I did it! 2 kids, now 2 new boobs. 390cc round hp cohesive gel, 5'5, 53kg - Brisbane, Australia

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Thats how Im looking at my whole Breast...

Thats how Im looking at my whole Breast Augmentation surgery, as a gift for me.
I have had two children (ages 3years and 2 years) and breastfed both.
I only had small breasts before children and always considered implants back then, but decided to wait until i had my children. Since children, my boobs are still small, but have now also dropped a lot. So ive decided the time is right.

My stats, implant size etc

Ok...I forgot to put my stats in my first update. I'm approx 167cm tall, 50kg, slim build. My surgeon has suggested high profile Silimin, either in 335cc or 390cc. I choose 390cc because I felt the 335cc was perhaps a bit small? I'm freaking out a lot now though. I'm scared 390cc hp is going to look huge on me? What do other people think? Eek!!

How I'm feeling...SCARED! Lol

My op is less than 2 weeks away and I'm freaking out big time. Sometimes I think "what am I doing?!" Lol. I'm getting lots of anxiety about my op late at night. I'll have some help from my boyfriend for the first week, but then back to my job (office job) week after. I'm worried about if my kiddies want to be picked up and I can't :( And I'm still freaking out about the size, 390cc High profile? Is that just too big for my stats?

1 week to go...

So it's one week to go until my surgery date. I've had so many mixed emotions. Excited, then freaking out! I really don't know how I truly feel. But I am looking forward to throwing out padded bras and chicken fillets!

Late night nervousness...

It's 2am. My 20 month old has woken up again. He only wants me...and it makes me even more nervous for next week. How am I going to manage resting after surgery while my two children are going to need me?

Omg omg omg

Freaking out again. I'm driving myself crazy looking at boobs! Haha. I just hope 390cc will be just right, and not too big?!

5 sleeps to go and feeling excited!

I've felt pretty good about my BA all day today, which is a big change for me. Usually I sway from feeling excited to just plain scared! But I just look at the photos of my boobs now and just say to myself "just do it!". I've also read some positive reviews on here from other mums with young children, and it gives me confidence in still being able to care for my kiddies. Looking at photos of women with great boobs makes me feel better about the whole thing too. I'm predominantly a stay at home mum, but also work 2 days a week in an office. I also spray tan from home, mostly at nights, but i might take a break from that next week too. Eek! I can't wait now.

Freaking out again...

This waiting game is doing my head in. I'm starting to doubt if I'm doing the right thing? I'm feeling really anxious?...

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is the day. My surgery is booked for 10am which is a great time with getting the kids ready for the day first. I'm still super nervous but also super excited. I just pray I don't look too big but I think I'll be ok. I've seen girls on here go 500-600cc and they look good, so I think I'll be happy with the size. Here's one last photo of me too...no bra, and the other with my 'chicken fillets' in my bra. I've been wearing padded bras and chicken fillets since I was 18 or 19 (I'm 32 now)...so I can't wait to ditch them! That's what I'm looking forward to the most.

Eek! 12 hours to go...

So, all day I've been feeling really excited about tomorrow. I was trying my rice sizers on with different tops and decided I'm really happy with 390cc.
But, how that excited feeling goes away late at night and is replaced with so many worries! Will my surgeon do a good job? Will the sedation etc go fine? I really don't want frankenboob, but prepared for it I guess. I also feel selfish and vain in lots of ways. Especially doing this while my kids are still so young. I just hope everything goes really well tomorrow and I'm back home with my kiddies. I know I won't be able to pick them up, but I'll be getting down on the ground and cuddling them so much. I'm planning on spending lots of playtime on the floor with them...and not worry too much about the household cleaning for this first week. My partner has been so comforting, always reassuring me that everything will go great. He's planned an exciting day out with the kids tomorrow, so I won't have to worry about them :)

Freaking out!!!

Yep. Freaking out.
I just carried my 3 year old back to bed because she fell asleep in our bed. While doing that my 20 month old woke up and I had to lift him out of his cot. How the hell am I going to get by not lifting the kids? I feel thus whole thing is crazy right now. Arrghhh! I just need to relax and just go with it. The time is going to pass anyway. And I will have my partners help for a couple of days. I have to stay positive. I have to. It's 12.30am and new boobie time is 10am! I can do this. I managed to get up only days after a c-section, to a one year old, when my second child was born, so I can do this too!

I did it!! Yay!!!

Omg I can't believe I did it. I've been a bit sore today, feeling much better tonight though. My partner has been wonderful with kiddies. I'm loving my new boobs..they still need to drop a little and are very hard, a little sore to touch. My nipples feel fine at the moment. I'll post photos soon :) xxxx

Firat few days post op...

First few days post op were hard work. I'm not going to sugar coat it. It was painful. When I woke up from surgery I felt like I had an elephant on my chest and couldn't breathe properly. The nurses were really nice though and bought me biscuits and a green cordial. The next couple of days were frustrating. You really can't do anything. Even opening the fridge door was difficult, or picking up the kettle. But today is day 3 post op and I'm feeling lots better. My muscles don't seem to be spasaming as much and my pain has eased. Morning boob is the hardest, getting up after sleeping. I have to get my boyfriend to lift me up. And falling sleep is difficult too (I'm usually a side sleeper). My implants are still riding high so my surgeon has said to wear the band only 24/7 and no bra, just to help the implants drop and muscle relax.

5 days post op...More photos

You can't tell to much in this photo but my left breast is still riding higher than my right. I'm still very happy so far though..my surgeon has said to wear no bra and just the band 24/7. This is to help my boobs drop and fluff.

I've been thinking...

I've found RealSelf such a helpful and comforting forum and I want to share more of my story, just for those stressing before surgery...because the waiting game sucks!

Size/cc - I worried and analysed this. Was I going to big? I think trust your surgeon. I thought 390cc looked huge in the sizer, and I quiet liked the look of the 335cc on me. But I went 390cc and I'm so glad I did. I think 335cc would have felt too small. I think you probably lose 50cc when placed under the muscle?

Twilight sedation - I was so scared about this, but it was fine. I do remember at one point feeling a little pain, but it was like I was dreaming...I remember saying "Ouch stop" and then the pain went away. They must have topped up my anaesthetic.

Mummies worrying about how to care for their children the days following surgery - I just posted this to another member, and thought I'd share it here too - "I so know how you feel. I was so up and down once I paid my deposit. I would feel excited, but then scared about all the "what ifs? I also felt guilty sometimes, like I was being selfish and vain. But I just tried to stay positive and told myself thousands of woman have breast augmentation every week! I'm 6 days post op today. You will need help for the first 2-3 nights, definitely. It's not so much the pain, you just can't do anything to help yourself or too much for the kids. I had trouble getting up and down. You learn to use your legs and stomach muscles more. I was then alone with kids on day 3 post op! But I'm managing it. My children are only young (3 and 2). If they need a hug I just get down to their level and hold them. I can now lift my son in and out of his cot, but i take it slowly (he's heavy too haha). I tried to vacuum today and that is still a bit hard. I guess you just have to take it slow, but every day you get stronger, you get less sore and your boobs start to look and feel much better. Also be prepared for a bit of frankenboob the day after surgery. I did, and still do have a little in my left breast. I think it happens more often to mums whose breasts have dropped. But it slowly fixes itself. You'll feel so sexy when you get them. You deserve them mumma!! X"


That's another thing - I've been so bloated since surgery. Any idea when it will go away? I'm drinking lots of water, but the bloat is still there?

First day at a new job

It is an office job, so not too physically demanding. I'm
One week post op today. My left boob is still riding higher than my right but I think it could have dropped a tiny bit today (yay!). I didn't wear my band at work today. If anything, it just hurts my back so much. I don't know how much it is actually doing to help push my implant down maybe a little. But i do try to wear it when I'm home and always when I sleep. It is really making my back ache though. I'm still having a little trouble getting my youngest into his car seat. I'm back to spray tanning at nights too. I stopped most pain meds a couple of days ago, but still sometimes take a panadol, because sometimes my scars sting a little (usually after I've just changed the bandages).

Ps. I'm a single parent and doing it!

I thought I'd add I'm a single parent and I'm managing this. Yes I do have a very special 'male' friend who helped me for the first few nights. But since then I've been doing the whole recovery thing solo and managing. I thought I would add this point for any other single mums wondering if they could cope xx

Morning boob subsiding...

Morning boob subsiding, was not that bad at all this morning. Left boob is dropping ever so slowly...but I'm pretty certain it is dropping lol. My right has dropped more again and the swelling gone down more on the right too, it's looking great. Now I just need the left to catch up! X

Photo - one week post op

Photo - one week post op

Side Photos - one week post op

Side Photos - one week post op

Early morning worries

So I tend to be a bit of a late night worrier anyway...but here I am, 3am in the morning stressing out about my boobs, feeling like they're too big. Feeling selfish for doing this. I know it's only 1 week post op, but I want to pick them up and hold them so bad. Or squish them with proper cuddles. In wondering how long till I can do this again? Maybe 6 weeks? Ah sorry, what an update...

Oh , haha. I'm talking about my children in that last post lol

Oh , haha. I'm talking about my children in that last post lol. It sounds like I'm talking about my boobs????

Nearly 2 weeks post op and feeling wonderful!

Left boob has dropped quiet a bit and almost level with my right. I'm so pleased with results. Still trying not to do too much in terms of lifting the kids. My three year old had a tantrum in the shopping centre today. Luckily my boyfriend was there to pick her up. I couldn't have done it, she was kicking and screaming. So I guess I learned that it might still be too early to take kids out by myself just yet.

Photos...1.5 weeks post surgery

Photo taken week & half after surgery. Dropping all the time. Wearing my band every night, not all day though because it makes my back ache, plus don't want to be seen wearing it in public. I just think that while im standing up, that gravity must be helping to pull implants down xx

How my boobs feel, how I'm feeling...

My boobs were feeling great 1 week post op...in that I still have nipple feeling and not too sore. But now I'm in my second week, they have been feeling really tender. I notice it more after I gave been wearing the band.
I'm feeling really happy with my 'new boobs'. I didn't tell anyone (except for my boyfriend), but slowly my friends are asking me "have you had a boob job?"
Haha. But their comments are positive. Feeling very good and pleased with in myself for doing something for me, something I really wanted. I no longer look at my boobs and cringe. I'm feeling so much more womanly and confident. It's a wonderful feeling. Very happy xx

1 year later...

Extremely happy with my girls. One of the best things i have ever done for myself.

3 years on and still in love.

3 years on and still in love. Im so use to them now, that i just feel like i always had boobs this big. Best gift i ever bought myself. The first year they change so much. I pretty much had frankenboob. You can't really judge them until after 6 months. 3 Years on and they have dropped a little, and softened a lot, that they feel and look much more natural.
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