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Hi, I'm 21 from Bristol, UK. All my life I had a...

Hi, I'm 21 from Bristol, UK.

All my life I had a small chest sized A/B and always dreamt of a breast augmentation. When I got to the age of 18 in 2012 I finally saved up enough money to go for it. Being younger and very keen to have the operation done I seen the transform add on the TV and went for them as they were very close.

I went with Dr Lutz, I wasn't given an option. She was very brash and patronising in my honest opinion, I presumed it was from her thinking she knew exactly what she wanted to do with my breasts.

The date came and I had my surgery, I seen her once briefly after that as she popped in and out of my room. After a few weeks I had my bandages off and I was truly disheartened with how they looked. Quite hard to describe but it looked like two balls just thrown onto the middle of my chest, probably ok for very skinny girls but not at all a nice look for my wiser frame. It was like my back was a lot wider than my breasts. I also noticed that my nipples weren't symmetrical at all. My scars were absolutely awful too. Absolutely huge!

At the age of 20 after hiding my chest my whole life and even after my BA I decided to try again with another doctor, Mr Lee from the spire hospital, Bristol. My mum went with him before and he done a really great job on her breasts.

When I had my consultation with him he couldn't help but show his disapproval in Dr Lutz previous work. He told me that it was like she hadn't even took into consideration my body shape and just put in any implants.

He asked me to send in previous pictures of before I'd ever had any surgery and realised that I had tubular breasts, which Dr Lutz did NOT pick up on.

With tubular breasts you're best option is to place the implant in through the nipple so you can flatten any puffiness and aline the nipples.
This is what Dr Lee did for me and he saved my breasts to the best he could but unfortunately through Dr Lutz's huge faux pas I was left with a huge nasty scar under my breast that ended in a ripple that was inevitable through her mistake.

I regret not doing a more thorough search and ever going with Dr Lutz. I can't speak for the whole of the transform team and other procedures but all I can recommend is to not go with Dr lutz if you're after a breast augmentation. Her motto is one size it's all and she's ruined my breasts for life! Zero stars. Awful woman
Dr lutz

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