21 Year Old, No Kids, Wants to Go from E Cup to Large B - Brisbane, AU

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Hi everyone! I'm looking in getting a breast...

Hi everyone!

I'm looking in getting a breast reduction and the posts and blogs form this website have been very helpful, so thank you :)

I'm currently about 5 '9 and 71kgs. I am an E cup and would love to go down to about a B or C (preferably a large B). I've wanted a breast reduction for a long time but I always thought that my breasts would go down if I lost weight. I've recently lost 10kgs and they only went down by about half a cup size. This made me think more about getting a reduction. One of my friends recently got one and it all seems to be going well which encouraged me more. For weeks I've been reading blogs, looking at videos and pictures and researching plastic surgeons. Finally I found a doc who seams to have a good rep and before and after pics. His name is Dr Paul Belt and works in Brisbane, Australia. The earliest consultation I could get is March 4th 2015.

I do want to have kids later in life (about 10 years from now!) so it does worry me that I may not be able to breastfeed. Another worry is that my breasts may enlarge with pregnancy then shrink back down after making them saggy and have the scars of breast reduction! So I started looking into breast reduction by liposuction, thinking that I could get that for now then possibly a full reduction after having children. Unfortunately I do not think that I will be a candidate for this as I have stretch marks on my breasts and they are quite large meaning that the skin may not stretch back properly or lift enough. They may also not get as small as I would like.

I will ask Dr Belt about all of this once I have my consultation and I'm sure that he will be able to shed some light. To be honest I am leaning more towards a traditional anchor breast reduction and just worrying about the rest when the time comes.

Has anyone else had these concerns?

Thanks :)


I'm still kind of worried about BR breasts after pregnancy. Do they get bigger again? Do they shrink after lactating and end up small and saggy with BR scars as well? I definitely want kinds one day but my partner and I are not thinking about it for about 9-10 years. I can't decided if I can put up with these E/F breasts for that long but am also scarred of BR results after pregnancy. Does anyone have any advice or pictures? Thank you :)


Just got a call from the PS office. At first I was worried that my consultation had been moved back but she told me that a space has opened up next Friday! Thats about a month earlier than my consultation is booked for! Problem is I probably won't have it off work because Friday is my first day back after four days off (my friend is visiting from overseas). I'm going into work in a few hours so fingers crossed that I have it off people!

Consultation next week!

So it turns out that I have next Friday lunch off which means I can make my consultation at 2.50! Im hoping it doesn't run overtime as I'll have t work at 5pm. Looking forwards to asking all my burning questions!

The Day of the Consultation!

Hey everyone!

So I went for my consultation a few weeks ago with Dr Paul Belt in Brisbane. I was super nervous and arrived a bit early so after filling in all the forms I sat there nervously for a few minutes before being taken through. Dr Belt was very nice. The first part of the consultation was Dr Belt going over the forms to make sure I was healthy and then he took some pictures and measured my breasts. He told me my right breast is larger and sits lower than my left. he also drew a little dot on each breast, showing where the nipple would sit after the surgery. I was very high! He then sat me down and told me about the procedure. He goes with the conventional anchor technique but there are apparently two ways of approaching it. The first results in boxy looking breasts that will not hold their shape, but they will have less of a chance of losing sensitivity. The second creates a much more natural looking, round breast but has slightly more of a chance of losing sensation. I think I will go with the second option but am worried about losing sensitivity.

When I left I talked to the receptionist about dates. I would love to do the surgery in June or July as it is between uni semesters. This is possible as long as I give them a months notice. I'm happy to go with Dr Belt but everyone is nagging me to see other surgeons to make sure I have made the right choice. I have another consultation on Thursday the 26th with another surgeon so I'll see how that goes!

2nd consultation

So I am currently sitting in a waiting room for an appointment that is an hour late. I'm seeing Dr Simon Rosenburg. It's 5.23pm and all I've had to eat today is a Muesli bar. I went for a walk to get some food and everything was shut! So annoying. Feel like I'm going to puke or faint and I'm still waiting! The receptionist was nice and gave me some crackers and cheese. Just hope I'm not waiting too much longer. Going to eat till I puke later.

Thoughts on 2nd Consultation

So I saw Dr Rosenberg yesterday afternoon. He was running very late because of surgery that went over time. The consultation as very different than the first. It was in a very small room and was very rushed because there were so many people waiting. He seems to have a good track record as he has only had to do 2 revisions in the past 10 years. The main problem for me is that he only does the lollipop technique. This is fine for some people but not for me as I cannot get down to the size that I want. He said He could probably get me down to a C cup but didn't sound too sure, and I was hoping for a B anyway so this doesn't seem good to me. I'm almost certain that I'm going to go with Dr Paul Belt now. I just need to get the time off work!

Surgery Booked!

Ok guys, the time has finally come! The Surgery is booked for July 20th 2015! Slight hiccup with the date however. I did want the 3rd of July meaning my healing time probably wouldn't overlap into uni which starts in August. The receptionist for my surgeon said this date was available but when I called back 3 days later to confirm, she said the Doc was away until July 10th which is a bit annoying. Anyway, don't matter too much. My loan came through today which is also weird. I have $10 000 sitting in my account that I can't touch! Strange. My pre op consultation is in early June ( I think the 5th) so that will be good. Happy days!


It's getting close now! I had my pre-op appointment last Thursday with Dr Belt. All went well. I just had to sign some form to begin with. After that we chatted about how the day of surgery will go. I also showed him some pictures of what I would like, and he said that it looked realistic, which is really good. I told him that I would love to be a B or C cup (no bigger than a C). He made a note of that which is also really good! After the appointment I had a chat with the receptionist (or personal assistant, I'm not sure) and she told me more info about what will happen on surgery day. I arrive at 6.30 am and go into surgery at about 8. Then at about 11am I'll come out of surgery and will probably wake up a few hours after that. Then, once I'm all checked, I can go home! Hopefully it won't be too painful. I'm getting very excited!!!!
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