63 Yrs Old Breast Reduction, and implants to be Removed from Previous Lift 30 Years Ago - Brisbane, AU

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This is an informative site from the prospective...

This is an informative site from the prospective of the patient. All the photos are helpful and everyone seems so happy about the choice they've made without having unreal expectations. It's like who cares about the scars it's the size that counts. I haven't seen any procedures like mine but then I haven't read all of then. Only spent the day off and on looking. So I thought I would start my journey.

Making appts tomorrow after I get a referral from my GP. Will find out if Medicare (Australia's national insurance) will cover an implant removal and breast reduction, if it does then my private insurance BUPA will come to the party and pay 100% of hospital fees. Fingers crossed. Otherwise I've been told it's about AUD $10,000 to $11,000 all up. I will pay cash if necessary, they also have payment plans here.

I will see two doctors, one that is on the preferred doctor register for BUPA where they pay all the hospital fees and Medicare pays almost all the surgeons fees and there is no gap between the Dr's charges and the what the insurance pays. I will see a second Dr that is not on the preferred register just for a second quote and opinion.

Hopefully Medicare covers my medical procedure or at least part of it (the reduction is the more expensive of my surgeries) to remove implants we're looking at about AUD $3,000 I was quoted this over the phone by one Dr's office.

I wil post before and after photos once I have taken them.

I am currently wearing Ahh bras because they make me look smaller and are comfortable. Ideally I would like never to have to wear a bra again and want to go as small as possible. If I had to wear a normal bra, If I could find a comfortable one it would be a size 40 e or g, it's been 6 years since I bought a bra that was not an Ahh bra or the same type as Ahh bra. I wear an XXL in the Ahh bras and shirts tops etc just to get around the boobs, sleeves are to long and the shoulders are too big and when I see photos of me all I see are the boobs, not to mention the aching back, neck, headaches, so glad this coming to an end. I know my storey will be as successful as the ones I've been fortunate enough read about on this site. I look forward to coming back and sharing more of my journey into small boobs with you.

Before photos 30 years after initial lift in 1985

My before photos more to come as we get closer to the date of surgery.

I've shown my husband before and after photos from this site and he sees how so many woman feel about the size and agrees its the way to go.

He's not a boob man fortunately so he's all in favor of me going ahead. It's more about what makes me happy.
Still too early in the am to call to make appt. be back soon.

Dr's appt made

I have my referrals and have made one appt with a plastic surgeon in the Fortitude Valley (Brisbane). I have been informed over the phone that the procedure is covered my Medicare (yeah) they will explain all costs, fees associated with the surgery and what out of pocket expenses there will be. I'll be back on Tuesday with my update.
Waiting to hear back on the second surgeon about making an appointment.

Seeing Surgeon today

One hour to go before I find out exact cost of surgery. In the meantime I've been talking to a woman who lives down the road from me, she organises groups to Bankok or Phuket for all kinds of plastic surgery. Waiting to hear back about price for my particular surgery. I've sent photos and filled out a medical questionnaire, will have all info by end of week or first of next week.

I know several woman who've gone to Thailand and they're over the moon, at first I just thought it's a long way to go, then I came across this woman from Thailand Makeover, very informative, gave me an idea of price based on a recent clients' surgery, so affordable, around $5000 AUD, she takes care of booking hotels, food, airfares, travels with you, stays with you, takes you to hospital, Picks you up, takes you back to hotel, we all stay in same hotel. Sounds like a real hoot to me, make recovering a little more tolerable too, so many in the same boat.

First choice is to stay here in Brisbane, but if the price of surgery is astronomical then there is an alternative.

Have definitely decided I am doing this, hubby wanted to go to Thailand make it like a holiday, I don't think it would be much if a holiday for him, but has agreed if I go with a group of other woman that's going to be the way to go. So waiting waiting. End of August is not far, interesting to find out what surgery date would be here in Australia.

Be back later today with my cost here in Australia.

OMG Surgery date booked 10th July

I'm so excited, met with Dr Raymond Goh today. Great consultation, I don't need to see anyone else, very professional, kind, interested in my needs, so comfortable to be in the same room with.

10th July is booked.

Ahhhh!! his fees are so affordable $3782, after insurance, waiting for anaesthetist to call back with details of charges, have been told by Dr Gohs office between $2000 and $2500 insurance should cover a portion as well.
Don't need any test done prior to surgery as I have no history of any illnesses and am healthy.
What an incentive to lose 10kgs, oh 9 I lost one this past week in anticipation.
Private insurance covers all hospital charges I only pay my deductible $500. Don't know why I was so surprised at charges. I think they're so reasonable.

I should only be in hospital one day max two days if drains are still filling.

So hubby is happy I'm not going to Thailand. Push come to shove he was worried about me being alone without him there. He's pure gold.

My birthday is on the 13th July so I won't be having a party or making my grandsons birthday cake, he turns 4 same day I turn 63. I'm not complaining.
Best birthday present ever to have small boobs by 63 years of age.

I asked for as small as possible, Dr explained my chest cavity is quite large and I'd be looking at a full b small c, but he understands why I want as small as possible and he can make them wide without out the front protrusion, which works for me, also those old scars that spead to about 1/2 inch all around my boobs will be gone and only the thin lines scar will be left. The old implants caused the scars to widen after surgery 30 years ago due to the weight of them.
I'll be back when any new developments arise.

Thailand still waiting for quote on BR an implant removal

Organiser for Thailand sent email today requesting additional photos, a couple I sent may not have been very clear. So I should hear about the quote any day now. Now more curiosity as I have decided to stay in Brisbane for my surgery scheduled for 10th July. Only 29 days to go.

Not nervous as I do remember previous surgery although this will probably be felt more due to the nature of the incisions for reductions. I don't mind the anaesthetic and being put under all I remember is a mild sedative and then counting and then waking up in the recovery room. Time is a wonderful healer can't imagine anything being more painful than childbirth.

Will be back with quote for Thailand when I have it.

Still reading all the reports on so many surgeries, it's a real help (emotionally) too to have so many women going through similar experiences and what they are feeling. Gotta give a thumbs up to social media and this site realself for making it possible to share.

Surgical bras

Company that supplies surgical bras called to to take my order for the fitting I had in my consultation. I mentioned I was losing weight now 82.9kgs 173cm tall, (I'm 5'8" and almost 183 pounds) 8 kgs to go or about 17 pounds. They said they would call back 10 days prior to scheduled surgery to see if I was below 93cm bust size as the bra I am fitted for is for 93-97 cm I am currently 97 cm the high end of the size needed if I fall below 93cm I would require the next size down, but just in case as the bras are $110 each, front opening, straps are also adjustable.

I remember from my first surgery I wished I'd been able to order more bras as they really flattened my chest and I loved it. Could not find where to buy 30 years ago. Things are so different today. So easy to buy direct. They used to include two surgical bras with your surgery costs. Now it's all ala carte.

I now have 4 weeks and 1 day....counting down.

I've been reading some of the surgeries performed on us older woman as one would expect longer recovery times but I'm hoping to be the exception as I have always been luck with healing very quickly and hoping losing the excess weight will be an advantage as well.

Two days prior to my surgery date I've been advised that I will receive my instructions prior to going into hospital, hoping nothing is mentioned about showering and using no oils or Shea butter as I have the driest skin in the world. This would be my worst fear. I have read several reviews where no oils creams after showering ugh prior to surgery. They swab you anyway and it only the boobs that are being operated on.....anyone been told why they can't use after shower creams?

My hairdresser and anathesioligist

I was having my hair done today and mentioned to my hairdresser that I was having this surgery and he asked who the surgeon was and I told him; it's one of his best friends, told me so many nice things about him he said he's really interested in his patients and just a gentle person....it's meant or be. I've lived here for 25 years and I have never met another person who knew someone I knew let alone be one of their best friends. Small world.

On another note my anathesioligists' office called today his fee is about $1700 and my out of pocket expense is $500. Bring my total out of pocket expenses to just under $5000, no word from Thailand yet on their fees.
My next expenditure will be to look at new bras although I can't imagine I'll ever wear one other than the ahh bra or nothing, but it might be worth trying some on once I'm healed and know my size.

Thailand quote arrived today

$1600 to remove my existing implants and $5,200 for the reduction, so it's actually less expensive for me to stay in Brisbane/home because my insurance will cover hospital and a portion of surgeon and anathesioligists fees. But if I didn't have the insurance then Thailand would be less expensive for the surgery, but then you have hotels food airfares etc. unless you were already going for a holiday anyway. But recovery wouldnt make for much of a holiday.

Now I'm just waiting for 10th July...........

2 weeks to BR surgery

Still reading about everyone's adventure. Paid my Dr fees today and purchased my surgical bras to be posted to my Dr's office as they will bring them and fit them after surgery. I was hoping to lose 8-10 kgs (20-25 pounds) before 10th July. Hmmmm I've only lost 2 kgs that's about 5 pounds. Still have 6-8 kgs (15-20 pounds) to go in 2 weeks, not gonna happen is it. Not eating dessert, light brekkie, lunch and dinners, short of starving myself I'll just have to lose it slower, and with the Queensland weather I have major sinus headaches that require at least ibuprofen to alleviate some of the pain and have been advised to stop all blood thinning meds 2 wks prior to surgery, no way I can live with headaches so I'm still using ibuprofen, one Dr said stop at least 1 was prior to surgery. Hopefully headache subsides in the next few days.
Not feeling anxious or nervous, just looking forward to having smaller boobs.
I had a Sexton Tape procedure (bladder tuck) in 1994 to stop lite bladder leak when I laughed or coughed, that was the worst elective surgery ever and I made it through that, I think anything else will be minimal pain in comparison. 21 years and I still remember what that was like. I'd still do it again, but I'd be more anxious than I am going into BR surgery.
I don't work, but I quilt, making lots of quilt tops so I have something to quilt during recovery, just in case it take a little longer than expected to get back to normal.
Talk again soon.

Headaches and sinus or stress?

I have never been a person who stresses over anything but I have been having headaches for the past few days and have been taking ibuprofen to relieve the pain. Since i suffer from sinus and live in the worst state for sinus issues I thought this might be the problem. My husband thinks I might be stressing over the upcoming surgery only 10 days to go and I can't think about anything else.

So does anyone else get headaches from stress? Just wondering as the skies are blue no rain for a day or so and my sinuses are clear. hmmmm maybe I am stressing.....

Tomorrow is my big day

So it's finally here. Tomorrow I will arrive at Mater Private 7 am, I'm second scheduled for surgery, shower , no lotion, creams, etc, nothing by mouth after midnight tonight.

My husband will go with me, once they take me in to get ready for theatre he will go to work, it's great he had his own business so he can come back when he wants. Dr will call him to let him know how everything went and when he can return to visit.

Surgery is around 31/2 hours and recovery room is about an hour and then will move to my room. Drains will be placed in if not much is draining I can go home on 11th July next day, if there is a lot of fluid in the drains Dr may keep me another night and I'll go home on Sunday 12th July. The day before my 63rd birthday.

The nurse advised to remove coloured finger nail polish, toe nail polish is fine, no make up. Shampoo and conditioner is fine but no other hair products or body products.

The nurse also advised me to bring my power of attorney if I had one and I do, also, health directive which I have, but has not been sign by Dr and notorised yet. All in the lineof being prepared. It is major surgery.
Now all I have to do is go to sleep.

Overnight bag is packed and a pillow for the ride home.

Hopefully I'm up to posting tomorrow. Until then

On the other sidqqe WOOTWOOT

Had my surgery yesterday. Arrived at 7am filled out all my paperwork paid my deductible, was then ushered up to the waiting lounge fitted with computer docks lots of reading. Nurse came out at about 8:30 only about a 30 minute wait hubby went home. Fitted name tags etc etc. ushered over to theatre waiting lounge changed into gown terry robe vascular stocking had hair net and booties, blood taken, ushered into operation waiting lounge more warm blankets added, vibrating pads fitted over vascular stockings for after surgery to keep circulation moving, amazing staff nurses, I will be sending one of use thank you letters to all the nurses it was such a pleasure. Surgery was scheduled for 10am theatre nurse came in and advised Dr Goh was just finishing up a tummy tuck and would be out to mark me up. He arrived at 11am finished by 11:15 reiterated all our discussions about size etc.
Then rolled into theatre about 11:30, all the rest is about the anathesioligists setting me up and then I woke up in recovery, morphine delivered to relieve slight stinging feeling kept falling asleep. Moved to semi private room by 4:30 and husband arrives with flowers. He stayed about 20 minutes too sleepy to converse. Ordered light dinner at 6 soup and tea.
Then just floated in and out of slumber, too druged to get up or look at my newbies.also drains were cumbersom.

Dr came in about 7:30pm to advise what he thought were saline implants and thought was going to bea real mess to clean up were in fact gel implants and still intact after 30 years, was easy to remove old implants and advised as a result I will be true B cup, drains were put in. That's the worst part but only for one day.

They're so cute I can't believe it I am still swollen I actually have the boobies I've always wanted. Now I really need to lose that 10 kgs as my stomach sticks out further than my newbies. Hard to take photos tried to take a couple
Another great part to my story is I met another woman who was in my room aged 60 had reduction same size as me and what a difference in doctors. Dr Goh came in on Friday night to check and again on Sat morn. I had a few questions re: arnica tablets absolutely he said it's the best and would be the only natural herbal he would recommend for healing but not to use the lotion until everything was well and truly healed. I've used the lotion on my dermatitis I swear it gone. As for silicon sheets do not use until he advises and only if necessary. Check up in two weeks to remove any bandages. Here's the best part. I have extremely dry skin, water is the worst for it. I mentioned taking bird baths not full on showers, he said if I could do this until my incisions were completely healed I would heal faster and would not have the issues with wound openings etc. no problem you're just as cleaned in a birdbath as a shower. I sit in a smal tub of water especially for the bottom part and use only a cloth for the other bits and leave my boobs alone. Dr Goh graduated with honours so did I in culinary school. I know what's involved with getting to that point. His advice is enough for me.
The lady next to me talk to her Dr about Arnica today he advised against it...he doesn't know anything about it. Poor thing she's been nauseous since her surgery on Wed from reaction to pain meds and here I am ready to party but I'm not I'm in bed not moving being a Goid girl....I want for nothing else, these babies are small enough to go braless when all had healed. Best decision ever made, save for marrying my Howard maybe. I'll try to take more photos later lil tired sore now

More photos

Day 2 post OP

Slept through most the night surrounded with pillows pain meds are there not only to help elevate the pain but they halo thin the blood to prevent clotting do take them. Took a sleeping tablet with pain meds antibiotics at 7pm woke at 10 more meds slept til 2 am more meds slept til 5 am feel great, sore and swollen not really pain just slight stinging sensations.
Took a sits bath with epson and oatmeal bath and shower oil. NO SHOWERS no water to touch any taped wounds, only two weeks taking bird baths I'm not going anywhere and I feel perfectly clean. Dr said if I can keep water if wound areas I will heal much faster and taking Arnica tablets only, no lotion until he advises. No silicon tape until he advises.
I have taken more photos but they do not do the newbies justice

Day 3 it's my birthday 63 today up and about

I slept really well in increments of 3-4 hours, moved to one of our guest rooms hubby snores a bit makes it harder to stay asleep. Up at 5 am took a sits bath in warm Epsom salts and oatmeal bath and shower oil. Really refreshing, keeping water away from incisions.
I've lost 2 kgs since Friday am, weighed 81.5 today yeah! . I'm eating small amounts at a time, lots of water, Metamucil hasn't kicked in yet, I'll lose more, my body shape is like a pear now was an apple. Tummy has gone down a bit was also very swollen.
Feeling a bit tired, sluggish, a little sore and tender.
Have not taken any of the strong pain meds since Saturday morning. 1st tablet turned my cheeks red and felt flushed, just taking paracetamol and ibuprofen together, cephalexin for the antibiotic because of the drains, arnica, antihistamine to ward off itching.
Scrumy my bischon frisée mini poodle comes home today from kennel, things are getting back to normal.
Can raise my arms no problem. Can't wait to get out and walk, still too sore and tired plus my house is on top of a hill and the driveway although only 60 mtrs is gruesome climbing in great health, so I'll wait.
Swelling is going down around the sides of each breast my arms still need to be kept away as it is tender but so much better today. My neck muscles are still. Bit sore but amazingly I have no back pain no headaches, no knits in the muscles of my back. It such an amazing feeling not to have that aching back. Til tomorrow. Dr's office will call today to make appointment for 2-3 weeks to remove tape not sure if it's replaced will find out later.

More photos late day 3

Swelling is still subsiding

Day 4

Stop taking pain meds only sore and bruised feeling, slept all night only got up once and right back to sleep. Need to drink more water less tea. Taking Arnica tablets two 4 times a day. Skin is great no dermatitis or dryness. Still can't see my boobs because if the take.
Hubby made comment today he really likes the shape he said he prefers smaller boobs, so everybody's happy with the shape and size. Be nice to get this bra off its not too tight just snug. I only remove when taking my sits bath. Which I'm going to do righ now. Post more photos if there are any changes later.

Day 5 PO

What a difference a day makes. Not so sore today. I can feel swelling under arms is going down. Can put my arms down by my side easier today. Took a sits bath, feels great. Still no pain meds, only antihistamine and arnica tablets, no itching, weighed 80.9 this morning, 200 gem increase, no more toast, hubby brings tea and toast to bed. I have to eat it. Up once in the night. Still taking sleeping meds. Helps keep me asleep.
I've been sitting up quilting no pain all good helps the time pass too.

Day 6 PO

Slept well no sleeping meds woke once back to sleep immediately,ms till surrounded by pillows, cooked dinner and cleaned up. Weight 80.6, tummy still feels big especially my lil boobs, so much incentive to lose weight, tummy will go down with weight loss. Only taking antihistamine, arnica, sinus head return took ibuprofen and paracetamol helps relieve pain, breasts still tender, no feeling in nips, I'd be surprised if the feeling returns after two surgeries and also making them smaller, not so important to me as the size suits me to a T.

hubby took a peek today and just smiled at my newbies. He really does like them so much more, me too.

Day 7 PO

Slept great, going to dr today just for nurse to check up, still can't see much of the newbies because of the tape, I know they are small and still swollen and bruised especially below my armpits, so they will get even smaller they are also very firm and high up but not abnormally high just like a 12 year old ha ha. I had a bit of a roll of loose skin/flab on both sides below my armpit from weight and age and the PS removed the fat from this area, no extra charge haha. Also removed the wrinkly skin from my décolletage from years of sun bathing by pulling the skin taut. I'm driving myself at my husbands risistance,, having lunch with my daughter at her home a few of her friends want to see the results, I've known these girls since they were 15 they are like mine, then home. I've literally been in bed for 7 days and feel energetic, sore and overall fantastic with the huge weight off my chest. Weight is 80.6 this morning. 6 -7kgs to go. (2.54 lbs per kg)
Lots of zinging around nipple area on both sides more on the right its a weird feeling makes you want to squish your boob, but just rubbing gently, then another zing I imagine like a mild electric shot. Nerves coming to life so this is a good thing.

Dr's Appt

Saw the nurse in Dr's office, all looking good, appt made to remove tape 31st July. Tapes stays on for three weeks. Dissolving stitches so no stitches to be removed. Site for tubes has healed no tape required. Photos taken at 9, 11, 12, 2, 3 o'clock positions for future reference.
Daughter and friends think I look better than they do, darling girls. They can't believe how much smaller I am, now they want to see Dr Goh.

Before and 10 days PO

Before and after

Friday 21/7 my tape is removed 1st time

I haven't posted for about 10 days, I have been slowly healing, sleeping on my back, still can't sleep on my side pinches too much. Swelling is subsiding especially under my arms along sides of boobs and towards my ba k on both sides.
It's interesting how Drs differ in their PO treatment. From what I can see on Realself everyone gets to see their new boobies within days. Friday will be three weeks PO for me. I'm sure it's worth the wait. Still surprised at how tender and sore my boobs still are. Maybe it's age but I seem to be healing slower than most others. Today is first day I can really say finally I'm starting to feel like they will not be sore forever.
Ive stared wearing a boob tube under my surgical bra, I think this makes a difference because the band rubs against my incisions even though there is tape over them an extra layer of fabric iver incisions is more comfortable,
I'm not exercising others than up and Dow stairs, a bit if laundry, coking a bit. Dr Gohs nurses have emphasized enough about taking it easy. So I am.
Not sure if more tape will be placed over my incisions on Friday or not. I will try to take photos with tape removed and post.
It's hard trying lose weight being so inactive at the moment but I have gone from 83.5 to 80.5. Kgs. I look like a pear my tummy bus now bigger than my boobs.

3 weeks tape removed

Theses photos don't go justice my incision lines and so fine the wrinkles are from the tape. Everything is really smooth no open wounds Dr Goh very happy with symmetry and so am I. Now to lose those pesky 7 kgs or more.
Allowed now to swim, hot tub. All incisions are closed, follow up in 5 weeks. New tape applied when it falls off no more required.
No creams to be applied formalities 5 weeks. Then we will see.

Close up view

Day 22 pO

Starting to roll onto my sides a bit, still a bit sore, energy is definitely coming coming back, since the original tape was removed stinging has subsided. New tape is soft and doesn't pinch as much. I think seeing my incision lines and knowing there are no split incisions is helpful in my recovery, I have a vivid imagination and can now relax knowing incisions are all closed and not much risk of opening now. Will still take it easy for another three weeks. Will start walking soon,mths will help with weight loss, only 7 kgs to go. Still to sire to go shopping, but I won't be buying bras I'm small enough to go without my p,an for the next 30 years.

More photos 22 days PO

Lots of residual tape sticky stuff from original tape not keen to rub too hard to remove.

4 weeks PO

Starting to move about quicker, still very tender, no burning sensations, still taking Arnica tablets 2 four times a day. Tape is still on so I still can't see much. Nurse said when this tape falls off I won't need more. At the moment it doesn't look like it's coming off anytime soon, so tempted to peel off but I won't.
At three weeks started taking showers. No more sits baths.
Cooking more, still no exercise others than up and down stairs, laundry, little bit of driving, grocery shopping, l am painting furniture redoing wood patio furniture in white, over did it yesterday, quite a bit of swelling, starting to subside now, will take it easy.
Still hovering between 80.2 and 81.2, kgs, hubby going to Sydney for a week, will lose more weight then. I'm staying home.
Glad it's Winter in Oz, staying warm, when it's cold boobs hurt as they shrivell with cold at least there is plenty of feeling all around.
No new photos not much has changed, still all the tape is covering incision sites.
Happy healing to everyone.

4 weeks PO

New photos

Day 32 PO

I still feel sore and tender but starting to roll on my side and stand up for longer periods of time without all that irritation. I've put theses really soft gauze type bandages with silky smooth surfaces on both sides where my boobs are so irritated from the band near my lower incision. What a difference it makes to my level of comfort. So I took more photos but I still have tape on.
Energy level is great. Sleeping great.

New photos day 33 no tape

I removed tape today couldn't stand it anymore, I don't think it would have ever fallen off and it was beginning to feel like it was growing into my skin
Lots of wrinkles or maybe it's called puckering, still to sore to get in and scrub tape residue off.
I like the fact that they are small and a b cup, they look better with the bandages on but better than before the BR OP. I know they wil smooth out eventually, maybe they look like prunes because of my age and my skin is not as supple and I have really dry skin I literally soak in coconut oil, Shea butter, anything I can get my hands on and make most of my body creams now so no nasties.
I sill think it's great to post photos whether they are becoming or not as I can see from others as the months pass your skin, incisions and shape improve, heck I don't really care at this point I'm just so glad I have little bitty tiddies, hubby likes size too he hasn't really seen the real deal other than photos and he also reckons with time they will smooth out its only been 5 weeks this Friday 14th.

No tape no bra all day and night I feel great

I removed tape and have not put anymore back on, for the first time since my surgery, I have no stinging, aching or uncomfortable burning sensations, caused from bras rubbing on surgical incisions. If it doesnt feel good don't do it, and my dr said if it hurts don't do it, well my bras hurt, so ive decided not to wear them, what a difference a day makes, I cleaned my house today starting at 5 am, prepare dinner for a party of four it's 10 pm and I've just gone to bed feeling great, I'm not sore or uncomfortable, ; still tender I have really small boobs and there is very little weight, it's probably not the thing to do for every one especially if you do have larger breasts but I had to do something I've never been so unconfortable, once I started rubbing Vaseline all over my new boobs all the dryness went away and all the tightness and just plain miserable stinging is gone. Now you have to love Vaseline it's not for everyone and I've used it since the day I can remember, I've the driest skin In the world and its the only thing that has ever relieved my dryness , my new boobs agree. I'll take more photos after a week.

Two days no bra or tape

Loving Vaseline already noticing a difference in skin

Vaseline link that recommends fir scar healing

I've always loved Vaseline, here's an interesting article about using on scary tussle
Hope the link opens

6 weeks PO

More photos slight changes picketing subsiding, sleeping on sides still a bit sore, more energy almost normal, still tender both sides getting there slowly but surely

7 weeks 3 days PO

Not a lot of difference in photos but I feel the difference, puckering is less around nipples, raised ropey incision are a little smoother still not completely smooth getting there, still need to lose 7 kgs (16lbs). Ugh! Swimming will help when it's warm enough. I'm still happy with size slight difference in nipples one is a lilt re higher one boob is a little smaller but still happy with size only noticeable if you are looking at them and judging ha ha!

Difference a few weeks makes

7 weeks 3 days PO

8 weeks PO

More photos I must make more effort to take better photos, soooo still tender, incisions still get irritated if not covered with something soft from bra bands. Going without bra more and more, but still super sensitive to anything touching incisions. Now I'm concerned about not wearing a support bra as I read the incisions can still spread and widen in the first few months after surgery and the incisions have closed on the outside. Will check with PS at my next appt on 29/09. Now beginning to think it will be 12-16 weeks before all this tenderness is gone, right boob is not as tender as the left, left incisions were a little more irritated. There was more tissue removed from right boob it is slightly smaller so not as heavy ( ha ha) hardly any weight at all

9 wks PO

Losing track if time feeling great, incision are still bunny in places next PS visit is 29/09 hope to have advise on scar treatment. Not much to report other than it just gets better with time. A few photos

11weeks PO

My how time flys, tomorrow we see PS for scar therapy treatment if any. Nothing new to report I take lousy photos or my iphone5 does so only posting one close up of right breast. Centre of breasts still ropey, feeling great still have tender bits, all energy is back, still trying to lose 7 kgs (17.5 lbs) just trying hard enough one photo from pool shows how small I am compared to tummy????????

Camme photos

Not much better photos, but different angles downloaded the camme photo app, trouble getting it to work but got a few shots

My sentiment exactly

Scar therapy treatment no such thing

So I saw Dr Goh today (yesterday) all looks good, healing really well, had bumps bottom of breast is fat necrosis nothing to do massage might help caused by lackof blood supply, don't feel it doesn't hurt only feel hard bump when I rub. All the tiny little bumps are the stitches theses will heal in time massage if I massage might speed up healing, use only Vaseline for scars he does not recommend any scar treatment creams tapes or otherwise, they don't work, time is the best healer, thought so.....if I expose to sun use sunscreen scar tissue can burn and turn brown permanently So only 10 mins a day. Don't need to go back to PS unless I have issues......so now I will just use realself and continue posting. No photos more later xx

12 weeks PO

Dramatic difference in feeling and overall comfort. Just gets better and better

Comparing before and PO today

Just comparing before and after

More photos

I figured out how to take reasonably nice photos, I'm using my iPad instead if iPhone .



This is what a bubble suit looks like designed and created by JS???????? so many options I just buy the bottoms.

I'm in such a state of irritation

So after reading so many RS bloggers are using antiseptic soaps I decided that maybe I too should start using to help clear up a couple if niggly little spots on the botton incision thinking it can't hurt and might help,completely forgetting about how sensitive my skin is too harsh soap of any kind so I never use, in fact I only ever use oils or oatmeal solutions to bath. Fast forward two weeks, my boobs, chest and upper stomach and underarms are covered in a red itchy rash that never stops itching, not even my antihistamines help, ice is the only thing that relieves this seriously horrible itching . Once I remove ice it's bearable for about 20 mins then starts itching again, I can not believe what idiot I was to think this harsh bacterial $&$9)$(();(;: soap would not affect my skin. Even my neck up to my jaw itches. So will post a few awful pics of my awful predicament. Pray for my radh to heal sooner than later.????????????????????????????????????????

Itchy is gone ????????????

Calamine lotion did the trick no more itching, but yucky looking rash all over, it will go away. Couple of pics I'm a happy girl!!

Today rash is better

4 months PO

Sunning by the pool
Everything feels really good especially after my self induce irritated soap fiasco. I'm still just slightly itchy in places but I always itch somewhere but never before on my boobs.

Ropy centre part of breast at 4 months PO

The ropiness is smoothing out I'm sure it will smooth even further, the thin incision line is great compared especially with my before pics.

A few more photos

Just thought I post sone more photos this at 4 1/2 months PO lying down

4 1/2 months

To date all incisions are healing I still get the off spot that is an internal incision acting up but it goes away with massage and still using anticeptic creams, Vaseline I have been exposing to the sun for about 10 minutes every few days.
I've lost 2.4kgs now 81 started at 83.4. Getting there, my boobs have softened and bounce when I jump. Still have occasional nerve activity, have feeling all over some areas around nipple still feel a bit numb but I can feel if I rub my finger across. So all good nothing negative to report, except I'm always hungry now!!! 6 kgs to go.....????????????

Going on 5 months

Really grainy photos don't know why. So the past couple of weeks I have this constant burning sensation on my right side of breast, I know it's nerves and I know it will subside just don't know when so its a bit annoying. Otherwise everything is fine still have a couple of dark spots that I know to will go away in time just don't know when. Also I never wear a bra you can't tell I don't have one on so why wear one, I still have heaps of the Rhonda Shear bras that fit slightly big but they stretch so now they just don't look all stretched out. I've not been sized but I believe I am a B probably wear a 38 for comfort but it doesn't matter what size I'm am I don't need a bra????????. I have XL shirts that are big but I love that I can wear size medium and they fit like most women wear them, but I only have a few. So I don't think the weight thing is working in my favour, was at 80 now today 83 ugh!!! Holidays too much wine and everything else. Cruising as of 30/12 that won't help but who knows maybe I will lose some ha ha ha. Happy healing???

6 months PO

So here I am 6 months PO no more nagging nerve pain on my right breast at the side, it's completely gone. Still a couple of spots that are a bit dark little circles but fading. I've been in the sun short periods at a time and used an oil based sun screen. I can wear son many things I've never worn before lots iPod scrappy pantsuits, tops, all my old tops hang the way I want them to. The weight is still with me darn, didn't gain any on the cruise, but between scones with cream and jam, and a drink here and there the wright won't budge. I keep telling myself it's only 9 kgs I'll lose it then take another bite of something I shouldn't. Oh well at least I have small boobs. Couple of photos.

6.5 months PO

Still trying to take a good photo, still not able to. Oh maybe it's my boobs that don't photograph well. At 63 1/2 I'm not worried, it's the size that matters most. This is 6 1/2 months PO. Still very happy, nothing negative to report. Still massaging rubbing Shea butter, still have a couple of dark
spots from internal stitches hanging around. ??

7 months and a bit

All good no problems, still have a couple of dark spots from the internal stitches same ones not new ones. They will dissaoera eventually. One photo.

8 months PI

Just gets better and better I've been told by my OS that 18 months out so 10 months to go about 1/2 way and I will see my final results, I'm older had implants after breastfeeding three babies I was really thin lots of stretch marks now with exoplanet and reduction my skin still has stretch marks but they haven pulled reasonably tight I have an indent here and there. They're not perfect but they're small and that was what I wanted id do it again only sooner. The skin doesn't bounce back back as easily if at all when you're my age. Asks good. Still haven't lost that weight not goingbtovtslk about it anymore. It will happen one day soon.

Going on nine months

All good news. I noticed my surgical bras are a bit baggy in the cup. They were ordered in a C cup as this is what the surgeon expected I would be, but he was delighted to tell me I am a B cup as I requested. A few wrinkly bits due to my old stretch marks and a couple of dark spots from internal stitches acting up but slowly fading. Over all still happy with my decision and couldn't be happier with shape and size, photos are the worst part. If you're thinking of reducing just do it, best decision I ever made.

10 months out

All good still get the odd zinger. Tummy is still bigger haven't lost the weight gained 2kgs ugh!!

1 year and two weeks PO

All is great still have the icassional zinger, I have feeling all over but more muted or not as intense. Darks spots are still fading. Turned 64 on 13/07. PS says 18 months out and final results will be how they will always look. I'm sure another 20 years and they will drop. But all natural is the best.
Dr Raymond Goh

What a fantastic Dr. Answered all my questions and then some, very friendly, softly spoken and lots of experience. Dr Goh is the best, he's everything you would want in a plastic surgeon. I'm not a difficult person to please in my opinion but others seem to think I am, I'm a perfectionist about most thing Dr Goh is perfection at its best.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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