi Ladies!!

First, just want to thank everyone for all their reviews and continuous updates. This site has been an absolute life saver. I have been wanting a BA since I was a teen and after having 2 kids and nursing both I have decided it's finally time. The process has gone very well so far and my surgery date is quickly approaching. I had my consultation Mar.19 and my pre-op Apr. 2 nod and now waiting my surgery Apr.17. Only 2 more weeks!

Going from not even a 32A. Thinking 350CC

When I went to my pre-op apt the bras I brought weren't tight enough to hold up the sizers. Will have to go back and try them on. I'm pretty sure I will be going with 350 cc under the muscle, silicone. Nervous they may be too large to run comfortably with after? Anyone have problems running?

I am 5'3 and 105lbs.

One more week!

My surgey is only a week away! I am constantly thinking about it and can't believe it's finally getting close. I'm not really scared at all, more scared for the IV than anything. I'm confident that the 350cc is the right size for me. My mom will be here to help with my kids while my husband is working and she will be driving me to and from the surgery centre as well. I have paid in full now and just need to patiently wait for the 17 th now.

Today is the big day!

It's 7:30am and I need to be at my apt at noon. I am feeling good, not too nervous. More hungry than anything haha. I tried to eat lots yesterday but my nerves got to me and I didn't eat as much as I wanted. My husband just left for work and my mom is here visiting to help with the kids. I think I'm all prepared and ready to go. Just going to shower and relax, maybe go for a short walk. Thanks for everyone's continuous support. I will put new pics up as soon as I can.

Home from surgery!

Just got home and i feel pretty good. I waited in the waiting area for 2 hours before going in. I actually fell asleep on the chair. Nurse came and grabbed me and did my blood pressure and temperature. I did not have blood work or a urine sample. Dr did all my markings and I met the anesthesiologist. Walked back with nurse to the washroom for one last pee. Walked straight into the OR and got into bed. Nurse strapped me down across my stomach and got me all ready for the iv. Once the iv was in she put the oxygen mask on my face and I remember hearing them say I would start getting tired then soon I would fall asleep. Next thing I remember is waking up and asking what was going on and where my husband was. They let me wake up and gave me some water. I got dressed and went to sit with my husband on the lazy boys in the recovery room. Then we went home. The drive was fine. We have a big truck so that was a bit difficult to get in. Went to grab a soup and had some gingerale. Now I am home and took my meds like they suggested. Watching nip/tuck in bed.

Prep pics

Bra photo

6 days post. Feel great

Hi everyone. I am feeling really good today, back to normal mom duties. I only took half a T3 for pain this morning and stuck to ibuprofen this afternoon and will take another T3 before bed. This week has gone a lot better then I had anticipated. I haven't really been in a lot of pain, more tightness. I didn't have any problems dressing myself or doing most everyday tasks. I did find opening my pill bottles hard so if you are going to be alone at all make sure you take them out of the bottles before hand. I have been icing in the evenings and drinking BCAA/aminos through the day and also taking arnica. Between my breasts is the only part I find still really swollen. I have small yellow bruises near the incisions but that seems to be all. I am very happy with the size. They are starting to soften up a little bit. Feel more like grapefruit and less like rocks! I am still able to wear all of my existing sports bras except for a few that were tight to begin with. I see my dr for my first post op apt on fri. I am very happy with my decision right now and have not had any booby blues.

One week post

Just wanted to add a few pics from today. Had my surgery at 3pm a week ago. Feel awesome today. No pain meds just one ibprofen this morning. Just my skin still feels a bit tight and have been getting pain zingers in my incisions. I have my dirt post op apt tomorrow to see how my progress is going. Hope everything looks good.

Day 11

Not too much has changed. I'm not sleeping as upright as I was before and even finding it comfortable on my side. I only have pain between my breasts now and the incisions. I did a short leg workout today. Just light weight and kept my heart rate down. Not a whole lot to update.

Over 3 mo post

Time has gone by very quickly since my surgery. Only thing I really notice is between my breasts is still tender from where my surgeon dissected the pockets. Other then that they are perfect. Running is still no issue. I wear all my same pre surgery bras. My bra size is 32D but I rarely wear normal bras. I find it more comfortable still to wear sports bras.
Dr Steven Meredith

My dr has been absolutely amazing so far. He has answered every question I've had and made me feel confident and comfortable.

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