Laser Tattoo Removal - Bristol, FL

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I've started my laser tattoo removal journey end...

I've started my laser tattoo removal journey end of October 2013.
I've got 4 tattoos I'm having lasered off. Young and silly not thinking long term what I wanted! I'm also having two other tattoo redone with cover ups!
So I'm having 8 sessions at Sk:n clinic in bristol. The black laser hurt like a b*tch!! It's much worse than having the actual tattoo!!! And I had to keep having breaks, I become very sweaty and dry mouthed, note I had no numbing cream! The red laser was a tickle compared to that and the green laser just felt like an elastic band was flicking my skin but it was bareable. I've added some photos to show u my progress, sorry haven't got any before ones but I'm pleased with the progress after 1 treatment. Next treatment is 19th dec!

Cover up tattoos

Hey guys had my two other tattoos covered yesterday 3 hour session, gotta go back for touch ups but I'm pleased with the results. Very painful today as quite swollen. Got my laser session for the other 4 on the 19th dec! Eeekkk

3 weeks post treatment 2

It really hurt this time but seeing good results.
I took x2 ibruprofen before the session and no numbing cream. This made a huge different after no hear to the area or swelling or blisters!!
Seeing some good fading.
My next treatment is late February.
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