43yr Old with 13yr Old Under Muscle Implants - Its Time for Them to Go! - Brisbane, AU

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I had my implants put in when I was 30 - I guess...

I had my implants put in when I was 30 - I guess insecurity played a big part looking back. I was a 36 AA (and wanted to be a full C) but ended up a DD..! I absolutely loved them at first, but the novelty of having them wore off after a year or two, and have been pretty much sick ever since with wonderfully vague diagnosis such as CFS, possible fibromyalgia, and a real diagnosis of hashimoto's thyroiditis. My energy and metabolism is so sluggish and I can spend literal months in bed at a time when I get sick. So seeing there is a possible connection to implants and illness I have made the decision to have them permanently removed. Supporting that decision, I a) am sick of the back ache b) want my real body back and no longer have the same level of body insecurity that scoured me in my late twenties, and c) if there is a chance that it is causing my various illness or at least a contributing factor, I want that eliminated. I live in Asia so at the weekend I fly to Brisbane to have my surgery done then, mainly as my Mum and Dad lives there and can play nurse! :-) At this stage, I am just excited at getting them out and being able to get on without this hanging over me - I think once you have made a decision its worth just getting on with it! I am worried about the pain (I don't do pain), the drains (yeew), the recovery time as I have to fly back around 8 days later, and the after affects of the anaesthesia (I have low blood pressure and usually am quite sick after). Having implants out (hopefully with all the capsule), and a lift performed. Got my fingers crossed it all goes well!

One day to D Day..or DD to AA day....

One day to go. What's been interesting is how under the surface nervous I have been - I was fine up till 2 days ago but have started feeling a growing sense of unease and apprehension which I guess is totally normal as it is a significant operation after all! Doctors check today before surgery early tomorrow. Think I am less worried about the outcome and more worried about the pain and discomfort (and can sometimes have panic attacks when I am ill). But trying to be ok about being nervous and also knowing this feeling is not going to last for ever. And distracting myself!! Will keep you posted on the days after, if I am not to high on the pain drugs ha ha ha!

Its done!

Well at this stage I think the anaesthetic is still in my system so next to no pain and discomfort at this stage and had some pretty good meds (Targin and another similar one).
Overall the operation was handled so well - the staff were wonderful, as was the surgeon and anaesthesiologist - they really helped ease my fears, and was given a cocktail of anti emetics which did their job as haven't felt sick at all. Operation went to plan, so hoping they will heal well but I guess time will tell. Anyone in brisbane I would recommend my doctor and day surgery (after recovery I am in a nearby hotel being looked after by Nurse Mum - I am very lucky!!) Will post more tomorrow!

My top explant and lift tips

(from my opinion anyway - I know this won't apply to all!)

1) Bring along baggy longish t-shirts - if you have drains, they are bulky and is good to hide them somewhat as no one really wants to look at them :-)

2) Wear loose pant for your surgery and after, I am sure the nurse would have a bit of a struggle pulling up skinny jeans when you are dressed to leave.

3) you will probably be given a pair of sexy footless white compression knee high socks - so something cover them might be a good idea, and bring easy footwear (i used flip flops/thongs/jandals or whatever you call them where you are). I have been told to wear them for 3-4 days so if you have an extra pair it might come in handy as i can imagine they may get a bit smelly!

4) choose a doctor you are comfortable with, who never makes you feel rushed, who answers all your concerns no matter how silly they seem - this makes a big difference in how you feel emotionally after - reassuring and caring docs/anaesthesiologists/nurses makes a big difference.

5) Try and get a wonderful anaesthesiologist - and they will make a big difference to your comfort levels. I have never woken from surgery in a good place - usually vomitting, feeling anxious and panicked. I told this all to mine and have not had an ounce of sickness or pain in the recovery process.

6) I decided to do mine in day surgery rather than an overnight hospital admission, and this decision was based on cost - for the hospital part, it was 2.5k to do it in day surgery , or 4.5k to do it in a hospital with an overnight stay. I opted for the first, and booked into a 5*hotel for 2 nights (night before and night after) costing around $300 around the corner from the hospital. As I had no major complications (but not far from the hospital anyway) I get a comfortable bed, block out curtains, big tv, room service, good food etc - I think more comfortable than the hospital and had my mum doing a wonderful job at being Nurse! so worth considering if this is an option... Bring lots of bottled water as you will be thirsty!

7) Medication wise I was given Targin (great stuff, long acting) and Endone. Both are oxycodone based and the Targin has Naloxone in it too - obviously take whatever your doctor suggests as we are all different. The day of surgery I needed nothing until the evening - felt no pain at all. Then before bed I felt tender so took ibroprofen and paracetamol etc - they help a little with the pain but not as good as the Targin..

8) If your procedure, the lead up to it or what follows feels at all emotionally traumatic, get help - even one or 2 sessions with a counsellor (ok I am one!) will help you feel heard and give you and opportunity to process it all. Or at least talk it over with someone!

Thats all I can think of for now, but good luck to you all - overall my experience was no way near as bad as I was dreading (had a bad experience having them put in originally)

Day 3 quick update

Now that the anaesthetic has worn off, I am definitely more sore and achy but to be expected. The pain medication makes me drowsy but would rather drowsy than pain! Yesterday got the tapes taken off and into my light compression bra and even though they are swollen, I am happy with what I can see. The drains need to stay in until Monday which is a pain, but i would rather not rush this stage if it is going to led to a poorer outcome. Patience is my friend (or so I keep telling myself! I know I have to go slow and steady and not overdo it. Thankfully my mum continues to be a fantastic nurse! The other thing I would add is that I have to sleep inclined on my back for the first week or so - not always that comfortable but helps with the swelling - I can highly recommend the use of a airline memory foam neck pillow - it made all the difference in how i slept last night :-)

5 Days post op

Drains got taken out today - yay! Such a pain having to drag them around.. I have to say that overall the pain has been so much less than when I had my implants done. They are now a lovely shade of yellow and purple, and the stitches are covered in tape (and around my nipples which makes it look like I don't have an areola but I do :-)

Day 8

Still going well - occasional nerve/stabbing pains and a feeling of tight skin (they are still swollen) but thats really about all. Here are some pics without the tape - had to replace it with fresh stuff today. Looks a bit gruesome, but all on track (as far as I am concerned anyway!) Also had my first shower yesterday (on my top half anyway) and was so worried it was going to sting (I am such a woose!) but surprise surprise it didn't hurt at all - so happy I can now shower and wash my hair easily :-)

Day 13 - Almost 2 weeks post explant and lift

OK, just a quick update and it seems all is going to plan - there is still some swelling and redness around where the drains were, but nothing too dramatic. Also the tape I am using seems to be doing its job (Micropore) - think I need a bra with more support as I find that the longer I am upright the more sore they are (makes sense really!) Most of the bruising is gone now which is great as they are starting to look more normal, even though I know they are still swollen... I must admit I thought it would be bruised and mangled looking for a lot longer so very happy with how they are both progressing!

6 weeks and counting... :-)

A quick update on the state of my chest! The swelling has gone down significantly now, and looks like I will be an A cup as suspected, which I am completely fine with. The bruising has all gone, and apart from muscle/skin pain when stretching, and tenderness when they are poked in places, there is no pain anymore. The scar areas (particularly around the drain site) is still quite lumpy and hard, but have been told to start massaging these to break the scar tissue down. Have also been told to continue to use the micropore tape until 12 weeks for best results in scaring. I am pleased the scars are thin (still red) as I tend to get keloids quite easily! Hope all of you are going well on your journey :-) x

8 months post explant and lift

Just a quick update... Both have recovered well, although for the first 6 months or so I had no real nipple sensations, that has come back - and sometimes it's similar to the feeling of lactating but I am getting used to it now :-) Sadly, my health hasn't really changed much which was one of the reasons I wanted to remove my implants, but as it was only 1 reason, I am still so glad I did it - one less thing to worry about, and my wardrobe is now so much more varied as I no longer feel I have 2 melons sitting on my chest ha ha ha... The lines underneath are yet to fade, and I know I have stretched to lower scars from it which has made them worse. In hindsight, I should have left the tape on for much longer... ho hum! Anyway, I am still glad it has been done. Implants were not for me!
Dr Samuel Yang

Couldn't have had a better experience, the staff at his clinic, and the doctor, were very caring and had a great bedside manner, answering all my questions patiently. Don't know the results yet as early days, but so far its been very positive. Would also highly recommend Pacific Day Surgery (under his clinic) - the staff were wonderful.

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