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A bit of background first, when i was 11 i first...

A bit of background first, when i was 11 i first recieved a spacer to widen my jaw, which then lead to the removal of four of my adult molars and then when i was 12 i was given braces which i wore for the following 2 years. Its been about 10 years since i had my braces removed, i was given no follow up instructions besides to wear the plastic retainer for two years before being able to discard it completely (which is exactly what i did) Many of my friend who recieved braces two or so years after me where fitted with a permenant metal retainer behind the lower and upper teeth.

About two years ago ( 8 years after braces where removed) i started noticing a minor gaps developing between a couple of my teeth, initially this didn't bother me until it was becoming noticeable in photographs. This is where my invisalign journey began, I consulted with various invisalign specialists and then decided on a doctor.

The initial consultation was free & without obligation, the only requirement was that I needed to bring an X-ray of my mouth into the consultation. I took about three weeks to get in for my free consultation. After giving me a rundown of the pricing structure and extras, the dental nurses then took photos of my teeth, smiling and from the side, mouth open & closed. They informed me they would get back to me with an outcome for what price bracket I would fit in to.

Within 3 business days the dentist had got back to me with the results informing me that I would be eligible for invisalign light (14 retainers or less). I then went into the office to sign all the paper work and organize my financing (which worked out to be $80 per week for a little over a year). Now for the fun part, they tooth by tooth scanning which was quite tedious as I have quite a small mouth ( something that invisalign will help rectify). This photo imaging created a 3D digital model of my teeth that was then sent away to America where they make all the hard decision. After four long weeks I was sent a really cool before and after image of my teeth, I gave the go ahead ( if your not happy with the after image you can ask them to change your treatment).

Two weeks after giving them the all clear I went in for my fitting! I wasn't at all nervous until I got in there, and that's when I felt myself wondering whether I could actually do this for the next how ever many weeks (still wasnt sure how long I would have them on for). Turns out I was given 14 retainers equating to 28 long weeks. However this is nothing compared to the previous pain and suffering I have been through at the the hands of orthodontists. At my fitting I had four attachment placed on my teeth, at about the halfway point. The most shocking part was probably when they filed a .3mm gap between my two front teeth ( I did in fact shed a tear), I knew there was sme filing involved to get my teeth to sit flush together but my front teeth! In hindsight it's really not a big deal, I'm really the only person who can notice.

After everything was fitted they popped ( literally makes a popping noise) my retainers in and then taught me exactly how to take them in and out. There was a look of stretching and pulling at my mouth and a little bit of drool but I got there in the end. they gave me all 14 retainers to take home (which I thought was weird) but they are just sitting safe and sound inside my cupboard. I also received some oral hygiene product ps and two retainer cases.

Day One:
The lysp was awful, I sounded ridiculous, i also felt like everyone was staring at my mouth. I am a huge huge snacker, and I found myself starving! Taking the retainer in and out and briushing it and brushing your teeth is a big pain in the rear.

Day Three:
After contempleting the next 28 weeks of my life and thinking what a living nightmare it was going to be I returned to the dentist to purchase a product that they had mentioned called acceladent (google it, its to long and detailed to explain) basically it uses vibrations to increase the speed at which your bones form. This is turn means I can now change my retainers ever 10 days rather than every 14, and therefore shaving a whopping 56 days off my treatment which is well worth the $1100 I paid for the machine. you use the machine 20 minutes a day for the entirety of your treatment.

I'm now onto my second retainer and I hardly notice it anymore!

I shall keep you posted
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