24, No Kids, 5'7 145lbs 390cc HP. Brisbane, AU

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I viewed three sizes on the Vectra machine: 360cc...

I viewed three sizes on the Vectra machine: 360cc HP, 390cc HP, 420cc VHP.

Between 360cc and 390cc, i could honestly not notice much of a difference. If there are any women tossing up between two sizes with 30cc different, I would recommend going with the bigger. I say this, because I have read so many blogs about boob greed and little about being a little bit too big.

I love the look of 390cc HP. Ideally, I want to achieve a full C cup, and I think 390cc is the right size for it. The nurse also said that because I was a smaller BWD, I will achieve a great cleavage. So excited about this! I think my BWD is 12cm.

I also looked at what 420cc would look on me, but because of my BWD, I would have to go VHP for 420cc. I just dont like the idea of going VHP and i thought it started to look borderline fake.

Surgery is currently scheduled for 1pm on 10th November.

1 week to go!

One week before the operation and I am very excited. Is it weird not to be nervous? I have been waiting so long for this and have read so many reviews and blogs, that I'm just ready to finally have boobs!

I thought I would give a little back story, so here it goes....

Last April I was almost ready to book surgery. However, during this time, my 90 year old grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had since had a mastectomy on one breast and a lumpectomy on the other. This put me off getting a BA, because I could not stop guilty about wanting to enhance a part of my body that was making my grandmother sick. ( I probably could have worded that better, but I'm sure you understand what I mean).

After that experience, and for totally unrelated reasons I put on a few kilos and the weight found its way to my boobs. Although I wasn't 100% happy with boobs, I was happy that I at least had something.
Last August, I had completed an 8-week challenge and I have lost about 9kg (20pounds) . I am very happy with my progress and still hope to lose a few more kilos.

A few months ago, I purchased one of the triangle lace bras online and I was so excited when it finally arrived in the mail. When I put it on, I was quite shocked to see my reflection. My boobs had disappeared!!! I guess I had noticed my boobs were shrinking while I was losing weight, but it wasn't until I put the bra on that I realised how flat I was. I am wearing a 12A bra right now, and there is still room in the cup, This had reignited my desire to get a BA again. 

I had three consultations and decided on the third surgeon. All surgeons recommended around 360cc-400cc HP implants to achieve the look I am after. As I said in my previous post, I am hoping to achieve a full C cup.

So here we are, one week out. I paid my surgeon and anaesthetist's fees yesterday, so I don't think I'll be looking at my bank account for a while. Also, I told my grandma about surgery this week and she is very excited for me :)

wish me luck!

Preop pictures with a crop top

Preop pictures without top

More pre op pictures for comparison

Cannot wait until I can upload post op pictures :D

Worried about assymeticral breasts post op

Last week, I noticed that my breasts look assymetrical in the vetra images. I have never noticed having assymetrical breasts before. I guess it is more difficult to tell when you have very little breast tissue. It isn't so noticeable with my nipple alignment, rather the breast fold lines do not align. One breast also looks more fuller than the other one.

I phoned my surgeon's office last week and discussed my concerns with a nurse. She told me not to worry too much and to discuss it with my surgeon on the day of surgery. However, I decided this morning to book a preop consultation with my surgeon and the reception agreed that it was a good idea. I'll be discussing my concerns with the surgeon tomorrow and hopefully it shouldn't be much of a problem for the surgeon to fix.


Ladies, I would really appreciate your opinion. I've decided last minute that I want to go moderate profile. Please see attached and tell me which you prefer :)

Changed mind on implant profile

Hi ladies,

I don't know why the picture didn't post on the previous post. I have now decided to go with 390cc Moderate implants. It is actually amazing the difference between HP and MP with the same volume. MP looks so much fuller and I feel that it fills my chest in more. Although I was really happy with the HP, deep down I felt like it wasn't quite what I was after. However I thought the only way to achieve fuller breasts was to go to 420cc and I was told I would have to go to UHP.

What a crazy day!

My grandma started suffering weird head symptoms once last week and again last Tuesday. I spoke to my mum who is currently on holidays on an island with little reception. She said she would speak to her oncologist on Wednesday.

While I was at work, mum phoned to tell me she spoke to her doctor. After being told my grandmas symptoms, the doctor organised my grandma to go into hospital for scans and tests. She was seriously worried that the cancer may have spread to her brain. This was a lot to deal with, especially with my family away. I admitted her into hospital at 9am yesterday.

My surgery was scheduled for 2pm. I was in quite a state all morning. I was really worried about coming out of surgery and then being told really bad news about my grandma.

After surgery, my bro rang to tell me that the results came back and that the cancer had not spread to her brain. She had suffered a mini stroke. She is apparently good now and is having all the treatment she needs at hospital. Hopefully she comes home today :)

It was a crazy 48hrs leading up to my surgery. I was so mentally exhausted before going into surgery, that I wasn't even nervous about the procedure at all. I guess that is kind of a good thing. But everything is good now, so I am very happy.

I will post about the procedure and post op later today and post some photos of my new boobies! :D

Recovery is going well!

I am two days post op, and so far recovery has been going very well.

I went into the operating room at around 3pm, and was fully awake by 5.30pm. When I first woke up, I didn't realise that I had ice packs on my chest. I thought I had drooled everywhere and asked the nurse if it was drool haha. My boyfriend arrived soon after and I left the hospital just after 6pm.

Sleeping was a bit difficult the first night. I drank SO much water before bed. I ended up going to the loo almost once an hour and by 5am I pretty much gave up on sleeping.

The pain has not been that bad at all. I've mostly been taking painkillers at night and Valium to help me sleep. Last nights sleep was a lot better and I slept in until 8am.

I don't have much upper pole swell. It is mostly around my sides. I am very happy with the results so far. I swear they are softening already! I think once the swelling subsides around my ribs, it will release the implants more and they will come closer together.

I am so happy with this experience so far :) I will update when I see more noticeable changes in my breasts.

Starting to D&F already!!

Look at how much they've changed in one day :D

Two weeks post op yesterday

Hi ladies,

Cannot believe it has been two weeks!

Recovery has been running smoothly. I am still quite swollen on the sides. I am starting to massage my breasts to encourage them to fall closer together. I would have thought the bruising would have gone done. I was quite surprised with the bruises compared to the photos a few days post op.

The nerves have been reconnecting over the past few days. I get a sunburnt sensation on my breasts every now and then, especially on the sides. My doctor recommended rubbing bio oil into my skin to help with the discomfort. I've also had shooting pains every so often, but I don't think they aren't anything out of the ordinary.

I have had a bit of morning boob for the last few days, but it seems to be getting better. I'm trying to sleep on my side when I wake in the morning. It feels a bit uncomfortable and painful, but I'm getting used to it more and more.

Whenever I feel a bit of discomfort or pain, I remember the motto "no pain, no gain". I then suck it up and go on with my day :)

I will update when I see more noticeable changes.

Pre Op vs 2 Weeks Post Op

See photos

Three Weeks Post Op

Hi ladies,
Not many noticeable changes since the two week update. The sunburnt sensation has mostly gone now. My breasts still feel very firm. I am starting to sleep on my side now. It is taking a bit of time to get used to it. At first, it felt very uncomfortable and a bit painful, but the more I do it, the less uncomfortable it feels.

I went for my first jog yesterday. I wore a Nike sport bra and it provided the perfect amount of support. It didn't hurt to jog, but it definitely felt weird at first. I could definitely feel having foreign objects in my body. But like sleeping on my side, I'll just get used to it all the time. My bruises are taking forever to fade.

Luckily they are hidden under bras and bikini tops :) cannot wait until they D&F more. So happy with the results so far!

5 weeks post op

Dr Richardson

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