Liposuction - Upper & Lower Abdomen, Hips, Back & Inner Thighs

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I booked in my liposuction appointment today! I'm...

I booked in my liposuction appointment today! I'm seeing Dr Chen @ Ashbury Cosmetic Clinic in Brisbane. I've always, ALWAYS been uncomfortable with the way my body looks - especially my tummy and hips. I've lost about 20kg and maintained that for 3-4 years now, and I'm ready to do what I need to do to love my body for the first time ever.

I had Dr Chen recommended by a friend who went there in December last year. That and all the reviews online, plus the consultation I with him have me feeling pretty confident and excited about this. I'm getting it done on a Wednesday and I plan to go back to work on the following Monday, I work at a computer all day so I am hoping I will be able to cope ok.

1 day post surgery

Yesterday was the surgery! I went along at 7.30am and was signed in by the RN, signed all the forms etc. and they gave me 10mg valium, got me into my lovely rear-open gown and booties, and tucked me on the bed to nap while they got all set up.

I think around 9.30am Dr Chen came in, talked me through the procedure and took some before photos. (when I go in on Saturday for the first checkup I'll grab copies for a before and after!)

I walked into the operating room, and got undressed - they warmed up the betadine wash before applying it to me, which was a nice touch. Then I lay down, they popped in the line for the meds, and started dosing me up. I got nice and drowsy while they chatted away, not sure how long it took before they started the procedure.

I remember a bit but not much. Mostly the pressure and kind of scrunchy feeling of the fat being broken up and mixed in with the anaesthetic solution they pumped into me. Occasionally it hurt and I wasn't really able to communicate other than groaning a bit, but when I did groan from pain the Dr would move on to a different spot while that painful bit calmed down a bit.

I remember the nurse saying at one point that I was quite a good patient so I must have been behaving well and lying still :)

A bit later I came to and it was just me and the RN in the room. She rolled me onto each side and helped clean up some of the leakage - apparently it was like a tap coming out of my back incisions, better out than in I suppose. She got me into my garment - that crotchless look is so hot (NOT - haha!) and a very comfortable bra which I think is the kind they give to breast implant patients, anyway, I'm thrilled to have it as it's amazing comfy to sleep in.

After a cup of tea and some cookies and a chat with my friend and the RN I was off home. Really leaking a lot, I've been through 3 changes of clothes so far but since waking up around 5am today I seem to have stopped leaking - still going to be sitting and lying on the plastic and towels until I can be totally sure though.

I am just DELIGHTED with how my body looks so far, even in this garment. I was a bit naughty and tried on some of my "skinny" clothes this morning - clothes I'd bought thinking I'll lose weight into them and never did, because it was the shape, not the weight that made them look not so good. They look AWESOME and I can't wait until I'm out of the garment and not so swollen and can wear these clothes for real! I also can't wait to go shopping for a new wardrobe...

Today, I'm feeling really good - stiff and a bit sore but I'm pretty mobile. Bending over is a no go but I can squat down to feed the cats and sitting on the toilet is no trouble for me at all, even though I did get my thighs done. I'm going to go for a gentle walk later today with a friend's assistance (in case anything goes wrong) to keep my mobility up. Overall, really really happy with how this has gone.
Dr James Chen

Dr Chen clearly has quite a lot of experience at liposuction and made me feel comfortable and confident that he could do a good job.

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