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Hi I have been considering getting my implants...

I have been considering getting my implants removed but am terrified of what my real breasts might look after the surgery. I'm afraid they will be saggy, flat and less desirable than beforehand, so I hoping to find some reassurance. I welcome feedback and post op stories of other women who have undergone explantation - good and bad.
I got implants when I was 18; I battled extreme self consciousness, anorexia and depression and had a pre op size of AA. They have served me exceptionally well and I have never regretted getting them, however being almost 25 I don't feel I need silicon inside my body to make me happy anymore. I have also been experiencing some discomfort in the right hand one in particular, and they have been giving me a lot of grief whilst exercising. I have naturally put on weight since my surgery - about 5 kilos/10pounds and assume they may have increased slightly in size.

Please anyone feel free to share your experience. And would you recommend this surgery?

Explant date booked with local sedation.

Hi everyone
I have an explant date booked for 15th January! The procedure with be done in a theatre with local anaesthetic and sedation. Has anyone had the procedure, or perhaps others, done this way? I'm still not 100% sure how sedation works, as i've always just gone under general. Will I be asleep, or awake but in a very sleepy state? Will I be aware of what's going on?

I feel good about everything though, and at peace with my decision. I have finally found a doctor who hasn't made me feel like I will hate my appearance after explant. She didn't even try and talk me out of it :) And I was surprised to hear her say that I may have more breast tissue than I think - she pulled it away from the implant and had a look. When I got them in I was barely an AA, but she thinks i'm a full A or possibly a B. I'm preparing for the A though as I don't want to get my hopes up.

Being on hear and reading other ladies' reviews, and seeing their progress has probably been what has given me the courage to go through with this. Closer to the time I will upload my before photos, and my progress photos after the surgery.

Thanks for listening :)


Just over one week to go!! :\ Nerves are settling in.

Well just over one week until my surgery, so I thought i'd upload some photos :) I've found it extremely helpful to see others' progress on here, so I have uploaded my pre-explant (current) photos and will upload others after surgery next Thursday. These are taken at 6 years post implant. I've had no other breast surgery since then. No major issues, though I do experience some tightness and discomfort in the right breast. When I got them in I was 18 and determined to have big (or any), breasts. I'd been saving up for years (it was something I wanted since I hit puberty and realised I had no boobs and every other girl did) and I didn't consider the side effects, or the fact that I would need to get them replaced years down the track. I wish i'd just waited a few more years to grow into my own skin and to love my body for the way it was. I was so young when I got them!! But oh well, no point in having regrets.. I just want to get them removed now because the longer I wait the worse they will look when I do remove them, and I have no desire to get them replaced.

I have seen so many amazing outcomes on here, I just hope I am one of them :( I just pray they look like normal little breasts afterwards. Sorry the photos on here have come out on the side, and upside down :/ They look normal on my computer but when I upload them on here they change. So as for the details: I have 330cc silicon, under the muscle, tear drop shaped. As you can see they look quite perky after 6 years. I really hope that will help with limiting sagginess post op. The first two doctors I had a consult with said I would need a lift, though the third, and the one i'm going with, said I should be fine. I really hope she's right and others are wrong! :p

I will probably upload the post surgery photos a few days after the surgery. I am expecting to be feeling quite emotional afterwards and will probably try to avoid looking at them for as long as possible.


I can't believe the surgery is in the morning. This feels kind of surreal.
I'm really scared and just hope everything goes well. Of course I'm expecting some initial shock and a period of adjustment, as these breasts are all I've known for the past six years. I just hope I don't regret this. I'd be lying if I said I haven't had some second thoughts, but then I realise I'd be back in the same position wanting them removed in only a matter of months or years, or worse needing to get them removed due to complications down the track. What I'm looking forward to the most is a Yoga session without my breasts hurting me and getting in the way!! Of course that'll be a while away yet as I'll need to recover. I'll keep you posted! :) Photos will be up in a few days. God the thought really scares the shit out of me.

It's done

If like to say thank you for the encouragement on my last post :) I woke up and read them this morning before surgery:) We'll I was extremely nervous when I got to the surgery. After filling out the forms, the nurses got me into a robe where I took a Zanax to relax lol and they inserted a line in me ready for theatre. When the doctor arrived they took me through and inserted the sedative/local. I remember snippets of conversation and pulling sensations. It was over in like half an hour! They sat me up afterwards before putting on he garment and I was shocked to see how little breasts I have :( I thought because I've put on wright they'd be a bit bigger. Well I mean at least an A! They're so small the incision isn't in the fold it is way beneath because my boobs aren't big enough for there to be a fold! I'm hoping they'll form a better shape and I dont know drop or something. I'm pretty sure the scar would be beneath a bra line even :/ oh well I'll give them a few days to rest. I can shower after 48 hours which is when I take of the garment and take some piccies. Thank you for listening :) I'd just like to clarify I'm not holding any regrets, just going through a period of adjustment and shock. I know I don't sound very positive lol. I'd still recommend anyone really wanting this should go through with it. The surgery itself was nothing. After all isn't natural beauty better than anything man made.

Teeny Tiny!

I just had my first shower at 48 hours post op. Hmm. All in all I'm happy with the outcome. There is loss of fullness in the upper poll (if I ever had any before BA) but otherwise they are pretty similar to beforehand. My main worry is the scar which looks like it will be hard to hide, as I don't have enough natural breast tissue for the scar to hide in the crease :( But I guess that's a reminder to myself.. I'm also surprised as I always thought the right breast was smaller because I could feel the edge of the implant more on that side, but now the right side looks bigger. Or put better the left looks smaller, because nothing whatsoever about them is big :p So far so good though. I made this decision and I'm embrassing my body the way it is :) It'll just be a bit harder finding clothes that fit...

Two weeks post op

Hello everyone! Today is the first day I've seen the incisions, as I've been wearing medical tape provided by the surgeon since the surgery (changed at one week post op but I couldn't see). As I guessed I don't have enough breast to 'cover' the scar', but the incision doesn't look as bad as I expected. It's a lot smaller than the original one, you can probably see from the photos where the old scar extends from the new one. I still have to wear my compression garment for another four weeks, and to keep replacing the tape at home every week (supposed to help aid scarring). I cannot wait to be able to go and buy some underwire/push up bras!! The garment really pushes down the little amount of breast tissue that I have and it limits the clothes I can wear because it's quite big and shows through. I'm still so happy with my decision though :) I can't excercise for another four weeks but I'm back to my usual routine and daily tasks. I couldn't even wash up dirty dishes properly or lay in bed comfortably for for first week. I was afraid to strain my muscles so I was being very careful though. I'd just like to say thank you for everyone's support and your lovely comments. You've really helped me reaffirm that I made the right decision. Not even my boyfriend has seen me naked properly yet so your feedback is very appreciated :)

Scar worries

Hi guys. It's been a while! I am a little over one year post op and completely happy with my decision. The only thing that is causing me grief is my scar. Because my breasts are so small, they unfortunately are not big enough to hide the scar in the crease so it is quite obvious.

I broke up with my ex 7 months ago and haven't been with anyone since. I'm actually afraid to start a relationship with someone new because I am afraid they might judge me, or be turned off by my scar. I know I'm being superficial and the right guy shouldn't be bothered by something like this, but it is affecting my self esteem.

I suppose I was just wondering if anyone else post op has entered into any new relationships and what the response has been from their partner? I'm looking for some reassurance I guess. I was never self conscious with my ex because he always reassured me he was attracted to me just the same (I got them removed whilst we were together), but I'm worried about starting things with someone new.

Any feedback would be helpful :)

Question on muscle/breast distortion when flexing

Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone else who has had their implants removed experiences a bit of distortion when flexing their muscles, where the breast lifts up quite high in the chest?

I never experienced any capsular contraction with my implants but I did experience a sense of pulling and tightness with my right implant. I have found that I am still having this senesation one year post op (removal) and when I flex the muscle the breast looks distorted.

It's not a major concern as it is only when I tighten the muscle via lifting etc but I thought it would be something that would go away. I have tried massaging the muscle but this doesn't seemed to have improved the matter.

I would love to hear any similar experiences like this.

Dr Gregory was the implant surgeon. He did a great job and very few people have suspected them of being fake.

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