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I have being considering a TT for quite some years...

I have being considering a TT for quite some years now but always made excuses not to do it, weather it was money , can't get time off of work or a planned holiday around the corner.
I'm 50 years old and 5 ft tall and currently sitting at 55kg. I had two emergency c sections in my twenties and was left with the apron that hangs over your undies. With my weight fluctuation of the years I have also been left with lose skin.
I have my first consult with a PS on 22 June to get a professional opinion. Although I will be waiting at least 11 months before I actually have the procedure. I'm at at the healthiest I have being in years physical and emotional so I want to be sure I can keep weight in this healthy range.
Wish me luck ????

Insight to me..

After reading a lot of other people's stories, and I mean a lot..I enjoy seeing the before and after photos so I thought I would let you in on what I have done to lead up to the decision I made to have a tummy tuck. The before photos were of me August 2015 , weighing in at about 70kg that's when I decided I needed to get into the best shape I can but more so I need something that is realistic for me to maintain. I have no excuses any more . I have all the time in the world to exercise, (I'm retired ) and more importantly I have spent years of educating myself on good nutrition so now to put it all into practice for the rest of my life. I'm not having this surgery to get rid of fat but just to remove the excess skin and fat that I can't from diet and exercise , you can only diet and exercise so much and I'm sure you ladies know what I'm taking about. The after photos Now 9 months down the track I'm weighing in at 55kg. Don't think this was easy with hiring myself a personal trainer and changing some bad habits like a glass of wine every night to only drinking on special occasions now. Also I always exercised , step classes, pump classes, fat burn classes but not lifting heavy weights in the gym which made all the difference , doesn't hurt having a trainer telling to to work harder. As you can see in the after photos although I have lost weight and toned up I still have the tummy rolls that look horrible in my beautiful dresses and by the way I have spanks on too.
That's all for now..

Breast Lift

Hi ladies, what do you think? Iam going to get the PS to quote me on a breast lift as well as a tummy tuck. Anybody out there recommend it? I don't think I need implants.

1st Doctors Appointment

Hello everybody,
Well i had my 1st doctors appointment yesterday June 22nd. I went in there feeling excited and a little nervous, but come out feeling deflated and a little teary.
Dr Kane is a wonderful, down to earth Aussie Surgeon i felt comfortable with him straight away. We started with routine questions (name, address, phone no, date of birth and what i was wanting exactly) thats when he started telling me that i was in fantastic condition for my age (50) . He looked at my belly and breast than procedure to tell me that my muscles were in great shape due to all the exercise i do. He then said i could have a tummytuck to fix the apron hang over but medicare WONT cover it anymore because i have no medical problem. Well all i could see were $$$$$with shock on my face. Apartently our goverment stoped covering tummytucks last December 2015.
Anyway we moved onto the breast and i knew i needed a lift but he also recommended a reduction as well, iam about a E cup. Which medicare covers.
So i walked in there wanting the tummy done and walked out being told i need the boobs done.
3 hours later i received the quote via email and it looks like if i go ahead with TT,BR and BL i will be out of pocket approximately $17,000.00.
Iam still trying to get my head around this figure..
Asking myself questions like,"am i worth it", "am i being selfish",...
I know i have made my mind up to go ahead with it and i do have till next May 2017 to save the money...but i will be giving up a few little luxuries.
I think i just needed to vent my frustration about our goverment..
I thought i would be out of pocket about $7000 not $17,000.
This includes private health cover which doesn't kick in till next May 2017.

Booked in...

A quick update just to keep track for future reference, i paid the booking fee of $250 on the 21st of July 2016. I have my pre op appointment date on the 3rd of April 2017 and my surgery date on the 3rd of may 2017. No photos to show atm because nothing has changed. I have kept my weight the same but gained a little more muscle and I'm feeling fantastic until i look in the mirror naked ???? 10 months can not come around quick enough.. thanks for the support ladies x

Nov 2016

Just a quick update so people's don't think I have dropped off the planet.
Nothing has changed. My weight is still the same but feeling stronger everyday which is what i want so when i go through the surgery i will be at my peak in fitness and health.
I'm looking forward to next may and can't stop thinking about it.
Keep strong my TT friends.

Pre Op Appointment

I had my pre op appointment yesterday 3rd April 2017, for my tummy tuck and breast reduction and went through all my questions with the surgeon and then signed the consent form.

I was very happy with all the answers and i got him to draw lines on me were the incisions are going to be.

I'm feeling good about it all just a little anxious and Cant wait for it to done.

Now just to sit back and and wait till opetation day 3rd May 2017.

Starting to prepare

I went shopping today to gather a few things.
Cotton singlets

5 days to go !!!

Not long now...
I picked up my Compression garments last Saturday. The lady measured me up for my bra (BR) and tummy (TT) and it was less stressful then I thought.
I have a wonderful friend that is a nurse and she has supplied me with tape for my wounds.
I have started to pack for hospital and and cant help but think I am forgetting something. My husband keeps reminding me he will be there everyday so he can bring it up . I just like to be super organised.
I also have been fighting off a slight sore throat before it turns into a full blown cold, I'm alredy on bed
If anybody has any last minute suggestions please send me a reply..

4 Days to go....

Just to recap , I am having BR and TT and have been planning this for 1 year now. UP until now everything has been going smoothly but today I received a phone call. My private health cover will NOT cover it now. So the story goes that they will cover the BR but not the TT, now I knew this so i was only claiming for the BR but what i didn't know is that they won't cover the BR if i get the TT done at the same time. So what the outcome is that i will be having the BR on the 3rd May ( covered by health insurance) and
the TT on the 15th June(not covered).
My health insurance will only cover BR because its medical needed , not tummy tuck because that is cosmetic . So i will be at least another $5000 out of pocket but after a little melt down and then a couple of wines I am ok with this because no matter what Iam definitely going through with both...
How does the saying go,"bank has heaps of money"...

Night before BR surgery

Its the 2nd of May the night before Breast Reduction surgery. Iam currently a 34F or 12F and hopefully be going down to a 34D or 12D.
I am very excited ATM and not nervous at all but lets see what the morning brings. I start to fast a 5am and operation time is about 1pm.
I feel totally prepared. I spent the day cleaning the house , shopping and walking and washing the dog.
I feel very relaxed.
Wish me luck ...

Bye bye Boobs

Day 1 Post Op May 4th 2017

I had BR surgery yesterday May3rd about midday. I went in about midday and it took about 2 hrs. I feel fine i did vomit late yesterday because I drank to much water. I will have more to tell you after the Doctor visits with some better photos.

Day 2 post Op May 5th

I was discharged from hospital late yesterday afternoon and home by 5pm.
Overall it wasn't a bad night , got up every 4 hours and had medication and went to the toilet. If anything i must say the back is the worst from just laying in one position. Getting heaps of help from the hubby so I can just rest.
Dont forget i have only had the BR done. Tummy doesn't get done till 15th June.

Day 3 Post Op 6th May

Had the best night sleep last night but still in the recliner. Only taking Panadene and antibiotics every 6 hours.
Just feeling a little bloated or swollen in upper abdomen but haven't had a BM yet.
Also had my first at home shower absolutely amazing. Changed my crop top so i can wash the post op garment bra. I attached some photos of me in the green crop before surgery and now after surgery.

Day 4 post op 7th May

Not a lot of change today just resting and taking it easy with a few people visting.
Had a very nice shower and my sister washed my hair and now i feel amazing.
Overall barley any pain just a bit of tightness and a tangle every now and then.
No photos today but will try again tomorrow.

Day 5 Post op 8th May

"Happy Birthday to me"
I feel like i have just got over the peak of the mountain as far as recovery is concerned. This is my last day of antibiotics and only taking IB profene for pain which is mainly lower back from sitting and lying.
After my shower this morning i walked around ever so gently moving stuff been very careful not to overstretch my arms and still you end up feeling exhausted.
I suppose its all part of healing.
By the way ladies thank you for giving me the hint of using sanitary pads as padding under my Compression bra, it was a god send.

Day 6 Post op 9th May

Not much to update...
Feeling great doing everything i can to stop myself doing things around the house. Only taking a couple of IB profene.
Eating is back to normal and so are my BM...I will take some more photos tomorrow .

Day 7 Post Op 10th May

It is amazing just how good I feel. No complications at all. Most of the swelling has gone down and only taking the occasional Panadol which is mostly for the back pain. I was able to spend a whole night in my own bed last night with the help of a few extra pillows.
Finally got out the P.J's today and put a tracksuit on, it felt real good.


4 weeks post surgery

It's been 4 weeks since my breast reduction surgery and I'm feeling fantastic. I know I haven't been on this site for a week or so because when they talk about the little bit of depression it is very real I think mostly because I am house bound and nothing to do and everytime I try to even do a little bit of housework I get in trouble from the family.
I have only recently just started walking the small dog again which makes me feel a lot better to get out the house and get fresh air and sunlight.
You will notice in one of the photos that I have posted of me wearing a white and blue top this is the first time in my life I have been able to wear a strapless bra don't worry I didn't have it on for long I was just seeing how it would look.

5 weeks post op

Yesterday the 7th of June I had my pre op appointment for my tummy tuck but of course well I was there the surgeon checked on my breast and he was so extremely happy with the Scars and with the healing.
I always walk away from speaking to this surgeon feeling on top of the world. He always at the end of the appointment wants to make sure that I'm mentally feeling ok about myself not just about his work but if I'm feeling good about my self esteem .
"Best Doctor ever "
I am booked in next week on the 15th of June for my tummy tuck so I will comment next week and then hopefully have some new photos to show you.

2 sleeps to go !!!!!

2 sleeps to go till my TT on Thursday 15th June.
I am feeling very excited not nervous at all. I think its because I have been through this process with my BR 6 weeks ago. I am looking forward to seeing some good results.
I have posted some before photos.
Wish me luck...

Tummy tuck

Hi ladies I know it's been a few days but it's taken me this long to be able to be lucid enough to put something into text for you. I had my tummy tuck done on Thursday the 15th of June and it is now Monday the 19th and I've just hit a point where I can actually sit up talk properly, yes it is been very rough the problem was the meds they put me on did not agree so I had a lot of nausea and itching.
I can say I am on the mend today and if it wasn't for my hubby I probably wouldn't be at home I would still be in hospital I came home from hospital on Saturday with one drain in and as of today I am still draining 20 mls I am keeping in touch with my surgeon and I will be going back to his office to have it taken out this week other than that I am doing a lot better and I'll post a couple of photos.

First look...

Today is the 20th of June and I went to see my surgeon today and he removed my second drain. It does feel great not to have the drains in anymore but I still feel a little fragile but it's has not even been a week yet so give me a couple of more weeks to rest up and I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say.

2 weeks post tummy tuck

It's amazing how far you can come in two weeks. After the first week I thought I wouldn't even be able to get out of bed again but now things have changed, got energy back and I actually feel like I can get up and do a few things but bearing in mind I'm still not going to overdo it.
I have stoped taking all pain killers and just use rest when I feel a little sore.
I just had my 2 week check up with the surgeon and he is more then happy with my healing progress. I go back to see him in 4 weeks.
I have to say I am very happy with the results but this sitting around and not being able to excise for the last 7 weeks and still for another 4 weeks is making the rest of my body go to mush.
Back to the gym in August.

3 weeks post tummy tuck

I am starting to feel like i can do more like start walking the dog and cleaning the house so I would say I am definitely on the mend.
The photos I attached are of my first night out since my surgery.

5 weeks post op

It has been 5 weeks since the tummy tuck and I feel amazing. I feel like I am just about back to normal and ready to get in to the gym and other exercises.
Concentrating on eating healthy and just doing 5K walks at the moment.
I went shopping today and I wore my active gear and it felt so good not to see the big belly bulge. Once upon a time I would not even of thought of wearing something like that to go food shopping .

Before and After

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