45, with 2 X Young Kids - Brisbane, AU

After years of yoyoing weight and two small...

After years of yoyoing weight and two small children to take care of. Diet and Exercise has always been a big part of my life, but as I age this has slowed down in intensity and is no longer attainable. I have been working with my GP to take weight off but it has come back. I'm worried about my health and knew I needed some help, this decision was not taken lightly.
Lower BMI

Day 2 post op

Day 1 was awful couldn't see light at end of tunnel. However day 2 has been much better. Was very sick when having leak check done but have improved from there. I have had a shower today

Day 6 Post Op

Feeling much better today. After 5 days of only water and protein drinks, this is the first time i felt like something different. Slight pain in tummy area from healing, not hurting to swallow anymore. Now able to take a big sip of liquids instead of the tiny ones.
Dr Reza Adib

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