29yo Acne Photodynamic Therapy Brisbane, AU

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I have had varying degrees of cystic acne since my...

I have had varying degrees of cystic acne since my teens, I used roaccutane about 6 years ago which cleared it up but it came back after about two years. Decided to try photodynamic therapy to stop breakout, in the hope that I can then do something about scarring and have blemish free skin (obviously within the realms of what's achievable!) for my wedding in March 2017. I'll document the process I go through in the hope it might help anyone else considering the treatment!

I had the ALA applied to my skin at 11:30 and then was put under the light at 4:30 (5 hour incubation). I was put under red light only. I was not prepared for the level of pain! It felt like my face was on fire. I had a fan blowing cool air to use where I needed it, but I only lasted 2 minutes or so, had a break and then did another minute. It was excruciating. After the light they applied numbing cream, gave me panadol and I coninuted to use the fan for about 20 mins, until it was manageable enough for me to leave. I stuck my face in the air con on the drive home and it was bareable. I needed numbing cream through out the evening/ night and kept up the panadol. My skin was red and hot. The next day it was still hot feeling, but also feeling a bit sore. I didn't need the numbing cream as much (it was a different pain to the actual light). Day two post treatment I have woken up with break out around my nose and mouth area. It's very uncomfortable and feels tight and dry all over, but particularly where the skin is breaking out. I've been using thicker qv balm they gave me to soothe it as much as I can and have been using wet clothes to soothe as well. Hoping this is all worth it! My face currently looks a mess!
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