26, Hoping for Natural Look and Feel with Minimal Scarring. Current C-cup. Prefer Transaxillary - Brisbane, AU

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I am 170cm tall (5ft 10") and weigh 65kg/143lb...

I am 170cm tall (5ft 10") and weigh 65kg/143lb (hopefully 60kg/132lb by the time of surgery). I have a tall lean body (which could be a bit leaner with perky boobs which look like they range from B cup to large C cup, however I actually where a 10D as I have a small rib cage for my height. I have been researching breast augmentation for 5 years. It is very important to me that they turn out perfect, because they are already great (I love them), I just want to love them more and have a killer body. I have always been interested in transaxillary because I don't want scars on my boobs- I would only reconsider location if the surgeon could promise they would be near invisible! Yes I know they won't be visible while I'm standing, but don't want them to be visible while I am lying down while my partner is as close as face on breast! I have been 2 seconds away from booking through Cosmeditour with a doctor in Thailand but pulled out because I wasn't 100% sure on the dr's experience with transaxillary (although I would love to have surgery in Thailand if I had a good recommendation). I have had a consultation (phone only) with Dr Fox in Melbourne, booked my surgery and the pulled out at the last minute. The reason I pulled out was I still was not 100% of all my options, I also saw this video of a girl flexing her muscles and her boobs moved (she had subpectorial and it scared the shit out of me). I would love to know from people who have had transaxillary if their boobs move weirdly or if they have changed to an undesirable location since having the operation. I have now decided to have a consult with one other surgeon first, then if I still decide I want transaxillay I will maybe go back to dr fox because I believe he is the most experienced in this method in Australia (if anyone knows of other doctors please let me know). I wish I lived in the US where there are heaps of doctors that specialize in transaxillary. I am going to do a few reviews- one on my process with cosmeditour, one on my phone consult with dr fox (who I might go back to), and one on my consult with Dr George Mayson. I will upload current photos tonight. Implants I am interested in is 300cc+ and whichever brand is the squishiest ;) I am not currently interested in shaped implants as they require a large scar and tend to be firmer.

Pre-op photos

10C. Not super dooper small and not a really bad so it has me wondering if I should cut up my body :/ I've seen plenty of BAs that would not be an improvement in my opinion!

Going to consult today

Going to consult today, I have a huge list of questions. Also, should note: I am 180cm not 170cm so approx 5ft 10"...just for anyone doing self comparisons. I have attatched a list of questions that I'm asking and photos which I like the shape of.
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