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Okay, this is totally out of the norm for me. I am...

Okay, this is totally out of the norm for me. I am a private person and I don't like to share my business (like so many others). This decision is very scary and exciting for me. After reading and researching soo many reviews, I decided that I would share my experience, like many other TT patients have. Who knows, something I say might help another person step out on faith and make a life changing decision.

Slight change in the plans...

Several days have gone by with some new changes. I received a call from my doctor telling me that he wished to do my surgery at the Hospital instead of his new surgical center. This is because I have incisional mesh from a C-section and incisional endometriosis. I can't complain because he was extremely thorough in his physical assessment. He even asked to see the surgical notes from my old surgeries. No other plastic surgeon took the time to really question me and my husband. On the other hand, doing the surgery at the hospital increases the cost significantly. I'm hopping it's all worth it in the end. I would rather be safe than sorry. I'm so looking forward to a new version of me ! I'm 5'6 at 163lbs down from 175lbs. Hoping to get down to 157lbs by surgery date.

What supplies do I need?

So I'm trying to prepare and purchase supplies ahead of time. Any suggestions?

Shoppping! Vitamines and Minerals galor..

I think I spent 30 minutes in the CVS vitamin isle just to get upset and put everything back! Preparation for surgery is daunting. I have everything I need for the most part in caring for my wound. I have my waist binder and compression garments. I started cleansing my system and really focusing on what I eat. I'm really trying to go into this process as prepared I as I can. I have been spinning and doing ABD exercises to bring my weight down a bit more. I am now 160Lbs. I only lost 3lbs since my last posting, but I know the spin bike is building my larger muscles. So I will TRY and stay away from the scale. Did anyone go on a vitamin shopping spree before surgery. The list that I see recommended for surgery is soooo long!
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