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Okay, this is totally out of the norm for me. I am...

Okay, this is totally out of the norm for me. I am a private person and I don't like to share my business (like so many others). This decision is very scary and exciting for me. After reading and researching soo many reviews, I decided that I would share my experience, like many other TT patients have. Who knows, something I say might help another person step out on faith and make a life changing decision.

Slight change in the plans...

Several days have gone by with some new changes. I received a call from my doctor telling me that he wished to do my surgery at the Hospital instead of his new surgical center. This is because I have incisional mesh from a C-section and incisional endometriosis. I can't complain because he was extremely thorough in his physical assessment. He even asked to see the surgical notes from my old surgeries. No other plastic surgeon took the time to really question me and my husband. On the other hand, doing the surgery at the hospital increases the cost significantly. I'm hopping it's all worth it in the end. I would rather be safe than sorry. I'm so looking forward to a new version of me ! I'm 5'6 at 163lbs down from 175lbs. Hoping to get down to 157lbs by surgery date.

What supplies do I need?

So I'm trying to prepare and purchase supplies ahead of time. Any suggestions?

Shoppping! Vitamines and Minerals galor..

I think I spent 30 minutes in the CVS vitamin isle just to get upset and put everything back! Preparation for surgery is daunting. I have everything I need for the most part in caring for my wound. I have my waist binder and compression garments. I started cleansing my system and really focusing on what I eat. I'm really trying to go into this process as prepared I as I can. I have been spinning and doing ABD exercises to bring my weight down a bit more. I am now 160Lbs. I only lost 3lbs since my last posting, but I know the spin bike is building my larger muscles. So I will TRY and stay away from the scale. Did anyone go on a vitamin shopping spree before surgery. The list that I see recommended for surgery is soooo long!

Counting down the hours!

Well I have been off of the feed for a while. Just trying to wrap my head around this whole process. I've done all my preparation, as far as I can tell. I was looking for some feedback on supplies but no one responded. That's okay, I figured it out. My family and friends are ready to be at my beck and call. Worked really hard to drop past 160 but got stuck. I can't complain because I came down 15 pounds. Thursday is my trip to the "other side". Wish me luck! I will post again after recovery hopefully.

I did it!

Yeah!! I made it to the"flat" side ????. Actually it the swollen side but I will take it. These first 24 hours are rough! Vomited last night and thought my insides were gonna fall out! Dr Volpe did an awesome job with my incision. Still have a long long was to go. I will keep you posted.

Post op day 3...

Okay. So it's day three and I am bored out of my mind. I don't understand how folks watch TV all day. But it's about the only thing I can focus on. Felling okay. Most of my pain is in the area where they did liposuction. The swelling is crazy but I expected it after all the post I read. I took a shower and wore myself out to the point of nausea. I won't do that again! Back to the recliner and it's only 11AM. It's gonna be a long day. ,,,

Day 5 feels like 20

I took a little breather because I felt horrible on Sunday. Nausea won the battle big time. Then last night I took one Percocet and had nightmares! Didn't sleep all night. So today I saw my doctor and told him how much difficulty I was having the the Percocet and he prescribed me Celebrex. I'm going to give that a try tonight because I have been so uncomfortable. On another note, my drain was removed and he said I look pretty good. A lot of bruising and swelling but it will subside in time. I have to remind myself that I had major surgery and not to force it. I have 6 different types of sutures/stitches in my body. So I feel tight as heck and can't stand straight yet. It will come. I will post pics in a few days. #healingisajob

Getting better!

Today is day 8 and I am getting better slowly. Still continue to have swelling in belly and on my sides. They are super tender and hard. I know this is the process so I staying the course. Me and my binder are not friends! BUT it will forever be a love hate relationship. I attempted to put on my full body compression garment and though I would pass out. I don't know how the girls that do 360 lipo do it!! It's downright painful! I think the lipo has been the most painful part of this whole process. I can stand up straight....for a whole 5 min lol. The pulling feeling is crazy. Work in progress continues.

Seroma!! ????

After my last appointment, my PS told me to look out for any developing pockets of fluid's aka "Seroma". Well of course since I'm going to this journey, I have to make sure that I experience said seroma, LOL. Sure enough, in my left lower quadrant of my abdomen, I had a nice little wave of fluid developing. This was the tender side and I was unable to stand up straight for any length of time. So today I took a little trip to the doctors office, and sure enough I needed to be drained. There was no discomfort because my entire abdomen is still numb. My PS was able to drain approximately 100 mL, so hopefully I won't have this problem again. He said that usually if you need to be drained a second time it should be about 50% less than the first drainage. I must admit, I'm less tender and able to stand up straight for longer periods of time! "A little drain will do you good!" Hhe also removed my bandages and told me to leave them open to air for the next four days. I was considering purchasing the "Embrace" scar therapy system. Has anyone had any experience with it? It cost about $400 to $500,which is on the expensive side. After spending all this money on the TT, I would invest if I knew it worked well! Let me know!

One month and Counting ????

Today marks week 4 (plus 4 days)! So much has been going on since my last post. I'm starting to feel like myself again. I am able to get up and do pretty much anything I want to around the house. Still not lifting anything to heavy. Thank goodness for grown kids and my awesome hubby. I've gone out shopping with my husband for Christmas and I must say it was my first full day out on my feet without any "stomach" fatigue. The swelling still does what the hell it wants. I have realized that I'm not in control in that department ????.
-Diet and weight are fair. I am 158. Eating way to many sweets (new enemy is ice cream). I will get this under wraps this week!
- Pain is gone BUT I feel like my skin is on fire at times! Damn nerve endings and hypersensitive skin, aka dysesthesia, keeps me awake at night. It will take 3 months or more to resolve. God help me..
-Hard induration at lipo sites: my sides were hard like rocks. I started lymphatic ultrasound massages to help break down the scar tissue. So far I had 2 treatment and I feel a difference already on my right side! The left was the problematic side even before surgery due to old mesh. Really tender and still hard but getting better slowly. I have 4 more sessions left.
-INCISION: okay. Everyone that has seen my scar says it looks absolutely fabulous. I on the other hand, think it looks dark. In time it will fade. The left side, the problem child, gathers a bit and the doctor said it would flatten. I started using the EMBRACE scar treatment today. It takes two months and your paycheck for it to work (lol). It's the next best thing since snap chat...????. We will see if I invested my money wisely.
-Seroma: drain again last week. The doctor said my ultrasound therapy was stimulating my lymphatic drainage. So now I have to tell her don't touch my belly when she does the ultrasound and to only do my sides. I think I will need to be drained more time before this is all over.
Okay. That was loooong! Sorry but I felt I needed to give you the full scoop.
Stay tuned. This Thursday I start Velashape III for my cellulite on my thighs! Trying to her beach ready by June!

Forgot the pics...

Are we there yet?

I can't wait to get to the tummy tuck finish line! Life is back to normal and I am finally working my full 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I realized that I'm not lifting patient s like I used to. I guess I'm still a little weary of pulling something in my stomach. My incision is healing ahead of schedule per my PS, but it still looks dark. Im still using the EMBRACE scar therapy treatment and I have 3 weeks left of applications. I will start using a lightening cream to help with the pigment. After that I will post some before and after pics. The seroma is FINALLY gone but the swelling persist. Always better in the morning than in the evening. My husband said I'm addicted to my abdominal binder, and I think he is right lol! It just makes me feel so...secure. Other than that, all is well. Hope everyone is enjoying and living life!
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