BBL W/ Dr. Delvecchio - Brighton, MA

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Hi ladies, This is my first post since I joined...

Hi ladies,

This is my first post since I joined RealSelf a few months ago. My boyfriend came across the site when we were doing research to find the perfect surgeon for my BBL. We had originally liked Dr. Ortega in Miami, FL however after making a $300 deposit and struggling/fighting to get in touch with a coordinator to answer my questions, I just did not feel comfortable traveling from NYC to FL to leave my life in Dr. Ortega's hands and his staff. He may be a good surgeon with BBL but his staff sucks!
Anyhow, my first consultation w/ Dr. Delvecchio was on August 31, 2015. The office in NYC is clean and the staff is very pleasant. His office is located in Central Park South. Dr. Delvecchio was very polite, professional, friendly and blunt. He was very clear about his work, expectations from his patient after surgery and his experience. My boyfriend and I were both very pleased, and I felt comfortable and at ease w/ him. I scheduled the surgery for Nov. 18, 2015, will return to work on Nov. 30, 2015. I am hoping that it is enough time to somewhat heal. I will be doing the surgery in Boston, MA at Elizabeth Medical Center. I feel more comfortable that the surgery will be done in a hospital, in case anything goes wrong, which I am praying all will be fine. Dr. D said that we can drive back to NYC the same day, so no need to book a hotel room. My boyfriend will rent a truck/SUV and we will make a bed in the back so I can sleep the entire ride back. Hopefully all works out as planned, I will love to rest in the comfort of my home. I have attached two pictures of what I look like now. I actually gained 20lbs within last year and this year planning for BBL. I didn't always look this fat :-).
My pre-op appointment is Nov. 2, 2015 where I will give my final payment, consult w/ Dr. D. my wish pics, and expectations.
Here is a list of the supplies I have purchased so far:
Arnica Gel, Arnica pills, Hibiclens, bed pads, Large gauzes, and BBL pillow. Not sure what else I will need.. Any suggestions?

Update/Wish Pics

Hi ladies,

I will be seeing Dr. Del Vecchio on Monday 11/2. I'm honestly anxious, nervous, scared, happy, I'm just a ball of emotions. The other night I had a dream "after" surgery, I looked amazing, felt so real that I woke up touching my butt lol. I'm anticipating a lot of pain, I honestly just don't know what to think or imagine anymore. I just want surgery day 11/18 to come already to get it over with. Overall I'm excited but also scared. I have not told anyone I will be doing this, my family can be a bit judgmental. I am lucky and blessed to have an amazing boyfriend that will take care of me, not to mention he's super excited about this BBL.. I think he's more excited then me... :).
Attached are some wish pictures (in order of preference).

Pre-Op Appointment Update

Hi ladies,

I had my pre-op with Dr. D yesterday. Since we had spent so much time together in my first consultation I did not have any questions for him so the appointment was short. He took pictures of all angles, told me there is a lot to put in each buttcheek, and said he will put as much as he can. This made my boyfriend smile and made me happy and also more nervous. Showed him my wish pics and also pics of what I don't wanna look like.
I know I'm in good hands, but I'm still very nervous.

THE day here

Hey ladies,
So it's 8:40a currently on my to Boston.. I'm so nervous, anxious and I must say very hungry lol. My boyfriend has been super supportive trying to cheer me up, but I'm so scared... I even cried last night. It does not help that I didn't tell any friends or family because they're so against it... Anyhow, not sure how I will feel when I wake up from surgery and I guess that's one of my fears. I will try to ask my boyfriend to post a pic tonight .. Surgery is today at 1pm.....

Made it!

Hey ladies,
Just got home from surgery. 5am.
Surgery was delayed because doctor was backed up, so instead of 1:30p, surgery started at 5pm../ I was very emotional and just wanted to get it over with. My boyfriend was so supportive and so good trying to cheer me up... He showed me pic and it looks so good... Dr. Transfer 2200cc had to throw away 1000cc because my skin couldn't stretch anymore...
Right now the pain is about a 6 if I don't move lol if I move is like 10. Trip from Boston to New York took longer because we made rest stops. I will post a picture maybe tomorrow , Dr D was awesome and even made a few jokes as we waited for a room, he has a great team of doctors and nurses that are in surgery with him, all were in such good moods and really taking care of me. I asked if I can start massages on Monday after my follow up with him and he said absolutely not!. Have to wait.
I'm currently not sleepy and just laying on my stomach still in awe .. Cannot believe I did it... Ohhh not to mention I walked half a block and went up 4 flights of stairs ladies.. I think I either tolerate pain or is not as bad yet ... God knows about tomorrow...


Hey ladies
He's a pic of my surgery

Day 3 post op

Hi ladies,

Very sore, very tired and very stiff. I feel trapped and so anxious. I have been walking around the house, stretching, but crying so much because I'm in so much pain, the more I move the more stiff I feel.. I've been taking my meds and drinking lots of fluids

Day 4

Still very very sore. In pain. But walking around the house. My wonderful boyfriend massage me with arnica cream. Put on another faja. And fed me mash potatoes. Don't really have appetite but I have to so I can hold down the pain meds and antibiotic...

Day 5

I feel that my recovery is slower than others. I still pretty much need help to do anything and everything. Still very sore and in a lot of pain to get up, still can't find myself walking straight. It's all a struggle

Day 5- update

First of, have to give it to all of you ladies going through this for the first time, others that have done it more than once and those going to do so soon. This sh*t is no joke. At least for me. I read so many cases that after a few days women felt good, stiff butt but felt okay and were doing things on their own .. What I can do is so minimal. I'm on constant pain, stiff and sore all over , even places he didn't touch, my entire body is a mess, I'm a mess, and although I'm not regretting it , right now I'm thinking is the pain and risks we put ourselves into is worth it.. I know I will love the end results, I love the results now, but the pain , soreness and stiffness has me feeling like I am trapped in my own body...massage girl today told me I should move and do things without help because I'm not gonna break... And she's right yet I have no idea how to do it. Where do I start?... Ladies this is a long process, and I knew it going in, but I didn't think it will be so hard for me. Again I can only speak for myself, I've read reviews of girls that were out and about in clubs on day 5.. Major applause to that person... I on the other hand although today I saw progress, I see it very small progress.. I wanna be able to walk normal even if I'm stiff, or not feel so beat up, and sore.. I know I'm asking for a lot, but I'm so desperate right now. I just don't know how I'm going to do this :(

Day 10- update

Hi ladies, been taking a break just trying to get better for my return to work on Monday, I don't feel ready but don't have a choice. I am still sore and swollen, but have more feeling in my butt and waist, something I didn't a few days ago. I am able to walk a bit straight now but still walk funny and slow. Started massages and although painful they have helped , one of my stitches popped or fell off so now I just drain from there, so much fluid and although at the moment I feel sick, after the fluid is out I feel lighter and better. I still have a long way to to recover, I'm still in pain but manageable pain that I don't need pain medication or aspirin. I've only lost 2 lbs. attached is a random pic my boyfriend snapped.

Day 12- update

Hey ladies,
Today is day 12 and I returned to work- not by choice lol. Luckily my work environment is laid back so I am able to sit on bbl pillow or stand or kneel. I still need help to get dressed, and I am walking very slow, still very sore/swollen and bruises are very minimal. My commute on subway today was a pain in the butt, but manageable. Butt is getting softer, I'm still having a little trouble standing straight, the area that hurts or bothers the most is my mid area, and also lower abdomen, I do see fluid build up; been wearing the faja and the board is really helping. Attached is before surgery and day 11 pic

Day 17- update

Hey ladies,
I'm slowly recovering, I'm finally able to stand and walk straight although I'm still walking in pain. I just got home from my 7th massage, painfully agonizing each time but I don't have a choice. My left side is healing faster then the right. I have hard fluid build up on right side of vagina, and although I'm getting drained it's hard and comes out with blood, was advised to use heating pad a lot on that area. I still have my moments where I cry, like at every massage appointment lol. Dr. D did such an amazing job on my body. I'm still swollen and in pain but in love with his work. Attached are pics I took this morning...

Lymphatic Drainage

Hey ladies,

So I've added these drops to my daily routine.. I add 20 drops to a glass of water twice a day and alllll I do is pee.. It has helped so much to get rid of fluids, last night went for massage and they didn't even drain me, said to continue using drops so my body can get rid of fluids on its own... Also I've been taking potassium pills.

3 weeks update

I survived! That's all I can say! I'm so happy that the worst has passed... The first three days, the first two weeks, I just did not think I would make it. I kept asking myself, when will I get better?.... And I honestly wanted to give up. The pain to me was unbearable, and all I did was cry!. Thank God for my boyfriend that had so much patience with me, and always had something funny to say to lighten my mood. I'm still swollen, bruises are almost gone, and I am walking better, still not 100%. Attached is a picture from this morning before heading to work.

Almost 4 weeks..

Can't believe it's been almost 4 weeks. My body and body sensation changes each day... One day I feel numb, other days like cement, other days shooting random pain... I love my results so far. Attached is a picture the boyfriend took while we were out shopping yesterday, first day I felt somewhat "normal"..

When do I "puff"

Hey ladies,

I'm on week 4!! Yayyyyy
I'm ready for this butt to "puff" lol when is this happening!? Lol

Is my butt getting smaller?

Hi ladies,

This is week 5.... And although my boyfriend measures me every day.. And every day is the same measurement... Why do I feel like my butt is getting smaller?

Week 5

Althought at times I feel like my butt got small, I love the results and my boyfriend too... Attached are pics he took this past weekend. .. Always sneaking pics of my back without me knowing and then he sends them to my phone lol..... Of course I'm wearing my D'Prada faja..

Pics w/ D'Prada Faja

Someone asked I post a pic with my DPrada faja.. See attached.. Excuse my boyfriend, he's my paparazzi lol..

Does this look like fibrosis?

I know we are not professionals here but we are all on the same journey to recovery and support or those that haven't had surgery use this as a method of support and information. I had surgery 11/18... And have gotten about 14 massages... Yesterday went to a spa, owned by someone I know, she's very passionate about her business and she knows her sh*t... She's always learning and her spa has all modern and high tech machines for our recovery... Now, I was told by her staff that I had fibrosis. Now I'm no expert, I know I'm still healing it's only been 5/6 weeks.. Some areas are still sore/swollen...I've been wearing compression garment everyday 24hrs except when I shower... Does it look like fibrosis??


*sigh* I'm on week 8 or so, lost count, anyhow, I've gotten about 16 massages and my stomach still looks like this and still in pain... Can't wait until it's really soft and normal :(.. Back/sides still hurt and even feel a burning sensation. I wear the faja with board everyday all day so not sure why stomach still looks like this, I' know I'm still healing but I just feel like it should look better

Diet pre/post Liposuction

2 months update

Hi ladies ,
Here are some pics of current results (excuse my semi wedgie lol) ...I still have inflammation on my back and stomach but overall feeling good. Still wear compression garment everyday, lots of fluids and have been eating cleaner and better.
Hope you dolls are recovering fast!

Almost 3 months Post

Hi everyone.. On 3/18 I'll have 3 months I had my surgery... I must say its been a long road. Some days I feel like my butt lost volume other times it's perfect.. I wish Dr. D would've given me more waist sculpture but I guess I can achieve that with working out and waist training... Attached is pic of my butt from this morning. I still have small fibrosis on my stomach but was told its normal from the fluids that couldn't be drained... Currently going for cavitation and lipo laser treatment to get rid of it.

5 months...

Hey ladies.. It's been 5 months and I haven't lost any volume.. Still at 45in... Stomach still has some inflammation..

May 2016 update

Hey ya'll... Little pic from last night :) Still haven't lost any volume... Still at 46inch

7 months update

Love my results with clothes on. Still have inflammation on my stomach after tooo many massage packages. I don't know what to do anymore , butt looks okay, not 100% happy with rest of procedure but planning second one...

As mentioned in my review paragraph, Dr. D. was very professional, friendly and very informative about the procedure, recovery and results. I did not feel rushed at all, he took his time to answer my questions. After my surgery, I am super pleased with his work and professionalism.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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