20, No Kids, Small Frame. Always Wanted Larger Boobs. Brisbane, AU

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I've been stalking this website for a while now...

I've been stalking this website for a while now and finally decided to make a profile as all of hours have helped me..
I've wanted a BA for as long as I can remember and finally decided to do it. I'm all booked in for the 13th of October and I'm going with poly tech implants (has anyone else here had these? I haven't heard much) 385cc round extra high profile.

I currently measure at a 10a and I want to be about a D
I'm worried they'll he too small or too big etc but I know that's normal!
I'll upload a photo of my size now but would love to hear some reviews from girls my size

Sick :(

So this is a photo of me with the Sizers in.
It's 11 days until my surgery and I've woken up sick today with a sore throat. I know I'm not allowed to take a lot of vitamins and pills before surgery. Can someone recommend an easy way to get better? The last thing I want is my surgery to be postponed!

Also I'm only taking one week off work but I'm scared this won't be enough?

Post op pack

I've got all of these things for after my surgery as I know I'll be in pain and not able to move much. I think ive covered everything but any extras that people think i might need please let me know :)

Wish boobs

These are some photos of my wish boobs


I made some rice sizers and love the look of them!! Less than a week now and I'm more nervous about the pain than ever

I have boobs!

So I went into surgery yesterday (didn't get a chance to update sorry) at around 2pm. I was there from 11am just waiting around which didn't help my nerves at all. I've only had one op before so I was really scared.
Just before I got put under the doctor came and spoke to me and it reassured me that everything would be fine and I felt a lot better and then before I knew it I had fallen asleep and woken up in recovery.
I didn't have my post op bra on by this point and the first thing I did was grab my boobs and have a look. I wasn't in any pain At all just felt very tight.

The surgery all went to plan and I eas discharged an hour later after I'd had something to eat and some pain killers.

I had to go an hour and a half on the way home which I was worried about but I was out of it nearly the whole way. I only felt something if we went over a bump.

Once I got home I had some dinner and didn't feel sick at all and watched some tv. I was up walking around a lot and had full movement of my arms and wasn't in pain as in keeping up with the meds.

I took another peak when before bed and I love them already already feel so much more confident coming from an 8A. They're very hard at the moment and don't move at all though. I'm still wearing my post op bra and a strap to help them settle :).

Will update again soon for my post op day 1

Over 24 hours post op

So I didn't sleep well but I wasn't in pain at all I think it had something to do with the anaesthetic. When I woke up in the minting I definetly found out what morning boob is! As soon as I got up I walked around the house a bit to try and loosen up and took my pain killers. Endones always knock me out so I wrnt back to bed after that. I haven't done a lot today but now is the first time I've felt like updating. I went for a long walk around lunch time and think I over did it as I was sore and exhausted after and took another nap and then had a shower. I got my mum to put a chair in the shower for me because I felt very weak. generally I haven't been in too much pain mostly discomfort but I'll sometimes get a huge ache.

The most annoying thing at the moment is I keep getting really itchy All over my body but there is no rash. Does anyone know what this is from? Hopefully feel better tomorrow :) I've put some photos up. Still super super hard. I don't think they're too swollen. The surgeon said I won't reslly swell as I have hardly any body fat at all

Sorry if I've repeated my self or rambled. I'm very out of it on pain meds


So I definately know what morning boob is!!!
I'm having trouble sleeping through the nights even when taking sleeping tablets which is getting annoying.
At the moment im sleeping on my back with three pillows behind me to keep me propped up. Two under my knees and one under each arm.

I think at the moment what's causing me most pain in the strap I have to wear to pull them closer together and keep them down in the right position. Luckily I will only need this for five days. I also changed my post op bra today to a more tighter one.

Will update again tomorrow night for post op day 2. :)

Post op day 2

Still haven't been sleeping well through the night I seem to sleep a lot better through the day. I'd say my pain has been the worst today and its really starting to annoy me not being able to do anything. I think im just having a sook lol. I don't regret it at all just at the moment I wish they were bigger. I've been icing a lot and I'm pretty bruised. I rubbed a bit of rose hip oil in today to try and prevent stretch marks.
I'm supposed to go back to work in a few days but I think im going to ask for more time off.
Ps. Heat backs on my back have been a life saver!
There's a few photos from today. My left side is higher she more swollen. I hope they even up


I feel like they're very wide apart and I'm scared I'll end up with boobs in my arm pits. I'm still wearing the strap. Will they eventually move inwards when they settle. How long does this take?

Day three

So from what I've heard everything starts to get better after the third day.
I've Skelt s lot of today but ibe been feeling the best since surgery. Most tight red has gone and it's I my small bits of pain. All I've been doing is going for small walks and then napping as I tire very easily. I find endone the only medication that helps.

I still don't have a lot or movement in my arms but I did try to wash my hair tofsy.
I haven't been going to the toilet so make sure you drink some pear juice.

Lucky for me I'm staying with my mum whose a nurse and she's been helping me with anything that ive needed.

I haven't taken as many pain kikkers tofsy either which is good.

If I think of anything else tonight I'll post it up. I'm currently 2 sleeping pills and 2 pain kikkers done so if this doesn't make sense im sorry!!


I forgot to mention that I keep getting pins and needles sensation in my boobs. But I think this is normal and just all of the nerves coming back! Not painful. Just a strange feeling

Morning boob

So this is day four and I've woke up at about 10.30 with probavky the worst pain I've had the entire time. I don't know if its a mixture of morning boob and the fact I went to long without my pain meds or what. But I can barely move it's so sore. Hopefully it goes away soon and the endones work. My chest doesn't feel so tight anymore it's all just pain and tingly feelings now. I haven't had too much pain coming directly from my incisions but the strap I have to wear is making them really sore as it pushes them together.

I'll update again later. Hopefully the pain will be gone

Day 4

Today I've felt a lot better. Been able to move around a lot more and haven't needed help getting in and out of bed as much. I'm still taking it easy and my boobs are still aching but I'm not taking anywhere near as much pain killers.

I showered by myself today as well and washed my hair. I Don't feel very tight anymore mostly just aches and pins and needles. I also think my boobs are coming closer together which im happy about.
I'm still waiting for the swelling to go so they drop and fluff and appear bigger. Boob greed has definatly kicked in! The only thing that makes ne feel better is the fact that once they'll settle they'll appear bigger and this was the biggest possible size I could have gone anyway.

Still hard as rocks and don't move at all. Just like two stuck on balls lol. I hope this changes soon

I'm still happy with my decision I just wish they were healed already. I have six more days off work thankfully. My body is happy. My bank account however is not

Day 5

Today has been a weird day. I guess you can say 'post op sadness' had kicked in. I've felt down today just because I'm so sick of not being able to do normal activities. Everything is such a struggle even just showering and going to the toilet. I'm sick of feeling like someones sitting on my chest and them not looking big enough(ones also a lot bigger and higher than the other and I HATE not veiny symmetrical). I know I have to be patient and they will eventually drop and fluff to get bigger and softer but patience isn't my strong point.

I think they've moved a little bit closer together but they've still got a few cm to go and they're still pretty close to my arm pits. I haven't had much pain today except from morning boob and when I woke up from my naps. Tightness hasn't been nearly as bad either. It's just a really weird feeling having two big hard things stuck on me that don't move.

I think my sleeping at a 45 degree angle is taking its toll on my back as well as its aching so bad. All the way up from my lower back to my neck and even causing me headaches.

I know having days like this in the first few weeks is 100% normal because I've read tens of reviews exactly the same and I will love them when they're healed but at the moment I feel like I could have done a lot more with that $10,000.

My PS did say that id take longer to heal than most people as I'm very active and have a lot of muscle. I also went very big for how little Breast tissue I had. I have my post op appointment with him in three days so hopefully ill be feeling better by then.

I get to stop wearing my strap tomorrow which I'm really excited about as that's the most uncomfortable part.
I'm still taking an endone, a Valium and a sleeping tablet just before bed to relax my muscles and help me get to sleep.

Hopefully I'll have a better update for you guys tomorrow

Trouble uploading photos

I forgot to upload a before shot

This photo was taken the morning of surgery. Measure at 8A and did NOT Have to remove my nipple piercing :)

Day 6

I felt quite a bit better within myself today. No pain at all except a few sharp pains in my left boob. (This is the bigger one and higher sitting one)
I was able to do a lot more things today as well like I went for a long walk, properly showered and washed my hair alone and can now get in and out of bed without hardly any pain. I have strong ab muscles to thank for that

Im still not completely happy with how they look but there's nothing I can do but wait until they D&F. And considering I went the biggest I can physically go I shouldn't have anything to complain about.

I think today my pain was reduced a lot as I don't have to wear that band anymore. However now im paranoid Im going to end up with boobs in my arm pits instead of close together like I want.

Maybe I'm just being too fussy and should be happy. After all not everyone has $10000 to spend on a set of boobs.

My living atangments at the moment can get very stressful as well. This could be contributing to how im feeling a bit down and the fact im not working. Therefore no money

Thank you!

Just wanna say a huge thank you to everyone whose been commenting in my journey. You've all made me feel so much better about my self :)

1 week

Officially one week today. Not a lot to update but I've slept nearly all day I've been exhausted for some reason. Not sure why. I've been really quite site today and I'm not sure why. My band aids were meant to come off today but I was too scared so I'll tske them off tomorrow.
I'm pretty much sleeping flat now with just my normal pillows which is a lot more comfy and I'm sleeping more through the night now :) I still wouldn't say I love them... Just cannot wait for this drop and fluff

Stabbing pains

I've been woken up with terrible stabbing pains in my left Breast. It's about 3am.
I've had some pain relief and used a heat pack but it's not going away. Does anyone know what this could be? I'm a bit worried. I've never felt anything like this before

I changed my post op bra to a different one tonight as I wanted to wash my normal one it's a little tighter. This could be an explanation?
(Since waking up Ive changed back to my other)
Someone please let me know if this is normal. If not I think I'll br calling my ps tomorrow

Finally feeling better

Today I am finally feeling better and starting to love my boobs. When I woke up this morning I had terrible stabbing pains in my left one. I was a bit worried so I called my PS but it's normal. I took a few pain killers and it soon went. from this afternoon onwards I've had next to no pain or tightness just a bit of a stiff feeling. I took my dressings off today and I'm not very good with blood/wounds so I tried to not look. Although one started spotting blood so I put another back on.

I didn't end up going out the other day but tomorrow will be my first day out in over a week which will be nice. I'm stressing what top to wear which will cover my post op bra lol.

Tonight's also the first night I haven't felt the need to go to bed with a heat pack or an ice pack


So I'm 12 days post op now and feeling great. Only pain I get is in mornings and slight back aches as im not used the the weight yet. I'm super happy with results and just can't wait for them to drop! I've gone back to work but only on light duties. I have my two week post op appointment in a few days as well.
I think all swelling is gone! I'm rubbing rose hip oil in still every day to prevent stretch marks which I think is working as I don't have one.
My right boob is becoming less numb and my nipple isn't numb anymore but my left still is but I'm not too worried.

The only thing that annoys me is I don't know to what extent I can actually use my arms or how much I can carry. I get scared even carrying my hand bad.

I found that in my sleep I rolled on my side last night and that didn't hurt either which is a lot more comfy!

I tried an old bra in and well which looks hilarious so I'll upload a photo of that.
Ps changed my username as I didn't wsnt my full name in it :)
Taking photos is so much more fun with boobs!
Dr kim Harwood

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