28yrs Old. 70kg, 178cm.. Lipo to Upper and Lower Abdomen and Flanks - Brisbane, AU

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Hi all :) I've been stalking this site for quite...

Hi all :)

I've been stalking this site for quite some time now and I just decided to bite the bullet and go for Lipo. I had a consultation at 18, but I couldn't afford it back then. Now I'm older and have a bit of savings I've decided it's my time.

I'm very Apple shaped and have spent all of my life feeling misshapen. Even as a child my mother had problems finding me clothes. I have 36in legs, no ass and go wide around my flanks and abdomen. I live in skater type dresses as finding trousers is a right mission. I look boxy and weird in them anyway. I simply can't wait to feel 'normal.' I can't wait to not stress to the point of tears sometimes every time I step foot in a clothes shop or a supermarket. I do try to watch what I eat(I know a lot about nutrition) and go through periods of hitting it hard at the gym, where I get good results in my arms and legs but not a stitch in my torso, it's incredibly depressing and I end up giving up. I've been a UK size 8, and a UK size 12. I swear the rest of me stayed the same, I only got fatter in my mid section lol. I have no idea what it feels like to not worry about my middle....urgh I CANT WAIT till it's just off of me!

I've done my research and a few arrows pointed to a Dr James Chen, of the Ashbury clinic in Brisbane. I met with him for a consult 7 weeks ago and I liked his mannerisms. He's very friendly and I felt instantly at ease. Most other places I contacted tried to get me to go with either Vaser or Laser Lipo and I know through serious research that it really isn't any better than the traditional method. Not for someone of my age anyway. One clinic atually kept contacting me to persuade me to spend an extra $3000 for Vaser and were trying to tell me that the tradition method had poor results! Needless to say I'll be giving them a wide berth. I really liked Dr Chen as he told me from the off that it wasn't nescessary for me to fork out more down on Laser, so that made me decide on him, he seems honest. He did try to persuade me to get my inner thighs done also, but I'm thinking he knew that I would see maximum results that way, as I do want them done too but unfortunately I can't afford it.

Call me old fashioned, but I think that a surgical procedure shouldn't be sold to you, it's invasive... I'm not buying a sofa.

Anyway after consult I got all booked in. It was an 11 week wait but after I got my bloods and everything done a few weeks afterwards they called me to after me a cancellation slot. So that was last Tuesday...and my surgery is tomorrow! I'll keep updating this with my experience

I have a confession that I've spent this last week eating junk food. I feel like that was a silly thing to do but my god it was amazing

Ok.. pre procedure

Ok. I feel I done everything that was asked of me beforehand. Nil by mouth, including water, after 1.30am on the day and no smoking or drinking caffeine by 7.30 the night before. I washed at night then again in the morning with antibacterial body wash.

This morning I was late, forgot how ridiculous Brisbane traffic is! I was supposed to be there at 7.30 and I swagged in at 10 to 8, urgh. They were all ok about it, my nerves were shot though, I hate being late. Apart form that I wasn't nervous at all about it. The receptionist was just lovely :)

I got taken through to an office area with a bed in it and all my pre op literature was went through and signed. The nurse was called Maureen, we were having a chat at how we have the same body shape and just having banter. I get nervous in silence so that helped.. I was then given 10mg of diazepam which also helped ;) I was then put in sexiest gstring and gown you've ever seen, ha ha. I curled up and had a nap on the bed.

Dr Chen came in about 9.20 ish? Had a chat, marked me up and took some pre photos for his own records. I was then taken through to the theatre room. I made sure I had a pee first as that would be awkward needing one mid op I reckon. He washed me down with betadine and then got me to lie on the bed. It took a while to get me medicated to the point of fully out if it before he could start. I got a needle in my wrist that the twiglight meds were put into and then I remember him inserting the tumescent fluid. I'm not gonna lie that stung like a bitch but it passed quickly, and as the meds were kicking in more I generally didn't care. He then started the suction which I can't remember at the start but I remember one point lifting my head and watching him. I'm interested in that sort of stuff so it was fascinating. He asked the nurse to give me more meds at this point. I remember my arms being tied down, I think it's to stop you sitting right up...as I was obviously attempting to do. I remember being asked to move during it and a point at the end it was hurting as he was suctioning on one tiny area right in the centre but this is all I remember. May I add it was hurting but not horribly.. Kind of light a tight pulling. It wasn't a horrible experience and at this stage I feel I'd do it again :) I was helped into my garment after the nurse put some dressings over the cuts. She put on some mepore type tape over the incisions then some large absorbent pads. Then the compression garment.

Afterwards I was taken to a recliner chair and they called my friend to collect me. They give you cheese and crackers and a cup of tea normally but the lovely lady brought me through some CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE too. I swear that alone was worth the cash ????

This might not make sense as I'm still kind of out of it, I never realised how much until I just now realised I can't really remember my friend taking me home...

Same day post op

I came home and had a nap. They give you a plastic sheet for your bed and extra pads for the wound sites but I had already set up my bed with puppy training pads... so glad I did because I had lots of leakage, especially on my left side. The garment is made of neoprene, the stuff dive suits are made from, so you're left feeling comfortable and not soaked through... however the pads under the suit were soaking so I couldn't bear it any more and changed them all. At this point I'd say I was defo still numbed by the tumescent fluid so it wasn't sore. Just messy. I had on 3 nighties in 2 hours and i soaked them through, on my left side especially. I'm starting to think I fell asleep on that side.

As for how I feel... pretty damned good. I've been for a walk around, cooked a hearty dinner and done a wash load. It feels tight and slightly stingy, like doing too many sit ups. I took my antibiotic and decided to take 1 codeine phosphate tablet, just incase the pain kicked in later. But I generally feel great considering. Let's hope it lasts.

Now my nose got the better of me. I had to have a gander at it so I took the garment off my torso area to have a better look. I probably shouldn't have done that as I swear I started to swell instantly. I had noticed an improvement on leaving the clinic and was elated. I'll admit seeing the garment off and seeing my tummy I felt a bit disheartened, so I'm hoping it's just swelling. I'm not expecting miracles, I know I'll never have a flat tummy so I should just be patient

My flanks however... I'm in love. No more large weird slabs of meat hanging from my back. I'm so excited to see the finished product. I am concerned about the shape of the garment, it's bending at the sides where the zips are. I hope that doesn't leave a ridge.

Im now in bed, I've taken my antibiotics as prescribed and im feeling that it's starting to get more uncomfortable, like I'm bruised so I've taken 2 of the painkillers. They make me drowsy so hopefully I'll sleep soundly tonight. I'll post more pics etc tomorrow.

Missed a photo

Day 1 post op

Ok after not being able to sleep last night, think because of the fact I slept all day, I just went ahead and had the prescribed 2 painkillers together. I slept like a log. These thing are good ;)

At first when I woke up I felt very sore. I had leaked a little but nothing like before. I decided to just jump up and get moving. After a minute or so it started to ease and I wasn't so stiff. I had my antibiotic, started my course of cortisone steriod and 1 painkiller. I then lay back down and read for a bit. Lying on my sides feels weird. It's painful but numb. I feel like I shouldn't be doing it but I force myself to. After a bit it stops feeling so odd. It's a hard feeling to describe. Throughout this nothing has been excruciating. I've had my odd moment of "ow" but nothing I'd cry over

Shower time! my dear friend came round to help me have a shower. I washed my garment in the shower after taking it off and she dried it with the hairdryer while I had a long soak. I was afraid of getting back into it as I've read so many times on here that people really struggle at this point but it wasn't terrible. I admit it was sore but I have a high pain threshold anyway. I recommend if any of you do it to take your painkillers 30 mins before hand. Mine had likely worn off by then. It took about 5 mins with Jenna's help. So that's another worry out my mind.

I've posted more pics. At the minute I feel ok. Been hoovering and washing etc again. It feels good to walk about. Going to try the gym tomorrow, just a walk on the treadmill. I want to go for a walk today but I'm afraid I get a distance away and something happens. dunno what could happen but ya never know

Overall I'm feeling good. Bruising is so minimal, just under my belly button. My stomach is like jelly with my garment off and it's all numb. I can't describe it. It's just odd

Day 3

I wrote an update yesterday but I forgot to save it. Whoops

Yesterday was my sorest day but still manageable, however I have ballooned. I'm so swollen. The ridge on my garment is giving me a horrible line on my tummy. Instead of it being smooth it's all ridged. Yuck. I went to the gym last night and walked 3k on the treadmill at a slight incline, just trying to move the fluid collected around my middle. I've also been adding salt to my food, that'll be making me retain fluid, I should know better than that, so no more salt! Took 2 painkillers to sleep again. ill miss them :D

I had my post op appt with dr Chen today. He was his usual nice and cheery. I had read on here that people got lyofoam or whatever it's called under their garment for a smoother line, to stop the ridging. I think they forgot to give me it at the clinic because he assumed I had it. He's saying that my garment isn't the best fitting and that because I'm generally slim I can get away with just a pair of spanx type things. I'm a bit annoyed that I spent 130 on a garment that is bending but he says it's a medical one and the one you're supposed to get. It comes with removable straps to keep it held up but I reckon one with built on straps would've been better. But I dunno if there's such a thing? Who knows, all I know is I'm glad I'm allowed to wear a more comfortable garment

He told me he took out 2.5ltr of fat. That's crazy! I'm unsure if that included the tumescent fluid but still that's a lot of fat for just a tummy and love handles. I looked it up and 1kg of fat = 1.03ltrs or something. I read somewhere that 1lb of fat is the same mass as 8 sausages. I've had a lot of sausages removed!!

I'll get some photos up either tonight or tomorrow, I'm in bed and not planning on moving. I'm premenstrual so I generally find it hard to get out of bed on these days as it is. I have a valid excuse this time

Photos before shower. Day 3

Meant to use this photo

Swelling more. Day 5

Ok so today is probably my sorest day, but it's a different pain. Like burning. It's still manageable. I'm sleeping like 12 hours a night atm. Sleeping's healing and all that. I'm swelling, wearing both garments. But I tried on a dress today that I'd never thought that I'd wear. Very happy. Started rollering today. Feels odd.

5 days

Fed up

I thought i was healing well initially then I feel like I've been set back.

I had a massage last week and then went to the gym. After it I was incredibly swollen. I've been swollen ever since. I maybe done too much at the gym or it was the massage that done it.

I'm also worried that my tummy didn't get enough fat taken from it? It's never been flat and now it's just as big as it was before. I'm worried that I'm not going to get good results. Has anyone got any advice in that? did anyone think the same and then they did go flat? Any advice would be great. I feel really bummed about it.
I just took these photos today. The garments are becoming boring too. So uncomfortable.

Wee update

So over the past few days ive been feeling bummed out but ive got a bad virus so ive snapped myself out of it. Im hoping im just swollen. Ive phined to get an appt with dr chen for a follow up, just for peace of mind about my tummy. They didnt offer me a follow up appointment initially but the woman told me that they play it by ear and discuss this when i go in for the massages, ive not been going in for them as ive had no money. I went back to work on Tuesday just to get sent home as I was really ill. I couldn't have timed it any better :(
Uploaded more pics and I'll update after my appt when i get one

Photo update

Just over 6 weeks

I've been getting G5 massages X2 a week. I should've been going in for them from a week after surgery but I had a 2 week gap of getting none after my first one. I've been up and down with my swelling and the girls in the clinic think I've got scar tissue formation in my tummy because it's really hard, so I've got an appt with doctor Chen this week to see what to do. The girls Kelli and Katrina at the clinic have been going to town with the machine trying to get my hardness away, I'm not gonna lie it's been painful and I swell up after it but it's definitely helped. I was upset for a while thinking it wasn't working and the girls have been great at reassuring me it'll be ok. I never massaged enough myself and never went for the massages when I was supposed to so please don't make my mistake people :)

I've been back to work for the past 3 weeks and I can't wear anything to compress me while there so that's been setting me back. I actually had a couple of days where I never wore anything because I'm sick of the bodysuit and I ballooned right up so it'll be a while before I can go pressure free I think. I bought myself a waist trainer as the other things I wear include either shorts or pants. I got it in my size and not too small as I want it for compression and not to give me a tiny waist. It's incredibly comfortable

I'm sore in my tummy and flanks, numbness has almost gone but some areas are still feeling funny. I can't run as it hurts in my flanks!

I've not been to the gym for 5 weeks, I'm so out the loop of exercising that I just need to give myself that first push to get in there.



I'm a few months gone now. Stopped wearing garments ages ago. Pains in my sides sometimes and my flanks are really itchy half the time! It's annoying. This only started recently so I'm sure it'll pass. Think I'm lucky I haven't had it throughout.
I went to see the doc. I'm annoyed about the shape of my tummy. It looks weird. Chen advised I lose more weight to sort it out and I won't see real results for up to 8 months. I've controlled my eating a bit and have lost weight. I will go go back to him in a few months if my stomach doesn't even out
Overall I'm happy. My flanks are amazing. He's done a great job

Funny tummy

Anyone got any advice on the shape of my tummy? I'm not a fan of it. Is it there to stay? I don't seem to swell much any more
Dr James Chen

I find Dr Chen to be very nice. I chose him due to seeing good reviews on him other places. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Every time i seen him while I was getting massages he'd call me by my name and ask me how I was. He must see tens of people a day so its good to know he puts time into remembering us all. His staff at the Mt Gravatt office are just delicious. Fantastic ladies who I'd recommend getting your non invasive treatments from They also give you courtesy calls the day before appointments as a reminder. This was invaluable to a scatter brain like myself

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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