Chin Reduction Soft Tissue Combined with Sub Chin Lipo, Buccal Fat Pad Removal and Rhinoplasty - Excellent

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I had a large chin, specifically chin pad (fleshy...

I had a large chin, specifically chin pad (fleshy bit on chin tip) which dimpled and extended down to produce 'witchies' chin. A family trait I always disliked. In addition I always felt my nose and nostrils were too wide and high across the bridge and that my face was quite 'fleshy' all round. I consulted with fab plastic surgeon who is a specialist Ears, nose and throat surgeon, a specialist facial reconstructive surgeon and plastic surgeon who advised that a better chin shape and profile could be achieved by reduction of the soft tissue of the chin pad via lipo and minimal muscle tissue removal.

Rhinoplasty was performed to reduce nostril size and achieve a more overall refined appearance and buccal fat pad removal to define own cheeky bones with lipo of neck to define jaw bone.

I am only 2 weeks out from surgery and the nose is fabulous already, still swelling is present however will resolve and refine shape over the coming months. Still have much crusting in the nose which is annoying and uncomfortable. The chin shape is much improved although at this stage very swollen so it actually looks bigger. I feel confident that this too will subside. My chin is still paralysed in some movement so when all settles in, then I hope to see a great shape and improved movement when laughing and smiling.

The sub chin lipo provided immediate and fabulous results, great jaw definition. Still a little too much swelling to comment on the buccal fat removal.

Already the results have surpassed my expectations and I look forward to continued refinement over the coming months.

Update - I see that putting my total surgery cost...

Update - I see that putting my total surgery cost was distorting the average figures for chin surgery specifically. I have adjusted to $2000 for the chin and sub chin lip. Costs were as follows:

Chin and sub chin lipo $2000

Rhinoplasty $7500

Buccal Fat Removal $2000

Plus private hospital and anaesthetist costs - $6000

Sydney Facial Plastic Surgeon

Uber experienced and qualified coming from being a specialist ENT surgeon, a specialised facial reconstructive surgeon and plastic surgeon on top. The best 'breeding' you can have in someone who is going to cut your face.

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