30 Years Old with 2 Kids - Bridgewater, NS

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I am getting a bilateral breast reduction which is...

I am getting a bilateral breast reduction which is being covered for me medically and I am paying for the tummy tuck. I have had liposuction in the past but after my second child I have saggy skin. I have size 34GG breasts which causes shoulder and neck pain. I am looking forward to my procedure, however I am now thinking I should have added liposuction to my thighs.

Pre op

So the day is creeping up and I am a little over a month out. I have a pre op appointment Monday and am trying to think of good questions to ask. I didn't originally want liposuction but am now thinking of getting my hips and upper thighs done after looking at all the photos and reading other experiences.

Tomorrow is the day

I have so many emotions, I'm scared, happy, anxious and worried. I hope everything goes as planned. I had a past surgery for an open compound fracture of my tib fib and I was given a high spinal for local anesthetic and I had a cardiac arrest, so I am terrified to go under tomorrow especially for 5-6 hours. I know I'll calmly fall asleep and then what will feel like seconds I'll wake up in recovery. I can't help but have a wandering mind. The other woman on here with their blog keeps me at ease and helps alleviate the fear of pain and that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I will update with photos after I'm on the flat and itty bitty titty side and am feeling better.


My surgery went very good, it was approx 7 hours. My breasts look amazing already and I am highly impressed of the stitch work and the perkiness, they used to sag. As for my stomach, I have officially made the flat side, I have yet to see it tho because I am bandaged.

My recovery has been rough, my blood pressure went way down and I then required 2 plus litres of fluid by iv, I then could not pee so I was give. A catheter drain and they took ove 1 litres of urine. My oxygen level des creased to 80 so I required to ware oxygen which dried out my already dry throat. I tried to pee again with my avail so hopefully soon. Will update with photos when i feel better.

The dat after

I actually feel good. The furst night was tough in the hospital because i couldnt pee so they had to drain my bladder with a catheter i had over 1 liter of urine. My blood pressure was so super low 99/55 so i was nausiated and dizzy. Around 4am i was able to pee on my own. I had a small bite to eat and a short walk to the wasroom and my blood pressure went up to 115/64. My surgeon came to see my changed my dressing and i was so happy with what i saw.

3 days post Op

Feeling really good. Still havent pooped so im having cramps so ive taken stool softener. Mu husband gave me a spitz bath and changed my dressings.

8 days post Op

Today i got the last of my drains out and i was so excited to be able to have a full shower. I also had a great sleep last noght as i was able to lay down on my side instead of beong propped up on my back. I am walking up right and my surgeons sewing is amazing. My scaring is so minimal i love everything so far :)
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