36 Years Old, Breastfed 3 Kids and Want Better Boobs! Brisbane, AU

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Feeling nervous! My ps wants to do the procedure...

Feeling nervous! My ps wants to do the procedure in 2 goes. So I'm getting a lift next Friday (yikes!) where I will have lollipop scars and then I wait 3 months for everything to heal and will get implants put in :) Hoping the lift evens out the asymmetry so I can get equal size implants :) super nervous but excited!

Ahhhh almost FRIDAY!!

Can't believe it's almost Friday and surgery time already! I'm so excited but keep waking in the middle of the night worrying about dying....there will be huge headlines "selfish mother leaves behind 3 children all for good boobs!!" Does anyone's else get feelings like this?? Am sure it's all just nerves...can't stop thinking and dreaming about boobs at this point!

I survived!

So went in yesterday and had my lift, ended up staying overnight as my blood pressure was a bit low but feeling fine. Sore underneath on the incision line I guess but feels more like bad sunburn than anything else...saying that I'm taking all my pain meds so that could be why it's not bad! Will get hubby to take some photos of the taped up boobies later and post...this was being drawn up waiting to go under :) you've got to love the pressure stockings and mesh pants!! Hahaha

Post op day 1

Just heading off to bed but tried to get a quick pic - sorry about terrible lighting! Feeling very sore this evening so hopefully a good nights sleep will sort me out :)

Post op day 2

Ok tried to get some progress pictures in the light this morning. Feeling so much better after a good nights sleep. I had an Endone going to bed but just Paracetamol during the night and today and pain is minimal.

Post lift day 4

So excited

Ok I know it's such early days and they are tapped up and scared but just did a side-by-side pic and I love my new perky boobs!!! Can't even imagine what they'll be like after implants in three months!

1 week post lift

Ok so I have made it one week post op! Totally off all pain meds and feeling awesome.
I got the tapes off by my sign yesterday and he said everything's looking great...have to say it was pretty confronting seeing the scars properly for the first time. Booked in for the implants in 11 weeks time when the lift is all healed :)

2 weeks post op

My ps has me changing the tapes one a week...he did it last week in his offices so today was my first attemp - scary stuff! Wow that paper tape is sticky stuff! I'm a bit concerned that my left is still significantly bigger than the right breast but I'm keeping my fingers crossed its still just swollen...early days. That was one of the main points of this surgery to even up my asymmetry so please please work!! Hard to not just obsess about boobs all day! No pain at all, more sensation in my right nipple and only a tiny bit in my left but not bothered about that at all. Scars seem to be healing well from what I could tell...they looked s bit red around but think it was more from pulling the tape off.

Soooo in love

Just had to post to say I'm so in love with having non saggy boobs!!!!!

3 weeks post op

Just changing the tape again today so updating some progress photos....bit worried on my left breast that some of the nipple skin has been left in the incision if you know what I mean as its a darker colour than the rest of the scars? Anyone else had this?
Apart from that no pain at all and absolutely LOVING having non saggy breasts again! In fact loving the shape of them so much now I'm wondering if I still want implants....

5 weeks post op

Just an update with some photos. Feeling totally back to normal just waiting for my 6 week appointment to start exercising again at last! Boobs seem to be healing well still a couple of stitches that haven't come out but not causing me any pain :) I love the perkiness so much I wish I had done this years ago after hating my boobs most of my life!
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