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Wow, where to start?? ....I am a 42yo mother of 2...

Wow, where to start?? ....I am a 42yo mother of 2 teens and after 10 years of wanting this, everything has finally fallen into place and I have my TT surgery booked for 27th May in Brisbane, Australia. I live in regional NSW so need to travel about 4 hours to Brisbane for surgery but I am so lucky to have a very supportive husband who is with me every step of the way.

I had 3 referals from my GP but after meeting the second Dr, I just feel so comfortable that I am not going to see the 3rd. I am 165cm and have worked so hard over the past couple of years to get my weight down (now 69kg) but no matter what exercises I do I can't budge the flabby, overhanging belly.

I would like to lose another 3 kilos before surgery & am determined to get there. Only 5 weeks to go and I am now getting a little nervous.

Ok so here's what I am thinking..... maybe I...

Ok so here's what I am thinking..... maybe I should get my boobs done too! I have an appt with my PS on Thursday to discuss getting a BA at the same time so I guess a Mummy Makeover. Oooh I am so excited, but my brain keeps doing this 360 thing... yes get the boobs done....No don't be ridiculous.....Yes you deserve it....No its so much money....etc, etc.

It is only 4 weeks to TT day and I can't believe how much this decision has consumed my brain space. I find myself on realself daily (actually a few times daily!) and still find new things to read. I will update you all on my final decision about "boobs" when I make it.

3 weeks to go. I had my pre op appt with my PS...

3 weeks to go. I had my pre op appt with my PS yesterday and yay, I am getting boobs too! I initially was going for just the TT. I sooo wanted BA as well but was finding it difficult to justify the cost but after much consideration and reading lots of mommy makeover reviews and talking it through with my PS - I am all booked in for 27th May for full TT with MR and BA. I signed all the paperwork yesterday and went through all the risks etc which is a bit freaky but I am soooo excited I can't wait. Only 3 weeks to go and I will have a new body. WooHoo!! I will try and organise some before shots of my boobs to include.

Just added some more before photos (that include...

Just added some more before photos (that include my boobs). Only 18 days to go and counting. I have started writing lists of everything I need to organise beforehand. Because I need to travel so far (4 hours) I will be away from home for a week so I feel like I have so much to do. I am so thankful for my wonderful husband he is going to take control of the house and look after me whilst I am recoverying. Well he thinks he will have control but secretly even though I may not be able to get around I will still have control. lol!!!

Ok so my PS rang last night, just to check that I...

Ok so my PS rang last night, just to check that I am doing ok and see if I have any more questions. He said he got the results of my mammogram (all good) and my ultrasound. I have a very small umbilical hernia that he is going to fix whilst he is in there so I guess thats a bonus! only 16days to go and counting. I am not actually that nervous this week just anxious to get on with it, so the whole rollercoast of emotions has already started.

Only 8 days to go! Just got my compression...

Only 8 days to go! Just got my compression garments (stage 1 & 2) in the mail with a note from my PS that he wants me to start wearing them now - yes thats right before surgery??? anyone heard of that? so I have put one on and boy was that an effort. This thing is so damn tight I have no idea how I am going to get it on after surgery. Feels fine once it's on but getting it on was tough even had to get hubby to help!

Ok so only 3 days to go, starting to get a little...

Ok so only 3 days to go, starting to get a little nervous and thinking that maybe I haven't asked enough questions, have I rushed this, have I chosen the best doctor yada, yada yada. Very irrational thoughts I know but my mind can't seem to focus on anything else. I have checked and double checked all my lists and I am pretty confident I have everything organised but I still have that gut feeling that I have forgotten something. I am going to take a couple more before pics to post tomorrow as I have reached my goal weight (66kg/145lbs) and think it will be helpful for me to look back at where I have come from when I get that dredded swell hell and a bit depressed during recovery.

So tomorrow is the day. I am as ready as I can be...

So tomorrow is the day. I am as ready as I can be and just can't wait to be on the road to recovery. Thanks to everyone on this site who has answered my questions, listened through my nerves and supported me no matter what.

Day 10 post op - glad to finally be home and I am...

Day 10 post op - glad to finally be home and I am feeling really good. Not in any pain really just a little discomfort & back ache as the day goes on. Oh & I am so over sleeping on my back. I spent 6 days in hospital which was a roller coaster ride. Day 1 was horrific, I was very nauseous & dizzy and let me tell you throwing up is excruitiating, 20 times worse than a cough which is bad enough. Didn't get much rest in hospital as the nurses had to keep checking my vitals every hour on the first night, every 3 hours on the second & then every 4 hours til I left.
I am walking a little hunched over but not too bad and I am off all pain meds just taking antibiotics now. I had 4 drains (2 in tummy & 2 in breasts) Tummy ones came out day 5 & breast ones Day 6. They didn’t hurt at all which I was very nervous about. My PS saw me every morning & every evening (even through the weekend) which was great because I got all my questions answered straight away. I have posted some more photos and I can honestly say, I love my boobies (now that the swelling has gone down) & so far I am very happy with my flat tummy even with the swelling. I know so many before me have said it but this has been so worth it so far and each day gets better & better.

Day 13 Post op. I am feeling pretty damn good....

Day 13 Post op.
I am feeling pretty damn good. My only complaint is that sleeping on my back is driving me crazy. My back aches and this keeps me from getting any decent length of sleep. I posted some more pictures which I took yesterday. You can see in one that I have this weird bulge above my belly button. It's freaking me out a bit. My bb looks a bit creepy too but it's this freaky bulge that has me stressing a bit. I know its early days but geez I hope it doesn't stay that way. On a positive..............I love my boobies, they are exactly what I wanted so Yay for me.

Day 19. Thanks to everyone for your comments about...

Day 19. Thanks to everyone for your comments about this bulge that is freaking me out. I took your advice and emailed some photos to my PS. He called and wants to see me. He doesn't think it looks like a seroma and feels with some massage and time it will settle down but to be on the safe side he would like to see me to assess it. So I am off to Brisbane (5 hours drive) next Tuesday. But I would rather do this than spend the next 5 weeks until my next appointment stressing about it.

So the last 24 hours has been an adventure....

So the last 24 hours has been an adventure. Yesterday morning my PS calls and says he was worried all night about my belly "bulge" and really didn't want to wait until next Tues to see me but wanted to see me immediately. He asked me to get up (it was only 7am) eat breakfast, throw an overnight bag together and head to his surgery in Brisbane. (5 hours drive away!). He said do not eat anything after breakfast as it was quite possible I would be going back into surgery that night! Well obviously I did what he asked, I am so lucky my husband works from home so he could come with me for support. As you can imagine the 5 hour car trip was not good, I was so nervous, scared, apprehensive and all those other bad feelings.

We arrived at the surgery and within 10 minutes I was with my PS. The outcome was a mix of good news and some not so good news.

Good News - the bulge was not fluid build-up, I did not have any infection and there was no need for me to go back to surgery immediately.

Not so good news - in 3-6 months I will need to have revision surgery to correct the bulge. He is going to re-cut my under breast incisions and do a tummy uplift.

Good news - I wont have any additional scars.

Not so good news - I will have to go through surgery and recovery all over again.

Good news - it will not cost me a cent, he will cover everything.

I had a long discussion with my PS and I am confident that there is nothing he could have done to prevent this bulge, I just have a lot of loose skin above my BB that just couldn't be completely fixed by pulling my skin down. I still think he is a fantastic PS and I still look 1000% better than I did before, I just need to prepare myself for the fact that it is going to take a little bit longer than I thought to get that body of mine back.

We arrived back home at abut 11.30pm last night and to be honest it all seems like a bit of a blur still.

5 weeks post op today!! Overall I am feeling...

5 weeks post op today!! Overall I am feeling really good. I am finally sleeping on my side and it is reasonably comfortable. I am getting used to my new boobs and loving them. As for my TT - from my bb down I am very happy, sooo flat I cant quite believe it. But I am still a little disapointed in the 'bulge' above my bb but I am back to my PS in 2 weeks for a check up and to discuss a date for my revision. The bulge has gone down a bit but not enough for my liking. I have added some updated pics from today, even one of me in a bikini! not great but so much better than before my TT.I just need to be patient I guess. I still feel the swelling and can notice that it is much worse later in the day.

I am still wearing my stage 2 garment 24/7 and my binder of a night. They are not worrying me at all, I actually like the feeling of being secure & tight.

I have not really got back to any regular exercise yet, just some odd walks here & there which I am finding really hard. I miss my morning boot camp sessions and can feel my fitness going down hill. But I am sticking to my PS instructions and so only have a week left before I can start back into it.

7& 1/2 Weeks post-op. I had my 6 week post-op...

7& 1/2 Weeks post-op.
I had my 6 week post-op appt with my PS yesterday and everything went really well. He is happy with how I am healing and gave me the go ahead to get back into exercise (best news ever!!). He advised that i start back slowly and let my body tell me when its ready to ramp it up. He also said I can stop wearing the garment and just put it back on during the first 2 weeks of exercise if I feel like I am swelling and need it. I also got the clearnace for underwire bras which is so fantastic because I am so over this post-op straight jacket, horrible looking thing. Now I just need to get fitted again properly cos my old bras are way to small - yay!!

As for my revision, he discussed a few options with me and basically the best option is for me to have a 'reverse TT' to address the bulge, floppy / lax skin in my upper abdomen. He can do this procedure using the same incision lines I have from my BA. Although he does want me to wait until I am at least 6 months post-op but maybe even 12 months so as to give my body time to recover from this op before subjecting it to another. This is a bummer but it does make perfect sense, I am just a little down about having to wait so long for my new body when I was so looking forward to a bikini body this summer.

I also got clearance to start scar therapy. He gave me some silicone scar gel and wants me to alternate this with Bio Oil a few times a day.

So last night I slept without my garment and it felt so strange that I got up at 2am and put it back on!! I got up at 6am and went for a brisk walk / jog for about 40 minutes and that felt so good. I got back from my exercise, showered and put on my scar gel. I have been garment free for most of the day and am a little swollen but not too bad. So overall today feels like the start of the next chapter in this process but it does feel so good to be getting back to normal again. I hope to take some updated pics on Friday (8 weeks) and post them for you all to see.
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