42 Year Old Brisbane Mum, Wanting Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and Reduction and Lipo to Thighs - Brisbane, AU

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Still early days as I just had my first consult...

Still early days as I just had my first consult today with Dr Andrew Broadhurst. Have one tomorrow with Dr Eddie Cheng and then another in February with Dr Lily Vrtik.
I only had an initial consult today. I was impressed by Dr Broadhurst. He is very professional and detailed with his explanations. It was confronting to strip off in front of a stranger and have him inspect my body so intently, but that is more to do with my insecurities than his manner.
He gave me a lot of information which I appreciated. As I am still in the process of losing weight he was quite persistent that I should wait to lose as much as possible and explained in thorough detail why this would provide a better result and be safer. He suggested I should aim to lose another 20 kg (I've lost 10 so far).
I have 2 more consults to go, but so far I am very happy with Dr Broadhurst and would certainly consider choosing him

2nd consult completed - this one was with Dr Cheng

So I met with Dr Cheng today. His offices were beautiful - very modern and stylish. The reception staff were exceptionally friendly too which was welcoming.
Dr Cheng was very cheerful (smile constantly!) and enthusiastic. He touched me a lot more than Dr Broadhurst yesterday. Grabbed handfuls of skin, pushed and prodded, manipulated my breasts around etc. It wasn't as confronting as that sounds though, he was very clinical in the way he did it, which actually put me more at ease. He seemed to want to get a really good look at my tummy and breast to determine the best suggestions etc.
Overall I found him really pleasant and would consider going with him, however he is insisting that he would do the TT and Breast Reduction separately which I really don't want. He says that the the risk of bad scarring on the breasts is increased due to the pressure of the tummy tuck pulling downwards and never does them combined. I understand what he is saying, although Dr Broadhurst yesterday insisted that he doesn't believe that is an issue.
I really want the 2 procedures done together so there is one recovery time and obviously less expense with the hospital bills etc.
It was great to get another point of view though. He reiterated that I should lose 20kgs more before considering the surgery.
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