Consultation-only: Consultation Was Horrible! (25 Yo with Moderate Acne) - Brisbane, AU

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I went to see Davin Lim to finally do something...

I went to see Davin Lim to finally do something about my facial acne. It had been affecting my life for a decade, and had started to affect my career. Dr Lim was cold and unapproachable - the whole experience was actually demoralising. He asked next to no questions about my health status and previous medical history, and gave me one-word responses and seemed to want to get me out of there as quickly as possible. When I tried to ask him questions about my acne, he responded with "Look, I'm trying to fix it. Do you want me to fix your skin or not?" That sure shut me up! He had no interest in my health, no interest in the fact that the treatment he was prescribing (antibiotics) hadn't worked for me previously and had actually given me adverse affects. I was only in there for 12 minutes, in which time he told me to shut up, put up and take his bloody useless antibiotics. I followed his exact instructions to no avail - and that is the last time I will be giving a "specialist" the benefit of the doubt when they clearly don't deliver. Not only was visiting Dr Davin Lim a huge rip off, it was upsetting. Seriously consider going to any other dermatologist in Brisbane before going to him.

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