23yo Dream Come True - Brisbane, Australia

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So I am a 23 year old Aussie girl at only 155cm ...

So I am a 23 year old Aussie girl at only 155cm (5'1') and 73kgs (160lbs) and still loosing weight. My boobs are a 12F (34F). Just like a lot of other women I developed very young at around 11/12yo and boom I was the short girl with big boobs. That has been my label for as long as I can remember and growing up it really effected my confidence. Living in a beautiful country with the weather and beaches it was hard to enjoy what I am so lucky to have. I had a lot of self hatred and went through emotional eating and gaining weight, becoming reclusive and a home body. Not only is the size unpleasant and the weight painful for my back and shoulders but I also am unlucky enough that I have a condition called cystic acne that has developed in my cleavage because there is not enough air circulation in this hot climate and I am always having painful breakouts so I am hoping that this reduction and some laser treatment (after the surgery) for the scarring will help any future issues. Anyway I suddenly decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and started to become healthy and try (in much pain and discomfort) to exercise as much as possible and investigated a way to fix this major problem I and so many other women have. So for about 6 years now I have wanted to have a reduction and it is finally the time!

Feeling impatient

I love reading every one's story and I truly believe that it is helping me so much. I have a few weeks until surgery and seeing everyones success stories is making me want it done sooner! I love seeing the support of everyone on this site, it is amazing to see! Can not wait to keep you ladies updated as the time comes closer and feeling very excited for all you lovely ladies who have had and will have their surgery's.
Yay to smaller boobies!

Hurry up already

So I have 30 days! I know it will come fast I am just a little impatient. I have my pre op appointment in 2 weeks which I am looking forward to because I am feeling a little anxious about my surgeon and that is mainly because it has been many months since I have seen her and since coming on to this site I have many questions! Will keep you posted after I go and see her :)

Pre op photos

I thought I should put up my photos of my boobies before my surgery since I am feeling very excited and enjoy looking at everyones before and after photo comparisons and so here are my before shots :)

Whirlwind morning

So today I had my pre-op appointment. It went well and I had a lot of questions answered about the procedure but the main thing I am just so ecstatic about is that my operation has been bought forward to next tuesday!!

The reason why this has happened is because I had to change where I was getting my operation so that I would be covered by private health insurance but unfortunately the hospital was booked out until december. My Dr then tells me that she had a cancellation call up yesterday for the morning of 22nd of april and she would be more than happy to do it then. Talk about luck!!

I am so happy and since I have booked in and paid in full my morning has been crazy busy trying to organise earlier time off work and changing my bridge climb and abseil adventure (voucher I got for my birthday) which I am now doing on sunday yay! Also I have just realised that thanks to easter I have two days of work left! OMG so excited!

So that is my good news of the day and I am soon off to use my christmas present of a voucher to get a massage. Talk about a great day!

I just know that the next 6 days are going to be full on trying to organise myself and pack a bag and make sure I have everything ready.

Hope you're all having a lovely day ladies :)

feeling nervous

Here I am just 10.5hrs out from surgery and only just have time to pack my bag and prepare my home and I must say I'm feeling pretty nervous right now! This time tomorrow I will be in the abcd club! I have wanted this for a while so I am already in disbelief that it is happening tomorrow morning. Wish me luck ladies!

Hello new boobies!

I have had my op and apart from a little pain I'm feeling great! I was worried about reacting to the anesthetic but other than feeling a little nauseous and funny when I woke up I had some water and food and now feeling good.

So I went in the surgery room at about 8am and woke up about 11am (it went a lot quicker than I thought). My dr said she took out 1kg in total (I will find out individual breast weight when I see her next) and when I woke I felt an instant lighter feeling on my chest but that was probably just the pain meds haha. I have 2 drains in and im not looking forward to the pain of getting them out. I'm only now starting to feel tired and about to take a nap. I can say I'm so very happy right now and I can tell already that this was the best decision I made :)

First look!

Here is the first look at my new boobies just 24hrs after being done and the dressing just got taken off. I feel weird without the dressing like they aren't attached or something but I'm very happy so far. A little boxy but they will drop nicely I hope. So happy! :)

Still have my drains in and lost about 20ml in each in 24hrs so far. A little bruising around the nipple but the insision so far looks neat. Will take some more close ups after my dr comes to visit


My dr just let me know that I was in surgery for 1hr 45mins and 433g was taken out of my right breast and 537g out of my left breast equalling just under 1kg

Day 2

Here are some close up pictures of my incisions of day 2

Day 3

I forgot to mention I got my drains out yesterday by a training nurse and I didn't feel a thing so I was worried for no reason :)

Today I am feeling more swollen and this sounds disgusting but I haven't gone to the toilet yet despite the prune juice lots of fruit and I have now taken Coloxyl which is a slow laxitive because I just feel so uncomfortable like my tummy is going to explode. Gross I know but it's one thing I was warned about.

I have my dr appointment in a few hrs for my first check up and hopefully it's all good cause I feel like there is an elephant on my chest today. Other than feeling like a balloon I haven't felt much pain at all :)

Day 4

My nurse told me yesterday to stop taking paracetamol-codeine tablets because it was causing the constipation so I now just take 1panadol and 1paracetamol tablet every 4 hrs and it has definitely helped.

Other than that today I went out for a couple hours for lunch with my mum and I am now home completely exhausted. I can't wait until I get my energy back I feel a little hopeless just waiting for time to pass as I get better. I guess I should be enjoying the time off as I will be starting a new job in 4 weeks time!

Day 5

I had a big day today and went out to a small waterfall and sight seeing a little town in the mountains it was lovely so therefore feeling a bit swollen. I'm not tired like I was previously so it's good to see some improvement. I have noticed two unusual round bruises that came from no where, they don't hurt so I will see how they go. Other than that I'm the same it's hard to tell how the incisions are going because the tape covering them will stay there for 6 weeks so all the blood you see is dried under the tape. I can't wait to see when I get the tape off :)

Day 9

It's been a couple days since my last up date but not much has changed.

I had my 1 week post op appointment and I was in there for less than 5 minutes cause everything is all good.

One great thing that happened today is that I got feeling back in my nipples. They were numb until today so I am happy about that.

Other than that my energy is pretty much back to normal and pain is minimal and I'm feeling good, just so sick of sleeping up on 3 or 4 pillows I can't wait to be able to sleep on my side or tummy again!

Question: When did you go back to sleeping on one pillow also when do you think it would be ok to drink alcohol again? I'm no longer on pain killers and the only tablets I take are bromelain. I'm not wanting to get drunk but a couple of glasses of wine with my friends is something I miss.

Day 10

So today when I got out of the shower I noticed a couple of dry spots almost like eczema just were I have been itchy lately. Has anyone else had issues with dry skin after the operation? Ive taken pictures and have applied some vitamin e oil on to it, so hopefully I can try and get rid of it. I've added photo's to keep an eye on it. It was hard to get them to show up on camera.

Day 18

So not much has happened since my last update apart from feeling less swollen and softening. My bruising is practically gone and I've been applying vit e cream to my dry skin. I have found that taking bromelain has made a big difference to the swelling. I still have the same tape on scince my surgery, over my incisions and they are starting to irritate me because they are peeling at the ends and leaving sticky stuff on my skin, also when I take my sports bra off its usually stuck to the tape. Other than that I'm feeling good and I'm on holidays for another week before I start a brand new job which I'm looking forward to but enjoying the rest while I can :)

Day 21

So today marks 3 weeks. It has gone so quickly!
Now today I have realised that as the swelling goes down the more prominent my stretch marks have become. I know I will never get rid of them but I just hope they don't become any more obvious as I'm sure over the next few months they will swell less again and drop a bit more. To be honest that is nothing compared to the joy of having this done. Today is my first day of going without a bra for a couple hours (they are all being washed) and the difference in comfort is insane. I feel so light and just all round comfortable. It feels amazing and liberating!

feeling down

Im feeling a bit down today and the main reason being I've put on about 3kgs since my operation due to no exercise and eating everything in site (I don't have anything to distract me from yummy food also my mum is a bad influence on me with food). I miss doing bootcamps and weights and all the hard stuff and I can feel my body changing, I feel weaker and lethargic I hate it. I know I can't do much for another few weeks but I have started walking for now. So to make myself feel better I decided to do a comparison pic :)

Did anyone else find they put on weight during recovery? Im a little worried about losing weight when I can get back into exercise and it effecting my now perky boobs. I read somewhere that losing a large amount of weight (I'm wanting to lose 15kgs over a 6 to 12 month period) after surgery can make your boobs saggy? I really hope not!

7 weeks

It has been a long long time since I updated but only because nothing new has happened until today. I finally was able to take the tape off! First peek at my scars and I am impressed! They are flat and very fine and straight. So happy! Although I do have dog ears and one nipple is slightly elongated I don't worry too much because it is worth it still.

I will put up images in next few days when I can finally remove all the annoying sticky stuff left over. Also over past couple weeks they have softened up a lot and look very natural and good.

I bought my first wire bra last week which was fun! Only have one so far until I get some time and money to buy more. I am currently a 14DD but I have put on some weight because I use to be a 12. All good because I will change that in the next few months.

Oh and another thing I can finally exercise yay! I have started dancing again and it makes me so happy!

2 months

Hi all, I agree with so many who have had this operation who find it hard to keep updating for so long after the surgery and the reason being that wanting this surgery is because you want to feel normal and not have to think about your boobs all the time and I just don't do it much as I use to, so it makes it hard to come back but I want to so I can help others who were in the same boat. I have uploaded some pics of my scar results. I still have a slight rash left over from the tape that was on and I think I have a suture coming out of my left breast on my nipple so I will keep an eye on that to make sure it doesn't get infected. I purchased some new bras yesterday and I have gone down anothet cup size to 14D yay!


I never thought I would love bras but omg now I do! And I got these ones on sale instead of having to pay big money like I use to have to! Feels amazing!

Comparison Pic

This picture just shows the difference. Wow it really makes you see how bad it was and just reassures the decision :)
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