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Altho I have always had fairly white teeth, my...

Altho I have always had fairly white teeth, my front 2 being crooked always irritated me, but it didnt happen til my late 20s when my wisdom teeth forced themselves in, so thinking I was too old for braces I just put up with it.

About 6 months ago a Living Social deal came up that promised a savings of $2000 on invisalign - so I bought it, went for the consult and was consequently so blown away by the promised results and the quick time I could achieve it in that I decided to go ahead - even tho I am now 52.. no its never too late!!!
Onto my second tray of only 13 needed - so am very stoked with the whole thing!!

There is really no pain or discomfort for me, the only thing being the brushing and flossing thing, but it stops you from overeating too, as I really couldnt be bothered sometimes to go thru the whole process if Im not really hungry.. so am slimming a little too!

I decided to do just my top teeth and then Ill do my bottom teeth after Im done. I really wanted to avoid the lisp etc as I have a job which requires a lot of customer contact (at the Airport - Passport please-) As it turned out, the day I got them in I didnt tell my husband and he didnt notice! I told him the next day and he was really surprised. Even people at work who have had them in the past didnt pick up on it til I told them!... (note to self- dont tell anyone...)

The photo actually seems worse then they actually look - I think the flash accentuates the plastic more than it is in real life.. I am VERY happy with the way they look and the results I am hoping for... Have already noticed when I am flossing a difference in the gaps between some teeth..
All up I only paid $3000 (AUD)

On my fourth tray of 13, absolutely no problems -...

On my fourth tray of 13, absolutely no problems - just feels very weird and tight for the first day when I get a new tray. But love that feeling because I know its doing good.. Have noticed a widening gap between my front teeth, not so noticeable from the front but from the side.. - very strange as they have always been tightly crossed my whole life - My dentist has told me it will get worse before it gets better - but i m not unhappy with whats going on at all.
My teeth have never been so clean - all that brushing and flossing... Hope I dont get addicted...
Can definitely already tell a difference in photos - and still no one seems to have noticed Im wearing them! Honest surprise when I tell anyone ... which I try not to do.
I so look forward to changing the trays each time.. I do think the majority of the movement happens in the first few days - then it is just stabilising them- which is also very necessary, but each time I cant wait to see what happens..
Am going to go onto the bottom ones when I am done with the top ones.

Well just put my 8th tray in - my dentist said...

Well just put my 8th tray in - my dentist said this is the last one where my teeth are getting worse instead of better - and its true - my teeth have the weirdest gaps and angles to them at the moment - cant wait for things to move into place properly.. but I guess they needed to make space for the teeth to fit back together. I will have ipl at the next visit - so not really looking forward to that - hope the front gap will close up! Who would think after having crossed teeth for so long that now I would be complaining about a gap!! :) Also strange that I feel more comfortable with my trays in than out!

Had IPL today - was ok - just a bit of drilling...

Had IPL today - was ok - just a bit of drilling and then some filing... The weirdest thing having a gap between my front teeth!!! Dentist says it will only be for a couple of weeks or so til everything moves to where it needs to go - and is completely un noticeable when I have my trays in (and glasses off... haha) -no its all good. Very painful tray this one - is already shifting one of my front teeth from being twisted.. At me next visit in 8 weeks I will get fitted for the night retainer and also the bar behind my teeth to keep them in place.
Only 3 trays to go after this one is out - hard to believe - but a massive change already - I love smiling! I will do my bottom trays when I have completed the top ones.. I am quite use to the routine now and feel comfortable only eating at mealtimes.

On 13 of 14 and I look amazing ! Welll my teeth do...

On 13 of 14 and I look amazing ! Welll my teeth do anyway.. I will post a photo when I have finished in a few weeks.. The only thing is this is the first tray that hurt my mouth - Really hard and sharp at one point, my gum hurt like crazy and bled after one mornings thanks to the suggestions from this site I just filed it down and am now hoping its solved.. Thanks everyone for the information provided here by real users!!

Tops done!!!

Yay! My top teeth are finished - I love them - just have to wear retainers at night now - but its so worth it! Doing my lower teeth now - and they are movng very quickly - I dont really show them when I talk or smile, so I wasnt going to bother - but the process was all so easy - thought i may as well!! Plus it stops me form snacking...WOuld def recommend to anyone who is thinking about doing it -

forgot to add...

Oh forgot to say that also my dentist recommended a couple of further trays for refinements - Maybe you can see a little irregularity, but I am happy with slight imperfection. Didnt want them to look like false teeth. REALLY happy with the way they turned out.

Skipped 3 trays!

Interesting - was just ontp my last 3 trays for the bottom teeth - which werent too bad mind you - and my dentist posted them to me as he was going away on holidays... Unfortunately the parcel never arrived... soo when he came back he said he would just take the buttons off and i could go straight into the night retainer! I should wear it for a couple of weeks full time then can just do the nights like my top one is already.. Weird - an entire 3 trays which really would have made no difference?! Its a little tight but not terrible.. Oh well that sure saved some time for me!I am glad i did the lower teeth tho ( Iwasnt going to bother) - I am surprised at how crooked they actually were in comparison to my new straight top teeth! haha

Finally over!

Straight teeth after all this time - so glad I did it.
Dr Manitta

He posted a living social deal which I bought and was directed to his clinic.. Great dentist, no pressure, and very supportive.

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