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48 hours until I get a surgery I've wanted for 11...

48 hours until I get a surgery I've wanted for 11 years! I gained 85lbs during pregnant with my daughter. A lot of it was excess fluid and she was a monster water, so I lost 60lbs in 2 months post c-section birth. The insecurities ive had surrounding my extra skin have been a struggle, getting easier as I've gotten older. In my 20s it was paralyzing and I was/am a single mom!
I work out a lot and am very fit, but as any major weight loss; skin is left over. People were always shocked that I wanted one, but plastic surgery isn't about what other people think! I'm doing this for me!
I'm very nervous about the recovery. I have two kids, one is older so that's good and my mom is around. It's just weird to think of not driving for 2 weeks and being very un-functional for that period AND not being able to workout for like 4 weeks!
I do trust my surgeon 100%. He did my breasts last year and I am very grateful he told me to do the procedures separately. I couldn't imagine being completely useless from neck to knees!
I'm worried about the scar, what my belly button will look like etc. overall though I'm PSYCHED! I've wanted this for over a decade. It actually seems surreal. I'll keep posting about my recovery. Doesn't seem like I need to prepare too much besides loose granny panty underwear, loose clothes in general. I have all my scripts. I admit I am not as nervous since this isn't my first procedure ever, but I know it'll be an emotional journey!

Day after TT surgery

I am feeling really good. The Dr used experol which seems to actually be working. I went to the Dr today. He changed my gauze and i can't believe how awesome it looks! I have a flat stomach with no extra skin.. Amazing! Today is definitely a bit more painful than yesterday. All in all though, I am extremely happy I went through this!
I can't stand up straight yet, but that's ok. I'll post pics tomorrow when I'm changing my gauze.

72 hours post op

I'm feeling very good, surprisingly so. My scar is big, which I expected. I guess I was hoping it would look smoother? I know it's hard to tell right now. I'm just going with it and not worrying about it (yet lol)..

I've added some pics. My back is starting to hurt from being hunched with over. I will say that I'm not as slouched over as much as I thought I would be.

6 days post op

Didn't really need my pain meds today. I'm going to try and not take them tomorrow at all and see how that feels. I was very active today, I barely rested. I then freaked out that my stitches must have gotten loose from coughing a few times.. coughing hurts, badly.

All in all good, my son was a bit difficult, but that's to be expected (he's 5)... got in a fight with the boyfriend.. guess it was a rough day overall, but mostly do to outside forces and not my surgery! Crazy :/

Seeing Dr tomorrow, should get one drain out. I'd update pics but it looks exactly the same! Lol

A Little Down Today

I got my period during day 9 of recovery, which was fine. Today I have super bad cramps and I'm just feeling down. I really dislike the swelling in my mid section. It's making me feel insecure and nervous that the swelling won't ever go down. On the other hand, I know better. Recovery takes time. It's hard to know what anything is going to look like 11 days into the process!

I'll post pics next entry....

Pic Update

Took these yesterday...

Almost 2 Weeks

Tomorrow will be the official 2 weeks mark. I will be able to drive and will start going for walks.
I think I've done more than I should've physically speaking. I did have to cook for the kids and clean a little (I have a roomba so no vacuuming lol)
People have done my laundry and done grocery shopping. I definitely didn't pick up anything over 5lbs.
I'm glad I listened to my Dr. the challenge now is to continue to take it slow.
I thought about walking at the gym since it's cold out, but my mom pointed out that I'll do too much cause I'll be "in that environment". I agree. I'm a gym rat and self conscience about my looks, so it's hard for me not to work out.
I'm commuting to not going to the gym until dec 1st, which is actually 6 weeks to the day from my surgery.
I'm almost able to stand up straight, which is nice. I definitely don't want to stretch out my scar, so I'm not forcing that issue!!
New Jersey Plastic Surgeon

He's incredible, always kind and makes me feel 100% comfortable

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