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I've been wanting this procedure for years. I've...

I've been wanting this procedure for years. I've always been self conscious of that area and knew I didn't look "normal" but I had heard from a friend who had this procedure done that it was the worst plastic surgery she ever had in terms of pain during recovery and so I had been a bit scared to go ahead with it, but finally decided the outcome would be worth the suffering.

I did a bit of research and ended up going with Georgina Konrat from the Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic. I chose her because I wanted a female doctor and she had good reviews for labiaplasty. Also because the wedge method she uses apparently leaves you with a more natural looking result.

I only had one consultation and didn't see any other doctors. Friend's told me not to be crazy and to get second opinions but I felt comfortable going with Georgina so I booked in and had the surgery done last week (July 2015,).

As for the pain I now know what my friend was talking about. It throbs all the time. I have used ice packs and painkillers for 4 days and it still hurts all day long. Not that I want to put anyone off, it's just really uncomfortable and kind of like you are biting your lip every time you move. But hey nothing worth having comes easily right??!

It's only been 4 days since the surgery and overall I am definitely happier with the appearance, but the right side is noticeably bigger than the left and that worries me a lot. I don't want to have just spent all that money to end up lopsided. I am trying to relax and wait to see what happens after the skin heals and swelling goes down. Has anyone else had this concern and what was the outcome? Did you heal evenly?

Day 7 - Intense itching has set in!

Day 7 - Wow if I thought the pain of the first week was bad I didn't realise how awful the itching would be! It's woken me up at 3:30am and I can't get back to sleep so I'm desperately scouring the internet for ways to calm it. Some girls have mentioned using coconut oil so I've just put some of that on and it seems to be working (not sure if my doctor would approve but at this stage I'm desperate!)
I have read another review of someone who used a hydrocortisone cream from the chemist so that's where I'll be heading first thing this morning. At least I know the itching is normal and others are going through it.. I had started to freak out that I had thrush from the antibiotics..

I went back to work 2 days ago (would have been 5 days after surgery) and my advice to anyone considering how much time off to get is if possible take at LEAST a week! I have quite a long walk from my bus stop to my office and it's torture. All I want to be doing is be lying down in the privacy of my own home to moan and itch and ice pack the area as much as needed lol. I'm not looking forward to being there today on no sleep and with this itching... I seriously can't wait to be at week 3 or 4 or however far along I need to be to feel normal again :(

Day 10 update

Took a couple more pics today (excuse the bad shave job and gross hair - was trying to be careful not to cut anything!) It's still way bigger/swollen on the left side, mostly along the line where the stiches are.. but I think it's gradually starting to go down.. I still don't know if I am 100% satisfied with the way I look but I do know I am a million times happier than before. I can't wait till it's all healed up and I can road test this new look on an actual boy and not be scared to get naked! haha gotta find a boy first.
I get the remaining stiches out this week, 14 days post surgery. I'm hoping after that the swelling goes down even more and hopefully without the stiches it won't be so itchy! The itching is mostly only at night time now. The nurse at my clinic said I'm not aloud to use coconut oil anymore (apparently too germy?!) and I didn't go to the chemist to get any other types of creams in the end so I've just been toughing it out! Not sure what was worse, the pain or the itch! Bring on Thursday and getting the stiches out :D

Day 14 - stiches out and bad news

SO I went in yesterday to get my stitches out. That was so painful by the way (had me in tears) and despite what I've read on other posts no it hasn't made the night time itching any better :(
Also while they were taking my stitches out my worst fear was confirmed, the right side (left in the photos) IS bigger than the other and I had to go in next week and get it fixed up. I'm still confused as to what happened, the nurses were being very vague because I don't think they wanted to admit any fault on the clinics part, just saying that the stitches haven't held/skin hasn't healed the way they expected and I need to come in asap, and get fixed up :(
It's costing me more money, more pain, more recovery time and more time off work :(
So annoyed this has happened to me but I guess there was always a risk, just didn't actually think it would happen to me. I haven't told anyone I got this surgery done so it's been kinda tough going through all this alone.. I just want it to be over now.

Full Revision

Wow ok so I went in yesterday and was kind of ambushed. I thought I was getting a few extra stitches to hold in that right side that was bigger, next minute I'm getting prepped for surgery, drip is being put in, back in to the gown and compression socks and then put on the table and not once has my Doctor ever told me why this is happening to me. I asked one of the nurses and she said: you know how that right side is obviously bigger, well we are going to even that up for you so you look perfect. So I guess that's all the explanation I am getting. I have to tell you I was out of control nervous by this point. I think it was the fact I had just gone through 3 weeks of healing and knew what I was in for and that I had to go through all of that again. I think sometimes they forget that while they may do this every week we only go through this once and sometimes it's something we have thought about most of our lives and when something has gone wrong maybe we need a little extra time and care.
Getting the needles to numb the area was the worst. An already sensitive area getting pricked over and over again I was actually crying out in tears and I was just like why am I back here, why is this happening to me, I just want to go home and forever have one side bigger than the other - anything to not be going through this.
Anyway eventually they calmed me down and got the area numbed. It was a full revision, took around an hour I would say including being stitched up. I drove home in tears, the pain was unreal as the numbness wore off. The pain yesterday was intense, but alright once I took some strong painkillers and is much more manageable today. It's basically like starting from the beginning last time. Except this time there is way more blood and bruising. Like I am starting to get worried about how purple it looks on the right side that they did most of the work on. It's purple from half way down. I've texted the after hours line a photo and they say it is normal bruising but I'm concerned as I had zero bruising or bleeding last time. But last time it didn't heal properly so maybe this is normal. God I have no idea. Anyway girls. Thanks for your support, this review has become kind of more like a diary entry for me.. I really hope everything goes smoothly for me this time round :(
Ps I have pics but they are horrendous. Not sure if it will benefit others to see the bloody bruised mess it is right now but maybe I'll post some later. I've remarked the 6 week spot on my calendar. Let the healing begin... again!

Some photos are the revision

Just putting a couple of pics up for other girls I guess to see if they are looking like this then its normal because others are too...I am so swollen this time round, and its bleeding lots, and there is a big purple bruised section... so yeah - pretty scary looking! I've texted my clinic after hours number a photo and they say it's normal discolouration for this stage of healing..

4 weeks post original op, 2 weeks post revision

So 2 weeks after my surprise revision surgery and most of the swelling has gone down and I've had the second round of stitches out.
Not sure how I feel about the revision. Although the sides are more even I now have a weird big chunk missing out of one side. I know its only 2 weeks post revision so the results won't be final yet but I can't imagine skin growing back and filling that chunk in so I'm not really hopeful that is going away.
Although I've only had nurses look at me and they reassure me everything is fine, I think I've had a bit of a botched job. since they were telling me everything was fine last time and then I needed the revsion so I don't really trust them.
I'm still happier than I was before the surgery so I'm just trying to remember that. I will post some more pics in a month or so but for now my overall feelings are I'm glad I've had the surgery but do feel pretty let down by the amount of customer service received from my doctor. I've only had check ups from nurses never Georgina herself and no one wants to ever admit any fault even though I really do think there's been some mistakes made. I asked my nurse about the chunk missing and she recommended I pay for some laser treatment (apx $350) to even the skin and scarring out. But for me another round of needles and pain isn't really something I could consider right now so I'm just going to wait a few months and see how everything turns out.

Girls considering this surgery - obviously you have your reasons and are obviously unhappy with how you look but yeah I guess look at my results and make sure its something you would be happy with before making your decision. I think the dove technique Georgina uses is good compared to the wedge or trim method but obviously still has risks of uneven results. Feel free to ask me any questions I'm happy to help and offer advice! :)

First run post op!

I think I am nearly 6 weeks post the original surgery and 3 weeks past the revision and I did my first 5km run today and it was amazing! Well actually it was really hard and a bit of a struggle but so glad to be exercising again! I am finally at the stage where I don't think about down there anymore, no more itching, no pain, nothing! So happy to finally be running again. I didn't get to go in for my 6 week check up because my doctor unavailable for a couple of weeks, so I won't be seeing her till the 8 week mark. I still have that weird bit missing out of one side, but it's not causing me any pain, it just looks kinda bad. But maybe only to me because Im looking at it every day and focusing on that one part. Still hopeful as the skin heals it will smooth out a bit. Anyway so glad to get to this point, in those first few weeks it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but I'm finally there! :)

photo Update

Just posting some updated pics for those who have asked :)
I think I'm around 2 months since my original op. I'm riding a bike again and have had sex all with no problems. Did not notice any amazing improvement in the sensation of the sex but could of been coz the guy was pretty hopeless lol. Have to say I still wasn't comfortable to have him look/go down there with lights on since now I'm self conscious of the weird missing bits where my incision lines were. I'm not sure if that's something I'll ever get over but hopefully. On the plus side I have no more itchcing or pain and am happy to be riding my bike again.
Georgina Konrat

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