26 Years Old, 4 Year Implants. Removal (Hopefully No Uplift Needed) - Bristol, GB

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So after thinking about it for the majority of the...

So after thinking about it for the majority of the year, today I had my first consultation with the nurse to talk through the possibility of implant removal. After having my BA done almost 4 years ago with MYA at 22 years old, I now feel that my body has changed and that they just don't suit me any more. I now have curves and my boobs have naturally changed with them making them bigger than when I first had surgery and they now just feel heavy and horrible. I cannot fault the surgery I had with MYA, I just wish other options were discussed with my at the time to ensure this was the right option for me. But as most 22 year olds who thought they wanted a boob job and it was going to change their life... there was no changing my mind and I had my BA Jan 2013. I loved them at first and only now I feel i've matured in my own life too can I see that I should have just done what everyone told me and "JUST LEARN TO LOVE MYSELF". Only now do I appreciate what that means but we all have to make our own mistakes.
During the process of considering my implant removal I have been reading everyones stories on here so thank you as it's been a massive help to know i'm not the only one who made a mistake and who is scared of not then loving myself without them. But peoples stories have been so great that i'm now certain i'll be getting them out.

So today was the start of my process and I went for a consultation with a nurse at Spire Hospital in Bristol UK where she went over the full procedure and all my options to ensure I made the right decision for me. I thought i was going to need an uplift so that the extra skin doesn't make them look like an empty sack without the implants in. She'd advised me that my skin looks good and that I shouldn't need an uplift but I can discuss further if I feel it's something I'd still like with my surgeon where he will also be able to give me a second opinion on whether he feels i'd need an uplift or not. Feeling very positive about it and can't wait to know book my consultation with my surgeon. Hoping to have the procedure in January if I decide to go ahead. (NEW YEAR, NEW BOOBS, OLD ME!)
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