35 Years Old, No Kids, 5'8" and 145 Pounds, Hopefully Finally Going to Get my Breast Reduction!!!

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I've been doing a lot of research on this site and...

I've been doing a lot of research on this site and everyone is so helpful with showing their before and after photos, so I decided to post some before photos myself.
I kind of did things a little backwards since I found a plastic surgeon that was covered by my insurance and made an appointment with her for December 16, 2016 and THEN I asked my Primary Care Dr (who I've only seen once and didn't mention getting a breast direction with her before) if I could schedule an appointment with her, and hopefully get her (my PCP) to write a letter of recommendation for me getting the procedure done through my insurance company, which is UPMC through "Obama Care" (not Medicaid or Medicare though).
I'm afraid that because I'm so thin that my boobs (mostly just my right one really, size 32FF or 32F) aren't big enough (I'm pretty sure my left one, a 32G, is big enough) and that I won't be able to get enough grams removed to satisfy the insurance company. I want to go down to a small C if possible.
I looked up what my UPMC insurance needs in order for them to approve it and they want months spent at a chiropractor and other forms of trying alternate methods to make sure it's my huge breasts and not something else, even though I've been a size C in like 6th grade and now I'm at a G and I've hated them my whole entire life. I'm not one to show them off, I continually hide under men's extra-large Hoodies because if I wear anything tight fitting the attention is relentless. It's really embarrassing.

So my question is this: At my size do you think I qualify for a breast reduction? And also, is there anybody else that just had a letter from their plastic surgeon and maybe their primary care doctor along with photos (obviously) and were you approved with just those three things?

More photos

Appointment with my primary care physician today, wish me luck!

Hey everybody. Still big chested and miserable, but I have my first appt. with my doctor today who will hopefully tell me that she thinks I need a reduction and will write me a letter of recommendation to the insurance company. I'm just really worried she won't since when you initially look at my breasts they don't LOOK huge because I'm a thin framed woman and not overweight, but they're still massive on my body. I looked up my insurance requirements for getting it done, and as far as actual weight goes, they want at least 350 grams removed from each breast, or 700 grams total. I know my bigger, left breast will meet those requirements no problem, but I'm worried about my right breast which is much smaller.

As a side note, it's frustrating being at a healthy normal weight and feeling like nobody takes me seriously when I tell them I'm a 32FF/32G. Just because I'm relatively thin doesn't mean my boobs don't cause me as much emotional discomfort and physical pain as heavier women. Furthermore, I'm afraid that the one person/people I need to take me seriously (the insurance company) won't simply because I'm not overweight and my boobs don't hang down to my wait band. I guess the first step is getting my doctor to take me seriously, but we'll see if my fears are going to be comfirmed in a few hours when I go see her.

Trying to prove your pain is real is a lot of work, soooo many hoops to jump through!

So when I saw my PCP today, she said that she couldn't write a letter to my insurance company because she hadn't been seeing me for back/neck/shoulder problems due to my large breasts before, that was the first time I had ever mentioned anything like that too her. But she DID write me a recommendation for physical therapy to help with the pain, which to be honest I know won't work, but if it's what the insurance company wants me to do in order for them to fork over the $8 grand for surgery, so be it.
My insurance want MONTHS of documented proof of trying other methods of getting rid of back/neck/shoulder pain (which is absolutely ridiculous since we both know that no matter how much I weigh, or how often I go to the gym and try to do back exercises, everything still hurts because- guess what?- I have huge boobs!). Anyway, that's why I'm starting physical therapy now, six weeks before my plastic surgery consultation, so that I can get a letter or something from the physical therapist, saying it's not working (the therapy) and I still have back problems. At $30 a visit, and having to go twice a week is expensive, but worth it if it means getting the surgery covered by my insurance. Also, even though my PCP won't write me a letter of recommendation for the insurance company, she at least documented our visit, what we talked about, so at least I have a history of complaints to her, too, if the insurance co. cares about that at all.

The moral of all these hoops and money spent is this: The more doctors, letters, and paperwork you have to bolster your request to the insurance company, the better. Remember, the insurance co. is a business, they don't want to pay for jack squat and certainly don't give a crap that you're in constant pain and emotional distress- you have to prove to them that you are. So good luck to all the ladies out there who are going through this process with me, just know that even though it's long and arduous and annoying, you guys ARE NOT ALONE going through everything before the (potential) surgery.

It's good to visualize your goals!!!

OK so I went to Marshalls and T.J. Maxx today and bought a 32C bra (the super cute purple with flowers Calvin Klein one), and a 32D bra (the deep blueish-green one from Aerie/American Eagle) because I read somewhere on here that it's a good idea to bring bras to your plastic surgery consultation to better show the doctor what you want . First off, I could not believe how much padding/push-up was in both of these bras! I tried to find one without padding, but at these sizes it seems like every bra I looked at was padded, which kind of blew me away since if I used padding now, my boobs would be up to my nose lol! Also, it's really hard to find a 32 band for some reason; (The two bras that I bought I had to go to three different stores to find a 32 band). I always thought that a D would be HUGE, but compared to my 32G's it's really not that bad. Even though I haven't even seen the plastic surgeon yet, buying these bras REALLY helped me. It feels like I'm finally on my way to actually getting it done! It just makes it more real, ya know?
Well, once I got home I tried them on. I can't believe how much extra breast tissue I have compared to what most women have- just look at the pictures! I tried to cover up the excess with my hands, and for a second it was almost like I had normal sized boobs, and I was instantly all smiles!!!
Anyway, I just thought that I'd share this to show everybody how big my boobs actually are compared to what I want them to be. I also put both bras inside of one of my 32G's, and I was instantly like, "Holy shit, look at how much smaller they are! Just think about all that excess weight being lifted off your shoulders, wouldn't that feel amazing?" Yes, yes it would.

Impatiently waiting...

My consultation is still 5 weeks away and I'm tired of waiting! I think I'm just expecting my insurance to not pay for it, based on the fact that I only have my plastic surgeon fighting for me, and don't meet any of the other requirements by the insurance, like chiropractor care and physical therapy twice a week for three months at least, etc. It just seems like it's a long road, with the end not even being a doable thing (like if the insurance won't pay, there's absolutely no way I can get this breast reduction).
Oddly enough, I randomly met a patient of the same plastic surgeon I'll be seeing next month by awckwardly asking a random woman what her breast size is, after prefacing it with an explanation of what I was hoping to get done obviously! We talked about her surgery (different breast surgery, same doctor though) and the results, the doctor's demeanor, what to expect during the consultation, etc.
It's like the more I read other woman's reviews on here after they had it done, and for the most part how happy everyone is with the decreased amount of weight and how they're a hell of a lot perkier and they feel sexier and less self conscious, the more I want it done and the more I worry that the insurance will make me fight for their coverage, at least once if not twice.

Nervous I don't look big enough

Hey everybody, so maybe I'm just freaking myself out but I don't think I "look" big enough to qualify for a reduction, mostly because my smaller breast doesn't look THAT big, but it's really deceiving because it's a 32FF while the bigger one is a G cup....but when I see other women on here with say, 36G's, their nipples are at their elbow (although mine is pretty darn close). I know that the plastic surgeon takes my height and weight into account, along with my BMI and more importantly, body mass index and how that correlates to the Schnur Sliding Scale. I figured it out myself using online tools, and depending on my weight fluctuation (anywhere from 140 lbs up to 150 lbs) I'll have to have anywhere between 404 and 482 grams removed. There's around 453 grams in a pound, and while I'm pretty sure my plastic surgeon will be able to remove that from the larger breast, the smaller one might be tougher. I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow, which is solely for insurance purposes. I'm fully expecting to be denied by my insurance, I'll go back to my regular doctor and complain to her of continued back and neck pain, and ask her for a recommendation for a chiropractor. I'll continue physical therapy, on top of seeing a chiropractor for however long the insurance wants (which is up to a year) in order to help my case.
It sounds like getting approved by your insurance with JUST your plastic surgeons letter and the photos that they took during the consultation is a long shot. Especially somebody with a small frame but still huge breasts for somebody with my build; sure I might not be a 40J but being a FF/G cup is bad enough!

consultation didn't go very well....ugh

First off, I just accidentally somehow backed out of the page I had been writing and deleted everything, so f#@#$ my life right now!

OK, so I get to the plastic surgeons office, and when it's time to go and wait in the exam room, I'm brought it by one of the other ladies and told to put on a terry cloth robe and wait, so I do. The doctor breezes in for like, two seconds, kinda smiles and looks at me and mumbles something, can't understand it, then she's gone. She comes back in a few minutes later and just sits down and kinda starts talking, and I ask, "So, are you Dr. Cherup?" and she says, "Yes, didn't you see me when I said hi to you a few minutes ago?" and the way she said it was very almost condescending and immediately put me on guard, like I should be sorry or something. So she measures me, and just the way she talks to me makes me feel like I'm inferior; when I tell her I work at Walmart, and that a lot of my friends smoke at work, she said, "I'm not surprised that a lot of people at Walmart smoke," or something, like it was beneath her. She measured from the center of my collar bone to each nipple, then she measured around me underneath my boobs and then around my chest. She announced, "What size do you THINK you are?" and I said, "a 32 G" and she said, "Are you sure you're a 32?" and I said, "Well, maybe a 34," and she was like, "Yeah, because usually girls that are 32 are like a hundred pounds," and I'm 150. She measured me and said, "You're a 36 DD," and this kinda pissed me off to be honest, because I've been measured by professional bra fitters pretty much since high school, long after Victoria Secret had stopped being an option and Nordstrom's was the only dept. store who carried my proper size. (side story: In fact, when I went into Victorias Secret a couple of months ago, I told the girl there my true size and she measured me at a 34D or double D. She didn't believe me, big surprise, so I tried on both sizes for her to prove her wrong. Like literally everybody else who never truly believes me, her mouth dropped open when I came out of the fitting room wearing just the bra on top, and half my tits are hanging out of the top of each cup, completely coming out of it.)

I was ready to cry when she told me my size, because she seemed so adament about it, even though I wanted to put my bra on and show her she was wrong, because it happens so often that I'm fitted the wrong way; she said I measured at a 36DD. She said she could make me a B cup, and I was all smiles when she said that, but now that I think about it, if she thinks I'm a DD cup now, then a B is only three cup sizes down. Since I'm NOT a double D and instead a G cup, three sizes down would be an E, which is still waaaay too big. I realize that I'm probably never going to be a B cup, but I'd like to at least be a small D, and I know that's possible.
I told her about the Schnur Sliding Scale, at least let her know I knew what it was and how it worked, and she said, "Hold on a minute," and left the room (again!) to figure out what mine would be, or rather, how much weight I'd have to have removed. She came back in and said she would have to take 420 grams from each side, which isn't even a pound apiece. She said that it would work out with the bigger one, but the smaller one might be a struggle. There are some other medical things I have to consider, nothing serious but my lungs are a little iffy sometimes because I was a premie and all, so she said she would probably do the surgery in the hospital and might have me stay a night because of that stuff, but nothing that would preclude me from being able to have the surgery successfully done.
I had forgotten my notebook with all of my questions in it, but I was feeling so upset by the end of our meeting that I could only ask one, which was, "Are you going to do lipo under my arms?" and she was like, "No, why would I do lipo?!" and I was just like, "Well, I don't know since I'm not a freaking doctor!" Thanksfully, the insurance and picture ladies made me feel better. The doctor told me that the insurance would get back to me probably within 3 to 4 weeks, but the lady that handles it all said more like 2 to 3, so we'll see. I want to get approved, but to be honest I don't know if I want her to be my doctor or not. It's about her attitude and the fact that she did not believe me when I said I was a 32G or a 34FF. If she really thinks I'm "just" a 36DD, then she'll tell my insurance that, and it won't seem as drastic as a G cup, which is what I truly am.
At another point she left the room again for something, and I could hear her asking down the hall for somebody to pull up breast reduction something or other photos, and a few minutes later one of the other woman came and got me and led me down the hall to another room with a computer in it with a few before and after photos of women with my body shape on the screen. I told the girl I had looked at literally hundreds of BR photos, and this doctor's looked pretty much like anybody else's.
I was never weighed or had my height taken, although I was asked by the doctor how tall I was at one point, to which she responded, "That's pretty tall," and something about my height having to do so with the size of my boobs, that because of that they didn't look that big whereas if I was shorter and with the same size boobs, they would.
If I get approved by insurance, she said she could do the operation sometime in February since she said she was pretty much all booked up in January. I'd like to see her again to make sure that we're on the same page size wise before the actual surgery date, although I don't actually think what we call it matters, meaning whether she thinks it's a double D and I think it's a G is irrelevant, all that matters is what is removed and how it ends up looking in the end, preferably as small as possible haha.
I think I might start looking around at other plastic surgeons in my area though, just in case I'm not approved by insurance and I can start my search again. What would you do in this situation, where your initial consultation did not go as well as you had hoped for whatever reason, what was your next step or did you stick it out with them through the procedure?

OK, so I don't feel so bad you guys

OK, so I just researched four or five different plastic surgeons in the Pittsburgh area (I'm lucky to live in an area with such great hospitals and access to a multitude of plastic surgeons!) and now I feel a little bit better. Why? Because all of the doctor's that had pictures of before and after breast reduction surgery photos, all had the wrong sizes attached to the pictures. Some of these women were labeled as a "36DD" but obviously more like a G cup; others were put as "38D" when I'm thinking they're more like 38F's in reality, if these women were properly fitted for a bra at some point. Like, one surgeon writes that he removed 580 grams from each breast and she went from a 36DDD to a 36C. Meanwhile, another woman had 932 grams from one and 834 grams from the other and went from a DD to a C. So, it seems that no matter what surgeon I go to, they're all going to see me as a double D, because I can almost guarantee you that if you were to talk to any of those woman who had their photos taken for the surgery before and after, they would tell you they were way bigger than a DD.
One of the surgeons I called, her receptionist or whatever, was able to put me through immediately to the insurance woman, who said it would be $6,000 or so with everything included to have it done. That's still a ton of money, but nothing like the $10,000 I thought it was going to be. Still, if I had to pay out of pocket, I'd have to save for a couple of years realistically before I could get it done and just pay for it all up front.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. It seems that a lot of doctors just lump anybody who looks big, or has a certain look or their breast weighs a certain amount or whatever, into the double D category when in reality it's more like the "size DDD through J" basically.


OK, so I work third shift from 10 PM to 7 AM and I'm asleep usually by noon at the latest. Part of my routine is putting my phone on silent before going to bed, but I must have forgotten yesterday. I get woken up at 2:30 by it's incessant ringing and the only reason I answered was because the caller ID read "Bridgeville, PA" and that's where the plastic surgery office is, and anything involving my breast reduction takes precedence over sleep haha. I answer the phone, obviously barely awake, and I'm like, 99% positive that it was the "insurance woman"'s voice. In fact I think I even said, "You're the short lady with the orange hair," or something, because I recognized her voice. She told me I had been approved by my insurance for the operation, and it didn't quite sink in. I think I thought I was dreaming or something, because the concept of I've been thinking about this so much lately, it's infiltrated my dreams wouldn't be a far stretch. I wrote something down on a piece of paper and went back to bed; I was out before my head hit the pillow. Anyway, I wake up tonight at 9:15 and get up and walk into the kitchen. I see that I had written down "Jan. 20 10:00 AM (Friday) Dr. Cherup" and that's when it (kind of) hit me that it was real, my logical side kicked in and I thought, "Why would I be setting up a follow up appointment with a doctor for surgery if I wasn't approved for the surgery in the first place", right? It still hasn't FULLY hit me yet though....I've read sooo many stories on here of women NOT getting approved and having to appeal it, and then having it denied a second time. I was fully expecting to have to do physical therapy for at least three months, more likely six, and having to see a Chiropractor as well, possibly an Orthopedic Surgeon for x-rays. I had been planning on going back to my PCP after I had been denied and asking for a referral to a Chiropractor, that was going to be my next step. But now, I don't have to do any of that! I feel badly for the women on here that have to wait years to get it done, and have to jump through all the hoops. Before Dr. Cherup's office called me today, I had been researching other plastic surgeons in the area. One of the other female P.S.'s I called had me talking to her insurance person (like I mentioned in a previous post) and she said that that doctor wouldn't even SEE me until I had been doing physical therapy for a year, because that's what most insurance's require, so I didn't even bother booking a consultation with her. The other plastic surgeon I called wouldn't be back in the office until Wednesday, at I had called on Tuesday, so again I didn't bother leaving a message or anything, I just figured I'd call back later.

I just feel sooooo lucky! I can't believe I just had my consultation last Friday (a week ago) and already the insurance company approved me! It just doesn't seem real, like it's actually freaking happening. January 20th is only a month away!

It's all happening so fast!

Hey everybody. I can't believe that something I've wanted for the better part of my life is happening in less than two months. I'm absolutely amazed I was approved by my insurance in less than a week, and scheduled my pre-op appointment in three weeks. I've started to look at buying surgical bras, ones made by Marena and Moldeate. I've gotta find out what my co-pay is for the surgery through my insurance, I think it's $500 and if that's the case I definitely have to start saving (something I'm not very good at ugh). I'm not entirely sure what size to buy, but I think I'm going to go with medium's since it seems to be close to what my expected size is. My surgeon thinks she's going to make me a B cup, which would be absolutely amazing but she also thinks I'm a 36DD (which is apparently common for surgeons to underestimate how big your bra size is because that's not their specialty; hell, even Victoria Secret employees can't get it right, and they're "trained" to measure boobs!). But because I'm a 32 G cup, I figure she'll reduce me down to a D, hopefully a C cup, but I know from reading dozens of reviews on here that if you're small around, a D cup looks pretty small anyway. I might go to the store and buy a 32D and 34D bra, just because I'm pretty sure that's the size I'm going to end up with.
On a side note, neither one of my parents (or my Dad's wife, for that matter) really think I "NEED" the surgery, even though it was approved by insurance which I always thought meant it was medically necessary. Although, I do understand that this is a private practice and if the surgeon can get insurance to pay for the surgery then by all means let's get this girl approved, because than she gets paid, obviously. My Mom can't believe I'm a G cup (because again, I carry it well and tend to wear bulky clothing anyway), and my Dad just doesn't want me to have surgery, period. I can understand his point of view, but what kind of won him over was that his wife, ,a nurse, knows my plastic surgeon, not like on a really personal level, just in passing. What made me feel better is that my Dad's wife agreed that she was a bitch, but also that she was a good surgeon. This put my Dad at ease, (his wife knowing the surgeon I'm going to go under the knife with) so I think he's more accepting of it now. When I told him how much they wanted to take (420 grams) he was shocked, probably because again, I don't LOOK "that big".
To be honest, I'm hoping that my story turns out to be one of those "the surgeon wanted to remove 420 grams but instead once they got in there, they ended up removing 480 grams". If nothing else, I'm going to ask my surgeon if she can possibly remove a pound (453 grams) from each breast. I've found that the more research I do, the less I am concerned with scars, the more I am concerned with shape.

What size did you start out with, what size did you end up with, and how many grams did you have removed?

I'm starting to think that if my PS only wants to remove 420 grams (or, according to insurance, that's the least amount she can remove according to the Schnur Sliding Scale) that I'll only go down to a 32DDD, and that's still way too big. I know that a lot of women on here say that it's a number game, and who cares what the tag reads as long as you're smaller, but I also know that the reality of the situation is it DOES matter, because like one woman on here, she threw out all of her 34G bras just to end up a 34E so she had to re-buy allll new expensive oddly sized bras from the European bra makers we all know and love lol.

I've also noticed it seems that surgeons will pretty much do whatever they feel is best once you're out on the table and they've got you cut apart, regardless if you said "I want to be small!" till you were blue in the face just five minutes ago. At the end of the day, if they only take out 300 grams and you end up only a F or E cup bra, they don't care that you have to spend $80 on bras and your back pain isn't gone, it was "what looked proportional with your body"- and THAT is totally subjective. I know I'm sounding negative right now, but I'm worried I'm going to still be too big after surgery. I also know that this is a common fear, and is actually pretty well-founded as it seems plenty of women need to get revisions.

So, the question is as stated in the Title, how big were you before surgery, how big afterwards, and how many grams were removed. It'll give me a better idea of what, for example, a 500 gram reduction would take you down to versus a 350 gram one. Again, I'm just trying to prepare myself mentally for still being a 32DDD after surgery.

Pre-Op Appointment in a few hours!

I wasn't going to update my review until after the appointment but I couldn't wait so I'm doing one beforehand and another afterwards. So I went to Marshall's and T.J. Maxx today and bought three bras (which I'll probably return since I just got them for a visualization for my PS), two 34B cup bras and one 32A cup. It's weird because both of the 34B cup bras are made by Maidenform but even they look to be different sizes, so I guess that just goes to show you that even within the same brand name, cup sizes can be different. I know that realistically I'm going to end up a 32D cup (or smaller, hopefully, but I think I'll be happy with a 32D cup) but my PS thinks I'm a 36DD right now, so I figure if I show her a 32A cup bra (which is super cute, by the way! Just because it's so darn small and petite) and ask her if she can make me that small, in reality that will probably bring me down to a 32C. I plan on laying out the A cup bra, two B cup bras, and my G cup bra together on the bed/table thing she has in the room the consultation is in, so she can see exactly the size difference I want. I also have about 10 photos or so on my phone of women that are probably B to C cups, some of them very very tiny. My biggest fear with this isn't scarring or nipple sensitivity or asymmetry (since we all already have that already!), it's being left too big. So I figure if I show her pictures of women that are B cups, which is what she said I'd be after surgery, I'll actually end up with the size I want. To be honest, the more and more I read on here about other women's stories, cup size is all a numbers game. As long as YOU feel good about your body image, and the back/neck/shoulder pain is gone, I don't really think it matters exactly what cup size you are. Now, I understand some of your guys's pain because you only went down one cup size and then had to get a revision, or want to get a revision but can't afford it at the time, which is my biggest fear right now. I'll post again after my appointment since hopefully I'll know by then exactly when my surgery is.

Hoping this actually happens

The difference really is astounding!

Pre-Op Appt finished and Surgery Date set!!!!

Sorry if this is sorta rambling, I'm just trying to get down all the details so that I don't forget.

So, I just saw my PS for my pre-op appointment and I have a surgery date set- March 1st, which is less than six weeks away! I'll be having it done at a local hospital, out-patient surgery which should take around 2 hours, according to her nurse/coordinator who gave me a folder full of information. I also have to go and pick up my prescriptions tomorrow for after surgery; I have like four or five to pick up.

It definitely was a good idea to bring in the three bras that I did because it's probably the best visual aid you can have to physically show your PS what cup size you want to be. I also pulled out my phone and showed her about 10 photos of post breast reduction patients who were roughly the size I want to be, and she looked through them and said she could do pretty much all of them (which made me happy because every single photo was of a girl that was at the MOST a C cup, most B cups as far as I could tell). She looked at the bras and told me to bring in the purple one the day of surgery; the purple one was from Aerie (American Eagle's intimate line) and was a size 32A (super small, super padded, and super cute!). I don't know if she understands how much breast tissue I have, but I'm thin so maybe that makes a difference. Her "Insurance woman", who was very nice, said that the insurance required 500 grams to be removed from the left (the bigger one), and 400 grams from the right. She (my PS) seemed unsure about the 500 grams, and said she might have to go down to 400 on that size and 350 on the other, which sorta had me worried, but like I said before I understand that I'll probably end up a 32D cup, perhaps a C cup, and I'm completely OK with that. There is NO WAY she can make me an A cup by just removing 500 and 400 grams, but to be honest even if she did I'd be happy. I even asked her about weight and grams, meaning I asked her "I hear that 150 to 250 grams removed equals about a cup size, depending on how big you are around," and she said that that was absolutely true. So, do the math and I'm still going to be sitting around a D cup, but if she wants to try and make me an A cup, she's more than welcome to try! I made absolutely sure she knew I wanted to be TINY, and that an A cup would be 100% OK. I think she's going to be surprised when she actually gets in there on operation day and finds out that I'm actually a lot bigger than I look. I asked her if my breasts were more fatty or glandular, and she said the latter of the two because they're dense and heavy (no shit lol). She's used to working on bigger patients, woman who are overweight and obese, which is not me obviously, but I trust her and think she'll do right by me.

After seeing Dr. Cherup, I went in and saw the coordinator for surgery, who asked what cup size I was now and what cup size I wanted to be. I showed her the bras as well, and she agreed that the 32B cup would be perfect, so she wrote down on her paper 32G/32B. Here's something you all might find sort of amusing: I kept insisting that I was a 32 around, and she asked me who measured me, was it somebody from Victoria's Secret? I scoffed at that idea, and told her no, it was somebody from Nordstrom's and she said that they usually know what they're doing (and I agreed with her, because they are the only store around that sells my size bra). She left the room to get a tape measure and came back in and I held up my boobs while she put the tape right underneith them. I looked down and saw I measured a 31 around my ribcage, and she said that you want to add 4 inches.....WHAT?! Now, I understand she's a surgeon, not a bra fitting expert, but that makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever! But whatever, I know that I'm a 32 and that the band of the bra is what gives you support, not the straps (as we all know on here at least haha).

If she DOES take 500 grams from the bigger of the two, figuring that on my size frame around 150 grams is one cup size, that would drop me down around 3 and a half cups, from a G cup to a DDD (if we're going by European sizing, DD to DDD/E to F to FF to G) but I have a feeling I'll be smaller than a DDD.

I am so excited that this is actually happening! The fact that she thinks she's going to make me in-between an A cup and a B cup is perfect because it's way smaller than she can go, but if she thinks she's going to make me an A cup and I end up a C, that's great! To be honest, anything smaller than a double D and I'll be happy. I'd LOVE to be a B cup, but anything to get the weight off my back/neck/shoulders will be a welcome relief.

I made it to the other side!

Hey everyone! So I had my surgery yesterday and it went on without a hitch! My throat is still scratchy and raw from when they put the breathing tube down my throat during surgery, but it's nothing too bad now. Other good news- I I didn't throw up on the way home, even though I brought a "vomit bucket" with me, and I haven't thrown up at all at home either, since the surgery. I'm wearing this nausea patch behind my ear, so I'm sure that's helping.
My surgery was scheduled for 7:30 AM, but my dad and I got there at five. Everybody was really nice, but the doctor didn't show up till like 7:25 AM, so it got like 15 minutes postponed, but not a big deal. She drew lines all up and down from my chest area down my boobs,and drew little half circles where my nipples would go. I woke up from surgery in the recovery room and one of the very first things that I did was touch my breasts to see if they were smaller, and even with all the dressing and tape and gauze under the bra, I can definitely tell that they are way smaller! One of the first questions I asked when the doctor came she came in to see me after surgery was how many grams she removed from each breast. I don't remember the exact numbers since I had just got out of surgery, but I want to say she removed (roughly) 350 g from the right breast, and 450 g from the left. So a total of 800 grams, which is just 1000 grams under two pounds! The funny thing is is that I still sit hunched over, but I think part of that is because it hurts to sit up tall at the moment.
My dad told me the P.S. told him I was now a 34B, but I still think I'm going to end up being a D or DD, but honestly I'm not too concerned. I went into a Victoria Secret a few weeks ago and tried on an unlined 34DDD bra, and it fit, but then I tried on a lined/slightly padded 32DDD and 34DDD bra and both were too small. I see my P.S. tomorrow though and I think she's going to remove my drains and give me new dressings as well.

First post Op appt. and drain removal

I had my first post op appointment today; Dr. Cherup and a nurse removed my gauze pads and paper tape from under my surgical bra. THEN Dr. Cherup removed my drains, and I asked the nurse if I could hold her hand (which she let me). I'm not gonna lie- getting those drains removed has been the most painful part of the whole process, and that includes the actual surgery. It felt like she was pulling out drains that were on fire inside of me. But with that being said, it was over very quickly. It took a toll on me though so my P.S. asked if I wanted water and I said yes that would be nice, so she left the exam room and came back with an ice cold bottle of water. I tried to relax a little bit on the table, so when the nurse returned I asked her if she could help me get up so I could look in the mirror at my new breasts. (I unfortunately had left my phone at home, so I wasn't able to take any photos while at her office, but I'll take some tonight). I was given written instructions as to how to properly clean them, dress them, etc. I was also given a printed out copy of her surgical notes because I wanted to know exactly how many grams were removed per breast. 385 g from the right and 455 g from the left. So just 66 grams shy of 2 pounds! I still haven't touched the Percocet and don't plan on it either- I can barely cough without some discomfort, there's no way I want to start throwing up! If I'm up for it I might take some photos tonight though.


I took these pictures last night before my first post op shower. It was the first time I'd really had a chance to get a good look at them. Thankfully I knew what to expect from all the other women who've posted their experience (and photos) on here, and believe it or not I'm really happy with the results! They don't hang down to half way down my torso, and I just feel so much lighter then before! I'm still super bloated though ugh.

Long process getting clean

I'm incredibly anal about being as sterile and clean as I can when cleaning my incisions. Because of this, it takes me about 45 minutes to do the whole process of washing them with antibacterial soap (Dial), cleaning with sterile gauze pads with hydrogen peroxide, then doing the same with alcohol, then very gently applying triple anabiotic ointment with a clean finger to the incisions. After all this, I carefully put on two gauze pads per breast with paper tape. It takes forever, but better safe than sorry!

I tried on one of my favorite bras from before surgery and I was soooo happy because there is so much room left over now! I don't know what size I am, I know it's way too soon to tell because of all the swelling, but I imagine I'm going to end up being a C cup or a D cup. I might actually go to Marshall's or TJ Maxx tomorrow, and try on a couple of bras. If I end up being a double D though, I still won't be disappointed. I'm just happy that they're so much smaller, despite the letter on my bra!

So I think I'm going to end up a 32DD, and I'm OK with that!

I wrote this yesterday (March 6) but am not getting around to posting it till today:

So, I know it's only been five days since my surgery, but I've been dying to know what size I am now. Yes, I know all about swelling and how I won't know my "true size" till I'm about two months down the line, but screw it I have all this time off from work and nothing else to do so I went to the mall lol. I went into Nordstrom's and the lady there said that they wouldn't size me until my incisions had closed. I said OK, and walked out and into Victoria's Secret. I was at first sized at a 34D, which was ok, and then another lady brought some 34DD bras. They fit, but were a little bit big in the band (which I should have known since it's not like my band size went down with the reduction), so she then brought me a 32DD, and it fit! I had always thought that double D's were HUGE, and how I would be soooo upset if I ended up being a double D- but now that it might be a reality, I'm totally OK with it! They look great, even with all the bruising and incisions, I'll post some pictures from yesterday as well.
I guess the only thing I can say is that they might go down to a 32D after my swelling goes down. Would you believe that the one lady at Victorias Secret told me that with all the ones she's seen, breast reductions, that the swelling didn't go down 'that' much. I mean, I'm sure she has seen more women in real life with breasts post surgery than I have so maybe she has a point. I'm still hoping I go down a size though, but like the title of this review states even if I don't I'll still be happy.

Other women who have already been at this stage of recovery, when did you actually notice that the swelling had subsided? I don't care what your PS said about "when they should", I want to know when they ACTUALLY did.

Pretty sure I'm going to end up a 32DD- and I'm ok with that!

Shopping is actually fun!

These photos were taken yesterday (except for the one where I'm wearing the pink bralet).

So today I had my doctor appointment and everything went great- meaning my incisions look good, no infections, everything is on track! My next appointment is in a week where I get my stitches removed. So afterwards I went out shopping and bought two bralets (one is pictured), and one wireless lightweight sports bra (it's called the Hanes Comfort Flex fit) with dual clasps in the back so I don't have to lift it up over my head. I'm capable of putting bras on over my head now, but I still do it a little bit gingerly.
I'm absolutely in love with my new and improved size 32DD/34D breasts! They are so small and fit my frame perfectly because I've always been a size medium bottoms or top- now I could probably fit in to a small, depending on the brand!
My right nipple is like ultra sensitive while my left (the bigger one pre-surgery) is still sorta numb. I've gotten better at touching the big gnarly incisions underneath my breasts both while showering and rubbing the triple-antibiotic ointment on them.

More photos

Not too much to report. I'm still doing my regiment of cleaning and disinfecting although now I've gotten a lot quicker at getting it done. I went out to Macy's yesterday and bought a Warners black wireless bra in a 34D. I was so happy it fit! I wish I knew how much swelling I have and/if my breasts will decrease in cup size once possible swelling goes down. I absolutely love the shape so far, I just hope I'm not getting a small infection at the T junction underneath my right breast.
I still have sensation in my right nipple and my other one is still lagging behind but that's to be expected since that's how it was pre-op anyway.

Two weeks post-op

So today is my two week anniversary! I have my third post-op appointment with my doctor on Friday, where she's going to remove the stitches. I must admit I'm pretty nervous about having my sutures removed since having those drains removed was PURE hell! I have little black X shaped stitches on the horizontal incisions under my breasts, as well as I think one stitch each on the underside of my breast to hold the vertical scar incision together. Otherwise, I have what looks like clear fishing line coming out of my breasts in a couple spots, including my areola. I also have a bunch of little black- what I at first thought was dirt, then I thought it was hairs, but now I'm pretty sure it's just stitches, very short, coming out of my areola as well. I'll have to ask her tomorrow what they really are, since I never had anything on my areolas before the surgery. I think I'm healing along nicely though. I can lift my arms completely above my head, with only a little bit of discomfort in the incision going up my right breast, (but it's not even that bad, I can really barely feel it). There's still some tightness on the skin in-between my breasts, when I push both of my elbows back, like I'm trying to make them touch behind my back, I can feel it being pulled taught. Both my breasts are still pretty much standing upright and at full attention, but they're starting to soften up a little bit, too. I never thought I'd have "one handed breasts" (meaning you could hold your entire breast with one hand, or at least cup the bottom of it and get most of it with one hand), they've always been 2-handed breasts with breast tissue to spare! I feel like I have enough tissue between both breasts now that before would've only been enough tissue for one. My left breast is either a tiny tad bit bigger than the right, which they were before the surgery anyway, or it's just dropping faster than the right one. Either way, they're a hell of a lot more even than they were before surgery! Even though I'm fine with being a 32DD/34D, I'm still kind of hoping they shrink a little bit so I can be a C cup.

Before and After photos

Before and after part two

Before and after part three

So, I tried putting all these photos in one post. But apparently, when updating your review from your phone, you can only add 10 photos at a time. Pretty annoying, so I had to do this in three parts.

Photos to accompany my post

Bra Sizes and the truth

Nobody believes me when I tell them I'm a 34D/32DD. Not my plastic surgeon, not my Dad's wife (who helped me out when I first got home from surgery since she's a nurse), not even me sometimes. Here are some pics from today when I went out to Kohl's and tried on bras. I went to Kohl's because you can try on the exact same bra in different sizes. I tried on 36B (waaaaay too big in the band), despite my P.S. telling me I'm a 36B. Then I tried on a 34C, and that was STILL too small, so finally I tried on a 34D and it fit properly, or it was the closest one that fit. I know I'm not a 34 because by the end of the day it's ridden up my back a little bit and gets loose. I tried on a 32D, which is the sister size to a 34C. It fit better than the 34C, I thought, but was still just a TAD too small, although to be honest I could probably get away with it and be OK. What's weird though, is that I've been reading a lot of stories by women who got augmentations (I think it's interesting to read about "the other side" haha) and a lot of them end up a 34D/DD I've noticed. They look sooooo much bigger with their 34DD augmented breasts than mine do, even though it's only one size off from mine.
(in the band size, not cup size).

I guess I'm bringing all this up because I was in the fitting room at Kohl's and was about ready to cry because it felt like I was the only one who believes me when I say I'm a 32DD, and I was so upset because no matter HOW I tried to squeeze my boob into a 34C underwire, it just wasn't happening (at least not without some of my breast tissue popping out the sides under my armpits). Now, I did try on a non-underwire bra in a 34C and it fit, but I think that's because there was no underwire to make it "official", meaning the cup could conform to your breasts easier without an underwire; I think the cups were a little bigger, too. I guess what got this little rant started was when I was in Kohl's and not finding ANY 32DD's. I was getting super frustrated and upset since every single freaking rack had a 34C. I know I shouldn't bitch, but I thought with my breast reduction it would be EASIER to find bras, not hard like before....Although at least now I can have a HOPE that someplace like Target or Kohl's or Macy's or something has a 32DD because the ONLY place at the mall that had a 32G was Nordstrom's (and it was at least $55, more than that usually though). Now don't get me wrong- I wouldn't go back to my 32G's for anything, and love my new breasts since they're pretty perky and fit my frame really well, (especially since I'm fairly tall at five foot eight). I just wish they were maybe one cup size smaller.

Today's Dr. Visit

Today was my third post-op visit with Dr. Cherup. After I had taken off my top and bra and put the terry cloth robe on, the nurse came in and told me to lie down so she could remove all my sutures. I was SO worried it would hurt, but all I felt throughout the process were little pinches every now and then- and I didn't take any sort of pain medicine before going there today either (just like when I had my drains removed, too, I went in completely "sober"). When the doctor came in, she asked how I liked my size, and that's sort of what fueled my little rant I posted a few minutes ago so I won't get into that again. I asked about swelling, and she said I only had 10% swelling left, since most of the bruising on my breasts is gone (I'll post some pictures tonight). She didn't seem to think that they would drop a whole lot, which is good since I don't want to bottom out and have my nipples look like they've migrated half way up my breast (especially since the left one already has a hard time in certain bras being covered, but I think part of that problem was that I was wearing the wrong size bra, a 34C). I asked if she was going to give me BioCorneum cream/gel (the bottle says "gel" but it looks like regular cream, although you can feel that it's not quite regular "cream", like hand cream or face cream, once you've put it on your scars and then if you rub your index finger and thumb together afterwards you can tell it's different, not sticky or runny- which is nice since it's so expensive haha), which is a popular scar cream that a lot of ladies on here use and are given to them by their plastic surgeon. I asked how much it was and she said $55. Holy shit! This little tiny bottle is literally .69 ounces, it's freaking TINY! She said you don't need a whole lot though, and I believe her. Plus, if it helps with the scars then who am I too complain! So, after my shower when I got home, I still covered up my bottom scars, the ones underneath my breasts, with gauze (although I didn't put anything on them today, no alcohol or hydrogen peroxide or triple antibiotic ointment) and pumped out a little bit of the scar gel onto my index finger and rubbed it onto the perimeter of my aureola and down the vertical scar on the underside of my breast. I waited a few minutes for it to dry, and when it was apparent it wasn't drying very quickly I just put gauze pads over my nipples to absorb the gel so it wouldn't get all over my bra (although that's going to stop here in a bit since that can get expensive, always using those Curad gauze pads that are all individually wrapped- I go through two to three boxes a week). I'm surprised to be starting scar therapy already, but I suppose if the scars are closed (which the ones I just mentioned, the one around my aureola and the one going up my breast, are closed) then why not.

I'm tired of wearing a bra all the time, even if they are fairly comfy sports bras, I'm not used to it. Back when I was a 32G, I never wore my bra once I got home, and to be honest, I would go out a lot of times without a bra in the winter since I always wore like, 5 layers so nobody could tell since they hung so low anyway when people would look at the part of my chest were my boobs were SUPPOSED to be (in-between my armpits roughly and not half way down my body, practically touching my belly button!) I imagine they didn't really see anything under my five layers. In the summer, when I was in the house or out on the porch, I'd just tuck my XL men's t-shirt up under my breasts to collect all the sweat so when I'd untuck them the shirt would be drenched but only in that one spot, not under my arms or down my back like most people sweat when it's hot. Anyway, it's getting a little annoying having to always wear a bra, including going to bed, so I'll be happy once I can start taking a breather from my bras.

Two and a half weeks post op

I took two different photos of the front of my breasts, one where I'm holding my iPhone with my left hand, and the other one I'm holding it with my right hand. I think that my breasts sit slightly differently when each arm is out in front of me. It looks like my right breast is a little bit bumpy, like it has a little hump on the side. But it doesn't- well it DOES, but that's not Dr. Cherup's fault. It's a scar I had from a surgery I had when I was a premie, it was on my breast previously but I never really noticed it since they were so big. Now that they're smaller, Dr. Cherup had to move the skin around to make them smaller obviously, and the scar got moved in the process. Now it's kind of under my nipple. I don't mind at all, it doesn't bother me one bit. But I just thought that I would mention it, in case people thought that I had a bad surgeon do my B.R.

One month post op photos

I have a hard time uploading photos from my phone to my computer, so whenever I put photos on RealSelf, I just do it from my phone. Then my next post goes along with this post, but I type it out on my laptop since it's easier than trying to type it out on my phone. Sorry for the two different posts but they go together.

One Month post op feelings and observations

Hey everyone! So I'm officially past the one month mark- the update I just posted has some photos attached that go along with this review. My left breast is still bigger than the right, just like it was before the reduction, but I try not to let it bother me too much. It's the reason I'm a 32DD and not just a 32D, although as I'm sure most of you know, it depends on the bra and make (demi cup, underwire, wireless, plunge, padded, unlined, super push up, etc.) because sometimes I'm a 32D and even though a 34C rides up in the back since the band is too big, I could make it work with an unpadded bra that's either lightly lined/moulded, or just unlined all together. Still, my "true size" is a 32DD, both Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom's measured me to that size. But if both of my breasts were as small as my right one, I'd be a 32D. Not that I'm complaining, but it's hard to find a 32 band in ANY size other than an A cup or a B cup (because apparently if you're bigger than a B cup, you've got to be at least a 34- smh lol...."smh" means "smacking my head", I think...). Anyway, so bra shopping isn't as hard as it was when I was a 32G, but it's still not super easy. At least now I can shop at Victoria's Secret, and my Mom was so sweet- she sent me a $100 gift card to V.S. since she wanted to celebrate my new breasts lol. It made me really happy!
I now own 16 bras- 3 wireless, 6 underwire, 4 bralettes, and 3 sports bras; I owned the sports bras before the reduction, they're just those cheap Walmart ones that pull over your head and are made by Hanes and come in small, medium, and large, so nothing like intense mega support Nike running bras or anything. (I don't know why I felt I had to make that distinction lol).

Anyway, the only complaint I have is that I wish my left breast was a liiiiiiittle bit smaller, so that I could wear a D cup instead of a DD, but it's really not that big of a deal. I don't think my left one would pass the "pencil test" (which is when you can put a pencil underneath your breast and have it stay there) although I'm not complaining because before my reduction I would have been able to pass the "keys, bottle of shampoo, box of mac and cheese, a small dog, etc." test lol....I probably could have fit an infant underneath my breasts before hand haha!).
I don't know why but I'm obsessed with wearing this super soft v-neck white t-shirt. It looks just like a mans undershirt, but it's super soft, lightweight, and I got it at Nordstrom Rack for $10. The best part though is that you can see my nipples through it, and for some reason I find this incredibly sexy and makes me really happy, giddy even! Even though my breasts are slightly different sizes, my nipples are more or less at the same level with each other- at least a LOT better than they were before, when they were a good solid what seemed like the left one hung 3 or 4 inches lower than the right, maybe more. I absolutely LOVE how they look in v-neck shirts, and if I were to ask people what size they thought I was they would probably say a B cup since they look super small in that style of shirt. This is understandable since the mainstream media has put it in our heads that "double D's" are absolutely MASSIVE, when it's not about the bra letter, it's all about the band size. As I'm sure you all know by now, there is a big difference in cup size between being really tiny like me at a 32 band, and somebody who is bigger and wears a size 40 band, for example.

Virtually all the bruising is gone from both breasts, there's only the tiniest spot on my right breast; it's so small I'm not even sure it shows up in photos. I'm still numb on the top of my right breast, and when I reach my arms up above my head I can still feel a bit of discomfort near my right armpit. My left breast has dropped and fluffed and I'm pretty sure it's the way it's going to be from here on out. Oddly enough, as much as I like the overall size of my right one better, I like the shape of my left boob more. It has more of a "tear drop" look, although when I lift my left arm above my head, the shape changes and it looks like a quarter of my breast kind of goes missing, if that makes any sense. Still, these are small complaints and I'd take what I have now over my massive G cups any day!
I can't begin to describe how much more confident I feel in clothing. Last week, I noticed my lower back hurting and it wasn't from the weight, it was from I think me intentionally sticking out my chest because I was so proud of how small and cute they look! Even though I said intentionally, I still don't think I was fully aware that I was doing it. My breasts fit my frame really well, and I could probably wear a size small shirt, but maybe it's because I've never been a fan of skin tight clothing, or anything that feels really restrictive, but I still mostly buy mediums, although it depends on the top. In the womans section at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, I wear a size small in most shirts. It's nice to be able to show off how thin I am and not feel like I'm intentionally showing off my massive size G tits when I wear anything that is tapered or slightly form fitting (which for me is literally t-shirts since that's all I wear).
I'm debating about taking my posts down and possibly closing my account, just because of the horror stories of men following women on here to other social media sites, and me being scared that one of my co-workers (who all know I had this surgery since we're pretty close, but not close enough for me to show them my boobs) will somehow find out about this site and find me on it. I haven't been harassed by any more men (or women, actually) since before the reduction, but I'm nervous posting photos on here. I realize I could update my review without photos, but what would be the point of that since the photos are what helps most women out that come on here, including myself. Plus, I just don't like naked pictures of me on the internet, even though it's all anonymous and I never posted any photos of my face, nor do I have any identifying markings like tattoos or birth marks. So, I don't know, we'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks when I probably will post next, whether I still feel the same way.
Don't know yet

Dr. Lori Cherup is very good at what she does, as she should be since she's one of the top rated plastic surgeons in the Pittsburgh area. she has a lot of energy, and is always buzzing around her office doing ten things at once. The first time I met her, she came off as a little abrasive, and I wasn't totally comfortable with her, but as time went on she grew on me and now I'm more comfortable with her. She even gave me a hug once my surgery was over, at the post-op appointment. As far as her actual work is concerned, I think she did a beautiful job on my breasts and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Dr. Cherup!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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