Skin Coloured Facial Moles - 29 Year Old Fair Skinned Female - Bristol, GB

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I remember the day I got my moles. I was about 11...

I remember the day I got my moles. I was about 11 and I remember thinking I was watching them slowly grow. They are skin coloured and I'm fair but they have always bothered me. People say they don't notice them - even my own sister says that, but I do. I had a breast reduction and when I was 21 I had my first consultation about that and about my moles. I was too scared to do either at the time but two years ago I had my breast reduction. It was life changing and the best decision. I decided to go back to the same surgeon this time and emailed his PA to book in to see him at his 'lumps and bumps' clinic.

I saw him two weeks ago now and he explained he would be happy to remove them. I have one that is to the left of my mouth and slightly below and another to the right of my mouth and above. The third one is on my jaw line so it's difficult to show. He said all of them are in good positions as they fall within my smile lines and muscles. I liken my moles to Sarah Jessica Parker's mole because hers was near her mouth and skin coloured too.

Like any fixated person, I spent a lot of time on YouTube reading about this. The majority of videos show the technique where they literally shave the mole. My surgeon said he prefers to excise it - where you cut an elliptical shape around the mole and stitch it together. He said this ensures you get all of the mole and it won't grow back. I was a bit nervous as it seems more likely to scar but I do trust him. He said he can shave it and it's less work for him but it isn't his recommendation.

I am a bit nervous to be seen afterwards so I think I will book time off work. Hopefully I can have my stitches out in time.... I think realistically whatever time I take off it won't be enough to have the surgery, have stitches out and be healed enough to cover my face in make up. I may just need to share with my co workers!

What is funny is that I work at a school and a student came into the office and she had a tape/dressing on her face and my colleague asked her why and she said oh I got a mole removed. A 15 year old more capable of being confident than me.... Did put me to shame!

Another point to add - because my surgeon was so incredibly neat with my last surgery I was confident he would be very neat on my face. The only other issue is I had some hypertrophic scarring last time and he assured me this was very unlikely on my face as it's very different skin. However I had already come to terms with this when I came to see him because although I have some bad scarring 50% of my scars or more are invisible.

I am scheduled to have it done on Tues 5 April. She could do sooner but as I work in a school I wanted to do it during the Easter holidays.

D day

So rk

D day

So somehow the last post updated without me wanting it to. I am at the hospital waiting and quite nervous. My appointment is 10.30 I got here at 10.13 and checked in. I had no paperwork or confirmation from anyone so I was quite worried and when I got here the receptionist looked very confused for ages. Eventually she found my name thankfully and said I needed to pay. I tried to pay on the car I had all the money on but it declined, I think because I never use that card and it was too much to be approved. I paid with my credit card but felt a bit embarrassed!

Anyway now I am in the waiting room it's 10.39 and I haven't heard from anyone yet. I'm not really a nervous person these days but waiting is the worst bit. I keep thinking I need the toilet and my feet are tingling with nerves.


Post op

So I had the procedure today. He was running a little late, but we started at 11am. he marked up each mole then injected each one with anaesthetic. That hurt a lot more than I anticipated!! I am pretty good with pain so I didn't think I would care but it was a really sharp and quite prolonged and he did it very deep so you felt it for quite a long time and I had three! Then I couldn't m feel a thing other than I could feel tugging as he did things but that was it - it was over quite quickly and I honestly can't tell you if there was lots of blood or anything! I was made to wait for 10 minutes to check I didn't feel faint and then I could leave. I've booked an appointment for the following Monday so six days to have the stitches out. They have hurt a bit since the anaesthetic wore off but definitely a manageable amount. It is now the end of the day and I'm in bed and I can feel the pain, it is like a dull throbbing ache. He put Steri-Strips on top of all of them and he said I could take them off but I think I will leave them for now. All in all okay so far!

Three days post op

I am now three days postop. The pain went completely after the first night and it wasn't that bad in the first place. I haven't had to take any painkillers. I have been putting surgical micropore tape on top of them to keep the flat and also I think it is slightly more inconspicuous than l stitches. The Steri-Strips came off as they were not very strong so I couldn't put them back on or buy any more but I have micropore tape from my last surgery luckily and it's skin coloured so that's fine. I have found bruising has started to come through from the anaesthetic injections and it's a yellow colour. I have also a few extra scratches / marks on one of my removals. I am looking forward to getting the stitches out now! They are starting to look a bit worse than when I first saw the stitches - more red and alongside the bruising but I guess it's one of those things where it gets worse to get better?

When I change the tape on them I boil some water and mix with salt and clean the stitches with a cotton pad before placing a small piece of tape back on when they are dry. I would say if I pressed on them ie when I put the tape on then I can feel a bit of pain but that's fair enough. Otherwise nothing. The mole at the top side of my mouth is the most tender and that was the largest one and also the one he cauterised and seemed to be deeper.

I'm hopeful the scarring won't be bad! I have my stitches out on Monday. I don't know how long I have to wait to wear make up. I'm really not sure what I will do!

Extra photo from One day postop

I just thought I would add in a photo from one of my moles at one-day postop

Stitches out

Today I had my stitches taken out. It wasn't painfull at all which is good! I was a bit worried it would be. I asked the nurse if she had any advice for after-care. She said to make sure that they are dry and clean for another 10 days and then I can start putting make up on and creams on them. She said I could use bio oil to help with the scars but she thought that they would likely heal well. I will attach some photos.

1 week post op, 1 day after stitches out

9 days post op

Healing really well, I haven't put any make up on them - so far no one seems to be noticing. I am using kelo-cote and I think it is helping. They feel flat and soft to the touch without any scabbing, all good so far!

12 days post op

Two month update

They have generally healed really well, they are still redder then I would like and I have gotten much better at covering them with make up! I wasn't ever very good at that despite loving make up as I am lucky enough to never have spots. The Rimmel concealer in a round flat works well btw! They don't hurt and are completely healed now just need to continue getting paler and flatter

9 months post op

I am now nine months postop. I don't need to use concealer to cover them up any more, regular make up is fine. They have healed much better than I expected and are not noticeable at all. Sometimes when I have had a shower or am very cold you can slightly see them but I don't think anyone else would notice. The one above my lip I would say is the most noticeable and annoyingly the hair still grows from where it was! Sometimes I feel like it is still a bit pigmented like there is a freckle coming through but none of this is worrying. I just wish I had done it sooner!
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