23, 3 Kids, 4cm Seperation and Lots of Skin! Tummy Tuck Time! - Brisbane, AU

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Having my surgery done as an intermediate patient...

Having my surgery done as an intermediate patient in Brisbane with Dr. Alys Saylor. So far she has been amazing! she knows how a woman's body should look, and her belly button shaping skills are exactly what i want, im not a fan of almond shaped belly button i like the more circular look with a hood (like it used to be!). so far she says my scar is going to be quite small see as all my problems are very central. i will need a scar revision because i have stretch marks above my belly button ($350). Her receptionist have been great in answering my questions. Now just gotta get my body fit for the 1st November!!

Back Day!

I have 6 months until surgery :( so in this time im gonna be posting my fitness journey so i can have the best possible result. I'm hoping to find other ladies on here who are on the same path or provide help to others! lets get flat and fit girls! A little about me, im a nurse who works in emergency medicine have a gorgeous young family 2 boys and a little girl! in much need of plastic surgery, and am in a love hate relationship with my boobs hahah!

Today's workout:
Lat pull downs- wide grip.
* 20 slow pull downs repeated 4 times- watch your form.
muscles engaged: latissimus dorsi (lats of the upper back), biceps, trapezius, deltoids and pectoralis minor (muscle in chest).
Seated Cable Rows-
* 20 slow and controlled pulls, back straight bum out, repeat 4 times.
muscles engaged: trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi, the erector spinae, rear deltoids, biceps, biceps brachialis, and forearm flexors.
One-arm dumbbell rows- emphasize the whole lat, the upper back, and the trap muscles.
* 15 rows per arm 4 times- today i was feeling a bit week and only used 7.5kg weights.
muscles engaged: Latissimus Dorsi, Middle Trapezius, Rhomboids, Biceps Brachii and Erector Spinae.
Dead lifts: 40kg- i used to do 60kg :( this exercise is amazing!!!
I can lift 10 at the moment before im ruined.
Muscles engaged: nearly everything, back muscles, leg muscles, your whole core is engaged, arms, hips forearms. Again great exercise !!! one of my favorites.
I also did abs today which i will be adding to the end of every work out till i get my tummy tuck!
Abdominal extensions- 130 turns.
Muscles engaged: internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae

Thanks guys ! will update my next work out tomorrow is shoulders, chest and arms!

9 days to go!

9 days to go! That all went so quick! Fly back to Queensland in 4 days, and ready for my surgery with dr Saylor at the mater private. Anyone have any tips on what to pack for my 2 week stay after surgery?

Pre op

So today I had my pre op appt with Alys. She seemed a bit rushed today which kind of annoyed me, I only had a few questions but she seemed to want me out the door. Wasn't really happy, but being a health professional myself maybe she was just behind and stressed, I dunno. I had my pre op photos taken by the wonderful nurse. I also added on scar revision for my hypertrophic scars. So I'm excited about that as well. 3 days left! I just wish it was going faster! Feel like the days are taking FOREVER! Tomorrow I'm gonna start on a diet plan for when I leave the hospital. Low carb, high protein, low sodium and high fibre. I'm worried if I don't make a meal plan and so all the shopping before I go in, I will fall into a rut of lying in bed eating crap all day and getting fat lol. I'm wondering if I should also buy one of those back support pillows, that look like mini chairs for your bed. Anyone know if they were worth getting?

Updated photos

Compression garment

So I have to wear this 24/7 besides showering, for 2-3 weeks pre op. I'm starting to hate it ????????

Back pillow

So I have bought the back support pillow. I am considering moving the recliner back into the house from storage, to sleep on instead of my bed at home, as I won't have that pillow at home. Hmmm

Dream body

What I used to have! Come back!!!

2 days left!

2 days left and I'm getting excited and impatient lol! It's less then 2 days like 1.5 haha. Grabbed some loose black pj's today from Kmart and some phisohex antibacterial body wash and some bigger undies. Ready to be flat and normal again!! 24 year old body come at me! I'm really worried about my belly button, I hope it's a deeper rounder belly button. So I have been reading about bb training. Will consider doing so. I'm also a bit worried about hypertrophic scarring as I have a few scars that have gone this way, I am also having scar revision at the same time as my tummy tuck. And have been told in 3-4 months will def need scar revision on my tt due to the stretch marks. This is mostly covered by Medicare so doesn't bother me so much. When did everyone have their first showers? I have read a few girls on here not showering for 4-5 days because they are not allowed to remove their binder till their follow up? I will be in hospital 3-5 days.

Day before!

Sorry about the daily updates! So it's finally the day before. I make sure I'm nil by mouth from midnight. I hate how my water my water weight fluctuates some days! But I'm thinking I'm not going to even worry about my weight until 8 weeks post op. This way I will stop stressing. Also I started my period today, this is a pain in the ass! I'm sure they will still do the surgery. On another random note my acne seems to be getting really good, which is awesome. I will pack my hospital bag tonight for my lovely 5 day stay :/ a bit of a personal question ladies, but when did u start getting intimate with your partner again after your tt?

Love this woman's tummy tuck results

I stole this from someone on here. My god her belly is amazing! I hope I get results like this!! Love the belly button love how flat she looks! Praying I get this results! Maybe I should u have lost more weight. I dunno!

A few more photos

This will al be gone soon!!

And today's the day!

Finally today has come! I didn't go to bed till 3am I was too excited to sleep lol. But I woke up late and now can't eat, that was dumb. I leave my house at 12 to be at the mater at 1 ready theatre at 3pm!!! I have no idea how long it's gonna go for, how long were u ladies under for? Bag is all packed and I just want these last 3 hours to fly by. Today is Melbourne cup day as well so although I hate the races because of the horses being harmed, I'm gonna go in the family betting thing this year, and I hope I wake up to some money, cuz that would be nice lol.

In the waiting room

Ok so sitting in the waiting room at the mater adult hospital. Wondering why
1. They asked me to come in at 1pm when they don't plan on calling me into surgery until 3pm. This so stupid to me. I literally signed one form. Could have got here at 2.30pm.
2. Why I'm not going in earlier to et my pre op checklist done, ECG, blood work ect. Absolutely nothing? Seems so weird I have worked for years on surgical wards, and we do a full pre op admission, always have a cross math of bloods done in case u haemorrhage in surgery and need a transfusion ect.
This is starting to worry me a little. I'm starting to lose a lot of faith in my surgeon tbh. The receptionist said normally the bloods are done through the offices. They weren't.
I just saw my anethesist and ask him what's going on, and he's like u don't need any of that your too young. I was like ok. That's weird to me.

And it's done!

Ok so I just got to my room about 35 min ago. Surgery went for 1 hour 45min. I have
Never been in so much pain in my
Life! In recovery I was crying so much because of how bad it was. It's still horrifically painful. I didn't expect
It to be this bad :( and
I gave birth to a 9 pound girl on the street lol. I would do that a million times a day then do this again lol

Quick photo

I feel flatter that's for sure. Looks like it could be a nice waste line. I just wish this pain would ease down. And I have though niggle of a cough, if I could just cough once to get it up i would be better but I tried and that was excruciating and that was a very light trying mini cough that I stop half way through. Holy crap if I vomit or sneeze o can only imagine the pain that would bring! So far I'm not eating, I don't want anything tonight I don't think.

Post op day one!

So I slept quite well over night I woke up at 3am to make sure I got my endone to keep the pain away. I finally worked up the courage at 3.30 to cough as I had some phlegm stuck. That was good when I got that out lol. Ye sit was painful but way less painful then trying to hold the cough in. Then this morning at 8am I asked. The student near that I had to tell the RN that I really needed maxalon ASAP as well as pain relief. She only told the RN about the pain meds. I was getting so sick I started calling out for help because my buzzer is broken, and then ended up vomiting heaps. Which killed like a mother f****r!!! I was pretty annoyed hat when I was calling out for help no one answered and it wouldn't have even happened if I had the maxalon or ondanz earlier when I asked. Physio have come pulled me out of bed and I'm in a chair atm. I'm in 4-5/10 pain atm. I saw my surgeon this morning which I wasn't expecting. She told me she really pulled my muscles together extremely tight all the way to my eternal notch. She said my scar was nice and low, the hernia is removed and my belly button is now an innie! And spoke about the stretch marks just above the incision and the possible need for revision, which I have no doubt I will get. The scar revision on my arm is really starting to sting and hurt I also can't use that arm at all. Which makes it a little hard to move around and reposition my self with one arm with an IV in it lol. But waste line is looking nice, incision is starting to bleed a tiny bit. And I'm draining about 10mls of fluid in my bellovac drain.

Shower time and tummy reveal

So finally got to see my stomach! I was aware prior that the scar was pleated to the middle and will probably need scar revision. My BB is def deep and no hernia yay! I love were my drain is placed off to the side and away from the incision. I'm overall quite happy atm :) can't wait for it all to smooth out and swelling to decrease and the pain to bigger off so j can stand straight. I'm in my garment now which is crazy tight! The nurses have been a bit over the shop today and have kind of missed me a little which ended up me being in more pain and having to do a lot of undressing and putting the garment on myself and changing my BB dressing.

Quick update

Saw my surgeon about 35 min ago, I showed her the pics I took of my belly in the bathroom and of my BB, she said its all looking fantastic and my belly will flatten out a lot, and warned me of the swelling. She just said she really wants to keep an eye on the BB as its a little dusky in colour. I will be in hospital till Saturday. :( wanna go home lol! Had a 10 min walk around the ward today with physio, can get in and out of bed and go to the loo. Still haven't opened my bowels yet, hopefully I will tomorrow. She said I can start to straighten out now, which feels a bit better on my back then this banana position :)

Belly button

Belly button is looking more pink which is great, surgeons assistant is happy with it and took a photo for Alys. They r putting chlorsig 1% antibacterial ointment on it with just a small dressing. When I look at my b I don't see any stitching around it like some other photos of bb on here. I'm happy about that. But will have a better look in a couple of days. I still have a lot of trapped wind, it's not hurting but is annoying because it's always rumbling. But slowly getting rid of it. Still haven't opened my bowels. So really gonna work on that today. Not taking any narcotic pain relief today. Begging my surgeon to let me out today instead of tomorrow be uses of my lack is sleep now I'm in a 4 bed bay :/ is also weird because some of the nurses here have either been my teacher, facilitator or a student nurse with me from years ago lol. So a little bit uncomfortable. I really hate doing up the CG it's like a corset on the sides with clips.

4 days post op

The left side is starting to go down in terms of pleating, the surgeon said I had a lot more stretch marks on my right. A scar revision may still be in the future in 12 weeks. Getting the drain out today, which is awesome cuz it's giving me a blister and has leaked all over my garment :/ slept straight and on my side last night. I think I have over done it a little today, my nurse is very unhelpful. My back is killing me! That's he worst pain! I'm not on any pain meds at all anymore including paracetamol, just using heat packs on my back.

Quick pic

Can nearly stand up 100% straight but freak out it will make my incision split so I bend back over lol. It doesn't look super evident in the photos but the pleating has gone down a little more.

So I weighed myself

I weighed my self this morning, I was 62.2kg which is 2.1kg down from the day of my surgery so that's nice lol. The skin they took off only weighed 300grams. It's must be the diet and excessive amounts of water I am drinking. I am enjoying sleeping on my side again. The pleating in the very middle is def going down a lot. It was actually quite flat this morning. Still not on any pain relief. Continuing my antibiotics 4 times a day. And changing my BB dressing twice a day and using the chlorsig ointment. My BB has no ooze at all, it hasn't since day one, I think that's a good sign. Still can't stand for more then 5 minutes at a time though which is getting really annoying.


I think I'm hitting that lower point on the emotional roller coaster, I feel like I'm never going to heal, I'm never going to stand straight, the right sided abs near the sternum feel so incredibly tight! Like I can't stretch them out to straighten out fully, but the left side of fine, I dunno what that is about. I can't take off he surgical tape till 3 weeks post op, then leave it a week, then start silicone taping. I'm still dropping weight which is a plus. I flew back home 2 days ago, my husband had a bit of a breakdown and couldn't take care of the 3 kiddies. So I was pain free previously when I didn't have to do anything, now I'm cleaning the whole house and grocery shopping. So now I actually understand swell hell lol. It's great to be in the cold weather again though. I just wanna stand straight, without freaking out my incision might tear open, I find I am straighter in the morning and as the day goes on I hunch again. I wanna take off my tape, I just wish I was more patient.

Can't sleep, want a new CG

Ok so I am finding it difficult to sleep lately with this annoying compression garment! I hate that it goes down my legs! It's so tight it looks like it's half cutting of my circulations and you can see a huge divot when I wear jeans or tights ect, the hole in the middle annoys me at night as it scratches and pulls on my
Inner thighs and I have to take the whole thing off to do a number 2. Also it's starting to have bubbles on the sides at the zippers (shown in picture) so I have just ordered a new one from isavela, I hope it's good, I felt like there was hardly anything to pick from in Australia. So fingers crossed. I have taken a few new photos as well. Sorry for up dating lots, but it's also a good way for me to keep track of my own personal progress.

Compassion photo

Made me feel a bit better

Still downish

Still a bit down, I know the pleating will go with my scar revision, still wish I was 8 weeks post op and not 2 lol. Still pretty swollen, and have decided to start sleeping with knees bent again. Incision is starting to hurt a bit. Worried I'm stretching it too quickly. On the plus size I can walk straight now :) all day today I have remained straight! So I'm happy about that. I also think my BB is becoming infected, have started putting on the antibacterial ointment and letting it dry then putting the compression garment back on.

The new garment has arrived!

So my isavela garment has been delivered today, that's was awesome delivery time! It's look fab and feels so much better and a little more tighter then my last one. Great purchase!

Doesn't hurt anymore

Ok 2 days ago coughing and sneezing hurt like mother F****** I started picking up my nearly 2 year old again maybe twice a day to put her back into bed when she gets out. Now today I have noticed when I cough no pain at all. I really hope I haven't split any stitches or ruined my MR. I still have all the pleat and swelling as usual. Itching is increasing. Very happy to be fully upright all day still and sleeping very comfortably on my side and stretched out still. Hate my BB, have already spoken with my husband about getting a BB revision in Melbourne, I don't care if it costs $50000000 I'm getting it done. I have continued to cover it because I simply hate looking at it, it is not what the surgeon and I discussed even slightly, I told her I don't care about anything else, couldn't care less about the length of the scar or anything the only want I had was for a normal belly button, in the short amounts of time i spent with her I really stressed the BB to the extreme, it's the goddam focal point of my whole stomach for Christ sake. I also wish she had told me that having a shorter car would result in pleats, she said it's because of the amount of stretch marks I had above my BB which I think Is a load of crap, I have spent the 7 hours looking at girls on here with way more weight and stretch marks above the belly button then me and have 100% smooth, no pleats 4 days post op. I would have preferred the longer scar and avoided this whole thing. I wish I spent more time asking a ton of questions and I wish she wasn't so pushy to get you out of the door, especially considering I paid in full on the second consult, no loan no let payments just all of it. I know I sound like a winging cow, which I probably do, but I'm still upset that it's not what I had in mind and I didn't even have great expectations I just wanted to be flat with a round BB. I wasn't overweight, I worked my ass off at the gym, and still feel that my result is poor. But I'm sure next week I will feel a lot better maybe. On the plus, I am very great-full that her incision skills seem to be incredible from what I can see through the tape, looks like it was done with a laser beam. Very happy I have no infections. Very happy I don't have a lot of flabby left over skin like some women I have seen, I am very tight and pulled together. I can definitely see the massive improvement from before to now and look great in clothes! Very happy not to have a hang anymore. Hoping to feel better next week. Still have the CG on 24:7 besides showering. Still really wanna peak at my incision but will stay strong and wait the extra week lol.

Holes and infections

So the nurse told me to take the tape off today, to check if there was a hole and to start cleaning them. So there are 3 holes. The left hips incision is amazing! The middle is screwed and the right is hanging in there. I started silicon sheeting on my left and far right side and on my scar revision on my arms.

Updated pics

Still just cleaning the wound, hoping everyday I wake up and it's healed and perfect lol. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night with my CG, I had to take it of, first time that's happened. Incision is very itchy. I am airing the wound out everyday now, I think my skin was starting to macerate with all the tape and covers. I am just pointing a small absorbent dressing and tape on each side so air can still get through and less adhesive on my skin. Please aren't getting any less, and kind of makes me look like I have a big V going down my belly, and creates a ledge at the incision, really ugly. Still hoping my BB magically gets better but I don't think it will, I wish it would just shrink a little.

3 week update

So, still healing slowly but making progress. My hips feel really bruised but there is no bruising to see so that's not fun. Incision is still very itchy. I still try not to look at my belly button and have been covering it with silicon tape. I love the way I look in clothes there is no over hang over jeans and shorts ect which is nice. Just hate how I look naked lol. Pleats are still in full effect and looks like they r here to stay till revision time. 2 out of the 3 holes have closed, which is great! Weird that I informed my surgeons nurse last week about the holes and infection and my surgeon hasn't once tried to contact me to see if it's healing or how it's going. I think she has poor communication skills. But we will see what next weeks progress looks like :) trying to stay positive :D

1 month

So it's been a month, that flew by quickly! Last night my incision spat a stitch a nice long one :( holes are kind of healing up slowly but surely. Yesterday it looked like my pleats were nearly gone, but they came back today lol. Still a bit tender to cough and sneeze ect. Still not liking the belly button, but it has gotten slightly deeper over the last few days. All the incisions are starting took red now and do their healing thing.

6 week update

So it's been 6 weeks. Not a lot has changed in this last 2 weeks hence the no posting. The last 2 holes have scabbed over and are just about healed. I still have a ledge on side view. And just desperately waiting for the scar revision to fix the middle but where the extra skin was left. Still have some wrinkling and pleating. I still love how I look in clothes. BB is slowly getting deeper. I am getting this horrible burning and stinging and pulling apart sensation directing below my incision and I freak out and have to look at it to make sure it all just didn't rip open.

Seeing a new surgeon on may 3rd!

So i haven't been on here in a while, i very much dislike my tummy tuck, big mistake. i am having revision on my the 3rd with a surgeon in Melbourne, who's going to do the best he can to improve the look. i have seen 4 plastic surgeons now who all agree that this was messed up from the beginning. My belly button is completely off center, i have a large ledge that wont go away, it points down into a V like a man's torso, i have a high scar, and m,y belly button is flat sometimes sticks out to an outtie and very very large and round. i also still have a hernia. So that all sucks, this will cost an additional 12K. I really wish i had not gone with the original surgeon, no reviews is a bad thing despite how confident that surgeon may seem. my new surgeon spent 2 hours with me in my consult he was amazing!!!!!!!! and then invited me for another consult 2 weeks later which was another 45 mins. Hopefully he can improve this there is no promises as he says its hard to fix mistake u can only get it perfect the first time.

Some photos

Kind of depressing

Had my revision yesterday!

Yesterday morning was my revision day! First in the list, the hospital was outstanding in. Why aspect, amazing receptionist, amazing nurses and my amazing surgeon! Craig was amazing, when he came in and greeted me, he was so focused on me and my belly and trying to make this as great as we could. He spent a solid 30 min measuring me to the millimetre literally, with laser measurements and 2 rulers. The nurse who would be doing all my scar treatment was also there to talk to me and watches the surgery. Craig was so professional in every way, he even offered to pay for me to stay overnight as I was only doing a day stay due to funds. I ended up going home though. My incision is so so much lower my vagina hurts lol. He showed me photos but I was a bit out of it so can't remember. I woke up to a goodie bag with my garments and various soaps and moisturises, the bag is like a medium size really pretty makeup bag! So far here is the photo, I can barley stand properly so this is as good as I have so far. The pain is the same as last time super horrible! I do feel flatter this time though. I will be making a new review with my experience with Dr Craig Rubinstein from Melbourne.

New photo

New photo, loving it!! So flat, really red though at the moment, love my innie belly button, can't wait for time to go on me watch get even better! And loose the love handles.
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