Depressed and Scared After CC Revision. Not Sure What to Do. Advice Welcome. -Brisbane, AU

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Hi girls, I'd really love some advice from anyone...

Hi girls, I'd really love some advice from anyone who went through an explant. I've hated having implants for a long time now, but didn't really think having them out was an option. After seeing you all and reading your stories, I'm dreaming of doing it too. I just don't know what they're going to look like if I do.

Over the years, I've experienced some upsetting negative comments about my "fake breasts", which made me feel very embarrassed and ashamed. I wish I wasn't a sensitive person and didn't care what people said, but I am. Sadly, it's the reason I got implants to begin with. My mother and friends would tease me about my "little boobs". They made me feel like I was somehow defective and "less than". I was 24 years old when I had the initial surgery and am now 42.

I had CC in both breasts for many years but was too scared to fix them. Finally I got up the courage to have the revision (5 weeks ago), but it didn't go as I planned. I went into surgery thinking they'd be teardrops, only 10% bigger and that the incision would be underneath. Unfortunately, I woke to find they're round, 20% bigger and PS went through the areola again. What makes this even more upsetting is that he'd always planned to do it this way, he just didn't tell me. When questioned about them being round he just said that "he knew he could make them look teardrop anyway. What?? I feel so stupid for trusting someone completely with my body. To make matters worse, they're now moderate profile, so the extra width makes them look double the size they were.

I can't stop crying, as I'm unsure what to do next. I want them out before the bigger implants stretch the breast tissue any more that they already have, but I can't make a decision about what to do next. I wouldn't have a clue what size they'd be or how saggy explanted. I'm posting some pics of what they look like now. I've also taken a few of me pinching the tissue around the implant to show how much is my own breast. I'm wondering if any of you ladies can tell me if you had a similar amount of tissue and what size they ended up being after explant. I've read that implants can thin the tissue out and am scared there's nothing left under these big bazookas.

Today I'm pretty hung up on what size I am...

Today I'm pretty hung up on what size I am underneath these things. Yesterday I saw a PS about explanting (still only 6 weeks post CC revision). After pinching my skin and having a feel around, she said I'd only be an A cup and I'd be very unhappy with what they'd look like explanted. When I was 24 years old my original PS told me I was a B cup, but after looking at some old photos I don't know. I'm going to see if he has a pic of my real breasts before putting in my first implants. I have a vague memory of one being taken and me cringing lol but that was 18 years ago, so I can't be sure if it really happened. I posted some old preimplant pics with clothes on (don't have naked photos... I was a good girl haha). What do you ladies think? Big A or small B??

Can't understand how they could only be As now,...

Can't understand how they could only be As now, considering the extra 18 pounds I've gained over the years. Worried the implants and capsular contracture thinned out what little breast tissue I had. Hope that's not the case :-(

Forgot to mention that I haven't had any children...

Forgot to mention that I haven't had any children and didn't breast feed (I had two miscarriages both around 4 1/2 months).

Sorry, girls, just realised that ten preimplant...

Sorry, girls, just realised that ten preimplant photos was probably a tad obsessive. After 18 years, I'd almost forgotten what they looked like. Up 'til now I've resisted the urge to get a Facebook page, because it always seemed so time consuming. But it looks like I got me a "Faceboob" one instead. How the hell did that happen? My boobs are definitely all in your face here, that's for sure ;-)
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