Tummy Tuck, Lipo of Flanks and Hips in Australia. Brisbane, AU

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Hi there girls! I'm due to go into surgery on the...

Hi there girls! I'm due to go into surgery on the 26th nov. Feeling excited and nervous. I recently went for an appointment with my surgeon and he said he would throw in fat transfer to my butt seeing a as I will be getting lipo and the fat will be there..why not put it in the right place for the right curves? Well..this was something I was not prepared for..I hope I won't regret it as I have heard it's very painful..any advise or comments? I have organised plenty of time off work. I have vitamin C, magnesium, arnica, pillows a plenty...what else? I am full of hopes and dreams of a low scar, easy recovery and hot new bod!

I did it!

The op seemed to go well..I stayed overnight in hospital and let me tell you the pain of moving or coughing was excruciating !! A ripping feeling right in the core. I'm now at home,2 days post op in my rented hospital bed watching greys anatomy and feeling pretty good. I've had diareah since last night and still have drain in. I haven't been able to take a pic yet as I'm all bound up and it's too hard to get it all off..but I'll post them soon!

6 days post op

10 days post op

Feeling like a stranger in my own body. Swelling as I've never experienced. My diaphragm feels as tight as a fist and I still can't straighten. My hips and back are bruised and sore and it's a mission to get comfortable. But-I'm improving each day,sleeping well and generally doing well. Got my drain out this arvy. Nurse said all looks well.

12 days post op

Hoping my BB heals up soon..seems to be getting worse.

Infected BB

Awoke this morn and found my BB had worsened during the night so sent a pic to PS and he confirmed infection. Back on anti biotics..bugger!!

4 weeks today

At 4 wks I am still stiff and a bit sore. Unable to arch my back and still can't comfortably sit cross legged..(my hips are so stiff since the op). Still can't fit into my usual pants, and my belly button is STILL manky! Taking forever to heal. However, I am improving each day and I am still taking it easy and being patient.
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