All on 6 ~ An Aussie Girls Guide to New Teeth. Brisbane, AU

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Hi All I am an Aussie, female, in the 35-45 age...

Hi All

I am an Aussie, female, in the 35-45 age range... no I am not telling you how old I actually am. Anyway I have crappy teeth, really really crappy teeth. I have been lurking on Real Self for so long reading stories and getting as much information as I can.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and go down and see Dr Paul Mckay at Smile Artistry in Brisbane, Australia. He is wonderful let me just say, the staff have been fantastic and the report I was sent made my heart sink. There it was in black and white that my teeth were in dire straits, I was given 3 options..

1. Get the All on 6 procedure done on the top and bottom arches.
2. Get All on 6 on the top and crowns etc on the bottom.
3. Get dentures.

And I guess the 4th option was to pretend there was nothing wrong and do absolutely nothing. Well options 3 and 4 were out. I already have a top partial and was not looking to extend my current denture status. Option 4 was obviously out because well I would like to smile and not scare people. So that left me with 1 and 2, option 2 while allowing me to retain some teeth was good but had me wondering "Would I be throwing the same amount of money into a treatment that would have me back in the same place in a couple of years" I didnt want that so All on 6 it is.

I am scared to death, have I made the right decision?
Will I have horse teeth?
How much pain is involved?
Am I going to look like a crazy person?
Again will I have weird looking teeth?

All of these questions are all negated when I think of the lovely smile I can have, that I will have.

Join me on this ride as I cry and rejoice and cry and smile. Hopefully it wont be too painful and I am making the right decision.

All paid Up

Well today I transferred the rest of the money to pay for my implant surgery next week. The girls in the office are great, Emma in particular is always cheerful and happy. This really helps with keeping me from freaking out. As much as I want this done and I know it needs to be done there is certainly a FREAK OUT OMG I AM RIPPING OUT ALL OF MY TEETH factor attached to it.

I know as weird as it sounds I am going to grieve for my teeth, my natural teeth as crappy as they are. I have found that I have been looking at them in the mirror everyday since I finalized this, time to say goodbye I guess.

Getting closer.

My first appointment is this coming Monday, I am nervous to say the least. I know its only going to get worse but I got this, I know I can do it. I am going to sit down and write out a list of questions that I need to ask the dentist and concerns that I have etc.

Absolutely Worth It!!!

Day 2 - Flying with Implants, Swelling and Smiles

Today I flew back home after an eventful week in Brisbane with Dr Mckay and the great support team he has.

My swelling today is almost gone, my face feels a bit burnt and rough but that is from the ice pack rather than the implants themselves. I put some PawPaw ointment on it before I went to bed and it has almost gone.

Boarding the flight I was nervous I had read plenty of reviews that said that the implants feel like they are unscrewing when you fly. Needless to say I was a bit anxious about that part of it as I have a 13 hour flight booked next week.

I dont know if I am just particularly lucky or if its because I have had minimal swelling but the flight was no different to any other I have taken. I think the only thing I noticed was a bit of tightening on landing but that could have just been coincidence.

Have not had any bruising so far, touch wood.

Day 3 Back to Work, Swelling and Getting use to smiling.

Day 5 ~ Bite

Today is Day 5 from my implants and extractions, I am feeling great.

Seriously Dr McKay has the hands of an angle clearly.

The responses I have gotten from work and friends has been great. I work in a very public setting and most people who know me have no idea that I have had the full mouth reconstruction that I had done last week simply because Im at work 5 days after 9 hours of surgery and 12 implants, and 23 extractions.

Most cannot believe they are not my real teeth as they look so life like. Not shiny plastic crappy teeth. The color while initally was like a OMG its so white, I really really love it.

The only thing that I noticed today and yesterday my back molar when I close my mouth is touching but it feeling like my front top teeth and bottom teeth dont touch as if they are slightly ajar.

I go back to the dentist on Saturday so I will get him to check it out.

Other than that no pain, no swelling.

Just down to my anti inflamatory meds now and off the antibiotics.

Had what I think was denture breath this morning... charming.
Dr Paul McKay

Dr Paul Mckay is on point with his manner and skill. He is really calming and even though I wanted to run out of there like the road runner he was great.

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