32 years old no kids, 5.6', 265 lbs and READY TO ROCK!

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Hello all! Have been reading this forum for a...

Hello all! Have been reading this forum for a while now.... very encouraging! Before you will read the rest... English is not my native language so please excuse me for my grammar :)

Oh well.....where to start? I am turning 32 tomorrow and I am on first day of pre-op diet today. I am married, have no kids and "blessed" with Hypothyroidism. Tried to loose many times and make everything even worse. When Just a 5 years ago I was 160 lbs and now I am 265 lbs... I stopped looking in the miser and if I do...just disgusting myself even more. Everyday activities became dull...energy level went low. I decided to do surgery in March this year. I haven't even think about it earlier but longer I thought the more attractive the goal became.

So here I am... week before...trying to drink protein drinks and concentrate on work. I didn't had any bad health issues related to obesity however for the last couple weeks the right sight of my lower back start hating and now I am all bummed about it... First it hurts, second what it it's kidney or something else which can cause issues with surgery? Delay it? Cancel it???

I did had my grand "good buy" and early "happy birthday" brunch yesterday and after a month of knowing that I am going to have a surgery all these mini last time meals i think made me gain... idk i didn't scale myself because I am just scared of this cancellation thing. LOL it's gonna be a shame if after posting this I will be not qualified on day of surgery. Another big fear what if I will do the surgery but due to my hypothyroidism it will not let me to go down back to my 140-150 lbs?

Oh, man... 5 years of gaining weight of self destroying and humiliating! Not being able to post pictures on social media and trying to avoid anyone of tagging me... how it could go that far? It's not just me all these years...

No pictures for now guys... For the last few years I was brave enough to take only few selfies LOL. I promise to post some later :)

4 more days...

4 more days to go… I feel really hungry and these protein shakes… oh well I hate all of them now… and they makes me sick of all that sweetness. Along with sugar free jello or popsicles. My husband joined me on this diet, but I feel bad for him now :(

Couple day till what?

I finally weighted myself and find out that my 265 after one week diet is still the same 265... here is the question... while I am starving myself on this diet and not loosing anything... what if after the surgery the weight will go down like only 10-20 lbs? That would be a shame...

3 days after

I am still in pain... I find out that when i am walking I feel much better but I can't walk all the time and from time to time getting back in a bed to nap. The first night was memorable because I didn't sleep at all. I went to the bathroom every hour. I still have gases in my body and I am trying to get rid of them, but it's not successful so far.

No weight changes

When you on liquid diet you loosing some weight and after you switch to phase 1 - not even a single pound. I am really sad. Walking every day... at least 5-7k steps... Also developed a severe allergy on my stomach area probably on some stuff which they used during the surgery. Thanks God it's gone, but left an ugly spots ????
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