Finally Doing It!! Getting Breast Implants - Brisbane, AU

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Hi everyone. I have been considering a breast...

Hi everyone.
I have been considering a breast augmentation since I was a teen. I fell pregnancy very young and had my 1st daughter at 16yrs of age. I was chubby/large I'm only 5ft 3 and I weighed 89kg (196lbs) after her and I only had a C cup. I lost 34kg in 2yrs and ended up at 55kg (121kg) and was around a large B cup small C or a C-D for pushups. (32-34 B-C cup) I then fell pregnant at 19 with our 2nd daughter. my boobs grew like crazy!! I was a 12E!! (34E) I didn't gain as much weight with my 2nd. after my milk came in the E bra was way to small but I didn't by new one. 

now 8 months after my 2nd I've lost 20kg, currently at 59kg (130lbs) and I have lost all my boobs. they are now a 32-34 A!! if that. but I have a very wide chest plate so the width of A bras do not fit. I'm wearing my old C-D padded bras which do not fit but the width of my breast is comfortable in this size. 

I did not breast feed I expressed for no longer than 1 week. and I am left with nothing. I have no upper fullness but some from the nipples down.
I have a consultation booked for may to choose sizes and get an idea of what we will be looking at. and then I have another $10, 000 to save. I'm 21yrs old this year and my husband's pecks are larger than my boobs. it gets me down. not only can I fit any bras I can't wear most clothes either. I'm nervous as I've never had an operation but I'm very excited and I believe anything will be an improvement. I'm looking forward to a better me! (will upload photos soon my phone won't let me)

Had my consult now saving!!

So, Its been awhile.. Life has been busy!
I have had my consultation awhile ago with Dr Daniel Fleming and I am more then happy to go through with my BA through him.
Talking I felt nervous (I can be shy) And we discussed sizes ect, And I know 100% that im getting furry Brazilian implants under the muscle.. Pretty sure im going for tear drop as I have a wide but shorter chest, and we decided on 375cc's BUT going under the muscle I think I might go to 400cc. Either way im saving alittle more money then going to have another consultation, take a few of my tops with me that I can try on with the implants in the bra to see what I think with them compared to the rest of me.
The implants cost $11,990 through him, but im positive it is well worth the money that's for sure! I will have enough in 1-2 months, but im saving up double the amount, so once I go spend all that money I should have plenty left in savings (don't like to leave myself broke incase life throws something at me)
Im more excited then ever! I wish I could go in tomorrow and get them done, I have waited so long to do this, and the more I think about it, the less nervous I am of getting an operation done. I will try and keep updating this :) Sorry if I forget!
Dr Daniel Fleming

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