Tummy tuck and breast lift...Measured my scar 63cms! Brisbane, Australia

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After loosing 40kgs the girls are sadly very low....

after loosing 40kgs the girls are sadly very low. I originally wanted a lift and an implant but so far the surgeons I have visited have advised me the lift might get me what I want, and if later on I want an implant, it will be done then!

I really wanted them done before october, but with my travel shedule, and Dr Kane's its impossible. I'm also getting a TT done in January. I want to be rockin a Bikini for my partner's 50th!!!

Well helllllooo my pretties! Unfortunately my...

Well helllllooo my pretties! Unfortunately my girls didn't get lifted on the 1st of November, as I type this very second they are nestled lovingly at my sides *sigh*. I had to postpone as I needed to travel 10 days after and decided i couldn't be bothered with the stess of it all.

sooooo here I am, now getting slightly neurotic about a an Extended TT and boobie lift on the 19th of January.

We discussed doing a full body lift, kinda like chopping e in half, but i just have visions of bad magic tricks of sawing people in half and i just can't do it. So if i want the booty lifted, i'll do it later on.

Sooo i'm off the boooooze until the surgery, only xmas day and NYE am I indulging.

and WOW is that hard.. never mind, it will all be worth it in the end..

my biggest fear, hugest fear, is that my mound will look huge and my pubic hair will be peeking out of jeans. My surgeon assures me he will take care of it so it doesn't. If all else fails, there is electrolysis.

The count down is on..

Wow.. so much for staying off booze and bad food!!...

wow.. so much for staying off booze and bad food!! Damn xmas for being so indulgent. Yes I know i didn't have to partake.. but alas I am weak.

lunches, dinners, champagne breaksfasts, weddings... egad! what an insane time of the year.

I am getting super nervous but I have to say, I wore a figure hugging dress last night with spanx and thought "wow i can't wait to have new boobs and a flat tummy".. from Jan 1 i'm really going to have to hit the diet and exercise hard to rid myself of these few extra pounds that the silly season has kinda thrown at me.

Just curious if anyone out there has lost weight AFTER a tummy tuck? if so how much?

Well, here I am.. the count down is on. Today i...

Well, here I am.. the count down is on. Today i sat with my PA and we went over everything I had to do as I just got back into Australia! (been o/seas).

Scary thing is I came down with a horrific flu one the 2nd of January so i was panicking thy wouldn't operate! however my surgeons office said as long as i'm fighting fit at least 4 days before, I'll be fine.. so I 'know I'll be good to go.

I am nervous. I am shit scared.. but i'm also excited. I'm prepared to be lazy for 3 weeks of not doing much. I have rented hospital bed for a month (sure thats overkill but anyway), and a shower seat, and a zimmer frame! these are all good tips i've gotten from this site!

Ha! also today i ordered Foxtel! I'm not a bit tv fan as I travel so much, so my PA decided i'd get way to bored so we have foxel coming! I'm sure its for him to watch when he works from my house.. but anwya it should keep me amused as I get bored REALLY easily.

In other good news, the surgeon that did my lap band, has agreed to give me a slim line port (the other one is noticeable!), and he'll come and do it while my surgeon is doing my TT and BL, and he said he won't' charge me !! wooot! I'm happy as he's coming to it after a long day of his own surgeries at another hospital.

I'm off on Monday to get all the garments recommended by the Surgoen, and just spending the next 13day, relaxing, getting a tan and focussing on my health.

I have stopped coffee, drinking and carbs. I'm eating according to my plan that helped me lose 40kgs which is essentially high protein, low carbs.

I've also read here a lot about reducing salt so I'm doing that too, trying to be as ready as I can.. just praying this flue will be gone by then. but i'm sure it will as i'm feeling much much better today!

In Australia after a TT you are kept in hospital for up to a week, my surgeon won't let anyone go home with drains, so I'm kinda excited that I get to be cared for during the first 3 days at least! I'm sure they are the hardest.

I'm also prepared for the emotional roller coaster that it might bring.. (and I"ve warned my loved ones! ) I'm asking them to keep my before photos handy both of when I was incredibly overweight and my before surgery pics (which I'll post soon), and show them to me when I' doing the "why did i do this" speech to them! Trying to have a strategy for everything.

I am also doing lots of mediation and visualisation of me being 100% happy with surgery, small scars and fast healing. Can't hurt right?

Okay now I waffle when I'm nervous and its showing!

Just going to follow the best advise I got "give yourself 3 weeks of doing NOTHING but the minimum, just relax, smile, sleep and rest and let your body heal" so thats what I'm going to do.

In other news, I used to giggle when I read women talk about nesting. Not having kids means I've never been familiar with the concept of it. but WTF I've started. Sorting rooms out, organising my closet. I even have a special place for the beautiful evening dresses i've bought since losing weight and they are the first things I want to try on after my surgery!

Phew... i need to go and distract myself now!


PS i went a bit overboard with the weightless...

PS i went a bit overboard with the weightless photos :-|

Well the countdown is on!!!! and i'm nesting.....

well the countdown is on!!!! and i'm nesting.. 9 days to go. Flu almost gone, but going to the GP today juuuust to make sure.

yesterday I went and hired the following.
1. Recliner to sleep in
2. shower seat
3. toilet seat (i think this is overboard but can't hurt)
4. Zimmerframe on wheels.

I also got foxtel connected! .

By chance, I met a lady.. who.. unbelievably had the same procedure as me, with the same surgeon, after dropping weight on the same diet! Had long conversation with her, she couldn't praise my surgeon enough. told me the first week was hard, but well I guess we all expect that. Her BIGGEST advise to me was to give myself the first 3 weeks to ME.. so i'm going to do that.. have organise for my mum to come over as well as my partner to be around.. have sat down my close family and warned them of the emotional roller coaster I MAY face.

Next week i'll be busily preparing some meals i'm going to cook and freeze so I can stay eating well and on my diet plan.

I've lost 5kgs since Jan 1st so i'm happy about that.. hope to lose another 2kgs before surgery.

I am kind of glad here in Australia thy keep you in hospital for 4 or 5 days.. I'm going in on a thursday so I hopefully will be out the following Monday or Tuesday.

Countdown is on. any other advise is lovingly welcomed!

Oh Lordy mickey Mordy!!! the countdown is on!!!...

oh Lordy mickey Mordy!!! the countdown is on!!! less than 24 hours to goooo OMFG I am soooo nervous, excited, teary .. did I mention Nervous??

I've been and had my eyebrows done, hair done, rented all my stuff, bought pain killers, healing tape, stuff to help me poo if i need it :-|, hot packs, cold packs, granny undies, antiseptic wash, medical soap, dressings, had foxtel connected, and had cleaners come and do a spring clean of my apartment today!! wow... and I'm still working from home to keep me busy!

I stupidly nearly watched a tummy tuck on Dr 90210 last night, but as soon as it started I realised I couldn't stomach it so turned the damn thing off!

Well lovely ladies, say a prayer for me. I'll be out of hospital in 3 days and will update you then. I'll post some gross before pics of my belly in a sec and my poor boobies.

I've kind of said goodbye to my tummy.. its served me well, but .. i guess i just don't need it anymore :-).

I have donated it for research, I still think they should pay me for it! after all, years of hard work went into making me so fat! and then losing it was hard work too, however, they can have it, tattoo and all!

Love and light to you all see you when I get back xx

Day 3 doing well, still in hospital, just on...

Day 3 doing well, still in hospital, just on paracemol now... Walking like a duck! PS took 2.5kgs of skin and fat off my tummy alone!!! That's 5.5pounds! That seems like a lot to me!

Back and butt are hurting more than tummy! Will post daily account when I'm home. My PS won't let his patients go home with drains! I still have 2 in tummy. Drains in boobs got taken out yesterday.

Haven't been able to see anything yet as I'm still all covered!!!

Hope everyone is doing well

Hey beautiful people! It's 7.30am day 4 so I...

Hey beautiful people! It's 7.30am day 4 so I thought id take some time to rewind and update each day thus far!

Day of surgery!

Slept surprisingly well. I meditated before sleep and again before leaving for hospital. I am a huge believer in the power of meditation and downloaded a cd called "meditations to promote successful surgery" .

I had to fast from 8am son had breakfast at 7am with the boy and just relaxed until we had to leave at 11.30 for hospital.

I was surprisingly calm while i waited in the pre surgery area. The aneathesist came and saw me and we discussed what was going to happen. My last surgery was my lap band 5 years ago and I'd not recovered well from the aneaesthetic (I was 45kgs heavier so I'm sure that didn't help) he agreed to a pre med to help with the nerves. He did say he finds when people come in really stressed he often has to use more drugs so he was supportive of pre med.

The nurse then came and saw me and gave me the premeds, put on my sexy compression stockings and did all the paperwork. I was then put onto a hospital bed, in a waiting area and my mum and boyfriend were with me! The pre med worked! I was sooooooo relaxed and just listened to the meditation music right up until my PS came and got me. He was running late so didn't come and get me until 5pm.

Once he got me, I stood up and he marked me up. We chatted about the results and he kept telling me how wonderful I'd feel in a month! He said he wanted to go as far around towards my back as he could to give me the best shape. And we discussed how low he would get my scar....and again that I was going to lose my tattoo! It was my very first one. Then i got the giggles visualizing whoever got my "donated" tummy seeing the tattoo. Must have been the premed as I thought it was hilarious and my PS looked at me like I was insane!

I jumped back into bed then my PS personal nurse came and said "we're ready". She was wonderful and held my hand and kept reassuring me. Then I got onto the theatre bed and saw all the theatre staff. Of course I recognized a girl I used to drink with when I was 23. So the aneathesist was telling me what he was doing and I was chatting away..then I remember saying "wholly shit, here it comes"!

Next thing I was being woken up in recovery. This part was my biggest fear based on my last surgery when I remembered and felt that horrible tube come out of my throat! But, it was out already! My surgery had taken 5 hours so it was now 10pm. I remember the recovery nurse asking me how my pain was. I said "like I've eaten too much with my skinny jeans on" :-) so she gave me some heavy duty drugs and then told them to "wheel me gently" to my room. My legs were propped over 3 pillows and the bed was high at the back. I felt like a big V. I recall very vaguely seeing my boyfriend, and excited telling him that PS took 2.5kgs. But I had no idea how i knew that! (turns out I had a conversation with my surgeon but don't remember!).

I remember him calling my mum, and trying to speak to the Filipino nurse in Tagalog (I live 50% in the Philippines). The night was uneventful. I was on oxygen all throughout the night and every 30 mins my temperature was taken and my blood pressure.

I do remember feeling very happy!

Day 2 Woke up with minimal pain but did argue...

Day 2

Woke up with minimal pain but did argue with the nurse about only giving me panadol. I said I wanted to stay on top of the pain!!!! Doh I wasn't with it. Then another nurse came in and took off the oxygen and asked me if I wanted to pee,which I did so she had me pee in a bedpan ( there was supposed to be a cathider) then she explained all the drains. I had 2 in my breasts and two in my abdo. She took out the iv if in promised to drink a lot of water ( which I was craving for!). The rest of the day I napped. Boynfriend was there the entire day and a girlfriend came to visit.

My first walking trip to the bathroom was hell!!!!! I felt sick and broke out in a sweat. Nurse said the first one is always the worst! I also coughed involuntary WHOLY MOTHER of MERCY!!! The nurse told me to bend over and hold my tummy when I need to cough again!

pS came and saw me at lunch time. He did take 2.5kgs and I'm really flat and my scar is very low! He also said my boobs looked good too! I'd forgotten about my boobs!!!! He said a Breast lift is not that painful! (he's totally right!). He also said he stitched my muscles tighter! Both he and I were surprised by this! I've never had kids so when we discussed if I'd need it or not... He had said 'highly unlikely' however when he got in there, I did. More than likely from weight gain and maybe other surgeries! Also while I was under my lapband surgeon came and replaced my port from hi profile to low profile so it wouldn't be visible so all in all I'd had a bit or work done. He also said he took my scar as far around to my back as he could to give me the best possible result!

...the day was uneventful until..... Enter the mini meltdown! I have no idea if it was the drugs or what but at about 930pm I had I think what was a mini panic attack. I could not get out of my head that I'd almost been cut in half and what the F#*% had I done!! Why hadn't I loved my body just the way it was! Then came the sweats and shakes! I called the nurse. She came and held my hand for a bit and talked me through it and suggested I ring my boyfriend. Gave him a call and within 3 mins I was fine. I'd had the wig out. I put on my post surgery meditation and got down to the business of healing!

Drats!!! Not all my posts updated yesterday! Illl...

Drats!!! Not all my posts updated yesterday! Illl have to go back and do them later!!!

Day 5

Ps came early today! Took off my bandages! Took out one drain!!! Had a shower, got bra and binder on mammoth effort so exhausted now as I overdid it yesterday!

Still have one drain therefor still in hospital! I am very blessed as my health fund 100% covers my hospital stay so it makes for less worry! Took some pics. He said I'm really swollen but looking good... I'm going to veg a lot more today.... But oh so happy with results!

Drats ... Can't seem to upload before and...

Drats ... Can't seem to upload before and after pics on my iPad!

Day 6 post op. 9am I am SO ready to go home!...

Day 6 post op. 9am

I am SO ready to go home! The nurses have been having bets on my drainage! But the keep telling me it's worth it and that my PS is really one of the most pedantic and just will not let anyone home with drains no matter how good they feel.

I said if I don't go home today I'm going to go back on the narcotics so I can be stoned out of my head to help deal with the boredom! I'm pleased I've only been on paracetamol for 3 days.

I'm a bit tender on my right side today, however I think it's where my lapband surgeon put in my new slimline port!

I'm also confused about my binder! I have no idea if it's tight enough. Started vitamin therapy so that will help with healing....

Okay his will sound weird .... But I've started "talking" to the cells of my new tummy. I studied level one pranic healing last year. Yesterday for some reason while I was meditation I was drAwn to lay my hands gently on my tummy and "comfort" my tummy with white healing light and love.

I know this sounds really odd, believe me it does to me, but I really feel there is cellular trauma that needed reassurance and calming and influx of love flowing over my tummy!

Yep... And I'm off narcotics.... Ohhhh Lordy!

So I'm waiting patiently for my PS to come and see me today!

Day 7 Wow this time a week ago I was under...

Day 7

Wow this time a week ago I was under the knife!!!

Was wonderful to sleep in my own bed last night!!! Slept well apart from aching back... I am just not a back sleeper!

Had a huge fight with my boyfriend today, got myself so worked up in a state! I am sure that was not good for me:-(. Had a long shower, (thank god I rented a shower seat), washed my hair and after felt really ill. I think it was coz I took 2 panadine exta on an empty stomach, then I dried my hair...looked like it was done by a 2 year old but wow it was nice to have clean hair!!!

Wonderful friends came over for afternoon tea, as it's australia day today. They are so supportive of my surgery and it felt great to socialises!!

Feeling really emotional and swollen and wonder if I'll ever stand up straight again. I look like a barrell :-(. .

Guess I'm a bid down and today my boobs are aching and bloody itchy!!!!

Hope everyone else is doing wonderfully

Love and light xxx

I have pics to upload but can't work out how to do it on my ipad...any advise?

Day 8 OMFG swell hellllllllll So...

Day 8

OMFG swell hellllllllll

So it's 8pm, I've had a lazy day, not done much and my binder is so damn tight from swelling during the day! I feel like I'm going to pop!!!!

Does anyone need to loosen their binder at night from the morning ... Egad it's painful!

Day 9 all I wanna do is eat!!!! Bored!!!!!...

Day 9 all I wanna do is eat!!!! Bored!!!!! Can't do too much ...I never realized how I love to be busy!

I'm going to try and go out to lunch tomorrow with my darling! He's been wonderful caring for me as has my mum and sister!

My biggest complaint?

Swell hell
Sore back
Walking like a hunchback

However, here are the wonderful things
I have wonderful people caring for me
My surgeon is amazingly skilled
My boobs are CUTE! And no longer tuck into my socks
My scar is LOW
I am off pain meds and have been since day 2
I can sleep in bed with my hunny

Today I also tried on a bikini thatni bought the day before I started my weight loss journey, at 110kgs. (242pounds), and it fits!!!I do look like a barrel from the swelling but it fits and the scar is not visible!

Very grateful!

Day 11 Post op Omg! I have a waist! I'm...

Day 11 Post op

Omg! I have a waist! I'm still very swollen but today when I took my binder off before my shower I noticed i am gettin what resembles a waist!!!

And another cool thing! As I write this I am overlooking the cliffs having brunch! Woooot! My first outing! Wow it feels good, even if I am in my yoga pants!

Hope everyone is healing nicely!!!!

Day 12 post op.. 9.30am First order of the...

Day 12 post op.. 9.30am

First order of the day? Meltdown... Not a few tears, but a full on ugly cry meltdown. Who knew we used our tums to sob.

I think I'm exhausted after yesterday. I had my wonderful brunch, then came home and was feeling amazing. Boyfriend was getting ready to go to meetings, and I was pottering feeling wonderful.

Now darling boyfriend had washed one of my white dresses with blacks and of course it turned out a horrible shade of revolting grey. Nope, this didn't cause the meltdown but it was the contributing factor for events that followed!!!!

So I decided to soak my dress and binder, boyfriend leaves for his meetings and I'm assuring him I'll be fine for 2 hours, I planned to handle some business things, then curl up and watch a movie.

So there I am, sitting on my couch, working away on my laptop, feeling like wonder woman, then the disaster hits!!!

My video doorbell goes. I hobble to answer it. It's downstairs neighbor (there is only one apartment per floor) he says "sweetie, it's raining in my bathroom and I think it's coming from your bathroom" I immediately think my spa on my balcony is broken, but then I look towards my second bathroom and itsthe 2012 floods!!!!

I scream a few expletives and hang up and rush in there, I had left the damn tap on when filling the laundry tub to soak my white but now gray dress!!!!

Half of my apartment was flooded, carpet was in 3 inches of water..... So I did what any self respecting person would do. I rang my PA and demanded he get in a taxi now!!!

Neighbour calls back and says "are you okay, I heard you've been in hospital, do you need a hand?" I almost said "sure as long as you take your shirt off" but explained I had it under control, that was a lie, it was kaos!!!! Water was everywhere!!!!!!

For a moment I was annoyed that he knew I'd been in hospital! What was this??? Melrose place???

Then the neighbor below hottie neighbor buzzes me. Yep! His bathroom was flooding too!!!!

The next 4 hours was spent hobbling between their apartments, getting emergency water extraction people out, placing heavy duty drying equipment in 3 apartments, and me apologizing profusely explaining that the anesthetic has done a number on my brain! I reeeeealy wanted a drink by 3pm!!!

My PA is wonderful but stuff was and still is EVERYWHERE!

So last night I say to boyfriend, shouting to be heard over the top of water extraction and drying equipment, "the floors need a vacuum (the non soaked parts) and the cleaners aren't due for 2 days would you mind?" he says "in the morning" I'm okay with this.

Shitty night sleep, mess everywhere, I remind him and his reply? "I don't see the point until they pick up all this equipment"

Now you need to picture one of this Nat geo images of an erupting volcano, coz I think that's what happened to my head! Instead of lava, I had sudden onset foul language tourettes syndome come spewing out of my mouth, followed by self pity pathetic statements such as "if you loved me you would know how much a clean floor means to me, just like I know how much your kids mean to you, and I support you but I all get from you is being treated like a doormat"

Now, I consider myself a pretty intellegent woman, have built a company from scratch to global success with almost 500 staff, and this, and even more stupid phrases, such as " there is evidence murderers are messy coz there heads are messy, can you see how important it is to be clean!".

At this point he gets the vacuum and starts vacuuming. I think it was to drown out my insane ramblings that were being delivered to his ears at decibels that could have caused his, and possibly my neighbors, ears to bleed!

Now because of my "condition" I couldn't even "flop" on the bed to cry, so I sat on the edge of me bed and opened the flood gates. I contemplated calling my neighbors below to tell them I was flooding them again but this time with tears!

My boyfriend retreated to my home office. And that got me madder!!!!!! So I hobbled in and wailed "what are you doing??, it's my shower time and I can't do it alonnnneeeee" ( the bathroom when I can do it alone was full of drying equipment).

He looked at me with one of those "WTF is wrong with her" looks and I think he was wondering if he jumped out the window would he live.

By this time I was sobbing uncontrollably. He led me to my bed sat me down and let me cry it all out. After gallons of tears and snot it occurred to me, I have real issues feeling vulnerable!

Dear god, where's Dr phil when you need him!!!

So I'm not as invincible as I thought I was, aaaaand my boyfriend now understands how clean floors are important to me....

And I'm left questioning if my PS performed some type of emotional lobotomy as well as a tummy tuck and BL.

Thank god mum is coming over and we are doing lunch....after all, she likes clean floors too :-)

Happy healing everyone!!!

Day 15 post op. Warning TMI story follows...

Day 15 post op. Warning TMI story follows.

Well well well, doesn't life have a way of slowing us down even if we don't want to!!

yesterday I went under the knife again! thats right! again, not planned or expected.... and seems caused by yours truly an my quest for long nails!!

You see I pierced my butt. Literally. With my fingernail. Ad caused myself a perinea abscess. Talk about a pain in the butt! literally!

now we know that the PS gave me an emotional lobotomy during surgery, and this is evidence number two. I pierced my own butt.

You see while i was in hospital they were giving me suppositories of voltarin for the pain. Now the first few days the nurses did this for me, but I got tired of them asking me to roll on my side as it hurt, so I said "can i just do it myself" and they seemed only too happy to oblige, so for the remaining 4 days I had them, I did them myself.. however one morning, in a state of tiredness I forgot to put on the glove, and scratched the inside of my butt with my ever growing nails. I remember thinking "ow that hurt, won't forget my trusty glove again on that one!"

to 2 days ago, and I have developed a golf ball size lump near my butt. not in my butt but near. Causing me agony! pure agony! I can't sit down, can pee without being in pain, can walk, basically i was consumed by pain, didn't see it coming, seems in sprang up over night!

So now not only am i hobbling like a little old lady, i am now doing it with my legs so far apart I look like i've been riding a horse for days. actually make that years.

So i do the unthinkable I ask boyfriend to take a look. Poor man. he's still receiving from my sudden onset of foul mouthed tourettes and bout of insanity and now i'm asking him to peek near my butt? Again I think i have now scared this man for life.... however, being the sweety he is, he reluctantly obliges.

Well, his face said it all. It was one of those looks that would have one him an ocscar for "best 'holy crap' look". The next words out of his mouth? "um we need to get you to a doctor, that thing needs its own post code (zip code) and its really really mad".

I'm positive he mumbled something about it being karma me getting a pain in my butt for being a pain in the butt over the last few days, but i decided to be the bigger person and ignore his swipe at me, plus i was in too much pain to even try.

So off we pop to emergency where i had my surgery. I know it might not seem like an emergency, but to my butt it was.

The doctor saw me and said "i need to call the surgeon" oh me o my.

Surgeon comes to see me and says "wow thats gotta hurt" sure enough i had one of those moments again when i just wanted to let fly, but alas I just smiled and said "no, came here for fun, had nothing better to do with my day" sooo then he asked bout my tummy tuck and who did it and how well he knows my PS and how good he is. And I'm thinking "really, Really!!! i'm laying here with my butt in your face and you wanna do small talk???? freeeeeak!".

Sooo then come the magic words, "you have a perianal abscess, it needs to be surgercially sliced and drained" i'm like "what the bleep!" so i expected him to do a local.. but nooooooooo had to be done under another general.. He asked me when i last ate, and of course it was only 2 hours earlier.. so then began the waiting game!!!!

And i was soooo paranoid about how it happened and we were having a discussion about my butt and my poop and i told him that i struggled and strained the first day, and told him about my 'nail' incident and he said "that'd be it, combine that with straining, getting blocked up from surgery and having a low immune system at the moment and walla!" oh. my. god.

So back up to the ward i go.. and wait and wait and wait.. and then finally i am called for surgery... and of course I start to freak out. No pre med this time, and i'm now panicking i'm going to die. I wouldn't let them take off my binder either and told them not to let my lay straight as I hadn't had my 2 week post op and didn't know if i was allowed or not, and on and on i went and the surgeon says "are you always this bossy" hello embarrassing. So i say "fine just get me high and I'll be quite", I also asked him how the hell he enjoyed his work being near a bunch of butts all day.. but i never got to hear his response. I was out cold.

an hour later I am back in my ward, demanding to go home. I had the same nurse from my TT and she was laughing when she walked in to do my obs. then tells me a story that while i was in recovery this time, when they pulled out the throat tube, I swore my head off at the top of my voice, and they had to tell me to be quiet as there was a child not far from me. I pleaded the 5th as i have no memory of doing it.. but then got the giggles imagining this child going home with "new words" and saying he/she learnt them in recovery.... ahhh small things amuse small minds.

So she made me stay for an hour until I could prove i could walk without being dizzy. (i'm good at faking i can walk straight when i'm drunk so it was a no brainer!) and I was let home!!!

spent the niht with an oozing wound near my butt, but this morning felt like a million bucks again.

Went to see my PS for the first time since i was discharged from hospital and he sees me in the waiting room and says 'I heard!" .. i shake my head and ask him don't him and his doctor friends have better things to talk about other than my butt. heh. surgeons. odd things they are.

So he took out a few stitches, said my scar is doing wonderfully, took all the gluey stuff out of my BB that was black, and said I can start to straighten up a bit more now, said i can take quick salt baths (said it would help my butt too then he laughed.. i just sighed at him), and that he'd see me again in 3 weeks.

the tape he put on my scars is still there, and he doesn't want to remove it until its almost falling off, he said it is the best thing for scars and just to leave it alone but said i can stat bio oil on my belly button..

so thats my update thus far. I have put up a pick of day 6 post op and before, but i'm looking much less swollen that this pic now, so i'll take some new ones soon!

Happy healing everyone! x

Day 16 post op 11.00am. Off to my nieces 3rd...

Day 16 post op 11.00am.

Off to my nieces 3rd birthday party. Walking like a hunch back!! Any tips for walking straighter???? My ps said I can start to straighten up but I have no idea how!!!

It doesn't hurt just feels soooooo tight!

Back on super healthy eating program today! Yay!

Day 16 Post Op... 8pm. I just got a call from...

Day 16 Post Op... 8pm.

I just got a call from Hanna Barbara. They said I have Ken Dolls mound and they want it back...

*sigh* Swell Hell

Day 17. bored. Frustrated. swollen...

day 17.


Wanna be up and out on a beautiful day, and i'm stuck inside. *sigh*

Day 18. 9pm. me + water = bad experiences...

Day 18. 9pm.

me + water = bad experiences.

yesterday. Sittin on my lounge vegging, a woman buzzes my apartment, i answer and don't recognise her. She's wearing a cyclist helmet and i say "can i help you"

She says "you don't know me, but there is water running down the entire front of your building, i'm not sure where its coming from so i've buzzed all the apartments"

Deja Vu!!!!!

Around 3 hours earlier, I noticed my spa on my balcony looked low, so i put in the hose to fill it up and thought "about half an hour will do it, and i'd better put the alarm on my phone so i don't forget"

So i forgot to put the alarm on my phone, and of course forgot i had the hose in the spa.

All i can say is thank god it was the outside of the building and not the inside. Needles to say I hid out all day and tool my doorbell phone thingy off the hook, just in case someone wanted to buzz me and tell me i'd flooded their balcony.

Now today. it goes like this.

bored. Eat. Bored eat. Bored eat. Board eat.

Holy mother, if I do that again, i'm going to be the size of a house again!!!

so toniht i've deicded thats enough! made the boy take me shopping to the grocery store, bought all healthy food, and have written an eating plan.

have also booked my flights to Melbourne to do buy my new wardrobe. booked for april and one of by best gay friends lives there and he's a fashion guru so he'll make me over.

Praying for patience, but feeling good. aside from food eating guilt.

Few business pressues got me mad today so i sat on my balcony in my undies, bra and binder and got some sunshine and turned off my phone!

As for the healing, i did a lot of walking during the groceries and i'm sore in my hip bones!! kinda feels like i've done a workout.. wonder if thats coz my cut goes all the way round to near my back? and if i'm just stretching?

meh who knows...

Bring on tomorrow ...

happy healing everyone!!!

Day 18. same old same old. having coffee...

Day 18.

same old same old.

having coffee tomorrow with a friend then a pranic healing session and will be driving myself. woot!

BB scar has a tiny tiny split in it. have emailed pic to the PS. hope i didn't cause it by trying to stand up straight.

Have also asked the PS if i can travel on the 1st of March, coz i need to head back overseas. That will be exactly 6 weeks post op, hopefully I get a yes!!!

Happy healing everyone!

So a friend calls in and he asks to see my scar as...

so a friend calls in and he asks to see my scar as his sister had a TT years ago.

I showed him and his hand went over his mouth in sheer surprise.

His sisters scar was hipbone to hipbone, mine goes a fair way around to my back, so he got all the side fat too.

So out of boredom i decided to get the tape measure out. Measuring along the scar line from start to finish it is 63cms. Pretty impressive I think!

Day 19. sugarless chocolate is not my friend....

Day 19.

sugarless chocolate is not my friend. its given me enough wind to power a small town. :-|

Today i drove my car for the first time!! god that felt awesome! Well that was after the police came and dusted it for fingerprints! someone my GPS has been stolen :-(.

of course i pretended I was in an episode of NCIS while they did it :-)

Then I drove to my pranic healing session, she said that I was a different woman compared to last week, and that was the day before I evicted my butt abscess so I guess it was zapping all my energy! We did a great meditation and healing session, felt so calm ad centred when she'd finished.

I've also done something I thought i'd never do. I've enrolled to study makeup artistry! I've had a passion for it for years and love the creativity if it so so different to my life as a CEO. Funny how much more "real" confidence I have now I feel like how I'm meant to be!

Still waiting to hear from PS about my bb so will call tomorrow if he doesn't reply..

but thats about it everyone!

Happy healing!

Day 20. PS nurse called today. Said BB is...

day 20.

PS nurse called today. Said BB is fine, just swab with salt water and put vaseline on it if not closed by Monday to go in.

Um. i also said "what about betadine on it" What I didn't say was "i've been doing that for a week", she said "no, it can actually wear down the healing" OH SHITE!

its every so tiny so now i'm sure it will close really fast now i'm not contributing to it! sheesh

Feeling good, swelling is still a pain in the butt but par for the course as we know...

updated Day 21 pics

Just adding a few more "befores" as i...

Just adding a few more "befores" as i was looking at them to stay motivated! (all i want to do is eat away my boredom!!)

Day 23 Post Op. HUGE day out. And because of...

Day 23 Post Op.

HUGE day out. And because of that I have decided to audition for the next willy wonker movie as an oompa loompa. All I need is a bad fake tan and I have it nailed!

Had a 12 hour sleep last night.. yep 12 hours! BF and I went up the road to a resto for dinner couple of glasses of wine. I work a LBD and high heels.. after the dinner I tried to stand straight, but was a lil obviously huched over. As we were leaving a man kept staring at me. (i was telling myself its coz i'm a hottie, but reality is he was probably wondering why I was walking a lil odd), so I got close to his table and stared him straight in the eye and said "gas, gets me every time!" he he . BF turned and said "what was that about" i'm like "nuthin" .. stupid man for staring so obviously at me!

Today drove to my Dads so BF could pick up our jet ski, then we headed out shopping... was shopping for about 3 hours, then I came home and made cupcakes! ... not just any old cupcakes made them with a valentines day theme! took me bloody 3 hours and of couse the kitchen looked like a bomb hit it.

Now roping my domestically challenged BF into doing things can be hard.. but i love how easily my mood can change during this recovery. Exhausted I sat on the couch next to him, and started to cry.

HIM: OMG whats wrong funny.
ME: oh, i'm just so over this recovery, I really get frustrated getting so exhausted doing simple things like shopping and baking.
HIM: Oh honey you are only 3 weeks out.
ME: i know but you see, the kitchen is a mess, we have guests for lunch tomorrow and i'm just so frustrated to be feeling so incapable. *add in sob*, Now i have a mess in the kitchen to clean up.
HIM: Hunny, don't cry, you just need to ask me and I'll clean up the kitchen..
ME: *looking outside to hide my smirk * OH honey, i am so grateful.

And the oscar goes to....................

Well truth be told, i am very frustrated, i am used to being kinda wonder woman and i love it.... so the tears were real, but I MAY have used them a little to my advantage!

Tomorrow we are entertaining 4 guest. I'm anal about my table dressings and presentation, and worse one of the guests is a chef!!! ,and one is a shrink... boy o boy this will be fun.. I'm chilln the wine as I type!

When we decided to invite them over I said "i'm not sure honey, you know how i like things to be beautiful when I entertain" reply? "i'll help honey and I promise I won't argue back" NOW I COULD GET USED TO THIS!

BB is healing really well. I should be eating better but I'm afraid I am a boredom eater!!! oh well, some days are diamonds and some are platinum rings with massive diamonds!

4 weeks post op I have to travel to Syd for a meeting, its about a hour and a half flight, PS's nurse said I should be fine. I would't go but its a huge client i want to land, so I'm going to spring for a Business Class flight, purely for comfort and ease of getting on and off. BF will be with me, so I should manage okay!

Other than that, its just a waiting game.

Oh but the oddest thing! ... every morning when i wake up, i get the most INSANE urge to stretch I have to stop myself.. its sooooo annoying! ..

I'm looking forward to the day I can have a huge stretch... oh how I miss my morning stretches!

Happy healing everyone! x

Day 14,568... yes thats what it feels...

Day 14,568... yes thats what it feels like!

Luncheon yesterday went well. However I was forced to drink several glasses of Veuve champagne. At gunpoint. And that's the story I'm sticking too!.

Showed my girlfriend my boobs and said "aren't they so small" she thinks they are huge. I'm still very confused!

My mons pubis (seriously, who sits around and names such things this!!.. mind you when i learnt we have a thing inside of us called "the pouch of douglas" i wanted to punch out douglas.. but thats another story!)... is HUGE. its just stupid.

I went shopping today with my mum and got a new tight black dress, thats made out of that floppy material and I swear to god my Ken Doll appendage sticks out more than my boobs! My mum said I was delusional when I said this and offered me xanax to calm me down..... gotta love a drug pushing mother, I think she was a mob boss in a former life.....

Here are a few things I'm over...

1., My mons pubis (stupid word)
2. My surgical bra.. i mean really!! do i HAVE to wear this thing for another 3 weeks??????
3. My mons pubis (still a stupid word)
4. My back pain after a few hours of shopping
5. My mons pubis
6. My barrell/ompa loompa look i achieve by the end of th day.
7. My mons pubis.

now something that is amusing me.. is I have really turned into a flasher. has anyone else done this? I will show anyone my boobs who asks. I have to get over this obsession. Its getting creepy. That and I have named the baby kookaburra's i hand feed everyday.

I don't want to become known as the crazy bird lady who flashes people. That'd just ruin my drug pushing mother's day!

Heres' things I'm seriously deliriously happy about..

1. My recovery has been pretty much pain free and I'm not even 4 weeks out.
2. I look hot. Well, in ompa loompa land and ken doll land.. i'm a hottie!
3. My family and friends have been amazingly supportive. Hell even my nosy neighbours have been amazing, even when they thought they should build an arc and get 2 of each animal settled in with the flooding I was causing.
4. My domestically challenged BF knows where the vacuum cleaner is kept, and has learnt the power of my potty mouth (and I think is secretly scared)
5. My scars are low and amazing.. even though I still have the original tape on and have't actually seen it.. i just know it will be perfect.
6. The hot surgeon that replaced my lap band port for a low profile port, called and wants to see me. He says its to ensure the port is healing well. yeah.. can't fool me.. he wants to check me outttt *snap* (yep delusional but hey..one can dream right?)
7. I used to have a cake top (muffin top was just too small an now its gone.
8. report steps 1 to 7.

Happy healing everyone!!!

4 weeks today! 9.30pm This time 4 weeks ago I...

4 weeks today! 9.30pm

This time 4 weeks ago I was laying on the operating table, and my PS was doing his final bits.

life is Super insanely busy!

Had pranic healing session today but walked in to see her in a big ball of anger.

Bad dreams put me in a bad mood, in no particular order.. dream 1. My BF puts me on stage and has advertised me as someone who will speak to the dead, but I don't want to do it so i'm mad about it.. Dream 2. MY stupid BF bogs the car 4wdriving. Dream 3. go to PS, he takes the tape off my left breast and it opens and its in half, and its actually sausage meat.. and i'm mad he made me a sausage breast. .. Now.. that dream I put down to this... yesterday I was naughty and didn't wear a bra all day. I was just so sick of it so I was a hippy and went braless all day!!!.....

then idiot drivers on the road annoyed me more. The sudden onset of foul mouthed tourettes syndrome I have developed has now transferred to road obscenities!

My pranic healer tells me i need to let go of my anger at small things. PFFFFFt fine give me valium! .. however, after the session I was all peace love and light.. and dimwitted. got lost going to my office thanks to the *&&^^^%&### that stole my GPS and quite possibly my post surgery vagueness!

Then I had a lymphatic massage as many suggest on this site! she was brilliant, said i wasn't in too bad nick considering my surgery, which was great to hear, not sure if it was mind over matter but the swelling felt better afterwards!

Then I had to see the butt surgeon. I don't know what it is about that man but he rubs me the wrong way.... he told me I need new undies!! I mean who says that!! my reply "can't afford them, your bill is too high".. mongrel he is.. fine, i was wearing my doggiest undies but I'm not out to impress him!! i'm all about comfort not impressing an odd butt doctor that wears a bow tie!!!!

anyway my butt is all fine and I don't have to see him again... I wanted to say "don't worry i won't let the door hit my arse on the way out" but decided to be nice...

In other breaking news.. i have a dilemma. Dr hottie called again today ... he asked me to be on his new website :-).. but here's the deal... I didn't lose my weight with my lap band :-(, i lost it on a program called Cohens. but its Dr hottie :-).. but its not the right thing to do :-(.. but its dr hottie :-)).. my pranic healer says its not the right thing to do karmically ......but ITS DR HOTTIE AND HE WANTS ME OT FEATURE ON HIS WEBSITE.

BF says not the right thing to do.. what would he know. he can't even find the vacuum cleaner!

OH, now down to the more important stuff. .. healing is going magically ... i wish i could get a better handle on my eating... but hey... tomorrow is a new day right?

Tape is driving me mad.. and I can't wait to see my scars!! hopefully i get to see them next week at my next post op appointment, it will be 5 weeks!

Thats about it!

Happy healing everyone!

*sneaks in to the review* Okay.. so my excuse...

*sneaks in to the review*

Okay.. so my excuse is...

a. I was abducted by Aliens,
b. I suffered short memory loss and forgot i'd been updating on this site.
c. I have been stupidly busy living a hedonistic life and haven't updated.

Please pick which one best suits you! ...

Okay I am sorry i've not updated for a while.. I remember pre surgery this was so important to me and I lived on this site nearly 24/7.

So a quick update...

I'm now 3 months post op as as Friday the 13th... (read what you will into that one!!!), and I feel great.

I've been stuggling with my weight but am winning the battle.. I went on holidays and ate like an Oompa loompa on crack... however I am back on my diet program and its coming off well.

I'm in a bit of trouble with my surgeon as i've had to cancel my last two check ups as I've been out of the country on business, but at the last one, (which iwas at 6 weeks i think) all was well.

My surgeon commented that he thought my scar was a bit crooked and he'd fix that after 6 months.. but honestly!!! he must be a perfectionist.. as i don't really care!! its not like i'm flashing my scar to anyone!

I have flat stomach and great titts.. what more can a girl ask for (besides tall dark rich and handsome right ladies?).

You'll all be pleased to know.. well probalby my neighbours are more pleased... that my brain is now functioning correctly and no more water issues at my apartment.

I wore my bikini a few weeks ago on holiday and felt amazing.. and i went snorkelling and spent days by the pool drinking pina coladas in my bikini!!! Something i never would have done before!!!

Yes my scar is at its reddst and ugliest its been... but honestly.. it does not bother me.. my flabby tummy bothered me MUCH more than a scar i can easily hide!

I'm still unsure if I want implants or not and I'll wait until i hit the 6 month mark to decide... i do love them though and i'm not embarrassed at all to flash them.. the scars on them are soooooo soooo fine.. im really impressed with them.

A friend of mine when under the knife yesterday for her TT with my surgoen.. so far she's amazed how flat she is!!! keeps txting me saying she's concave!!!

I'm currently overseas working but as soon as i get home, i'll post some more pics.. I promise..

and a HUGE thank you to those that keep popping in and reading my ramblingsor asking after me.. its lovely to know stangers care!!!!

i'll update pics in the next 2 weeks!!!

Ciao for now!

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